4885/Time to pack our bags

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Time to pack our bags
Date of Scene: 26 January 2021
Location: Gallery - Fortress of Solitude
Synopsis: The plan is made, the participants chosen. To Oa they go! Up up and Away!
Cast of Characters: Kara Danvers, Clark Kent, Conner Kent, Lois Lane, Karen Starr

Kara Danvers has posed:
    The idea was ventured - what if we found out what really happened to Krypton - and the House of El went their separate ways to ruminate on the possibilities. Also, the logistics. Space suits, Space ships, Yellow suns and the like. Now they had gathered again to make decisive plans.

    Kara is dressed in her usual Supergirl uniform, blue body suit, pants this time, red boots and cape, golden belt. She has an optimistic smile on her face, even if not everyone was entirely convinced they should leave Earth, or even travel to Krypton last time they got together. Besides which, it brings the whole family together under one roof again. An occurrence that reminds her of home when she'd get together with her uncles and aunties for dinners and play with Kal on her lap.

    "Hey family," she says and nods in a touch of surprise but also acknowledgement of Lois. Kal told them she knows everything, but not everything everything? right? She says, "Thanks for coming together again. I know we all agreed to go our separate ways and think things through.. so.. what have we all come up with? Krypton or bust for me. I'm going with or without you all. You are the most important people in my life so I sure hope you've decided to come."

Clark Kent has posed:
Superman is in a blue robe and pajama bottoms. He has little slippers that look like a white dog, and there's a 'S' shield on the breast of the robe. Clark is currently pouring himself coffee and trying fully wake up. Kara, he's found, has a gift for laying everything out on the plate, doesn't she? Clark's used to keeping farm boy hours but he's truly shocked at how awake Kara is at this time of day. Maybe he's been in the artic too long? Or Metropolis.

"Really getting the horse before the cart there, Supergirl." It's weird using code names when dressed down like this, but Lois can put everything together fairly easily if they use casual names a few too many times. Not that any of them except Karen have all that much to lose..., "Let's actually trade notes before we all get in a rocket ship for a week."

"First of all, Sinestro gave me a kind of grim portent. Apparently the Guardians of the Universe had a sort of war with Krypton during our expansionist era. He made it sound like that's all we did, which doesn't really match with the records I have, but he also implied that the Guardians would be less than thrilled to find out a whole city of us still existed. That might be a problem."

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner is also wearing his full uniform. Which for him means red pants, black boots, red gloves and the leather jacket over the black t-shirt with the red S. At least he no longer wears the sunglasses all the time.

He actually wishes he had the sunglasses, because he didn't expect Lois Lane to be here, and it is difficult not to look at her. Conner doesn't want to creep her out or anything, so he tries to concentrate on Kara's words.

"Er... sorry. No luck. I couldn't even talk to my Martian friend," he admits. "Or the Event Horizon crew, although that wouldn't have been very good except to get us to a planet closer to Rao."

Lois Lane has posed:
Apparently, the troublesome fellow reporter spent the night. And if anyone's expecting her to be TOO SHARP this morning, well, they don't know Lois Lane all that well. Granted, if some massive story she could print broke in front of them, her bloodhound senses would be awake, but right now she looks like a woman half hung over, half asleep, and who might consider a shower in an hour. She's also utterly shameless in that she's wearing nothing but one of Clark's shirts (fortunately well oversized on her and hiding all her bits) and socks. It'd be hilarious if she weren't so cute. Don't tell her that.

She shuffles into the room after Kal-El, going for the coffee pot after him as she rubs beneath her eyeglasses in attempts to get some sleep out of her gaze. She then looks back, realizing they are definitely not alone. Kara is speaking. It's about Krypton. And while she's not surprised totally, she is... A little? "...can't say this is how I expected to meet the family." Lois' husky voice rasps out as she pushes a hand through her black hair in some semblance of trying to look put together. "...space travel. Topic of morning. Got it. Check."

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen has spent the time preparing as best she can. Dotting her is, minding her Ps and Qs, and the like. The unlikely guise that she's crafted over time sees Karen Starr setting out by her lonesome on a luxurious state of the art autonomous yacht. Should they not make it back- should the worst happen, or even somewhat near it, the yacht is time to have a catastrophic failure at sea. Only Power Girl's return and a small signal from a device she's keeping on her person will stop the unfortunate maritime disaster.

