4877/Killing monsters, Making friends

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Killing monsters, Making friends
Date of Scene: 25 January 2021
Location: Central Park
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Billy Kaplan, Kasios

Billy Kaplan has posed:
Billy was on a stroll through the park. He liked to find a bench to sit on and people watch with a coffee, practicing his mental exercises. He'd just found a nice bench and was about to pop his can of coffee when he heard a roar.

Kasios has posed:
It was a fine day in Central Park. People were playing, talking, buying food...th works. People were getting angry at each other in the streets when cars run into each other. At first, there's a feeling of pandemonium and stress in the air, before a young man in a suit of gear goes flying across a building and into the grassy ground below, cracking his neck a little bit at the hit but not seeming worse for wear.

When he rises, he has a pair of swords in his hand as stands to full height, ready to attack his enemy. The enemy in question?

A beast of legend, a four-headed Hydra approaches Kasios and tosses cars aside that happens to be in the way. Kasios, lets out a roar as he leaps at te best, stabbing one of the heads in the throat before fighting off another head with his sword preventing him from being eaten or bit.

But one thing is known: he could use a hand.

Billy Kaplan has posed:
Leaping from the bench Billy mentally summoned his suit, his red cloak manifesting with a florish. He cracked his coffee can as he leaps into the air, chugging the sugared bean milk as he rises in the air.
When the can was empty he wispered a little spell to the woman on the tin.
The can shot off to the edge of the park and billy soared after it.

Kasios has posed:
Wiccan can see Kasios dueling with the Hydra, though he is forced to cut off one of its heads as he frees himself from the monster's grasp...only to be grabbed by an instantly regrown head and thrown at the ground, bouncing like a rock that's been skipped across the lake.

However, the Hydra seems to be extremely angry, its attention now shifting to Billy and seemingly spewing forth some kind of acidic liquid like a jetting water sprout.

He needs to move out of the way or use his magic to deflect it! Kasios is currently down and recovering, seemingly covered in scratches and blood.

Billy Kaplan has posed:
Wiccan throws up a shield, a disk of pure blue light. The acid deflected Wiccan flicked his wrist, sending his can down the throat of head that had spat at him. The head started chocking, that wouldn't last long, so he focused his attention on the man the beast had just thrown.
Suprisingly the force of hitting the ground had not turned him to a paste.
He needed time to assess if the man was hurt so he improvised a blinding spell, conjuring orbs of thick smoke and oil and hurling them at each of the creatures heads. That should by him a second or two.
He landed by the man, "hey you alright? You hit pretty hard?"