4908/Return of the Shredder:Enter the Haga

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Return of the Shredder:Enter the Haga
Date of Scene: 27 January 2021
Location: Brooklyn Train repair yard
Synopsis: Shredder arises from the dead, fights cute girls and mauls one of them. Spider man saves the day.
Cast of Characters: Chizue Nakamura, Peter Parker, Shredder, Irina-As17

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    Amidst the graffiti tagged hulks of busted subway cars, and the distant clattering of industrial tools a patrol settles in. Not that anyone at the actual facility has noticed the rail yard's been breached, Nor would they even if the five men clad in perfect black hadn't been Ninja. Still in perfect silence they settle in, one of them unshouldering a heavy duffel bag before leaning back to rub after his shoulder. Five ninja just waiting around then, for god knows what.

    Earlier the same punks had knocked over a Yakuza cash transfer from an illegal casino, someplace Owari had knocked over herself before. Someplace she'd barged in and played Ginsu twice now, someplace she was likely to notice. They hadn't been briefed on exactly their role of course, and clearly hadn't figured out that they'd been trailed. The group splits, lone ninja wander away to find a comfortable place to sit alone to ponder. Something they teach every green Ninja never to do, because it invites attack.

    Owari exhales softly as she slips between shadows, before finally parking a knee. A moment spent pulling up the Spider network to peer after things and make sure her student wasn't currently involved in some life or death battle, before she goes dark entirely. Cutting down her own EM emissions, before shifting computer power to that cloak of hers. She slips forward in silence, all but invisible in the dark as she snags the garrote reel in one vambrace. Another glance towards possible sightlines, and so it begins.

    She loops that wire round and draws it taut, before pulling up and back. Rolling back with an unfortunate Foot Ninja in her grasp, the first of what's to come.

Peter Parker has posed:
Wednesday night, and the usual nonsense. But Wednesday night is Ninja Night, and the OFFLINE status of Owari does not bother him...too much.

He knows she kills people. They may deserve it, it may be necessary, and she's never so much as harmed an innocent person, but it gets under his skin. But there's only so much he can do...

Okay. Time for White Castle, and the closest one is the one in Brooklyn. Get some sliders, fries, a cherry Coke, and then back to the action.

Maybe he'll give Brooklyn a once-over. Y'know, since he's getting free food here. He can try to find the El Jefe food truck another night, find out what the big deal is about "cubano" sandwiches...

Shredder has posed:
     Quick and silent an efficient job. He rumbles into the darkness not to be seen nor heard from again. It's a job like any other. These ninja were poorly trained and had no preparation for what awaited them. He's unable to get a sound out as he grasps for air and is drug into the shadows a perfect takedown without raising suspicions.

     The lights slowly flicker and fade to an unnatural darkness. Rain begins to seep through the cracks as something dawns closer. Slowly a low rattle of a drum echoes out Tharumb thrumb thrrrumb over and over. Low chanting fills the air.

     Each of the remaining foot soldiers takes down onto one knee as the leader of the group holds the bag up in both arms.

     Out the walls slide of the tunnel breaking open to a much older section of the city of new york. Stood in the darkness a woman in robes, leading a funeral procession. A young woman no older than eight dressed in full Foot Clan Garb carries a pillow with a pitch black gemstone. Eight men carry a traditional Japanese casket with nothing more inside than a skeleton, its flesh rotted away.

     Two more men carry a gurney with a lifeless man his eyes glassed over, the robot hauled with care.

     As the figures convine on one space the Ninja draws forth the contents of the bag. Not money as one would expect, nor gold. But slime. A bright purple ooze. He holds it high as if it is the most sacred thing in the world and lowers himself low that it may be taken from his hands.

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    Owari lets the body slide into a pile at her feet, before swinging her attention over towards this funeral procession. A ninja from another clan might have been equipped to recognize what was happening, but the Haga walked away from magic when they left their village and the gods ages ago. Instead she lets that wire retract back into her vambrace, before reaching back to at a square of semi-transparent polymer filled with bits of inconel and titanium. Silently Pulling at both ends, until the barrel slides down into place and the pistol grip swings down below. From the small of her back comes that anti-tank grenade, which she slips over the barrel.