    It isn't long after the others have arrived that Power Girl flies in, swooping down and through the fortress until she lands and walks through the gallery proper. She seems gingerly casual, and as she strides forth, a bold person at heart, she smiles at the others. "Yeah, I did my thinking. I agreed to it in the first place, and I'm agreeing to it now. I think... Maybe you all should see it. Even if we don't find anything, it's like traveling to an... Ancestral homeland. Not a vacation, but it's not meant to be, is it?" she asks, placing her hands on her hips.

    "No matter what, it's great seeing all of you here. We don't get to talk like this enough."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    "The expansionist era? I can't say much of that was taught to me in history classes.. and I've never heard of the Guardians of the Universe. They were at war with us?," she asks and Kara actually looks very surprised. Krypton was, in her eyes and according to all approved news media, a peaceful place.

    "Well, that was a very very long time ago then either way. I don't think we need to worry too much about some old fossils - unless they can hold a grudge a really long time. Then again, if they were the reason home was destroyed they have a lot to answer for to Krypton and galactic authorities." She nods thusly but the notion that someone committed genocide against them because of some ancient war doesn't sit well in her stomach.

    "Miss Lane, /ehrosh :bem nahv ehl/," she rests her open palm across her chest and dips her head a little bit. She nods to Karen, "No. It'll be somber, a pilgrimedge. And thank you - I know you went be...f...o...." her eyes slide back over to Lois and she clears her throat. "It'll be good to have you there sister."

    She folds her arms over her chest and says, "First we need a ship - and if the Event Horizon crew isn't going to help -- there was an internet advertisement from a group calling themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy. Perhaps we could go with them. Barring that, I have been helping Maxima find her stolen bottled city and she may be inclined to take us in her ship. I don't want to impose - I have flown with the Guardians before. They are chaotic but competent. Their ship is unassuming. Power Girl, how did you go with the suits?"

Conner Kent has posed:
Not that Conner knows who the Guardians of the Galaxy are despite knowing several of them, they never told him their name. "Guardians of the Galaxy? That sounds like an important group," he comments.

Life is made of small disappointments, they say. "In any case I am still very interested in going, so count me in."

He glances at Superman, and then to Lois. "I guess we need to call before dropping by, uh? I had no idea." Awkward!

Clark Kent has posed:
"It was this or a giant Kryptonite powered ape attack." Clark has accepted the nature of his life at this point. He worries, briefly, that he may have accidentily kicked Lois into the deep end, so to speak, and feels a bit bad about that; he quickly makes her a cup of coffee the way she likes it.

Well ONE of the ways she likes it. Clark isn't spiking coffee in front of impressionable cousins.

"The Guardians of the Universe are the Green Lanterns's bosses." Clark explains, sipping his own coffee. "Do you three want breakfast?" It isn't awkward if Clark refuses to act like it's awkward. Yeah, that'll work. "Kalax! Can we get some eggs, man?"

"Oh I'm only the most advanced machine on the planet but he wants me to make eggs." Kalex moans, floating over to a little kitcheete Clark installed after the first time someone had to stay over. "You know on Krypton we drank dreams and ate filtered sunlight, like civilized people."

"He keeps lying to me about Krypton." Clark says, and thinks about Maxima, and Lois meeting Maxima, and how that will go. "Wait a group of space...heroes put an ad in the newspaper?!"

Lois Lane has posed:
As the somewhat unfamiliar Supergirl greets her like that, warmly, but with a motion that looks almost respectful, Lois' ice pale eyes widen a little in their exhaustion. "I...uh... Hello... Supergirl. I'd... return the sentiment but I fear somethin' might get lost in translation with my accent and all... But. Hey. I hope...uh..." Lois' eyes then flicker across the rest of the room, everyone else in uniform where as she and Clark look like they just rolled out of a honeymoon suite somewhere. "...we needed... coffee. I... I can jet, you know. Get out of your hairs. I don't wanna intrude on family... space... Travel, yanno."

Lois' words are earnest, though she does give Kal a slightly longer look. The worry she feels for him is clearly in it but, even more than that, her care for him. If there was any doubt that the woman is madly in love with him, it'd be banished by that look alone. Something so simple and domestic, tired over morning coffee, but utterly timeless. Especially as he hands her a cup of coffee black and so sweet it could give someone sugar shock.

