4916/Emma Frost Presents: A NIGHT OF WONDER

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Emma Frost Presents: A NIGHT OF WONDER
Date of Scene: 28 January 2021
Location: Xavier's study hall (Converted back into a dancing hall)
Synopsis: Emma hosts a gala style event at Xaviers for the students. Some fun is had, some trouble is had, some news breaks.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Noriko Ashida, Samuel Guthrie, Alexis Carr, Rogue, Paige Guthrie, Warren Worthington, Kitty Pryde, Henry McCoy, Heather Danielson, James Proudstar, Jubilation Lee, Jean Grey, Roberto da Costa

Emma Frost has posed:
    Friday Night and the school year has already resumed and if you ever doubted, it /is/ harder on the teachers than the students. Though that doesn't mean they don't work hard and make everything as interesting and amazing for the students as they can. The other day, someone passed Emma in the halls and said something about a school dance. Emma understands what a school dance is, and how they are traditionally hosted, but she's not a traditionalist. Not in the slightest.

    The small orchestra has been hired and brought into the school, wearing the finest attire, and the study room has been temporarily re-converted back into the dance hall it once was years ago in the Xavier mannor.

    The ceiling is vaulted with chandeliers and beautiful warm lighting filling the room with a taste and air of pure elegance and decadence. The music begins to play as the first people enter and a swelling waltz is performed by trained musicians. There is a portion of the room cordonned off with white drapped tables covered in an incredible spread, hor 'dourves galore. Fish, caviar, escargo, deli meats and finer cuts, as well as imported cheeses and even a quadrupple layer fondue, two in face, one cheese and one chocolate. With staff behind each table waiting to serve the guests of honor. There even is staff waiting on the wings with large bottles of champagne and wines waiting to serve. It seems Emma doesn't hold back when she's on the Party Planning Committee.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
There was some kind of plan that involved infiltrating staff and somehow Noriko and Jubes ended up holed up underneath one of those tables...for /hours/.

"This wasn't the best plan," Noriko whispers to Jubes, squatted in a slightly oversized uniform.  She seems to be able to hold the position forever as if she grew into this Gollum state.  "He's gone to the bathroom," but there's servers everywhere!

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie has told Alexia aka Allegra about the dance thing and asked her to join him. Knowing Emma was hosting it, he figured fancy attire was called for. After finding out he could no longer fit in the tux Xavier had set up for them when they were younger, he had went out and got one. It is not an uber expensive one, but he did buy it and not rent it at least. Which brings Sam to the hall, arm held out for Allegra to join him.

Alexis Carr has posed:
    Allegra steps up beside Sam wearing a dramatic cut of dress in gray underskirts and boddice with the neckline dipping between her breasts, with a brilliant red lace robe over it, tracing firebirds in red and orange sequens and crystals. Her dark hair is beset with baby's breath and dark red roses, the dark hair curled into a corona about her head, the picture of elegance.

    She smiles, pausing wordlessly by Sam, and tucks a red rose boutineer against his tux jacket.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has been drinking.

All week.

Responsibly. Ish.

Right now she's completely and entirely sober. She's dressed up nice-like in a dark green dress with white gloves that go all the way up to her elbows, her biceps and shoulders left bare. Her hair is tied up to the crown of her head, and her white bangs are loose down the sides of her face, with lovely adornments around her neck and ears, so fancy!

A glass is in her hand and she's standing near the side of the room and watching the students gather for the shin-dig tonight. She sips from her glass and folds one arm across her dark green dress.

Judgey stare, drink sip. Mmm.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
Coming into the large room is Paige Guthrie, who is a bit more dolled up for the occassion. She had scraped together some money working a summer job and decided to spend it on a new dress. One that she most likely will have to wear for every upcoming dance for the rest of the year. With her blonde hair pulled upwards into a styled bun, her dress is a long hits at the ankle deep red number made of a stretchy material, with an illusion neckline designed in a floral embellishment at the top. On her feet is a pair of white heels that peek out from below the hem. The hayseed even has on a hint of make up.

She is not alone though! She has her arm through one of Henry McCoy's of all people. On his other arm would be Heather Danielson. Having called her best friend up and invited her over, the pair ran into the good Doctor in the hallway and decided to make an entrance with her favorite instructor.

"Ah can't believe it. Ah' real school dance. Ah never got th' chance ta' go ta' one in Kentucky. It was more like square dancing and th' boys looked like horses." She comments to Heather from across Hank's midsection due to his height.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Arriving fashionably late as proper etiquette for these types of thing entail, Warren Worthington the Third enters into the ballroom of Xavier's school dressed for the event in a form fitting Victorian era tux styled in the fashion of the time. A dark blue velvet waistcoat, expertly tailored to fit the wings that protrude form his back, and his body type, is worn over a black silk shirt complete with ruffled wrists and collar which flows into form fitting black velvet pants, decorated with intricate patterns diamonds and fleur de lis of crushed velvet within the fabric itself. Feet are covered with a patent leather Oxfords and the top hat, and cane complete the look.

On his arm is Kitty, dressed in an elegant light mauve colored gown that covers her upper torso in form-fitting wrapped fabric that leaves her shoulders bare, then flows down into a long skirt that ends millimeters above the floor. Ears and wrist are adorned with diamonds, the focal point being the jewel encrusted star of David that sits upon her neck on a chain of silver.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty's dress might be something she could have managed on her own. Though the diamonds pretty clearly suggest someone else had a hand in her attire for the evening. She enters the room with an air that seems a bit more self-aware than normal. As if being dressed up to this degree has her feeling like something out of a fairy tale.

She walks in, hand looped about the crook of Warren's arm. The blond X-man gets a warm smile from her. "Dashing," she says of his outfit. Her eyes go around the room, looking at everyone who dressed up. "Alright, I'll admit, she went to great lengths with this," Kitty says. Not even having a grumble in her tone as she says the complimentary words about Emma Frost.


