4901/GIRL Recruitment Drive: The Iron GIRL

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GIRL Recruitment Drive: The Iron GIRL
Date of Scene: 27 January 2021
Location: Riri's Laboratory, Really Cool Former Nuclear Silo
Synopsis: Nadia meets Riri. SCIENCE! is talked. Another GIRL joins the team.
Cast of Characters: Riri Williams, Nadia Pym-van Dyne

Riri Williams has posed:
     Six months, eighteen days, nine hours, fifty one minutes and a handful of seconds. That's the length of time that Riri's been holed up in her lab, working. Struggling. Striving to make something better than what she came up with before, using leftover parts of Stark technology found in the street after a battle. Ironheart 1.0 was, in all metrics, a massive success, but change is the inevitable thing in the world. When you make something that changes the world, the world will change right back, often making your triumphs that much more difficult to repeat.

     Case in point.

     Sitting in her lab in a leather chair that's built for someone much, much larger than her (a STEAL from when the Fantastic Four had a rummage sale a few years ago, if the rumors she heard were correct), she looks at the schematics she's been working on for all this time. Shuri's gift of vibranium was, in all honesty, a billion-dollar gift in a satchel not much bigger than a suitcase, but working with the stuff? There lies the rub. Sure, you could simply make armor with the stuff, but getting it to dance like a Wakandan scientist was able to? It was frustrating the effortlessness that Riri saw in what research she had done. So, in a fit of sanity or, as she liked to call it, weakness, a simple e-mail was sent out to the Wakandan scientist that simply said "Hey, I'm stuck. Mind if I pick your brain for ideas? My lab is located at the coordinates on this email. Hope to see you soon."

     And then? Then Riri just had to wait.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
There is a ring of the doorbell or buzzer or intercom or whatever manner of device will let Shuri know that she has a visitor. It is perhaps not the visitor she was expecting however, unless Princess Shuri has changed a whole lot.

Outside the door stands a young woman with chin length brown hair dressed in an almost punky semi-goth fashion. She's wearing a black and pink T-shirt that says 'Just a Girl that Loves Hornets' over a red and black plaid pleated skirt and large stompy boots.

"Hello! I'm Nadia! Can I come in?!" She certainly sounds cheerful enough, really cheerful.

Riri Williams has posed:
     The approach to the barn slash house - that's what it looked like from the outside, at least - wasn't unnoticed. As soon as Nadia made it on property, the front porch, really, Riri got an alert, a call, and cameral angles from all sides. Rudimentary scanners told her if Nadia was armed or dangerous, or, at least, gave her a good idea of it so, when the cheerful call came through the intercom, Riri spun around in her chair, got to her feet, and headed for the door.

     Dressed comfortably in an off-the-shoulder rainbow top and stretchy black pants that ended about mid calf, her feet bare, Riri made an effort to get her hair to look a little more afro-like than the lopsided shape it had decided to morph into this morning. Using her pick to get it right quickly, she punched a button on the wall with her thumb. "Um....sure? Just..." There's a crash as something gets knocked over, Riri's voice coming through with a yelp. "Sorry, sorry. Yeah. Give me...like...a minute to get there."

     A minute? This house is one story with a barn attached...how could it take a minute to get through the two bedrooms? That's no matter because, as she said, a little more than sixty-three seconds later the curtain in the door is moved aside and then the door opens, revealing a Riri. "Hi there, Nadia....do..." She looks out the door, this way and that. "Do I know you?"

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
"Hello!" Nadia smiles brightly at her when Riri opens the door. "You must be Riri! I heard about you from my friend Shuri! She said you were super cool. She was going to be here today but she had to go ..somewhere." She gestures with her hands as she talks. "Princess things." As if that explains everything. "Nice house. Anyway I'm Nadia Pym-van Dyne and I want you to be part of the coolest lab project ever! We're going to change the world!" She certainly does not lack for enthusiasm, almost infectiously so.