Then she's giving Kalex a look and a little expression which is best called a... Pout? A decidedly manipulative pout as Lois mutters, "Oh, Kalex...you *know* you make the best scramble, no one else does it like you...you can cook for the guests, show off... We just wouldn't do it right. For us? Please?" She has, apparently, learned to suck up manipulate the stubborn little robot.

Then she's looking back to Connor and Powergirl, "But legit...I can jet, if you all need. Was never here. Forget you saw me. Long as I get a kiss from Kansas, first." She winks to Clark.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Power Girl offers a small shrug. She turns her stoic expression into a smile, and nods along. "I don't know anything about anyone being -responsible- for anything. I just figure... They patrol the universe. If nothing else, Krypton's destruction happened under their watch. I doubt they didn't try to avert it, but whatever happened... They -have- to know something, right?" she offers this impassive shrug, at that, before folding her arms- a posture that shouldn't be allowed.

    "I put some suits together, they should fit everyone. I did what I could, wrapped everyone in led and a bit of radiation blocking energy running through the visors. Tricky thing was getting a very, very small sunlight battery into them. If your suit ends up cracked it'll... Keep you alive for a while." she notes, "All of us, really. That's not an excuse not to be /exceedingly/ careful, though. It's going to be incredibly deadly even if the kryptonite isn't as strong as it usually is. Frankly, if all goes well enough, we won't need them... But, that uh- doesn't happen to us, so." A raise of her brows and a twist of her features accompany, "There it is."

    "I'm not sure I trust Maxima, and the Guardians will do whatever we pay them to do, I wager. What do you get someone who has an interstellar empire in order to get her to help you?" Power Girl offers, taking in a breath and letting out a sigh. "But, we should hedge our bets. I can talk to her- we don't really know each other well, so it's probably a good footing."

    To Clark, she offers a nod. "French toast, a lot of syrup, and a small mountain of powdered sugar and butter?" she questions, hoping that they can just place orders. Her head turns to Conner, "Yeah, what Kal said. They're the people in charge of the Lantern Corps, and they've been guarding the universe... Practically since it's inception, if my figuring is right- and the Lanterns are to be believed. They -should- know -something.-"

    Her brow raises, and she looks to Lois. "No way. You're family. You ought to be part of this. If he's going to make a rash decision, you should at least -fail- at telling him not to do it, or give a reason for him to pause by telling him he should." she chides, offering this small chuckle. "Stay. Maybe you can tell us what we should ask the Guardians when we meet them? -Someone- here is only a -cub- reporter, so I doubt she has the seasoning to know what to say when it comes down to it... And they'll probably only want to talk to Kal. You two should brainstorm."

    Karen is blissfully unaware of Lois' methodology.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara can't help but take what Kalex says a little too literally, especially since he's a robot, "We did not eat su-uh.." Even as she protests she starts to realise he's making light of the request and she smirks a moment. Humor in English is still hard for her to get. She's working on it.

    "Yes, the Guardians. Iiii'm not sure I'd describe them as 'heroes'.. but there is a tree person, a racoon person, an android person, a scary person, a big guy with interesting skin patterns, and their captain who as far as I can tell, might actually be Human," she says describing some of the people Conner met.

    "When we went to rescue our missing Titan allies they turned up and gave us a lift back to Earth. Now they're offering space tourism to anyone who can pay. I don't think they have a grasp of Earth economics though. But from what I've heard, they'd probably be up for taking us to Krypton.... though the racoon person is a touch insensitive. He was quick to point out we," she motions to the group, "are extinct."

    The thought that the Green Lanterns' bosses waged a genocidal war against them has her eyes widening a touch and she furrows her eyebrows. "Well, if the Oans have a grudge against us then going to Krypton is also important -- if we can find a computing core it may have historical records we can extract and find out what really happened. If Krypton slighted them in its early space empire years then we must surely owe them an apology." She nibbles her bottom lip a touch though, concern, that may be there's a lot more going on than she realises.

    "There was the question of going to Oa, did we still want to go there first? especially if they might not be so keen to see us? I'm happy either way - Krypton or Oa first..."

    Kara smiles to Lois. If Kal likes her, she is sure she'll like her. Well, that's a lie - she does know her. She's a super important reporter at the Daily Planet where she interns as Kara Danvers. She does like her. "I basically said Greetings from the House of El. I wondered Miss Lane if you wanted to join us. Get to know us. Also -- go to space."