Henry McCoy has posed:
Proud as can be, Henry is dressed to theme. Black slacks, dress shoes. White tuxedo shirt, a snazzy waistcoat. And more importantly, a fancy red uniform suit coat complete with gold adornments. So fancy! (Reference Picture: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/433049320413008224/). Quite the striking image, with his blue fur meticulously groomed and brushed.

A brow arches at Paige's comment, the man offering a rumbling chuckle. "Well then, I am ever so glad to escort you ladies to the finest gala one could wish for. We'll certainly have to dance, when you two feel up for it." A nod to each, walking with them into the main room. He smiles as he spots all his friends, grinning in approval at the decor and their attire.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Invited to a gala? Of -course- the semi-celeb teen model is going to attend! Heather even went and got a new gown for the event. She -loves- parties and galas, and playing dressup and photo-ops and... oh, not at a publicly disclosed location? Hrm. No media? HRM. No charity functions to speak for and raise awareness about. Well, at least she has a friend in attendance. Well two friends. Siblings.
    The last time she got to hang out with Paige and Sam was at the pool party she threw for Paige's birthday. And now she finds herself alongside Paige in her own little strapless gown. Her own of a royal blue color that sets off her blue eyes flawlessly. Or at least that's what her designer said.
    "Well, everyone deserves a chance to go to a dance. My school called'em old time Sock Hops. Cuz they'd make us take off our shoes and dance in our stocking feet. It was fun!" she announces. But she walks out on Hank's arm, and looks to him, saying. "It's weird how much you and I match now!" she announces.
    Her blue dress? Here!

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar comes stag, his mass filling the double doorway as he does so. He sighs walking through the door hands in pockets, scanning the room of friend with the same intensity he does a battlefield, perhaps even a bit more trepidation. He's attired in a lower end fashion but he's trying. Dark blue jeans and square toed shoes, worn but serviceable. He has on a navy blue sports coat with a wool vest in complementary colors bearing a tribal pattern. Underneath that is plain white dress shirt, tucked in. HIs hair is longer than you would remember and done in a twist held in place by a pair of stylized arrows. He moves through the crowd with grace and makes his way to the buffet.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "They can't all be winners!" Jubilation whispers back to Nori regarding their plan. What was their plan? Steal a couple of waiter uniforms and ... something? Jubilee reaches a hand out and peels back the tablecloth that keeps them hidden, just a little bit so she can take a peek. What would she see? "Dresses... Fancy dresses," she narrates in a whisper. "...This is a dance." She lets the tablecloth go and brings her hand up to her face, shaking her head a little as she realizes what's happening here.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Hmm, a dance," as if Noriko did /not/ case out their target (champagne + feast + not having to dance if they don't wanna).  Her grin says she knew exactly what was going on.  Did Nori even think past this point?  She probably hatched this plan in a sliver of time.

"There's lots of food and we look like waiters.  Maybe we can grab some champagne," Noriko whispers, head to one side.  "Or we could dance and still eat lots of food."  Head to the other side.

Jean Grey has posed:
As fancy as everything is, a school dance is still a working night for the Headmistress, so Jean doesn't get to make a grand entrance: she was here 'backstage' (such as it is) and buzzing about helping work out final details of everything, and ends up standing over by the food tables to watch as everyone comes in. For her, it's a night of chaperone duty, not a grand ball! Alas. But at least she's still dressed up a bit. The necessity of whatever administrative planning she had to do with Emma means she's had plenty of warning on just how -fancy- this was going to be, and it wouldn't do to show up in some mousy librarian affair. So she's gone with a green (of course) cocktail dress, form-fitting but not particularly revealing, with delicate lacework sleeves.

"Don't you two just look amazing together," is the first greeting she has to offer, for Warren and Kitty. Because they really do stand out, probably on purpose! "Oh, and you too Hank. Absolutely dashing. Everyone has really outdone themselves." From there, she drifts over to Rogue, another 'hover on the sidelines' figure.

"It's a bit different, isn't it? All the grown up fun, but now you've got to pretend to be responsible while watching the kids goof off." She grins. "I like your earrings."

Emma Frost has posed:
    A pair of glass shoes appear on the other side of the white drape that obscures Jubilee and Noriko from the rest of the gala, and the woman with black three inch heels and a diamond anklet around her ankle seems to be getting a drink poured for her right next to the two students without seemingly realizing they're there.

    That is until a hand with a matching bracelet on the wrist appears through a hidden gap and snaps twice, fiercely towards Jubilee and Noriko, and then a voice in both their heads. <<If you're going to sneak into my party and plan on appearing as waitresses, you better get up and do some waitressing.>>

    The hand retreats and the mind presence fades away. Emma walks away and holds up a drink as she nears the main stage and pulls a microphone out and addresses the whole party.

    "Welcome one and all, to the inaguarl gala of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. I wont hold up your time and partying, but just to say I am pleased to be able to work with, and for some of you here, and that we're all going to be shaping the future of mutant kind, in these very walls, but do, enjoy yourselves."

    Emma lowers the mic back to the musicians and gives them a nod as the waltz begins anew, a faster paced and more involved one. The woman, in the white dress with slits up from the ankles to almost her waist and a beautiful hand stitched dragon on the front, obviously of eastern design, walks away and slips over towards the walls to enjoy some time out of the light.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"You think we match? Ah'm not sure about that one, Heather. You're /really/ pretty and famous now. Ah'm sure you'll be turning all types of heads tonight." Paige drawls to her friend with a grin, taking a moment to look around the large room and spy those in attendance. She lifts her hand and waves in her brother's direction to catch his attention, then lifts up to plant a kiss to Hank's cheek. Mwah! "Thank you very much for escorting us Doctor McCoy! Yer' quite th' gentleman. We'll let you know when we're ready ta' dance. Though ah'm afraid ah'd probably step all over yah' feet. Heather here is probably a pro."

