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Matches and meetings!
Date of Scene: 28 January 2021
Location: Little Italy
Synopsis: Food! Videos! Shared stories! Embarassment! Plans for the future!
Cast of Characters: Atlin, Katsumi Oshiro

Atlin has posed:
An invitation! Atlin -had- found her phone...and replaced it after her last encounter where she'd discovered it wasn't quite as resilliant as she was, but the number was the same and Katsumi had invited her out. The promise of seeing more of 'Man's World's culture, and a version of one of their physical combats? How could she possibly refuse! The 'daughter of War' couldn't have been more excited unless she'd been invited to partake in armed combat! But people outside of Bana-Mighdall were a little bit funny about the whole 'baring martial weaponry' thing.

That however, was why she was dressed 'normally' in track pants and a figure-hugging blue slim jacket, zipped up over her more 'comfortable' attire while she made her way towards the reported meeting space. She'd even worked out how to use Google Maps!

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
And the meeting place? It's the middle of Little Italy in Lower Manhattan! Why? Because it's weird, and Katsumi had never been, and she's /frigging determined/ to let go of her anxiety and worry. Things took a positive turn last night, and she's riding it. Chasing it, even. She's rebounding from soul-crushing depression into a near stoic determination to cling to hope so fast and so hard, she may get emotional whiplash. But it'll be worth it.

Tonight, Katsumi is dressed a little more nicely in a functional red jacket-dress, the outfit sporting a pair of boots and her typical fingerless gloves. She's not dressing to get noticed, though it does leave a bit of generous leg bared. She's dressed against the cold (sort'a!) and to feel good about herself. She needs to work on that if other things are going to fall into place.

Right? Right.

Katsumi's intended goal was eventually a restaurant. But the meeting place was just alongside a number of vendors, closed for the night save for some die-hard cold-doesn't-bother-me gyro salesmen. They smell heavenly and exotic to her. But that can come later.

Spotting Atlin and her poofy blonde hair, Katsumi uptilts her chin. "Hey!," she shouts, raising a hand.

Atlin has posed:
Thick blobde hair and tanned skin that came from a lifetime (or many) in the desert? Some people spent money cultivating such a look, but Atlin was born to it. Amazon were strange!

Hearing the call, the woman turns, a hand raised and a smile on her features. She knew nothing of Katsumi's recent struggles and her empathy hadn't quite picked up the undercurrent.

She was happy to see the wrestler!

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Katsumi Oshiro had no intention of letting Atlin know about it, either! Because she's tough. She's strong. She's independent. She's a force of nature. And she's been crying in front of way too many people lately. She needs her self-respect back.

As Atlin nears, Katsumi cants her head a bit towards her. "Hey, cheater," she teases, smirk tugging the corner of her lips. "I know I could've just texted you some videos, but I thought it'd be more fun to watch your face if you're watchin' a match."

Atlin has posed:
Oh right! These things did video too! Atlin blinks, opening her mouth to protest her innocence before pausing. Right, humor, playfulness...not calling her dishonest or dishonorable. Calm down.

"You wished to view these together? Or...view me viewing them? That is odd. Is watching people reacting to other people doing things common entertainment?"

Noone had shown Atlin Youtube yet!

"It is good to see you Katsumi," she adds in her accented tones. "I am grateful for your invitation."

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
"Depends on the thing. And in this case, very yes," nods Katsumi, self-aware on the grammatical abortion. Though the pleasantry of the greeting catches her a little off-guard. Katsumi cants her head, those inhuman eyes studying her with a more subdued smile. "It's cool," she replies mildly.

"Okay, did you wanna see'em out here on the street? On a bench? Inside somewhere? I'm about to lose my f***ing mind for one of thise gyros." She totally pronounced it "ji-roh".

Atlin has posed:
That left more questions than answers, but after a moment's puzzlement the blonde simply smiled. If it was 'normal' and cultural? She'd give it a fair try! Katsumi's suggestion of sitting? It earns a shake of Atlin's head and a gesture of her arm. "This place has many establishments where one can sit and dine. Food and entertainment together is universal anyway, and I would be happy to break bread or...pizza with you."