    Her eyes shift over to the makeshift kitchen that Kal set up and raises an eyebrow. Thoughts of the kitchen back home fill her mind; all the herbs growing around the preparation areas and the wide stoves. Home. She will never not feel sad that it is gone. "Nothing for me Kalex, I have already eaten."

    "Speaking of Krypton, we can talk about how Krypton was -- as we head there. In remembrance. No topic shall be off limits. I want to tell you about the home I lost, and the home you never go to know," she says to Kal, but also Conner. Her eyes turn to Karen and she nods with a smile. Her Krypton must have been similar, probably very similar.

    There is a slightly tense of Kara's posture as Karen mentions cub reporter. It's really only a matter of time before Lois hears her being called Kara and it all fits in to place. She figures a conversation with her on her own terms might be in order sooner rather than later.

Conner Kent has posed:
"What? No!" Conner looks weirdly... weird. He usually is far more outgoing and outspoken. "I mean, I had no idea you two were an item. It would be cool if you come with us," he gives a brief glare to Superman. Her being here does explain why the older man clamped up when Lois name came up in a previous conversation. But. Man. Everyone else seems to know about it.

"Filtered sunlight can be made into breakfast? I'd like to try that some day," sounds better than eggs. At least it is a new dish. But he will eat almost anything. (Mostly pizza). Also, he might have missed the robot joke.

As Kara talks about the Guardians of the Galaxy, Conner frowns a little. Those ring a bell. Racoon guy, tree big guy... "I think I met a few of them when dealing with alien carnivorous rabbits," beat, "yeah, lets not talk about it right now." That was one weird incident. "Anyway. I am in if you want me," and now he is going to see what he can forage from Clark's kitchen. Surely, it is worth investigating.

Clark Kent has posed:
Clark smiles at the hand hold, the 'vaguely bemused elder statesman' pose he takes for these caped meetings melting a bit.

Then everyone suggests Lois go to space. Clark sort of looks at Lois like 'I'm sorry I know they're a little much' and abruplty remembers he's not the alien with telepathy. ...it did, admittedly, sound kind of cool though.

"Finally, some proper orders!" Kelex says, "To be demeaned by a true aristocrat of the stars!~" He does not have feet but Lois can tell he is soaking up the praise like a dying man drinks water. This is a horrible robot sidekick who's needed someone a bit less mellow around the cave. "Immediately! Both at once, or you may melt me down for scrap!"

"I think we should stop at Oa first. There is, at least, Kandor, which we're getting back from Zod sooner than later." Superman says, crossing his arms. "So this conversation needs to happen anyway. I've worked with Green Lanterns and they seem like fine people." Well, fine people and Guy Gardener. "I'm sure we can come to a reasonable agreement."

Lois Lane has posed:
The reassurance from Karen that she is family actually gets a softer smile from Lois. She isn't touched by much, but that's gently touching and she feels like the woman means it. "Uh...thanks, Lady. I... appreciate. Really. And he listens to reason on a RARE occasion. I'm proud to be the voice of reason, stability, and sanity in Kal-El's ear." Lois is grinning like a banshee behind her coffee cup as she says that. Anyone who knows her knows well she is RARELY the voice of those things, but she'll pretend for the moment. She sinks to the side, resting her hip casually against Kal's as she goes to listening to the group. "Thanks, Kalex. You're the best." She offhandedly states to the Robot, but it seems to have gotten him out of their hair, which was the goal.

The explanation of the Guardians, where they are going and what they are doing? It all makes Lois' smile slowly drop away. She's listening, quite raptly now. If she could report a single word of this, it'd be the story of the century. But she respects them too much, so she simply listens, glad she can process her shock vaguely hidden behind her coffee. Conner's slightly weird look gets a longer, more curious gaze. Lois has a feeling she's missing something, but she's not certain what, so she gives him a professional smile across the rim of her coffee mug.

Clark's look in her direction, while she can't read his mind, isn't lost on her. That smile of her's softens a bit and she reaches one hand off her coffee mug to the side of his waist, giving a little squeeze before she just lets her hand rest into the small of his back and her body fully against his side. He's working, but she'll be the loyal second in command here. And, for once, Lois seems to really be enjoying *watching* him work and keep organization of things. This wasn't her world. It was his. But she's enjoying seeing it.