With a smile, she slides her arm out from his, then grins to Heather before aiming for the refreshment table to find tiny hotdogs that every fancy party seemds to have, and fruit punch. When Emma starts to speak, she pauses to stop and listen, clasping her hands in front of her, while huffing away a blonde strand of hair from her face.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes gaze over at those within the room, or arriving, offering smiles to some of those who make eye contact with her. She has no idea about people under tables though.

When Jean arrives near to her, she offers a grin to the redhead. "I don't mind it. I'm used t'bein' on the sidelines in dances. Girl like me doesn't really 'belong' on a dance floor, after all, yeah? Bumpin' shoulders, droppin' bodies. That's math that doesn't really add up."

At the earrings comment though, Rogue flashes Jean a slanted grin. "Thanks. They're clip-ons. Only person who can pierce my ears is probably Logan, and... no thanks."

Drink sip.

Rogue looks to Emma and smirks at her. "Emma!" Rogue calls out to her. "You've done well with all'a this. Color me impressed." The Belle offers the Queen of, something.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie smiles and leans in to give Allegra a small kiss, and then leads her into the room with the others. He smiles and offers a smile and a small wave back to Paige. He looks to Allegra as they walk. "I remember the first part we had once we came here. The girls had a slumber party, and Ah ended up getting punched in the gut for not realizing Rahne was Rahne all dressed up." He will grin and says "Your looking wonder, I like the color on you." He offers with a smile for her. Leading her towards the others as the walk and talk.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty flashes a warm smile back to Jean. "Thank you. Can't say that I've ever felt quite so dressed up before," she says, that smile she's giving the redhead growing. Kitty flashes it up to Warren briefly before looking back to her friend. "Wow, everyone looks great," she says.

Spotting Henry McCoy looking so dapper as he escorts the beautiful ladies in, Kitty waves over to them and gives Henry a thumbs up for his attire.

Then she sees James coming in. "Hello James, glad that you made it," she tells him. "Been awhile since we've had one of these, hasn't it been?"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "...You're going to pay for this, Nori," Jubilee warns with a grin. The first dance of the school year and instead of twirling around on the dance floor in a pretty dress, she's hiding under a table in a stolen waitress uniform. Her grin fades after a moment and a sigh escapes her lips.

    Emma's intrusion sours Jubilee's face. She rolls her head back towards Nori and raises her eyebrows. "And now we have to wait tables," she adds with a stare.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Huh. Heather just watches Paige wander off, and only after she does that, does Heather say to Hank, "So, she thinks I was speaking to her about matching. I was ... well... is it bad form to refer to your coloring in such a way?" she asks.
    And then as Emma speaks, she turns her head towards the speaker, and then inclines that head a bit. "So, I don't really get it. One of the best ways to improve relations between disparate groups of humanity is integration, not segregation." she offers, "I never understood the idea of having mutants off on their own, being all secretive and private. Never made sense to me." she adds with a shrug before gesturing forward, "Well, since Paige left you and I alone, shall we stick together? You think she was trying to play matchmaker?" She adds with a grin to Hank.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"Thanks, Red," Warren says as he flashes a smile to Jean, leaning over to offer a kiss to the redhead's cheek. "I figured it was a ball, so might as well dress the part."

He leans over and gives Kitty a little peck on the cheek, "I'm going to go see about rounding us up some refreshments. If you ladies will excuse me for a moment?"

Warren slips his arm out of Kitty's hand and starts to make his way over towards the refreshment table.

Emma Frost has posed:
    "Thank you Marie, but this. This is the appetizer. I don't want to blow all your minds with something too outrageous like what parties I'm used to." Emma smiles, with a smile that's not coy, or double meaninged, she's actually genuine. She's building everyone here to up to something much more grandiose so it would appear.

    Emma lifts her drink as she crosses her arms beneath her chest and takes a sip of the white wine and lowers it as she does her best to sort of, become a wallflower, though her eyes scan about the room, taking in everything, making sure the kids are enjoying themselves, and others that deemed their own scheemes more important than simply asking if they could come, are having to carry out those scheemes to a slight extreme. Emma's ruby red painted lips smirk at the very idea, but she resets to a more, chaperone style observance.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Judging by Noriko's awkward grin, the girl has no idea what paying for this is going to entail.  She opens her mouth when she sees Jubilee sighing, acutely aware in this velocity what is going on, like when she looks through the crack and then under the skirt of the table to see who is standing right there.

"Get out of my head," Noriko snaps at Emma in her wake.

"No fuck that.  You think everyone's going to let her kick us out if we want to participate?" Noriko waits to say.  "And she just said if we snuck in dressed like waitresses.  Why don't we just change?"  Nori, Nori, Nori.

Alexis Carr has posed:
        Sam would get a kiss in return, though Allegra has to stand on her top-toes. Paige would receive a bright smile to the slightly younger Guthrie, and she loops her arm with Sams as she straightens up a little bit.

    Spotting Emma, Allegra would give a friendly smile and nod to the other socialite, and she looks over the crowd, a little nervous.

    After all, she'd only began using her real name very recently, and that attack on her in the teashop was still in recent memory.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Anyone who knows Hank, knows he's likely blushing furiously under all that fur just by his posture and body language. He nods to Paige, clearing his throat. "I sincerly doubt anyone stepping on my feet here, would be a concern. Unless Piotr asks for a dance." He grins to Paige, nodding to her as she slides off to check out the food array and drinks.

His eyes go to Heather, the man grinning. "Perhaps? You both have selected wonderful dresses?" He offers, politely. A slight chuckle at her question. "My dear lady, I have had many years to grow out of discomfort at my appearance. It would be silly of me to concern myself with people commenting on the hue of my fur. On the contrary, I am quite fond of the azure shade."