As for the gyro? There's a tilt of her head. Maybe she was actually -older- than that wrap...and she'd been raised in Bana-Mighdall rather than Themyscira...there were a few more Egyptian influences than greek in most of their cuisine."

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
But if no one calls her on it, Katsumi shall forever pronounce gyro in that odd way. Alas!

"Pizza? Seriously?," asks Katsumi. There isn't really a good reason to seem dumbstruck by the idea, but for whatever reason, it just felt so... pedestrian. Granted, Little Italy would be the place for pizza, wouldn't it? "Let's go."

Without hesitating, Katsumi begins weaving down the rustic street, dodging the scant remaining foot traffic. "How long have you been in the city, anyway?"

Atlin has posed:
"It does not have to be pizza!" Atlin is quick to correct, perhaps she is concerned she'd committed some sort of social faux pas? "Whatever it is you wish to eat, let us go find it."

Falling into step beside the Japanese girl, the blonde shrugs her shoulders to the question. "Three months...although I spent two weeks in the middle in Gotham city instead."

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Katsumi Oshiro shrugs back at her. "Pizza's fine. American pizza's sort of tame or uses weird ingredients. Tastes different. But this might be okay," she considers, glancing to the conspicuously Italian establishments they pass. "Is there a kind you like in particular?"

Then she adds, "You're doing okay for a fish out of water. Better than I was when I first landed in the country a couple years ago. I spoke English well, but was so stupid-nervous."

Atlin has posed:
A smile, but the Amazon gives a little shake of her head. The last pizza she'd tried was almost certainly -not- authentic, but it had been delicious. "The language is not my issue, my people speak pretty much every language you can think of...but it does not prepare you for the cultural differences. People are so different here and I...was not in the best of states."

Looking back to Katsumi, Atlin shrugs her shoulders. "So you came from elsewhere as well. How have you found the city?"

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
"It's basically Tokyo, but boring," replies Katsumi, her tone frank. "And /duh/ you have cultural differences. Not knowing what the Hell wrestling is. Ugh. Hate you."

She doesn't really. But she finds a restaurant that's still open, and pulls the door open to breeze on inside. They're greeted in warm, familiar tones, which Katsumi casually ignores to find a checkered-cloth table.

Atlin has posed:
"I know what wrestling is!" Atlin protests, or at least she thinks she does. "But it is simply another of the skills me and my sisters are trained in to defeat our enemies and protect the daughters of Bana-Mighdall."

Following to the seat, Atlin's eyes sweep over the decor before she settles in, drinking in the oddity of it all. "But I look forward to seeing this world's version.

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
"Speechless. That's what I'm shooting for. And I think I know one to show you..."

But before Katsumi can do that, a waiter has approached the table. Those inhumanly magenta eyes lift. "Large pizza. Tako- wait." The waiter is already giving her an odd look. She blinks back. "..I mean squid?" The odd look intensifies. "..eel." She's getting a squint at this point. "Perilla!"

At this point, the man is looking helplessly at Atlin.

"F***ing /mushrooms/!? Do you guys have at least mushrooms!?"

"Ah, yes, we have mushr-"

"GREAT!" Flustered, Katsumi sinks back into her chair and stares across at Atlin expectantly.

Atlin has posed:
"Speechless?" Atlin repeats with a raised eyebrow, but the Amazon falls silent as Katsumi orders. Or, y'know, tries to.

To be fair, even Atlin hadn't heard of some of those ingredients! Perhaps next time Japanese was better to be on the menu.

When the poor man turns to Atlin for her own order the blonde frowns slightly, thinking a little for what -should- be common ingredients.

"I would like...lamb, garlic, spinich, cheese and...cherry tomatos."

Hopefully the pizza place had more than just the basics!