Karen Starr has posed:
    If we're being fair, Power Girl knows about it because she just assumes this universe'll play out a bit behind her own in a lot of ways. There are definitely some differences, but back home- well, Lois was as close to Mom as one can get without a direct biological relation. In some ways, she was probably even more than that.

    She returins the smile. Karen can be warm, sometimes. Maybe just because it's Lois, but probably not. She is, still, blissfully unaware that this Lois is not -entirely- in the same state as the one back home, but they look and act similar enough, at least right now. "He needs it." she declares, offering Clark a sharp, but playful look. "One day, we're going to have to tell you all about how he'd throw tantrums when he was a babe. Frankly, if nothing else, we really have to make sure that there isn't a database stuck on one of the rocks somewhere with some baby pictures."

    These are the shots that hurt the most, she's sure- it almost feels like she's back home. Almost. "Thanks Kalex. You're a lifesaver." Sure, she didn't -need- to eat, what with the sun and all. She just -enjoyed- it.

    "We should go to Oa first, for sure. Then we should go to krypton." Unfurling her arms, she sets one hand on her hip and lets the other gesture as needed.

    "I don't know if going to Oa expecting a fight is a good idea, but we probably ought to go while expecting that they won't be happy that we're there. If nothing else, they want to be in control- and they'll well know that that's not going to happen with /four/ of us there. Any individual Lantern is typically pretty great- but the Lanterns as an organization just... Rub me the wrong way. I feel like even if they don't have a grudge, it's not going to be the most pleasant thing."

    She pauses, for a moment, before continuing- "And it's real easy to say you were just following orders, even for the best of people." She offers this small sigh. "Yeah. Kandor. I'm still not happy that we let someone like -Zod- get off of the planet at all, let alone with Kandor... But at the very least, he's probably -less- dangerous with it than if he had nothing to lose. I can expect he's out there somewhere trying to make something of it, rather than breaking anything in his way to getting back something he never had in the first place." she offers- making her opinion of Zod /excessively/ clear.

    "Did you ever get to speak to Sinestro? If we had a Lantern escort to Oa that'd probably smooth things over a whole hell of a lot. Might be the only way we can get off on the right foot... If he agreed to go."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara can't help but puzzle a little at the way Karen is acting toward Lois. She must know ...something. Something that happened in her reality than may happen here. Besides.. Conner and Jon of course. "I really hope we can find Argo City safe in the stars. I know it might be too much to hope for. But.. yes, pictures of Kal as a child would be a good concession otherwise."

    She has a rather amused look on her face though and says, "Then it's settled. Maxima is our backup, we attempt to hire the Guardians, we head to Oa - then Krypton - then Argo City if it survived." She is putting on a brave face, but inside she is all nerves discussing this stuff. For a family meeting, things are a little too 'all business'.. because Lois doesn't know who all of them are yet.

    "If things go really wrong, Power Girl -- we should try and map out a yellow star route back to Earth that you can take. I don't feel confident I'd make the trip with my inexperience. We have friends who can help if we have engine trouble - or worse. I agree on Sinestro. I've only met the man once but as a fellow Justice Leaguer I would feel better with him by our side when we set foot on Oa."

Clark Kent has posed:
"Yeah, he was the one to tell me about all of this. Sinestro's willing to help, even if it tweeks his bosses off." Superman smiles a bit, respecting that and serving the dramatic irony with a trowel.
"I have no idea what either of you are talking about. I'm the most levelheaded person I know." Consider Clark's friends list. "...tantrums? I didn't throw tantrums." Clark says, a little embarrassed because his cousins are talking about his space baby pictures in front of his girlfriend.

"I'm not thrilled about it either, but Power Girl's logic is sound. Zod wants to be king of something. Millions of innocent Kryptonians isn't a great solution, but at least we know he's not tormenting them like Brainiac or some similar space hooligan might." Superman gets that 'i want to punch my way out of a no-punching problem' look on his face, and Kelex serves breakfast.

It's delicious; Kelex doesn't quite have a handle on earth spices yet, but every planet has 'cinnamon'.

Lois Lane has posed:
Mostly quietly now, it's given Lois time to actually watch those around her. She gets something deeper from Power Girl, but she's simply not certain what. Her head tilts a bit, eyes narrowing thoughtfully on the other woman as she tries to piece the vibe into place, but she probably doesn't quite have enough coffee for it. She just gives her a slightly softer smile, "Oh, I will take any embarrassing stories you can give me. Kansas her is just too perfect and I need SOME ammo for when I f*ck up." She's grinning again, clearly curious about the history.

