4882/The Case of the Mysterious Photo, pt 1

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The Case of the Mysterious Photo, pt 1
Date of Scene: 26 January 2021
Location: NYC Photos R' Us
Synopsis: Rose is shadowed by some mysterious figures!
Cast of Characters: Rose Wilson, Shredder

Rose Wilson has posed:
In the late afternoon, Rose Wilson is visiting the Photos R' Us to get her pictures she retrieved while she was on her trip to Cambodia. She enters the store from the cold, cold New York winter, dressed in jeans and a cute grey hoodie. She doesn't have her sword (since she broke it) and left her nun-chucks at home. She may be mistaken for an everyday shopper, except for the fact that her pictures are old and contain many mysteries of the past she's been hoping to uncover.

The dorky retail consultant directs her to the shelf of photos that have been developed, "Just find your name and your pictures miss, and take them to the check-out. As long as you're happy with them," the guy tells her. She finds her name in a line of others, "WILSON, ROSE", and takes out the pack of pictures she's had developed from the film she found. She flips through them. They are faded and show parties and happy get-togethers and other mysteries she doesn't recognize.

Rose smiles a little as she sees her Mother Lili in some of the photos. But then she furrows her brow and stops on one picture. Who is this man with her mom? Who is he? She contemplates this mysterious figure standing next to her, wondering what other things she's not aware of.

Shredder has posed:
     Watching from the shadows a friendly face in the photos R us. A little old woman with pure white hair. She's collecting her own photos nearby as Rose collects the file with her name on it. She goes back to looking at her own lost memories.

     Further along a bored man in the checkout line manages to drop some of his change it rolls out of the way and he goes chasing after it. His eye tracks to one side as he reaches down to grab the quarter as it knocks off the side of the cabinet shelf getting a slight glimpse at those photographs for just a moment, running a hand through his hair, as he flicks the coin round his fingers.

     Outside it's begun to rain something terrible, a bit of thunder and lightning mixed in making for a horrific combination that one wouldn't wish to be caught out in without an umbrella.

     The man in the photograph is Japanese with chiseled features and a muscular frame. He is dressed in a traditional men's kimono and holds a friendly expression on his face. His hair is a jet black and eyes an unnatural white all the way through as if something went wrong with taking the picture.

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose holds up the photo with Japanese man and her Mom Lili, frowning a little, holding it up to the light to scrutinize it, so probably anybody next to her could see too. As the thunder rumbles outside (ominously), she shoves the picture back into the packet with the others, looking uneasy at these new developments. She looks up as the thunder rumbles again, having not cared to return the old woman's glance or the strange coin chaser's. However, she notices them now if they are near her.

Rose walks to the check-out line. Her childhood memories flash through her mind. She was not in Cambodia long with her Mom before they all left for Thailand, maybe that's why the film was left behind. She puts her packet of photos down on the counter as she waits.

Shredder has posed:
     The coin chaser takes his coin and sighs to himself tossing it up into the air once then catching it. He's not paying attention to where he's going and attempts to bump into Rose. "Oh I'm sorry" He offers acting startled himself with a bit of a smile. "Just a little out of it."

     The old woman shaking her head as she moves about to collect her own photos ready to go. The whole place is semi active, well as active as places like this really were in the digital age mostly just collectors and enthusiasts looking for that specialist picture along with the folks looking to picture the paranormal in their day to day life. After all everyone knows you need an analog camera to capture a ghost.

     The rain grows worse outside as the cashier just sets back and does his business checking out one person and then the next going through the motions. He's bored out of his skull clearly only here for the paycheck but then again that was life for the most part. Working from one paycheck to the next and hoping by the end of it you had a little left over for something nice.

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson is in line at the counter and the one guy in front of her is taking forever, but she doesn't look stressed by it. As the coin-chaser guy bumps into her, Rose finally reacts and smirks a little, "Watch it," she mutters lightly. Nothing forceful. She eyeballs the guy again as he moves about strangely but then she's next up to the cashier.

The cashier takes Rose's packet of photos, shoving them into a plastic bag. He's totally bored, almost in a daze as he puts the bag down for Rose and hits a little button on the register with a cha-CHING. "That'll be five fitty," he tells Rose. She puts down her credit card and is given a receipt a few moments later. She shoves it into the bag and walks to the door, putting a hand on the back of her jeans where her ID should be. Hey wait...what? Where'd it go? She glances back behind her, over her shoulder and narrows her eyes. Did she drop it?

Shredder has posed:
     The guy in front takes his own photos and happily makes his way out of the building once he pwomfs out his umbrella for the storm. He seems more than happy to just be able to have them in one piece looking over them once more as he seems to have gotten a lot of pictures of genuine ghost activity. Another one of those ghost hunters that frequent places like this.

     When Rose looks back one thing she would notice is more an absence then a presence, two people missing who had been there before. The coin chaser and old woman completely gone from view all together almost as if they had never been there in the first place. The door slowly swings shut bringing in an unnaturally cold breeze with it lowering the temperature of the store for a quick moment. The man behind the counter is still in that almost uncanny daze as he just runs through the motions so out of it he could practically be drugged.

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson backs up against the door in case she's in for something strange and lets her instincts take over, because she's liable to react very quickly and put a stop to whatever's going on here, "I know what you're up to, you piece of shit," she says to...nobody in particular.

The dorky guy at the counter hits the button on the register with a cha-CHING and then frowns at Rose. Rose balls up her fists and stays there a second, then turns and shoves open the door, going outside. There is a little bit of an overhang but once a few feet away from it, whoever is walking outside is going to be drenched in freezing rain. Rose pauses underneath and looks back and forth.

Shredder has posed:
     Something moves in the dark, as slick as a shadow as quick as the night. It breezes past from one alleyway to the next. A manhole cover clatters closed as vehicles roll past in the dark of the rain.

     The world is dark and foreboding an icy rain welcoming those who walk into it. People walk back and forth at a quickened pace with umbrellas high overhead to keep the rain off of their heads, others in coats just to keep themselves from freezing as the sheets come down one after the next.

     Something moves on the rooftops bounding from one to the next. It's almost impossible to tell what it is as it knocks stones down tumbling between one building and the next to ground level.

Rose Wilson has posed:
Rose Wilson sticks the pictures under her hoodie and narrows her eyes at the shadowy figures she sees out of both corner's of her eye. She darts forward. Did he turn the corner? Did he jump in the damn sewers? Is he on the roof?

With a splish splash, she finally catches up with someone at the end of the strip mall. She grabs him and he turns around to frown at Rose, "Hey---" he begins and Rose releases him. The guy who was in front of her at the check-out. He darts out to his car.

Rose is drenched as she takes up moving again, and is not getting the hint that she's been shadowed for a good while now. "I see you!" she lets out loudly, as she spins about while walking through the parking lot. Finally she settles down and sighs, "Frickin rain...pissin me off..." she mutters.

Shredder has posed:
     A robed figure stands in the light of a streetlamp watching dressed in all black. He stands at ten feet tall and wears a red wooden mask with a comically large noose. Standing in silence the figure simply watches as Rose wanders the streets looking for the figure who took her ID.

     A bus passes by and the masked figure is gone completely. All that remains are raven feathers slowly drifting down towards the ground. They collect in a small pile caught up by the wind.