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Atlin is in luck! It's an Italian pizzeria, and therefore is more likely to have specifically Italian ingredients! Garlic? That one's easy. Spinache? Also easy. Cheese? Obviously. Cherry tomatoes? ...They have tomatoes. She probably won't be able to tell the difference. The lamb, in fact, is available! It's ground, so basically beef, but still! Lamb! "Of course, Miss," says the waiter.

Katsumi stares blankly. "Seriously? You have all that, but not just like perilla?"

The man ducks his head and with a polite apology, informs her that they do not.

"Bleh. Sprite. You got Sprite?"

"Yes, Miss. And for you?," he asks, turning to Atlin.

Atlin has posed:
"Orange juice,"

Because the scary amazing 'daughter of war' liked sweet fruit drinks apparently!

Leaving the waiter to flee Atlin leans her arms upon the table, the blonde frowning a little as she reflects aloud. "This city has been strange though. I enjoy the food but...so far I have fought brigands, kidnappers, demonic hoards of the god Set...been forced to dress differently so as not to cause panic...found a romance woth someone who turned out to be a demonic vampire and left after two weeks...." she trails off, looking back up to Katsumi with a slight flush of embarassment. "It is a strange place."

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
"Sh**," swears Katsumi as Atlin unloads.

Getting up, she swaps seats to sit more beside the blonde. Her phone is already out and on the table, but it's not getting attention just yet. "Demonic hordes? Or whores? Cuz there's /totally/ a difference in that. And come on, vampire? Seriously?"

Honestly, Katsumi isn't sure why she's doubting this. She only recently discovered she, herself, is magical. Another important person to her is extra magical - she got briefly turned into a bunny. But vampires are actual monsters, and thinking that that might exist is legitimately scary.

She changes the subject abruptly.

"Screw the way people say you have to dress. If it weren't cold out, I'd be rocking way better outfits right now. I have this really cool skirt and fishnet thing? Hot as Hell. Love it. So wear what you want! As long as it's not a big ol' banana costume. Then you'd be different in a bad way."

"Also, look." Katsumi points towards her bright magenta eyes. "These? Not normal. Nothing about this trip to New York has been normal. So you're not the only one dealing with weirdness."

Atlin has posed:
"Hordes," Atlin corrects herself lightly, although the comment about the vampire earns a nod and a little frown. "Quite certain." That particular reveal probably would have been lethal if she'd been a normal human.

Katsumi's advice? It brings a smile however, the girl simply and perhaps startlingly lifting her shirt a bit. She wasn't quite flashing the poor wrestler however, sinstead beneath a glimpse of the tight amazonian 'armor' that looked almost like a hardened swimsuit was revealed, a little chuckle given. "I wear what I can, but back home for a woman to be walking around armed is perfectly normal, here it causes panic."

The eyes, they earn a smile, a tilt of her head and her own inhuman amber eyes fixing on them. "I think they are quite beautiful, and they are very much a part of what makes you you."

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Katsumi Oshiro's eyes widen and her mouth opens, possibly to protest when it seems Atlin may be stripping in front of her. But the reveal sees her breathing a mild sigh of relief, followed by a scoff. "As if that's something to write home about. Back home, you'd just look like you're living the cosplayer life. Being all Rikku, except without a different bikini." This reference will almost certainly fly over Atlin's head, and that thought never crosses her mind as she so breezily states it. "Armed, on the other hand, would probably be a big no-no. Not that you /need/ weapons, from what I remember."

She smirks and adds, "Cheater," impishly.

The comment on the eyes gets an automatic downwards glance, and Katsumi draws a lock of blueblack hair over her ear. "Eheh, thanks. I- I dunno, I just- it's different. I'm sure other people think I'm a freak for it, though."

Atlin has posed:
"I am...not sure what 'Cos' is and how to play it," Atlin offers before biting her lip at the comment of her 'cheating'.

"I am...unnaturally strong, even among my sisters. It made them...unconfortable around me. I required a specially crafted bow so as not to break its limbs."