Jean's compliment has him beaming. "You look radiant, Jean. Stunning dress, really." He offers with a toothy smile. Emma's welcome speech gets a round of applause from the Beast.

Turning his glance to Heather again, he comments. "And it is logical - unfortunately humanity has never been fully one to embrace logic entirely. There are always pockets of fear which result in all sorts of unpleasantry." A slight shrug as he peers out over the gathered. Another cough, clearly blushing still. "I am not certain that she'd be working to set me up, being her teacher and all - but if you'd like, I'd be happy to escort you about and make introductions?"

Paige Guthrie has posed:
Giving a wave to Kitty in return, Paige is all smiles as she gathers up a plate of tiny weiners and some fancy cheese that she most likely can't pronounce off the top of her head. "So, I was thinking we could -- " As she turns around, she notices Heather is not next to her, but with Hank still. She really needs to work on her girlcode telepathy! Ooops.

As she heads back over to rejoin them, she leans in to bump her shoulder against her friend's, grinning, then passes the plate to her. "Here ya go. Ah' got weieners. Ah'm assured they aren't steak'ums." The dog treats?

"What'd ah' hear 'bout setting who up?" She asks as she glances between the two, looking amused.

Jean Grey has posed:
"What, can't you just stand in front of your partner and twerk?" Jean asks Rogue, seriously. OK, maybe not actually seriously, but she pretends, before breaking into a grin.

Emma finally makes her grand entrance, and she looks up with a bright smile for it, and joins in with Hank with a round of applause when she finishes. No one can fault the school's new associate for really putting in the effort, that's for sure. "Emma, I'd say this is all too much," she begins, moving toward the party maven and gesturing vaguely to indicate some of the food, orchestra, and other such grandiose details. "But if I did that, I feel like you'd take it as a challenge to show me what 'too much' actually looks like."

Wink. "So I'll say it's juuuusst right. I'm sure the students love it."

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Smirking a bit, Heather reaches to pat Hank's hand with her own. "And yet... keeping apart -will- simply make it worse, not better. The only way to improve relations.. is to -have- relations." she offers, "But, I'm not a psychologist. Just a teenager who has done her level best to treat every living being like a living being because it's the right thing to do."
    But then she leans in and kisses his cheek as Paige returns, "You are a saint. An absolute saint. I am famished!" she announces as she reaches for the plate, and she pokes a toothpick-stabbed wiener towards Hank, "I was joking that you might be trying to set me up with Mister McCoy here. I mean... only joking because from what I understand, you are a part of the staff here, and I am about the age of some of your students." she says as she turns her head towards Hank, diplomacizing as best she can before she pops the wiener snack into her mouth and chews to shut herself up. That first one is followed by three others. The girl eats a lot more than any fashion model...ever.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde tells Jean, "I'm not sure she needs the encouragement, Jean." Kitty flashes her a smile and then one over to Rogue. "You look great tonight, AM," Kitty tells her with a small grin. Her eyes fall on Emma then.

Kitty clears her throat softly. "It's a really beautiful event, Miss Frost," Kitty says. After she stands there for a second or two before finally looking back around the room some more. "Sam Guthrie, you're going to have play big brother and fend the young men away from your sister, I'm thinking," she tells him.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma gives a lift of her hand from atop the elbow of her other arm in a faint, almost secretive wave towards Allegra and then another sip of her wine before lowering her hands but keeping those arms crossed. She gives Beast and Jean a nod apiece before she smiles at Jean as she approaches, veering off to stand closer to Rogue and Jean for some quieter conversation.

    "If you did say anything like that, I wouldn't take it as a challenge, but as I was just telling Marie, this is only the beginning." Emma smirks again and looks towards Kitty with a surprised look upon her face and flashing across her icy blue eyes. "Thank you miss Pryde I-" Emma then offers her glass towards Jean and peels off from the three, "Excuse me." She says and the White Queen begins to march herself towards Noriko and Jubilee.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just laughs softly at what Jean says and gently shakes her head side to side. "Nah, I don't think so. Nights like tehis are for the students now, not for old folks like /us/." Her drink is raised up for another sip there after before she hears Kitty's response and it makes her smile. "You too. Warren /too!/" She states, giving HUGE EYES stare at Warren, for no real reason at all.

When Emma marches off, the Belle tilts her head slightly but doesn't question it!

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilation is so unaccustomed to mental intrusions -- it happens so rarely to her -- that she didn't think to even be outraged by it. She'll get mad later once she's had time to think about it.

    "I bet we could get all the waiters and waitresses to stop what they're doing and come dance too," Jubilee adds, grinning a little at Noriko and the brain that powers her ideas. Whatever moment she spent feeling sorry for herself -- stuck at a dance dressed like a waitress -- has already passed.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over to Paige, and will lead Allegra over towards her first "You know Dr. McCoy, the girl is Heather, she is a friend of Paige's from the titans." He gives her a bit of a heads up for who he people are. Once near the others, he will tap Paige on her far shoulder, and wait for her to look that way before stealing one of the snack weiners.

Henry McCoy has posed:
I mean, how does one respond to that? "Quite." Henry's grin is there, a quick affixation to avoid blundering into stammering speech. The man is always flummoxed when talking about certain subjects. He shifts from foot to foot. "Are you going to do introductions to the rest of the party-goers, Paige?" He chuckles out, finally. "I am sure Miss Danielson is curious about who's who among our friends? Or at least not interested in my blushing all evening?" He teases the pair of them.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde gives Warren a nod and a grateful smile as he moves off to get drinks for them. She moves over to stand at Rogue's side, watching him go. "Haven't really had a chance to talk," Kitty comments to Rogue. "We definitely need to catch up some night though. You too, Jean," Kitty tells her old friends.

