4903/Afterlife: My Future, Your Past

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Afterlife: My Future, Your Past
Date of Scene: 27 January 2021
Location: Afterlife
Synopsis: Sky Commander Morse. Pfft yeah right. Bobbi meets Reina and walks away convinced she's a fraud.
Cast of Characters: Bobbi Morse, Daisy Johnson

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Matt told her in his world view terms of where Reina lived. It's not the way she'd ever describe directions. Sounds and smells and textures. The world of eyesight is easy to take for granted. It's hard for Bobbi to reconcile that he can 'see' in such fine clarity that he's one of the best martial artists she knows.. yet is absolutely legally blind.

    A knock on Reina's door. She supposes if she really does know the future she'll be expecting her and presumably know she's thinking of the number thirty seven. But then again, she also doesn't believe she can actually see the future. Every time they've run in to someone who claims that in the past it's been a scam.

    "Reina, my name is Bobbi. I'd like to ask you a few questions...," she says through the wood hoping she's not wasting her time talking to an inanimate object. Blood. Why did Matt smell blood on her? that'll be interesting to puzzle over when she finally meets this mysterious chink in Jia's armour.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
You can't trick her. Reina knows the real number Bobbi is thinking is 42... But no, that's not how her power works. It comes in visions and nightmares, often clouded by things she has yet to understand or that have little meaning to what matters. Yet having been a manipulative little b***h most her life means she can read between lines, always finding ways to poke at people's weaknesses and have them do her bidding...

Is today different though? The door doesn't open the immediate moment after, instead it taking a while until a voice comes from within, "You can come in."

Opening the door leads to a small entry hall, very sparse in decorations as most houses in Afterlife are. Yet with a turn to a more ample room one finds Reina, sitting at a table and writing on a book. She looks like a veritable porcupine, spines all over her face and the parts of her body that are visible, yellow eyes studying and squinting as she takes in the other woman.

"If you are ready for the answers.." she nods towards a nearby chair.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi opens the door and enters, then shuts it behind her. When she sees Reina she raises an eyebrow. This was the person she saw peeking at her last time she was in Afterlife with the harpoon dart through her leg. Her brow furrows a little bit. There's something familiar about her.. besides being a porcupine. That, she supposes, might explain the blood - if she pricks herself often.

    She approaches and takes a seat. This entire trip to Afterlife has been weird from the get go, why not talk to an animal person next. "Right," she says skeptically and smirks, "You're not going to read my tarot cards I hope." A normal person would definitely not have healed entirely from that harpoon dart by now. It hasn't been that long since it happened. She was hobbling around after Jiaying that day.

    "You don't know the questions yet.. but I'm happy for you to take a best stab at it," she says unable to resist a porcupine pin joke at Reina's expense. "Ya know.. I could swear I've seen you before."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"No limp after that harpoon on your leg. Impressive recovery." Reina says of her stance when Bobbi wanders into the room she is in, scribbling on her book for a little while longer before her attention is finally up on Bobbi, "You are used to snark your way through what you don't understand or don't want to understand.." is what she replies about the tarot cards. She closes the book, setting it aside carefully, one of the spines seen cutting lightly over a couple of pages.

"Yes, you have seen me before. I was here when you were brought the first time. But I am certain you recall that occasion. But anyway, do you have any questions or should I go back to my writing?" she clearly not in the mood for playful banter.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Snarked my way through undergraduate, masters, and PhD," she replies proudly and smiles with a touch of amusement that someone is calling her out on her sometimes abrasive personality. "Observant. I guess any change in routine is exciting drama in a place like this," she remarks. She studies the face, ..the eyes, the chin. It's hard to remove all the spikey bits but there's something very familiar about her still.

    "I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Apparently you predict the future after all and metal men are coming to destroy this little village. I'm eager to know more details if that's true," she says cutting to the point as she watches the woman struggle not to slice up her own book. "I hear you're not too popular - good news for you is I don't live here, so I've yet to form an opinion."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Reina's expression turns to a smirk, "Is this your way of telling me you didn't understand nothing of your masters and PhD?" she counters. Hey, porcupine jokes are nasty! She might as well retort with something nasty herself. She used to be so beautiful.., and then the spines came ...

"Oh, enough drama around. It turns out Claire, the minx that she is has been sleeping out with a man that isn't her husband." a roll of her eyes given. "I didn't even need to dream about *that*, considering they have been doing it on the house next to mine." she sighs. Sleepless nights as it is. "But yes, certainly not the type of drama that you will cause here, along with your friends."

A brow arches, "You already formed your opinion, considering the jab at my condition." clearly something that prickles her. "As for the prediction, I have told the all-seeing one about it already. And while I do not know for certain *who* they are..." a pause, she looking at Bobbi up and down. "SHIELD is a good bet for me. When will they arrive?"

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi looks somewhat amused at the retort and says, "That's not entirely inaccurate." Jemma would be horrified to hear that. Bobbi has always found learning easy and coasted through school. She was considered gifted by the teachers long before she had ever met a truly gifted human.. or inhuman.