A little guilty shift from the blonde, perhaps she was oversharing...but being open about her origins was a rare thing.

"When I left I had been fighting in a contest...i was facing my belo-...what you would call a girlfriend. I got carried away and hurt her. It was...suggested I leave as an emissary after this."

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
"Unnaturally strong, huh. No s***," sarcastically drones Katsumi, having firsthand experienced the unnatural strength. And though she hasn't quite shared her own supernatural ability, that moment may be coming rather soon. For now, however, Atlin gets as much sympathy as Katsumi can provide; what with it being rather foreign for her in most cases. She's entitled to it. Atlin's situation is a little too close to home for it to not be relatable.

"Into girls, huh?," Katsumi redirects for a moment of tease; as if she's one to talk. A puffy sigh then escapes her. "I kicked a girl out of the ring. Like, way out of the ring. And seriously hurt her. I'm just waiting on my federation to tell me I'm fired at this point. So I.. kind'a get it. I wasn't dating her, though."

Atlin has posed:
The question of her attractions, it wasn't unexpected, but the blonde gives a little nod. "It is not so strange in Bana-Mighdall...there are no men among our people."

Katsumi's comment about kicking the girl however, that earns a blink, sympathy definately present from the Amazon as she reaches out a hand to gently squeeze Katsumi's wrist. "It is...still hard, dealing with the guilt of injuring someone accidentally."

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
"Limited options, then, huh?," muses Katsumi. "Surprised when you came to the mainland, you didn't go crazy checking out all the guys."

She just can't escape the somber topic of the in-ring mishap, however. Her expression sours a little, and she glances to the hand newly on her wrist. She isn't tugging away - it's odd, someone touching her out of sympathy. "It is, yeah. She may never be able to wrestle again, and that's.. kind'a killin' me." No joke to be made there, just simple, rarely vulnerable honesty.

Atlin has posed:
A shrug, Atlin tilts her head. She -had- seen men before, even if they'd only been of neighbouring Wakanda, but still.

"I...am sorry..." Lame perhaps, but that was the best the daughter of war could manage. "I am...Well, it is nice to have someone to speak to..."

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
"I guess so," Katsumi says regarding having someone to talk to. It's been great having Nessa to break down to, so she can't exactly argue it. "Hey, it's fine. You didn't cause this to happen to me. So no takin' credit for my K/D ratio." Another reference Atlin isn't likely to catch, but it comes with a meek smile. "So, you and your boo still in contact or what?"

Atlin has posed:
A whince, even if it was slight, Atlin gives a little twitch and shakes her head. "Things are...no longer as they were," she admits, throwing the good old memories of being dumped onto the earlier misery before clearing her throat. "But, this venture into man's world was about exploring and finding new things. Perhaps I will be fortunate there too."

A pause, she raises an eyebrow. "And you? Are you...contacting a 'boo'?"

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Katsumi Oshiro giggles brightly at Atlin's use of 'boo'. She knows the colloquiolism has to be alien to her. It's great! "Sort'a. I had someone who was always there for me when I started going through things. I mean, when I landed in America this time. She always knew the right thing to say, and we got close. But we were just friends. Until after I booted that girl into the hospital, and she came to cheer me up. I, uh.." She uses her free hand to scratch at the side of her neck. "..I totally kissed her. Surprised'er. And we became a thing. And then we had this huge fight, and then she tracked me down to fix things between us."

She glances down to the table briefly, reflecting. "She's special. I dunno where I'd be right now if I didn't have her in my corner. Maybe getting dissected by scientists in Japan." She crinkles her button nose at the thought. "A-anyway.."

Atlin has posed:
"That is good," Atlin smiles, a tilt of her head and a squeeze of that comforting hand on the wrist before she returns it to resting atop her own. "It is fortunate, for both of you. I still find the hesitations of romance between women here odd, but I am glad to see it can be overcome."