    From there she stalks forward, working up a good field of fire before swinging the weapon to shoulder. That augmented reality helmet of hers overlaying trajectories as she works the weapon back and fourth for a moment before -pop- goes the blank cartridge at the top of the magazine. Sending that soup can of a grenade high and skywards with a bit of trailing spark, tumbling until it unfurls a simple cloth ribbon from one end to drag stabilize itself before descending. Then comes the explosion, a brilliant flash of light designed to penetrate heavily armored foes which are unfortunately for Chizue not present. The resulting shockwave is particularly significent all the same, nevermind the hundreds of hardened ceramic fragments sent in essentially every direction. It's enough bang to break most of the windows in the train repair depot, and the office building across the way.

    Loud enough that it's easy to miss the gunfire which follows immediately, the sustained staccato bark of a lightweight SMG being run from full to empty in a single string. Empty falling free automatically as she grabs for her one spare magazine, she didn't really expect to have need of more than sixty rounds of course.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man almost literally halts in mid-swing. He can't, really, but he swings a little too high on the webline, then blinks and quickly grabs onto a nearby fire escape. He looked to the north, where the hollow boom had come from, and saw smoke rising in a short column.

...So much for White Castle.
He fired a webline to the north, and then he was off to the races, swinging towards the column.

Shredder has posed:
     The explosion rocks the ground sending shrapnel in all directions. There's a booming echo as slime flies in each direction, some falling on the faces of the dying foot clan soldiers, and a majority dumping into the twin corpses being carried by the foot clan now badly injured by the force of the blast.

     People twist and turn on the ground as the ooze works its magic contorting their shape and healing their injuries. Their screams echo out loud into the distance as they mutate before the eyes into strange creatures.

     One member of the clan seems to explode into a dark mist feathers traveling in all directions. He forms a pitch black mist lifting the skeletons and the robot into the air in a swirling vortex. Up up into the air rises the pitch black gemstone shining brilliant as it absorbs the light of the blast.

     There's a violent shattering throughout the land as the concrete cracks and rumbles beneath their feet the train cars rocking back and forth.

     A rumbling echoes out throughout the city as flesh comes to bone the two bodies merging into one right before the young ninja's eyes. In the midst a white glow forms from heaven filling the eyes with life as flesh is literally sucked from the Foot Clan ninja onto the skeletons form giving it flesh.

     <I rise anew!> The voice of Oroku Saki screams out filled with fury and form his armor slamming against his skin even as the flesh forms.

     Out from the depths of the tunnel run the shape of yet more Foot Clan soldiers. <You come to my rebirth and bring death?> The voice asks again in traditional japanese. <Than death you shall have>

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 was doing her usual routine, it was actually very intense and fast paced. She runs at full speed and leaps across buildings, often catching on the side and climbing along to get to another rooftop. She pushes herself as she had been instructed, she keeps on going as hard as she can. An opportunity appears that matches perfectly what she had been needing

She doubles down on the effort, run along at top speed, now taking shortcuts by going down to street level to run through alleys towards the source of the explosion. She was going to carry out her duties, this time it was going to work, this time she was going to be successful. Determination fuels her pace and soon she's peering upon the location, taking a short moment a ways outside to observe just what the hell was happening.

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    <<Akimitsu Haga shall have his revenge you pitiful outlaw!>>Comes the immediate response, as Owari jacks in a fresh magazine and proceeds to simply immediately dump that one just as fast as that little SMG can cycle. Just two and a half seconds worth of gunfire, before jerking a pin on the side of that SMG and heaving it towards the tunnel. She's moving by the time it erupts in a fountain of black smoke and flame, dashing directly foreward. An explosion of superhuman speed, eating up ground in short order.