She looks over towards where Emma stormed off to. That kind of walk usually means one of a handful of students are involved.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"Oh." Paige says in response to Heather's suggestion about setting her and Hank up. She gives them both a glance back and forth, then raises her brows up higher. As she reaches for another weiner, she feels a tap on her shoulder. Glancing over, then back, she notices it's gone! "Gosh darnit, Sam! You sneaky jerk. Getcha own little weiners." She pauses for a moment before a smirk rises on her face. "Ya'know, sides' the one you was born with." OH. SNAP.

She takes another one and pops it into her mouth, looking full of herself. "Hey there Alexis, this is mah' best friend, Heather. She goes by Knock Out of the Titans. She's like ah' real superhero. Heather, this is mah' brother's girlfriend. He's outta her league so ah' don't know how he snagged 'er."

Alexis Carr has posed:
    "Dr. McCoy, a pleasure to see you again." The young woman on Sam's arm gives a smile to the gentleman, and gives a nod to Heather. "One of the Titans? How do you do, Heather -- do forgive my casual introduction." Allegra smiles to Heather, and at the add-on to the stolen snackfood, she looks at the tiny tubes, raises her eyebrows, and apparently tries very hard to not crack a smile.

    "I am certainly not out of his league, Paige. He's a teacher at a prestigeious and highly selective private school -- and at the moment I dangle above homelessness on a thread if not for the goodwill of my grandparents. Technically, at the moment, Sam is out of *my* league." she jokes.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko has no idea what's going on outside of her and Jubilation's little island.  "Oh yeah.  No doubt."  It's like Jubilee has been shoving retro flicks into Noriko's mind at an alarming rate.  Outcomes will definitely be in their favor.

"You know.  I bet they aren't even getting tipped by the fa-"  The hairs on the back of Noriko's neck stand on end, she'd swear later.  She looks to the side...

Heather Danielson has posed:
    "Leagues are overrated." offers Heather. She grins to Hank and shrugs, "Introductions would be fantastic. But.." she offers Alexis a hand... after popping the next snack into her mouth. That's like her fifth, and now the plate is empty. What? She is gorging it seems.
    "I didn't really intend to use that codename." she offers, "But some reporter tagged me with it, and it stuck." She shrugs. "I swear, it sounds so arrogant to use such a codename. But it's not like I can change it now." She shakes her head.
    And then Paige's comment to her brother registers, and she grimaces, "Paige." she whisper-yells, "Not cool. Funny, but not cool." she adds, trying like hell not to laugh.. and mostly failing as she shakes her head. Then she looks back to Alexis, "What matters is that you make one another happy. As I said, leagues are not that important."
    And then she looks back to Hank and Paige and asks, "So, I would love to meet the rest of your friends." she offers.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Making a b-line towards Noriko and Jubilee, Emma stops dangerously close to the two girls, and puts her hands on her hips. "No. No more. You two. Get out. Now." Emma snaps, she doesn't raise her voice, but her words are as bitting and cutting as her mothers were when she were a child. It's where Emma Frost learned how to be a queen in nature. "You two can't stop doing dumb s**t from movies without thinking about the consequences to those around you, those who are trying to help you, and worst of all, each other and yourselves. Get out."

    Emma's breathing isn't even raised but then there's a soft buzzing sound, a phone going off somewhere. Emma pauses and ignores it until, BUZZ, again, and Emma takes in a breath while facing the two and pauses to BUZZ.

Jean Grey has posed:
"Oh there's -more-?" Jean puts on a look that suggests worry, although like with Rogue, it's likely she's really just giving Emma a little bit of a hard time for fun. And the woman is soon off to handle other business, anyway. The Headmistress -may- have an idea where her counterpart it going, but she's hands off on this one for the time being. Emma's event, Emma's turn wrangling the perpetually troublemaking youth!

"We do," she then agrees to Kitty, glancing between her and Rogue. "It's always hard at these things, though." And 'these things' there may be a much broader term, encompassing not just the present gala and similar gatherings, but previous outings like the school ski trip and the like. "Maybe next time, instead of grabbing the sleds and trying to kill ourselves on that hill, we can take the night in. Stream a movie, have some ice cream, that whole thing."

She glances off toward the other little circle of guests, maybe eavesdropping just a teensy bit, since there's some discussion of general mutant issues and the like. Well, it's not like she even NEEDS to eavesdrop. However this curiousity is quickly turned toward Emma again: even if she can't see what's on the phone, the woman's reaction reaches her even across the room. "Hrm."

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie looks over to Pagie and just shakes his head, he does blush a bit though. He will look to her, and says "Don't make me call Ma, to get baby pictures to put on the boards around the school, might even have to see if Heather would post them at Titan's tower." He teases back

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"You think ah'm scared 'bout baby pictures? Sammy, ah' got pictures of you dressed up as Woody from Toy Story and you dressed the mop up as Little Bo Peep and you was dancing with her in the living room. We got that on th' VCR." Paige The Rage. She's bringing it tonight with the sibling rivalry. She gives a grin and bumps her shoulder to Sam's playfully, then gives a motion of her hand to Heather to follow her. "Come on, ah'll introduce ya to the rest." As she starts off, she hums to herself in thought.

"That there is Miss Jean Grey, th' red head. And that over there is Miss Kitty Pryde. Th' really handsome guy she's with is Mister Worthington. He's a kazillionaire. Th' girl with the stripe in her hair is Rogue." As she makes her way over to them, she gives a smile to her fellow Xavier's.