"Perhaps I will meet this 'Boo' of yours then, if you have not found my company unpleasent." Yep, she was going to keep using that word now! Atlin shifts, looking towards the kitchen and almost certainly trying to hide the light concern at the possibility. Even Amazon powerhouses can clearly have a little social anxiety.

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
"Yeah, about that," Katsumi begins haltingly. "Before her, I wasn't even into other girls. If I were, holy sh**, my job would've been a /lot/ more awkward."

Katsumi's train of thought derails a moment as she observes Atlin's behavior, brow knit curiously. "No, you're fine. You're not, er, 'unpleasant'. I'm the b**** here. No one's takin' my title."

The waiter returns, setting the glass of juice before Atlin, and the glass of Sprite before Katsumi. Straws are laid out, and he hurriedly escapes.

Atlin has posed:
"You would find it akward to grapple with other women if you had known you were attracted to them?" Atlin questions, a smile offered at the reassurance drifting to a more amused grin. "I suppose this makes sense. Many of the wooing customs of my people are based around combat...but also art and food. We are...a passionate people. Maybe you'll find enjoyment practicing your wrestling with your 'Boo', there would be no need for akwardness."

Still sticking to it!

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
It's totally noticed. Katsumi is still very entertained by this. But she clears her throat and cants her head. "Can't really. Not until she's, uh, comfortable with that. Touching her is kind'a dangerous, and I don't wanna make her stressed out and worried about hurting me if we lock up. But hey!"

She takes a second to exfiltrate the straw from its wrapper, plunk it into the glass, and while sucking on Sprite, tap at her phone. She had a thing to show her, after all!

Finding what she's looking for, she lays the phone down to let the video play. It's one of her more recent matches. The other girl makes an appearance first - sweet-faced, energetic, her attire flashy and revealing, in a sporty way. The audience is cheering for her.

Next up is Katsumi, wearing a more daringly club-appropriate attire in black. The audience doesn't receive her so well, but she marches out with an aloof air, hands outturned to the crowd, cocky sashay to her hips.

"I thiiiink I win this one?" She can't remember.

Atlin has posed:
The brow is furrowed, Atlin watching close as the video is shown, watching with a moment of consideration as the match plays out. The response of the crowd isn't ignored either, in the end Atlin straightens up and tilts her head to the side.

"It is...an exhibition? We sometimes hold some great retellings of our history, legends and the like. Are you cast in the role of the villain? To evoke such a reactions?"

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
"It's a sport. People cheer for the one they like, and boo the one they wanna see lose." Katsumi's explanation is purely pragmatic. She's made peace with her role as the hated one.

As to the match itself? It's a solid back and forth, starting with technical grapples and snappy submission holds. It seems the sweet-faced opponent has gained the upper-hand as they transition out of that phase, running Katsumi around the ring before bringing her down with some slams. The first pinfall attempt goes to her, but naturally doesn't go all the way through. Then it becomes a back and forth, with increasingly rough maneuvers, including a fancy tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Katsumi, a second rope knee-drop from the other girl, and so on.

Nearer the end, things take a more brutal turn. Katsumi is using more exotic holds, such as the octopus stretch. And she seems to catch her opponent flat-footed with a kick to the stomach, hooking her into a front facelock. Katsumi's arm raises into the air to signal her finisher to a booing, jeering audience. She pulls the other girl into the air in a suspended vertical suplex... only for her to struggle free, land on her feet, and DDT the Punk Princess down.

Corner ropes are climbed while Katsumi recovers on the mat. The girl launches off with a frog splash, lands her midsection across Katsumi's, and the referee drops to count. That's it, the bell rings, match over.

In the here and now, Katsumi cringes. "Ooh. Okay. Nevermind. That one sucked. Er.." Bright magentas shift back to Atlin. "People who watch this stuff are passionate, that's all. And why wouldn't they be? Two people, fightin' it out for fame'n glory.."

Atlin has posed:
"It is a bloodless bloodsport?" Atlin offers, questioning lightly while she leans back and tilts her head. "It requires skill, understanding to gain the favor of a crowd, and not to hurt your opponent."