    That cloak of hers isn't built to take that kind of speed of course, and it simply erupts in a brilliant rainbow of pixelated noise. Her polgyonal Tanuki erupting with a bright red glow, followed by the white "eyes" hidden behind it. Hurtling a vertible cornicopia of adorable little minigrenades as she makes her way right down the middle, though she does get a chance to loose a fistfull of thin needle like glass shuriken towards Shredder as she races towards legit sword range.

    <<Come and find the end!>>

Peter Parker has posed:
Lots of detonations and noise. The NYPD is already putting out alerts to mobilize SWAT. ETA: 15 minutes.

As if this is going to still be going on by then.

Spider-Man swings onto the scene, black smoke billows from the building and ninjas are all over the place.
"Great. Trouble by the FOOT!"
Spidey lands on an overturned train car. He doesn't exactly know what's going on, but webbing up a lot of ninja sounds like a good idea right now...

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 watches this with wide eyes, she did not expect mass explosions and carnage like this. The glowing, weird pyromaniac was an easy lead to follow though, she was not sure whether that was a villain or hero however. In whichever case, fighting, excellent fighting, was about to begin.

She crouches down and sprints forwards, running furiously after the woman through the flames, reflected on the black kevlar armor donning her body. Though she wasn't the fastest as far as superhuman abilities went, she was pretty freaking fast compared to a human, and she was hoping that would allow her to catch wind of the situation and better understand it.

Shredder has posed:
     Dozens of Foot Clan soldiers spread out across the yard pouring in all directions before that door closes behind. It echoes with a great thud slamming together each door locking down one with the other allowing the Kitsune to vanish back into the shadows with a smile at the return of her husband.

     Shredders cape flurrows in the wind as he kicks himself into the air. He moves with great speed each step walking from the tip of one grenade to the next as he lowers his mask towards her. That smile stretches on his samurai mask as he grows closer only to vanish at the last moment from the air as his Foot Soldiers find themselves blasted with grenades and shuriken.

     As the foot hit the ground they spark and shimmer in the darkness, their decapitation revealing mechanics beneath as the robots do their part. One has its mask blown open showing that without its ninja garb it looks far from human, more a simplistic frame wired up to do basic combat like a training robot for use in some high tech dojo.

     <Little bird.> Shredder whispers into her ear softly from behind leaning in closely before delivering a swift kick delivered to the base of her spine. His feet kick with the force of an olympic athlete meant to send her towards her own grenades. <Time to clip your wings.>

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    She's mighty quick, but action always beats reaction no matter the speed. That kick lands squarely, hard enough to send her to the ground in a scramble that soon sees her flip back up to her feet before deftly flipping away from the blast radius. She's just barely touched down when she swollows her last lungfull of pure oxygen, before pulling a ripchord hidden under all that armor. Every last grenade she's got hidden away begins beeping, as does that computer on her back. Armor straps burst into flame, that fancy cloak of hers erupts in a brilliant blaze.

    It's an amazing distraction usually, one used by the Haga for years. She slips out of that gear and uses the pyre to break eye contact for long enough hopefully to restart this fight on better terms. She draws that glass blade and lets the scabbard drop, before She's off oncemore. Circling around to the right only to come leaping back into the fray from nearly above, utterly intent on driving that semi-transparent blade directly into Shredder's collar bone where the armor ought to have a weakness.

Peter Parker has posed:
Okay...robots? You can't kill robots, at least not these robots. But maybe there's a better way...?"
Spidey brings up the network he uses to connect to Spider-Comm, but loads the packet-sniffer with a virus he'd been trying to fix. He sees if he can see what network might be running these things, and if he can infect the whole lot of them.

Network Security! Love it or lose it!

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 came to a conclusion, it didn't matter who the villain here was, she was under orders to beat either one sfter all. Hero or villain, she had to take them down and push herself through the combat, evolve and adapt. To that effect, she simply picks the most imposing one and goes right for him.