Riri Williams has posed:
     The door swings the rest of the way open and Riri steps into the doorframe, looking over the brown-haired young woman on her front porch looking askance at the interruption to her work. Not that it was going anywhere, but still, it was an interruption. She's just about to say she's found Jesus, isn't old enough to vote, and has all the knives and vacuum cleaners she'll need thank you very much, but when the name of a certain Wakandan princess is dropped, that expression turns to one akin to surprise and wonder. "Oh. Oh! You're one of Shuri's friends? Wait, lab project? I just sent her a message asking for some help with....a thing I'm working on." Even though she's slightly known, around here she's still the nice black girl what keeps to herself in her barn house doing research on crops. "Coolest lab project ever? What?" She recognizes the Van Dyne last name - who wouldn't? But Nadia? Riri shakes her head a little, lifting her hands in the generic 'woah' motion. "Take a breath. Back it up, Nadia. What project? Is Shuri involved? You....just come in." She motions for Nadia to follow and heads into the house, towards a back bedroom and disappears inside. A few seconds later, a soft *chirp* echoes through the house and Riri's voice, from a distance, calls out. "You coming?"

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia follows her in looking around, the girl has literally been to Jupiter, Alpha Centauri, and a parallel Earth, yet somehow she still reacts to even seemingly mundane new surroundings with great curiousity. It is a new place full of new things!

She does take a breath though, "Oh yeah, Shuri was one of the first people I talked to when I put this SCIENCE! collective together. We met working fixing some technology recovered from an alien named Brainiac so we could restore cities that had been shrunk and bottled. Tony helped with that, too. Anyway, Shuri said she thought you'd be perfect for GIRL."

She fishes into a pocket pulling out a metallic cube, slightly larger than a rubic's cube that really shouldn't have fit in the pocket of her skirt. From the cube springs a holographic projection filling the room with images related to what she's talking about. She's probably made this pitch before.

"GIRL stands for Genius In Action Research Laboratories, it is a collective of the smartest young women on the planet. There is myself, Shuri, Valeria Richards, though she's away at the moment, Vivian Vision, and hopefully now you. The world is facing more and more technological threats and could really use a dedicated SCIENCE! team to help deal with them. What's more there was this stupid SHIELD test that tested the smartest people in the world, they try to keep track of that for security reasons," She rolls her eyes like 'whatever' "But the first woman on the list didn't rank until 26, which I find really hard to believe. So I decided to put together this team, to show everyone GIRLs are just as good if not better at SCIENCE! and to also give more role models for young women in STEM, my Dad, Tony, Dr. Banner, Dr. Richards, they're great, I like them all a lot, but they're all old men. It's time to change things!"

Riri Williams has posed:
     Into the back bedroom Riri goes, and into the closet which leads to a well-lit staircase heading down into somewhere below ground. A couple of stories at least, excavated under the farm. Apparently this place used to be used for Titan II missile storage and Mr. Stark repurposed it as a lab for Riri. Pretty cool! She apparently had a hand in design - lots of the old signs pointing towards Radiation Showers and Emergency Supplies are left in place, but all the 1940's and 1950's tech has been swapped out for state of the state of the art stuff, all run off of one of the miniature ARC reactors Riri managed to doctor together from the remains of one of Tony's suits.

     Stepping into what was once one of the main launch bays, Riri turns to listen, sinking down in that enormous leather chair, watching as the cube fills the room with images of SCIENCE! that's done for good. "So it's not going to be a paramilitary organization, or going out and hunting Doctor Doom because he stole the orb of a thousand souls or anything, right? I mean, I'm just sixteen. I don't think Ironheart 1.5 can handle much more than the basics." She gestures to the armor, standing on it's stand near a bank of monitors, some kind of computer scan going on one of the banks of memory installed in the pauldron to help sniff out some issue she's having with random crashes if she does a certain thing at a time that the armor's not expecting it. "Besides...it's why I contacted Shuri." The way she says this sounds like it was difficult for her to do this but hey, she managed, somehow, which is what lead Nadia here.

     "I mean....I'm just me. I'm pretty smart, as far as things go, but...new people." She shrinks down a little in her seat, becoming a pair of eyes and an Afro looking up from behind a set of knees. "I don't know how well I'd do.'

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia nods in agreement with Riri's questions, "I'm sixteen, too! Our goal is to SCIENCE! things and make the world a better place. Some of our members might be game for chasing down various threats. I'm a member of the Titans myself and sometimes I work with the Avengers on things. But GIRL's goal is to solve the SCIENCE! problems. Alien tech that needs understanding? That's us. How to detect dopplegangers from another dimension? Also the sort of thing we might work on, as well as helping each other with our own projects. Every member is brilliant, together we can do even more and show everyone just what young women are capable of. Dream big, change the world."