She trails off, pondering absently this 'nicer' version of the Gladatorial combat she'd seen in the past.

"This is why you do this? Fame and glory?"

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
"Uh.. usually it's bloodless. Sometimes there's blood. In hardcore matches, there's almost always blood," Katsumi explains. "I've wrestled a few of those. God*** those hurt. Win or lose, you're making a hospital visit after." She gives a little sigh and shrugs her shoulders. "I'm just lucky I'm not all scarred up."

The autoplay on the phone has already cued another match; this one is set in America! At least the announcers are speaking English. It's a Halloween special! The first girl on her way to the ring is a particularly risque vampire motif, flowing sparkly black cape.

"That's part of why I do it. But it's also because it's just... I don't know. Look at it. It's awesome. That many eyes on you, that many voices cheering, or booing. Physically battling someone to assert dominance, either by pinning'em down or making'em submit..." She trails for a moment, glancing to the screen. Then the eyes lift to Atlin. "You get it. Right?"

Katsumi's entrance is markedly different, in attire and presentation. She's dressed in a shimmery outfit that would seem more at home on a fantastical genie or bellydancer, hair bound back in ponytail. In fairness, her entrance begins with a bellydance, her movements fluid and smooth. The audience is much more receptive of her this time, greeting GenieKat with cheers.

"Oh man, I had to learn a whole dance for that one."

Atlin has posed:
Did she get it? Atlin smirks, leaning forward to the explaination and comments of dominance, a brow lifted. "You...were listening when I spoke of my people right? Not to mention our ways of wooing and seduction, right?"

Yep, she gets it.

"It is appealing theatre, dramatic and enthralling. This is quite enjoyable to watch, and your dance seems to have been worth it."

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Katsumi Oshiro glances to the phone. A very, very rare rouge enters her cheeks, and she self-consciously paws at her cheek. "Yeahwellitfitthegimmick," she rushes. Plus, it was the first time she danced /successfully/ as opposed to her early, stress-filled career.

Her gaze shifts back to Atlin, and her smile turns a little more impish. "See, if you didn't have insane cosmic powers or whatever the f*** you've got, it'd be a lott'a fun to take you on. But at least I know I wouldn't actually hurt ya. That's a pretty huge bonus to me right now."

In fact, she isn't sure if she wouldn't. Now that her own 'powers' - or whatever /those/ are - have appeared, she has no idea how she'd stack up against Atlin.

Atlin has posed:
A little flinch, if only for the slight thought that her own strength had once more been limiting rather than a boon, but she's quick to replace it with a smile and shrug her shoulders.

"Perhaps it would be worth it? To test your limits and fight without reservation...without it being a fight for your life."

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
"I dunno. It might suck if I go all out and you just shrug it off." Katsumi does, however, seem intrigued. "I mean... I'd /love/ to get in the ring again. But it might bug me if I knew I was going wild on ya, and knew all it'd take is you to just not wanna lose to turn it all around in a flash. Right?"

She leans back a little in her chair, chin uptilted. "Ooorrr you and I could figure out something ahead of time. And just kind'a have fun with it." She's heavily considering it at this point.

Atlin has posed:
"Figure out something ahead of time and have fun with it?"

Atlin looks a little puzzled at first before shrugging, she was enjoying her time with the other girl, and it was kind of nice to be able to be so open about so many things. "I am welcome to trying new things. Perhaps you should invite your 'boo' if you wish for a crowd, I'm sure she would cheer for you."
     After all, a crowd seemed to be a vital part of this new wrestling! "I'm sure we will have some fun, one way or another."

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Katsumi Oshiro giggles brightly at the idea of Nessa watching her fight a tough amazon chick. They'd joked about this kind of thing just recently! "I dunno if she'd appreciate watching you try to woo me, apparently," she teases. If wrestling meant courtship for Atlin, that could be some mixed signals! And she couldn't help but poke fun at the cultural quirk.