She launches herself with a quick skip of both her feet, lowering herself almost paralell to the ground and flying in towards Shredder's legs with a double sweeping kick, one hand held to the ground for balance. Her greatest attribute is clearly agility, but in terms of strength her muscles are only boosted enough to be as powerful as a normal guy his size. In short, a big strong bastard, but still quite human.

Shredder has posed:
     The one good thing with these things is that they are simple. After all these Foot Soldiers were designed as training dummies for the Dojo. They were not meant for front line combat initially but that's where they find themselves at the moment being cut down row after row in the midst of combat.

     There is a connection but it requires some digging to break through once he's gotten through the security there's one heck of a load off of the combat with the robotic soldiers now open to influence from the outside.

     There he is, the target. She manages to vanish into the shadows, the fighting going on in a scale of microseconds as rapid fire back and forth a series of flashes and shadows in the midst of the darkened yard as chaos abounds.

     Blood spills to the ground as the glass blade stabs through the neck of his armor in the midst of a flip back but instead of reeling back in pain those pure white eyes glare into her driving the blade intentionally deeper as blood drips down onto the soil.

     He uses her own grip on the blade to hold her in place, his hand wrapping around hers holding firm on the spot. His free hand delivers a rapid fire flurry of blows with that spiked gauntlet towards her center of mass even as the blood pools from his own wound.

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    Theres a tug and a grunt, swinging a knee up to brace against Shredder's hip in an effort to pull herself away to no avail. In the end it only makes her an easier target for the flurry of blows to come raining down on her unarmed side and stomach, and well those claws tear right through that high-tech bodysuit of hers. To be frank she doesn't even feel the first one, and only gets a notion of the second before the adrenaline begins to ebb away and lung begins flooding into a lung.

    Theres no cry of agony here, because by the time she gets the urge her helmet's filling up with blood. Pulse pounding in her ears as she begins to slump, head rolling back against her shoulder for a moment before snapping foreward. Then again all but immediately, in a vain attempt to daze Shredder for long enough to get free.

Peter Parker has posed:
As they say, it's all fun and games until the sensei gets shanked by the Shredder.

Spider-Man has just finished the upload to the Foot-Robot Network when he looks over at Chizue and Shredder.
The sight makes him wish, for a moment, that he'd been born blind.

He doesn't think, he just moves forward towards the big samurai-looking jackhole. He fires twin blasts of webbing at the big one's head, thinking only to blind him before anything else. If he can't breathe...? Well, Spidey can fix that. But take him down first!

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 got a rush through her body, her blood heating up, burning even. This was definitely the villain, she had found it, the one, the actual one she needed to take down. A true villain at his greatest definition. She would surely get great praises from the organization once she went back to report.

Her already rapidly beating heart speeds up and her muscles tense under her kevlar armor, though she had minimal combat training and little equipment she made up for it in sheer determination. That, she channels into an animalistic combat, which has her twisting herself on the ground with both hands, delivering the fastest, most powerful sideways kick into Shredder's knee a she could from the back. There's a very loud chittering raccoon sound filled with aggression and violence, which is not very characteristic of the sound itself.

Should that succeed in knocking him backwards he'd be met with a quickly rising elbow to the center of his back. Normally the timing for such an attack wouldn't be possible due to him falling and the position she was in, but her left arm flashes uwpards into an elbow strike so fast it's obvious there's something not quite human about it.

Shredder has posed:
     Shredder has his head wrapped solid with webbing round and round till it cuts off the oxygen flow from the outside. That is until he is knocked clear from the grasp of Chizue. The blade slices through just enough of the webbing as it's ripped out of his own grasped and he's kicked free from the midst of his onslaught of blows to cut a small breathing hole.

It's not much but it's all that he needs as he is delivered one blow and then another. The first strike sends him out of that grasp, the second sends him down towards the ground. The metal echoes out with a loud clattering clang as it dents lightly inward dispersing much of the force of the impact sending him forward.