"You'll be fine!" Nadia insists finding something to lean on, "Vivian is a synthezoid, you can't possibly be more awkward than a synthezoid. She's also my Great Niece and you already know Shuri, and Valeria is really fun, too! Hopefully she'll be back soon. But no need to worry about that for now. If you want me to have a look, I might be able to help you with your problem?" Her eyes hold deep curiousity as she looks towards Riri's armor, sure she's seen Tony's plenty of times but he's never let her actually poke at it before...

Riri Williams has posed:
     "I think I could handle that. The science part, I mean." Riri says with a smirk, noticing Nadia paying attention to her armor. "That's actually the old version, my first version. The one I got kicked out of the dorms for building...." she grumbles. "Stupid circuit breaker not able to handle 220 for a sustained period. It's why I wired into the dryer circuit..." She gives a shake of her head.

     "That there?" She gestures to Ironheart 1.0. "That's my proof of concept. 2.0 is taking a lot of work to get operational, and with the vibranium Shuri gave me, I think I really can do something cool with the vibration dampening aspects of the stuff. Like a shield or something, but that may be too costly in terms of weight and I don't think I have that much vibranium." Riri makes a face and grabs her laptop, the screens around Ironheart powering up, showing her schematics, her plans, and all the figuring she's done over the past few months. "Hypercar manufacturers make a substance called Carbotanium, which is Titanium mixed with carbon fiber. I'm wanting to try and do the same with Vibranium to make a sandwich of materials to...." She tilts her head, studying Nadia. "I'm getting carried away..."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia is just sitting there taking it all in and nodding along with everything that Riri says about the armors and the experimental materials science, this girl could happily discuss science all day it seems. She gives very appreciative looks to Ironheart 1.0, she'd probably like nothing more than to take it apart and see how everything was wired and which methods were used.

"That seems really interesting! There are so many fascinating applications for carbon nanotubes and graphene still being discovered. Would you sandwich it with Carbon or something more exotic?" She grins, "I don't think you're getting carried away at all, if its something you are passionate about you shouldn't be afraid to explore wherever that takes you. Anyway if you're interested, we have some pretty great facilities in a building on the Pym Technologies campus. We've all been contributing equipment and ideas, it's a pretty fantastic setup. You should come see it at least."

Riri Williams has posed:
     It takes all of a minute of talking about SCIENCE for Riri to nod. "YIt would require experimentation to see what the VibroCarboTanium would do, materials wise, but the strength and lightness of the titanium and carbon fiber plus the energy absorption of vibranium could potentially make a battery that gives a power boost to the armor if I get hit as well as absorbing the damage dealth. All good things, considering I'd prefer to not get hit at all." She blows out a breath, getting to her feet to detach a gauntlet with a practiced motion - up, in, a little click from a catch, and then off it comes. "Started with a dish glove to get the size right." She says with a giggle. "Started at the bottom and worked my way here....to....the underground. Woo!"

     Riri offers the gauntlet to Nadia to examine. "Yeah....yeah, I think I'd like to come check it out. Should I bring the armor so you can check out how I did things, or take a flight? One is definitely faster than the other."

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Blink, blink blink. Nadia looks from the glove to Riri back to the glove, back to Riri with an expression like 'can I?!'. She takes the glove and begins looking it over with an expression like a kid in a candy shop. Here she thought /she/ would be the one bringing amazing tidings of SCIENCE! collaborations, only to have Riri offering her the things that were always strictly off limits with Tony. "Yes, you should definitely bring it. I would like that very much." It's barely contained excitement. "If you decide to join up, I'm sure we can set you up with a garage on site for the armor's maintenance and experimentation! Okay great! How about tomorrow?!" Not one to waste time either.

Riri Williams has posed:
     Oh yes, she very much can. Riri grins, blushing a bit darker, bobbing her head in assent. "Yeah, tomorrow. I'll get the suit on and make a trip to wherever you need me to be. I've still got to get some kind of stealth built in, but that's for 2.0. Low flying plane for me. You can even tell Shuri, if I don't see her first, that I've still got her vibranium, safe and sound." She looks at her little lab, then back to the brown-haired girl. "I think this is going to be a lot of fun!"