"Howdy everyone, this here is Heather Danielson of the Titans. She's one of mah' friends." She introduces as best she can between pockets of conversation.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde looks up as Paige approaches with Heather in tow. As the introduction is made, Kitty offers Heather a warm smile. "One of the Titans? Very nice to meet you, Heather. I hope you have a good time tonight. If it gets a little crazy... ah... well, it tends to do that with us," she says, letting out a soft sigh. Probably more so that she's one of the responsible ones now instead of one of them making it a little crazy.

Or that's how it's supposed to work anyway.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is smiling back at Kitty. "You're the busy beaver out there, always doin' the stuff." She replies to the other. "You let me know when ya wanna hang out--" A glance given to Jean, then back to Kitty. "That sleddin' day was pretty darn fun though, no foolin'." She says to them both, giving them a grin.

Another sip of her drink is taken and she notes the approach of Paige, who gets a light wave with her free gloved-hand. "Hey Coolest Guthrie." Take that, Sam!

A smile is given to Heather, along with a nod. "Nice t'meet ya. I'm a big fan'a the Titans."

Alexis Carr has posed:
    Allegra pauses, and then looks over to Sam.

    "Weiners, Woody, I'm sensing a fixation here..." she trails off playfully, when her own phone buzzed. She pauses, and draws her clutch up as she tries to very quietly look it over.

    Her face softens a moment, and she brushes a hand to Sam's shoulder.

    "I have to powder my nose, I'll be right back." she quietly states, "... don't let Paige get *all* the good quips."

    And then she steps off to go find Emma.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"What are we doing to others around us?  We're just talking," Noriko defensively yaps back like half stray, half all too well educated as she steps out.  She's survived much worse than Emma and there seems to be a current of fairness in what she focuses on.

"Maybe I didn't want to dress up in some fancy dress.  Sorry!  Instead of rejecting the dance, I decided to come the way that I felt comfortable.  But as far as I can tell," Nori says with a cavalier sweep of her hand but no less sharpness, "we're not ruining it for anyone except you."  Her chest rises and falls at 'natural' speeds for her.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie smirks as he is bumped and says "Like your going to find a VCR anywhere around here." He nods, and rubs Allegra's back listening to her and nods as she needs to go off. He will follow Paige and her friend tot he others, reaching to grab a drink as he passes within reach of one.

Heather Danielson has posed:
    Shaking her head, Heather looks back towards Sam as Paige directs her away. She mouths silently, 'sorry!' before she puts her smile back on for the introductions. She lifts a hand in greeting, offering to shake the hand of anyone who might accept such. She doesn't really know -not- to shake Rogue's hand. But maybe the girl has gloves on?
    But when she meets Warren, she grins. "I think I know your name. From -THE- Worthingtons?" she asks. "I always wanted to hob knob with your family. I do a lot of work for various charities and thought maybe we could work together for something like that." she offers, doing her best to be diplomatic to everyone she meets. One of her routine comments is something along the lines of, "If the Titans can help your cause in the long run, feel free to approach me."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Yeah! We didn't do anything!"

    Jubilation can be heard from some distance -- she's not yelling, but it's certainly louder than she might need to talk to someone standing right in front of her. Jubilee comes out from under a skirted table dressed like one of the waitresses at the event. The outfit suggests shenanigans, but where's the proof?

    As Noriko lets loose, Jubilee stands there, arms folded across her chest, chewing her bubble gum like a boss. "Yeah, no one's complained! No one got hurt..." she adds, raising both eyebrows up at Emma. "No one's been sent to the medical bay." That last one is said with some spice. She blows a bubble and lets it pop right then and there.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren smiles at Heather and nods. "The one and only." The winged mutant offers his hand over to the young woman in greeting. "I'd love to get together and chat about a charity. I am always looking for opportunities to help. Let me get you a card."

Warren starts to search his tux for a business card, finally finding the small silver case in the inner pocket and hands one over.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
Grinning at Rogue, Paige can't help but straighten up a bit at the title of 'coolest' Guthrie. She is all smiles now. "Ah'd like t' meet some of the other Titans as well. Ah've heard a lot of cool things about them." When Warren gives Heather a card, she smirks.

"Look at you, networking and all that. The hostess of this fancy thing is over there." She gives a motion towards Emma. "That's Miss Emma Frost, and those are mah' two classmates, Jubilee and Noriko. They're really cool .. and maybe in trouble. Ah' can't tell from here. Scuse' me for ah' moment. Ah' wanna get more snacks, seeing how you wolfed 'em down."

Emma Frost has posed:
"You're wearing stolen uniforms, for a catering service I paid for. I don't know where you got them, I don't care how you got them. I am not going to be out of pocket for your theft. No one got hurt, if that's you're only concern, go steal cars, go speed, don't wear seatbelts, no one's getting hurt. Right? Wrong." Emma pauses as her phone buzzes in a series again. BUZZ



    "This event was for you two, you two were welcome, but you didn't /have/ to come if you didn't want to. You didn't have to come here and think only of yourselves, as you've done nonstop in some ... war with the teachers here, teachers who care about you and want to see you do better with yourselves, but no-"




    "No, you do what you want because it suits you in the now. Screw everyone else. You could have simply not shown up and done anything more constructive than /this/." Emma turns away as her phone buzzes again and she finally pulls out her piece of glass to look at it and her eyes widen slowly.

    The White Queen turns on her heel and starts to slowly walk away. No her anger at the girls is gone, and there's only a blankness on the blonde's face as she moves towards the doors.

Alexis Carr has posed:
    Seeing Emma's face, Allegra speeds up her walk as if the room got ten degrees colder. She looks with mild curiosity to the two in uniforms, but dismisses them almost out of hand.

    "Emma?" she calls out gently, "... do you need a few moments to compose?" she asks in a very gentle tone.

    After all, if anyone knews all about being jilted by your father, it'd be Allegra.