    "I knew I recognised you..." she narrows her eyes, "Reina, of course. Flower dresses. Do the people in Afterlife know you worked for the guy that kidnapped them, cut them up and experimented on them? you're wanted in nine countries on human trafficking charges."

    Bobbi scowls, yet another person living here who belongs in prison. What is Jiaying trying to do here exactly? .. then she thinks back to her conversation with Mark and she frowns as a moment of realisation hits. Jiaying can't send them to prison or they'd end up in a lab somewhere. They needed Jacob, to remove their powers first, so that they were just regular humans once more. Which does leave the question... how does she police her population without that ability?

Daisy Johnson has posed:
A brow arches and Reina leans forward, thoughtful, a dangerous glint going through her eyes. Is she pondering on going into aggression? But the moment passes as swiftly as it came. "I am not the real danger here.." she states, the smile on her lips as if she was privy to some secret that Bobbi has yet to figure out. "But you did not answer my question, when will your people be arriving?"

"You are thinking on why I was allowed to be brought here, aren't you? So let me tell you, they do not care about the past, only about the future, and the gift. Each and every one of us is important for the safety of the Inhumans and each is deserving of a chance." she considering a moment. "A blank slate, so to say. For when we change our previous life is done and a new one arises." even if clearly things most likely aren't as simple. It's not as if they go through a process that changes their way of thinking.. Or at least not all of them.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    She raises an eyebrow as Reina looks like she'd like to throw down. Clearly she hadn't had a vision on how that might have turned out. Or perhaps she did. "A day or two, probably two," she admits and says, "SHIELD are not your metal men, we're not coming here for a fight. We want to help."

    She scoffs though at the explanation from Reina about how Jiaying runs this place. "Ridiculous and naive," she says looking pointedly at Reina. "And your gift is to see the future. Tell me about my future then," she says almost challengingly. "I won't judge, I've seen plenty of weird things since I met my first Inhuman years ago. I just honestly never thought I'd be one myself."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Never underestimate a porcupine when it feels threatened! But maybe she has other tricks up her sleeve. Inhuman powers are unpredictable like that ... Her eyes continue squinted for a little while longer, watching, considering Bobbi until she finally speaks up. "Then you have your answer. It makes sense. I know something will happen while the three of you are still here. The destroyer, the combiner and the balance. And while your loyalty to SHIELD is endearing just think about this.." a gesture, "Who else knows about where we are but your people? Stop clouding your eyes."

As for being an Inhuman. "It was no echo of Jacob, or whatever else you may wish to think it was. The diviner is not something that can be tricked." the woman says it quite the certainty in her tone.

Yet it is the question about the woman's future that has her smirking. "Are you certain you wish to know what awaits you in your future?" a taunting little tone to her voice.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi frowns a touch and has to remind herself that anything she says might also be to get under her skin. After all, she will add her name to the list of criminals that SHIELD should demand be taken in to their custody. Living freely after the crimes she committed is an insult to her victims.

    "The destroyer? The combiner? the balance? I don't get these names you've come up with. I know SHIELD. We'd need to be seriously provoked to consider attacking this place," she says even as her thoughts drift to how other smight find their way here. Now she's not sure if the diviner was picking up Jacob's DNA. May be what she's doing is different to him, or may be that whole thing Mark said is true and what is needed becomes available.

    "Lay it on me, what's the worst that could happen to me in my future anyway. Death? that comes for everyone," she says getting a good idea of why Reina is not popular in this place.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Oh, much worse than death..." After asking for Reina to lay it out for her it feels to her as if the woman is in her clutches. For who doesn't want to know what horrible things await? She leans forward. "You will be betrayed by that in which you had faith in, those that were supposed to be incorruptible. You will realize then that they are everywhere, but it will be too late, for noone will believe you, like they do not believe me." there is a certain maliciousness to her tone when she speaks those words..

She shakes her head slowly before sitting back on her chair, "I see destruction ahead of you. Standing atop a zeppelin. Missiles raining down. You will be the same but not the same anymore." her eyes narrowing dangerously. "Sky Commander Morse." a pause, "So do not speak to me of past crimes when there are so many still awaiting you in your future."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi folds her arms as she listens to the first vague prediction. Mysterious betrayal, enemies everywhere. That's her day job. She hmphs softly and then as she hears about zeppelins and missiles she rolls her eyes. It's when she hears 'Sky Commander Morse' that she blurts out a "Hah!".

    "I knew this'd be a waste of time," she mutters proving Reina right, that no one ever listens to her. She gets up and says, "I'd be expecting a discussion about your extradition soon Reina, hiding away in these mountains doesn't give you a free pass on all the crimes you've actually committed."

    She works her jaw a bit, mulling over the things Reina has said.. casting doubt on this whole 'metal men' theory in her mind now too. "Don't get up, I know the way out," she says and backs out of the room, not at all trusting her. She leaves the building and starts to walk down the dirt pathway before she cannot get any further before laughing so hard she hugs her stomach, "Sky.. Commander.. Morse."