"...I'm... just along for the ride and gonna follow orders to keep my head down, for once. You all tell if there is anyone I need to sweet talk that isn't a robot, alright? Otherwise...I'll be mostly quiet. Though there's a few things I might want to pick up from home before we disappear too long. And hell...we gotta tell Perry we're gonna be gone. He's gonna flip his sh*t." Lois admits with a little groan, leaning deeper against Clark.

She even gives his arm a little squeeze again, tugging him to come sit down and eat, even as she hears that wants to punch things tone in his voice. "Mm...let's see if the ladies solution works first, she's got a good idea about it and...if not, then you can have at the space hooligans." SHe grins. Then she's sprawling in a chair and settling into eat with a group of people who aren't family but, somehow strangely, feel like they are.

Karen Starr has posed:
    There's a short, quiet nodding in response to Kara's hopes. "I just don't know if we'll find much of anything, but the truth of it is that we have to go. We have to be sure. Maybe it'll be different this time." That's a real puzzler, but she isn't saying anything else about it.

    "I've already put together a route, but in the worst case scenario we have to escape the vicinity of Krypton before it'll even be of any use. It's not anything close to a direct line, but postlight is postlight."

    "Kal. Really. /Really./" she states, looking somewhat incredulously in his direction. "Space Hooligan? -Space Hooligan.-" She'll let that stay right where it is. To Lois, she turns, and remarks: "You know he still says Up Up and Away, right?" Whether it's habit or not, he's not getting away from that one either.

    "We're going to have to tell every embarrassing story we can even think of. Best yet, it's -all- true." That, of course, just might be a lie. It also just might not matter. "I'll put together a suit for you. Won't need a battery, so it'll have a lot more oxygen, so that's good." Looking between the two, she offers a calm shrug. "Just tell Perry the two of you are going on some sort of retreat. He's going to find out you're a thing sometime, and all it takes is a few sunny beach photos and it'll be rock solid for cover."

    She sits herself down, she leans back somewhat as Kelex returns with a Kryptonian portion of french toast, and she starts chowing down- at human pace. This might be the worst part, of course: Because she looks like she does, and that's... That's a /lot/ of french toast.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara has said 'up up and away' and 'down down and away' ironically of course. It's fun. The down down was when they went deep in to the ocean. Kara, for her part, goes a little quiet as she watches the playful banter between her surviving family. Immigrants to this planet, one even to this reality. Her heart swells with hope and the worst part is? she knows Karen knows.

    "Breakfast. Right. I'll just drink some water," she says and fetches herself a glass and then sits down at the table, doing her best not to accidentally replicate any body behaviour of Kara Danvers while she's at it. Then again, she's going to need to come up with an excuse for both work and university. It shouldn't be a terribly long trip, but people will notice no Kryptonians in the skies after even a few days.

    "Thank you all. I love you," she says and raises her glass in cheers, "/wahn rroshu solo kryp, nim kryp zhadif ahvrigahjah zw kryp zhadif udolkhehdia/" she paraphrases the general prayer to Rao.

Clark Kent has posed:
"Sure." Clark says, trying not to be uncomfortable with a prayer to a dead god.

Hey, that's a good turn of phrase.

"You're just jealous of my way with words, Power Girl." Clark decides, tucking into his own meal. "Honestly I was just going to tell Perry I was covering an experimental spaceflight. That's the kind of high interest story he puts up with our nonsense for anyway, and it's technically true."

Lois Lane has posed:
"Up... up... and away? God, Kent, you're a *nerd*." Lois grins, reaching one hand up and ruffling it through his dark hair before she too settles in at the table and grabs some of the good, if slightly oddly flavored, food. She definitely doesn't take near the stack Karen does, but if Supergirl isn't eating, there'll be more than enough. She sprawls next to Clark, still content to be the weird wine aunt in the corner as she hoofs down some breakfast and gets the feel of the place.

"I haven't taken proper vacation in five years. Perry can suck it. We're going to the space-beach to hang with the space hooligans, Kansas. And...I guess your family. Who ain't half bad either." She winks at the women then settles in, far more relaxed than she was when she first stumbled out half asleep.