     His eyes are completely covered in webbing but still that unearthly white glow shines through from him as if he were something far worse than human. "Let this day bear witness." He states with a firm and almost demonic tone his voice echoing out even as he stages a midair recovery from his blow twisting in the air as blood stains the white of the webbing from his gaping neck wound. "You have seen but a small taste of the power that The Shredder wields." He speaks firm even through the immense pain he no doubt feels as he slides into his recovery.

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    The chaos is enough for Chizue to finally tear her way free, she hits the ground in a roll and pops back up with a half twist as gracefully as any acrobat. Slowly she opens up that stance, rolling her shoulders as she starts to fall back into an open handed stance. Then she wavers, stumbling once before she hits the ground in a pile. No heroic speech, she just does down in a pile. Lights out, literally as that helmet's lighting winks out. Face seal cracking finally to vent no small amount of blood to keep her from drowning.

    Then comes that pop, and a flash of sparks as that same helmet cooks it's circuits. Typical ninja stuff, really.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man spots Owari, and another ingrained imperative awakens.
To rescue rather than fight.
He had to get Owari, and he had to get her out of here.
Spidey lands near his teacher, lifting her into the safety harness he is already clicking around them both, then points at Shredder.

"Later for you, Ginsu-Boy."

Then he fires two weblines and vaults upward, with Owari strapped up against him, and he makes way for the nearest hidey-hole he can find, as the NYPD sirens can be heard in the distance...

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 clenches her hands, a crackling of joints goes up her arm as she pushes her muscles to their limits. She points towards Shredder with a look of mixed BURNING DETERMINATION and a sense of joyous relief. One was clearly in greater amount than the other. "YE WHO BRINGS EVIl, SHALL BE PURGED!" She was normally so awkward and shy she barely spoke, but now she was acting like a knight from a fairy tail. Which is exactly what she was convinced she was

Now the thing about her powers is that they were likely inferior to his in every physical regard. Except one, perhaps. If she was to race him in a 100m sprint, she'd definitely lose, really to anyone with significant strength. However, if said race was, instead, a 10m dash, then the number of people capable of matching her dropped massively.

She bursts forwards, her agility pushed just beyond the limits of human physiology. Chittering goes off as she aims off the armor, her arm speed matching the booseted agility to form incredibly quick jabs, each of which were actually not very powerful as a result. Still she aims for the soft spots, a flurry going at the sides of his neck, then under his chin, before she tries springing off by planting a foot on his shin and kicking off. This is the general way she fought, a blurring barrage of attacks that most people couldn't keep up with. Her martial skills were terrible, which made her rely on the agility almost entirely. The question was whether a man like him could see through the attacks that traded force for speed.

Shredder has posed:
     Shredder has been blinded by webbing. He can't see a thing, but he can hear something. The heavy footfalls coming his way. The lack of training does a great deal to even the playing field. He closes his eyes the glow fading from his wrapped head.

     The blows flow like a river flying with a near superhuman speed and yet Shredder has over 800 years of training on his side. He ducks from one side to the other allowing the sound to guide his motions. He slows his blood pressure and his breathing to a crawl reacting with a superhuman training of his own.

     It seems like he is standing perfectly still and yet the blows do not connect. He bleeds onto his armor dripping down the front of his thick plate he looms in place taking one strike direct to the neck before leaping back one end over the other a bright flash of light vibrantly shining in every direction.

     In that moment... he is gone.

Irina-As17 has posed:
Irina-AS17 lets out a furious roar, it's not so much a roar but a mixture of screaming, chittering and growling. It's as unimmpressive as it sounds. "YOU CANNOT ESCAPE ME!" Her voice booms through the area afterwards, she was both frustrated and very pissed off by not being able to catch him. Even more so because he used the exact tactic SHE used to get away from bad situations. At the very least she got her body tense to the max with adrenaline, truly not knowing whether she would have survived this encounter. She runs towards the nearest building and begins scaling it to avoid the annoying police.