Jean Grey has posed:
At first, Jean leaves Emma with whatever problem she's having. The student stuff doesn't look like anything out of the usual, the day to day trouble she'll have to learn to deal with as a teacher. It's whatever else that's worrying her that seems important, but Jean doesn't have a good handle on that. So, with a last glance, she finally turns back as Paige comes around to make introductions!

Turning outward from her little circle with Kitty and Rogue, the woman joins them in offering their various greetings. "Hello, nice to meet you Heather. The Titans are definitely an impressive bunch, stepping up to handle some of the things they have recently. Good to know you're all getting to know each other a bit as well, I'm sure there's a lot of room for-" She might have said networking, but Paige beats her to it. "-For some of you to work together, I imagine."

Except by the time she's finished with those little pleasantries, the situation on the other side of the room looks lie it's spiraling out of control. "Excuse me, won't you?" she asks of those nearby, and then turns to quickly stride that way as well. "Alright, what's the problem here?" Her gaze sweeps between all of them, from the blonde to the pair of students facing her.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie watches Allegra a moment, but then looks back over to those here "Warren, and most of the people here will help in any way they can. Warren is one of the bigger faces, him and Dr, McCoy both have plenty of followers, just in a bit different circles.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"We were going to get them back, washed.  What the hell?  I don't steal cars.  Why would I steal cars?  I would kill everyone in a car, including myself, I'm faster than a car, there are just so many reasons for me not to steal cars," Noriko pretends she's run out of clunky gauntlet fingers.

"I don't know what you are talking about.  I love the teachers.  The only teacher who seems to have a problem with me is you.  You can't seem to just keep it professional and give me detention.  Instead of mentoring me, you think yelling at me will get me to do what you want."  Noriko grits her teeth.  "I've been yelled at before."

But then Emma just walks off, and Noriko is left to stew.  "Whatever.  Let's just leave," Noriko says sourly and turns without even conferring with Jubilee.  She stops just short of running into Jean, or it feels that way for a moment.

"She didn't like that we were talking in waitress's uniforms instead of not coming at all or coming in some fancy wear," Noriko says plainly to Jean.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    "Borrowed," Jubilee corrects at the opportune moment. They didn't steal them. "Borrowed!" She says it again, louder, so eavesdroppers would be sure to get the correction.

    As Emma continues her scolding, Jubilation forms a deep line across her brow. At about the halfway mark -- 'as you've done nonstop in some war with the teachers' -- her face totally lemons and she snap-turns to look at Noriko. Her expression is a perfect example of 'WTF?' Steal cars? War with the teachers? What the hell is she going on about?

    Back to Emma. "You have no idea what you're talking about!" she insists, standing defiantly in her waitress uniform. Both hands are balled into fists, dangling at her waist until one of the partygoers walks by and hands her an empty plate and a half-drunk flute.

    Now holding the plate and flute, Jubes nods her head at Nori. "I'd hate to be Dorothy right about now," she quips, raising her eyebrows to see if Noriko heard it and, if so, if she was amused by it. Jubilee's storm clouds are always quick to pass.

    When their path brings them to Jean, Jubilee stops and nods up at her, agreeing with Nori's take on it. Another party goer meanders on by and deposits his half-eaten puff pastry in Jubilee's other hand.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma doesn't even look back towards Noriko or Jubilee after she has peeked at her phone, and all words seem to bounce against or through her ears, Emma not responding to any messages, as she makes her way to the back door of the study hall and slips out the find herself out side.

    Away from everyone does she allow the tears that had begun to well up in her eyes to flow over her mascara. She's scared, and feels she should be alone in this vulnerable moment.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren makes his way back over to Kitty, holding out a cup of the punch that he may or may not have spiked on his way back over. "Good crowd," he tells his companion as he looks out over the students and faculty in attendance. "And to think, I almost went to the Avengers mansion instead."

He grins, leaning over to give Kitty a peck on the cheek, "So, what's going on over here? You and Rogue catching up? Where did Jean go?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde looks up as Warren comes out. She breaks out in a smile which rivals the diamonds for the amount of shine it has. "Thank you," she says as she takes the cup of punch. Kitty takes a sip of it, slowly at that first taste. Which proves a wise decision. Her eyes flit to Warren, pleased at the extra that she detects in the beverage.

"Well, Nori and Jubilee... pretty much you can just fill in the blank at that point, I figure," she tells him in a softly amused voice. Kitty looks around motions over towards where Jean has gotten involved in matters. "Remind me never to become a headmistress," she comments to the pair with her.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie is over near Kitty, Rogue, and Warren.. He looks over to Kitty, and says "Well we were mostly the good kids about in our classes. " He admits "When we got in trouble it was usually more, you could have gotten yourself killed rather than sneaking into parties."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto arrives fashionably late to the festivities. He's dressed up for the evening in a well tailored and obviously expensive black suit worn over an ivory white collared shirt with a black tie and polished leather shoes. His dark hair is neatly cut and styled to lend to the overall rakish, yet handsome appeal. A polite nod is given to those he passes while he checks that single button holding his jacket closed.

He doesn't move to greet anyone just yet. Standing off to the side he takes the time to get a feel for the room. To see how the event has unfolded before his arrival while trying to spot those that he knows. A wider grin is given as he spots the familiar faces of Kitty, Sam, Rogue and Warren. Moving over with a a wave he nods in greeting before asking with that wide grin still splitting his handsome features. "How goes the evening? Did I miss anything good?"

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean's very clearly in de-escalate mode. The tension is tangible to her, and would be even if they weren't arguing at slowly increasing volumes. And so as Noriko offers an explanation for the whole thing, she stands and listens, briefing glancing to Jubilee as well, even if she (predictably!) just confirms what her friend has already said. "Miss Frost put a lot of effort into this, for the sake of everyone else, so you can understand that she'd be a bit sensitive. But I think something happened- that she's upset about something else, and didn't mean to snap at you." If anyone can speak with authority about what another person is thinking... well, Jean can!