Atlin has posed:
Atlin herself might have actually flushed a little there, althought it was perhaps a little trickier to see. "I didn't-....battle is more than just romance and..." she pauses, clearing her throat. "Battle is part of most of our culture. We also have artists, poets, singers..."

She trails off, frowning a little. "I am not so brazen as to try and seduce someone right infront of their partner. I'm terrible about it at the best of times..."

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Katsumi Oshiro giggles again, this time brighter still. "Sucks to be them when it's time to date! Poets can't fight for s***!"

She leans back in her seat again with a grin. "That's the fun thing about battle. I never thought of it as seductive until, like, you brought it up. I mean, between chicks. I'd watch a guy in the ring and think, y'know, might want a little piece of that action. But just like a month or two ago, I didn't even look at girls that way. And it's a good thing, too! Can you imagine being attracted to girls and having to do, uh..."

She motions to the cellphone. On it, Katsumi is being bearhugged by the 'vampire' girl. She's sellin' it like hotcakes, back arched, mouth agape, crying out.


Atlin has posed:
Yes, Atlin could indeed imagine that. Very intensely. It probably didn't help she'd been in her own relationship with a vampiress who tended to wear what essentially would have matched wrestler-wear, or a swimsuit. Ella was weird like that.

A cough, a nod, suddenly Atlin was looking very interested in her pizza.

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Katsumi Oshiro totally catches that look, and she's bursting into yet more giggles. "Atlin!," she squeakily chides. "God, get some self-control!"

After a beat, she affords the poor Amazonian some relief as she nudges her foot at her shin beneath the table. "I'm messing with you. It's cool. Part of the thing about this here?" She motions to the match in progress on the phone. "We have to look good. Part of the job. I mean, I guess we have to look 'distinct' is more to the point. But you have to have a look. And when it comes to girls, sexy is usually the best look. So you could say we play into that." Beat. "Or I do. I get leered at by all the dudes in the audience. They still boo me. I'm cool with it."

Atlin has posed:
"I suppose that...makes sense," Atlin speaks, taking a bite of her pizza and probably needing a moment more before she can lift her eyes. "I can see the appeal, and I suppose that...it offers an advantage from a martial standpoint. My own armor isn't that much more moddest."

Truely Katsumi had scored a great victory here, getting the amazon flustered. "Thank you for showing me your sport."

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
"Among other things, amirite?," teases Katsumi, gently elbowing aside to Atlin. Nudge-nudge! She's having too much fun. Blood in the water, Sharksumi is not capable of relenting.

"But bein' honest, it's not for martial purposes so much. I could wear tights or something, but I choose to show leg. I could wear breathable athletic shirts, but I don't. Y'know why?"

She meaningfully glances to the scant attire she's sporting in that Halloween match, then back to Atlin.

Atlin has posed:
"Because you like it?" Atlin answers, daring to turn to direct contact and tilting her head. "It makes you feel confident or powerful?" Speaking a little from personal experience there!

"My armor, even without my weapons, does not protect my limbs and it flatters my form. It is very different from places like Wakanda...but I enjoy how it makes me feel."

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
"Well, there /is/ that," Katsumi submits. "I like it. I look good. I know I look good. Makes me feel good knowing other people see that. So it's a confidence and power thing. Fair enough." In fact, that's something she's been trying to work on with Nessa. But Nessa has other complications when it comes to showing skin.

"But besides making me happy having eyes on me, and besides giving an opponent less to grab onto, it's also the thing itself. We're basically gladiators. And people want to be scintillated a little. It's a thrill, watching people clash. The physicality of it, getting a good look at the muscle, the body working." She clears her throat softly. "Even if I don't have, like, uh, a six-pack or whatever. You get the meaning. It's a /show/. We're not skanks, just... fighters. Grapplers. Gladiators."

