4904/The Best Day Is Spa Day

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The Best Day Is Spa Day
Date of Scene: 27 January 2021
Location: Great Jones Day Spa
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Viola Fiore, Elektra Natchios

Viola Fiore has posed:
The door to the steam room opens and Viola Fiore walks inside. She's already had a massage, manicure and pedicure. And she's feeling quiet fabulous. A nice stay in the sauna and then a trip to the hair stylish down the street will be the topping on a perfect day.

She changed out of her clothes and rinsed off, then wrapped a plush white towel around herself. Now within the steam room itself, she stops at the column of hot rocks in the center, picking up a ladle and dipping it in the container of water and transfer it to the rocks to boost the amount of steam. That accomplished, she goes over to tone of the smooth teak benches, taking a seat, leaning back against the seat behind her as she relaxes and lets out a luxurious sounding sigh.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
It had been some ..., strenous days. To say the least. The Hand, Lycans.., then going to high-end galas. It was an interesting dichotomy that ruled Elektra's life. The secret with the public face but in the end it left her needing these moments. Away from everything where she can simply relax and forget the problems of every day.

Elektra is already inside when Viola steps in, resting back on the benches, elbows back on another, higher bench, a towel draped over a body that would otherwise be mostly bare if not for it..

"This makes it all worth it, doesn't it?" The woman's low tone heard. It would be easy to miss her too, being more to a corner of the place, immediately away from those that would wander inside. Give it to her assassin training to always being hard to find! But right now those dangerous-looking eyes are watching the girl.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore looks over through the haze of steam that is growing thicket after she added the water to the hot rocks. The woman that Viola sees has a definite way about her. That kind of bearing that speaks of money and upbringing.

Viola has it to some degree as well, though perhaps not quite at the level of an Ambassador's daughter. The Italian-American young woman gives a smile back to Elektra. "It does indeed," she says as she takes her own seat, relaxing back and letting the heat soak into her skin. It doesn't take long for a sheen of perspiration to form on her lightly tanned skin.

"I haven't made the time for one of these in awhile," she says with a sigh. "It's been far too long."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Having been used to reading others from a young age Elektra takes her time in looking over the Italian-American, taking in her bearing, the way she moves. Still young, but she finds that bearing which tells of money even if not exactly of a spoiled life, "Yes, you didn't look the type for this to be your first time here." she murmurs through that growing haze of steam. A moment longer passes, perhaps Elektra assessing if this girl would be a danger or not before she eventually relaxes back on her seat, letting her head hang back.

"I find myself unable to go without one after a while." A faint smile coming to her fine features.

"I am Elektra." She then introducing herself.

Viola Fiore has posed:
The younger woman gives a smile back to the Grecian woman. "Viola. Nice to meet you, Elektra," she says. Her eyes close and she lets her head rest back on the seat behind her that is serving as a backdrop.

"All the better on a day like today," she comments of the weather outside. Cold. Snow. Old snow that has turned into dirty slush on the city streets. Every time Mother Nature blankets New York in a layer of pure white, it does not take the Big Apple long to grind into it the bit of grit and grime that are part of most any large city.

"And what occupation do you have, Elektra?" Viola asks as she relaxes. The steam has brought out enough perspiration that it beads, droplets coming together until they are large enough they slide down her body, disappearing as they are soaked into the towel, or running down to join the precipitation on the floor.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Viola, is it? Mmmm, interesting name.." Elektra replies to the younger girl, eyes now closing as she lets herself enjoy the warm feeling within the steam room, her own skin already quite sweaty with it all. But that's the whole purpose of this place afterall. One hand reaches up to her long, dark hair, pushing it aside.

It's the question that comes next that captures her attention, Elektra's eyes opening again and she replies in a very calm, gentle manner, "I kill people for a living." is she telling the truth? She told that without even missing a beat on it. She might also just be joking ...

A faint smile appears on her lips and then she *finally* says what her occupation is, letting out a chuckle, "I travel the world as an ambassador. Took it after my late father I suppose. But I have been finding myself enjoying New York as of late. It has a way to .., touch us doesn't it?"