On screen, GenieKat has caught the vampire girl in that front facelock. She hefts her into the air in that same vertical suplex position, letting her hang. GenieKat doesn't drop her immediately, however. She turns a slow rotation to show off her opponent's helpless state, and her own, by contrast, dominant standing. The audience is reaching a fever pitch. And just at the crescendo, she jerks the girl back to slam her against the mat with a torque, landing her body crossways in her powerslam finisher. The aura of dominance continues as she just reaches back to hook a leg, back arched, looking out at the cameras with a confident, if breathless, smile. The pin is counted. Katsumi is declared the winner there.

"Gettin' it?," asks the here-and-present Katsumi.

Atlin has posed:
"More than most would," Atlin murmers, smiling a little. "Perhaps one day, you will get a chance to see Bana-Mighdall, or meet more of my people. You would likely find a kinship among us."

Forward of her, almost inviting the new friend home already!

Still, Atlin looks back at the girl with a smile, a hand gesturing to the phone and then nodding. "Other aspects aside..." aspects that had made her blush being her meaning, "I did enjoy seeing this."

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Katsumi Oshiro half-lids her gaze in a playfully coquettish amount of 'bedroom eyes'. "And get my ass thoroughly kicked by superpowered women, right?," she coos impishly. It isn't that the idea is appealing to her; she's still poking fun at the disparity. She really wants to get the poor blonde to blush again. That was fun. And having gone from thinking she's a weirdo freak insulting her and her life's passion, there's a bit of mirthful affection there.

She glances to the phone again. GenieKat had visually revelled in her victory of the vamp-chick, letting the audience drink in the visual. But she's finally collected from her fallen foe, and her arm raised. Fond memories, that. God, she hopes it isn't over for her. Just looking at it makes her yearn for it again. She sighs quietly and recollects her phone to turn off the video.

At last, her gaze returns to Atlin. "Glad ya liked it. Wish I still had shows to do, so you could see it in person."

Atlin has posed:
"By women trained from birth for combat...but it is the fun of it all, the enjoyment and comradere of training and..." she's doing that 'look at the Pizza' escape again from those eyes. "Most are not as strong as me, except perhaps Artemis, or the Shim'tar..."

Trailing off, the blonde tilts her head to the side and considers, looking back up at Katsumi. "Perhaps we should practice, train together, to measure and control our strength...Then maybe one day you can return to what you love."

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
"Pfft. If they're not as physically strong as you, they're in trouble. I'll go to your home and beat up all your womenfolk," Katsumi boasts. Despite the words, her tone is a soft, relaxed timbre, lacking aggression. "Just try not to enjoy watchin' it /too/ much, m'kay?"

She perks a slender black eyebrow at the proposition, but the corner of her lips quirk upwards. "Sure. I'll take you up on that. I need to keep sharp, anyway. God knows how long it'll be before I get in the ring again for reals..."

Atlin has posed:
"I told you! I would respect your-" she begins before trailing off. Finally she'd caught on to the other woman giving her grief, pouting a little. "Perhaps I may have the Reverse of your experience, finding a male more enticing now that I have the option." Doubtful, but one never knows if a little bi-curiousity wasn't just another thing to discover in Man's world.

Still, a flawed counter was still an attempted counter, right?

"I will look forward then, to our future encounters."

Katsumi Oshiro has posed:
Katsumi Oshiro rolls her eyes in an exaggeratedly good-natured dismissal of Atlin's concerns. "If she was gonna freak out for having someone else's eyes on me, she'd probably have a problem with my career. It's safe to look. And if we wrestle, it's not like we're makin' out. You've gotta relax!"

She lifts some pizza. It arrived at some point she wasn't looking. Blame the sneaky waiter who really didn't want to deal with the Punk Princess again. "It'll be good. But'cha gotta wear your proper gear for it," she advises before nipping the pizza.

Atlin has posed:
"That's not what I-" Atlin begins, only to exhale a breath as she realises she'd yet again been baited.

Another bite of her meal, the Amazon gives a nod, gesturing to her chest and the armor hidden beneath. "As you wish...It should be fun."