"But... let's be honest, there wasn't a dress code, and if you didn't want to wear fancy getups, you could have worn -anything- right? So you -were- poking the bear, a little. Hmm?" She tilts her head ever so slightly with this question, smiling even as she does. "Anyway. Just make sure you get them back, washed, like you said, OK? You can stay for the rest of the gala and you definitely -don't- need to be waiters." Can't let the school get charged for child labor laws!

"And next time, just find something else silly to wear. Now I'm going to go see if Em- if Miss Frost is alright." She's not the sort of person who has stock prices and corporate news pinging HER phone, so she doesn't have much sense of the situation beyond Emma's distress. But the distress is enough, as she sets off after the other woman.

As she goes, she calls back over her shoulder: "Rogue, Kitty, you're in charge!" OH NO!

Alexis Carr has posed:
    Allegra pauses as Emma just... leaves. She takes a deep breath, and then tucks her phone back into her clutch, and turns around, quietly regarding the party, and like all good little girls of fortune and genteel upbringing, though concerned for the Frost, she puts a smile on her face, and walks back towards Sam and his gathering of students -- pausing a moment to reguard Jean.

    "Miis Grey," she gently states, "Emma may need a few moments to collect herself."

Warren Worthington has posed:
As Kitty mentions Jubilee and Nori, Warren just makes an 'ah' sound and nods his head. "Gotcha." He cranes his neck a bit to look over in the direction of Jubilation, Nori, and Jean, "She's a good kid. Tries hard. But I think she has Bobby's disposition towards pranks and mischief, maybe even worse than Bobby. Jean probably has it under control, though."

The winged mutant takes a sip from his 'punch' and smiles to Roberto as he walks up, "So far so good. I guess there is some drama with some of the students over yonder, but Jean has it handled. Other than that it is your typical lavish school dance. Speaking of dancing..."

Warren takes another sip of his drink and offers it over to Rogue with one hand as he extends his other towards Kitty, "May I?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde waves off the whole Kitty and Rogue being put in charge. "I just said..." she mutters about reminding her never to become a headmistress.

KItty instead looks to Roberto as he comes over. "Hey Berto, wondered when you'd show. Or if. And with who. No supermodel date tonight? Playing hard to get," she tells him, flashing the Brazilian a teasing wink.

As Warren asks for her hand, Kitty sets her cup down and smiles at him. "Of course," she says, putting her hand into his and following him wherever he might lead. Have dress, must dance.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Some poor guy comes up to Jubilee and Noriko.  A student, taking one look at the scowling Japanese girl he didn't expect to see dressing like that, walks behind the pair as if he never meant to stop and leaves an empty soda can with Jubilee.

The fact that Noriko isn't sparking might actually be a little testament to her snail's progress in that half of her power control.  Jean could feel Noriko starting to unwind a little as Noriko speaks, though the de-escalation is definitely Noriko beginning to mirror Jean a touch.  "Doesn't mean she should have either.  If I had come in my fanciest get up she'd still act like I didn't care."  

'It's not my job to soothe her busted ego.'  It comes out in Nori's head loud and clear, but not her mouth, and she seems slightly flustered, her expression softening.

"Okay," Noriko says with a small bow of her head.

Noriko hasn't seen all of the things getting dumped in Jubilee's arms just a step into her blindspot.  She finally looks back.  "Uh.  Jubes?"  She quickly unburdens the girl, depositing everything where it should go before reappearing.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Warren and Kitty get a soft little laugh before Roberto is shaking his head at what they both say. His gaze moves over to the commotion as its pointed out then he looks back with a shrug of his shoulders. "Well, exciting as usual right?" Looking over the whole group he gives Sam a wink and clasps his shoulder warmly in greeting before saying to Kitty, "Tonight? Nah. I thought I'd come stag, maybe see if there was someone here... We'll see. The night is young, right?"

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie chuckles a bit and says "So, spreading the de Costa charm around tonight?" He jokes with his friend. As Allegra gets back over to them. He asks "Anything we can do to help hon?" Allegra knows Emma a lot better than he does.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Giving a nod to Berto, Sam, and Rogue Warren smiles, "Well this one is spoken for, Berto. I'm afraid you are going to have to go find your own. Now if you will excuse me lady and gentlemen I believe I am going to steal Ms. Pryde here for a few moments, a dress like this deserves a spin on the dance floor."

Warren gives one last nod of his head to his friends and teammates before strolling off towards to escort Kitty to the dance floor. Slipping one arm around her waist, and the other holding her hand, Warren Worthington who was raised in the finest of prep schools catering to the rich where he was expected to know these types of dance, starts to waltz with the young woman as he places his forehead against hers and whispers something softly.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    So far, Jubilee has accumulated an empty plate, a half-empty flute, and a half-eaten puff pastry in her hands.

    Jean's involvement is welcomed by the young mutant, but she's still right there with Noriko and ready to defend herself. Her voice has lowered, though, and taken a bit more of a respectful tone.

    "Yeah," Jubilee agrees, nodding along with Noriko. "I swear, she's like the mayor from Jaws." It's about the worst thing she could think of saying, but that's the last of her whining.

    "Thank you!" she calls out to the next partygoer that gives her something: a fork that fell on the floor. "We'll get that replaced for you in just a moment!"

    Jubilee stops. Stares. Shakes her head suddenly. You are not a waitress, Jubes. Knock it off!

    When the soda can gets added on top of the puff pastry, Jubilation gives the student an uneasy grin. "...We hope you're having a good time," she says in a rehearsed tone. "Courtesy of Emma Frost..." When her hands are suddenly emptied, Jubilee smiles at Noriko and nods her head. "Thanks," she says before smacking her gum.

    Jubilation looks up at Jean and takes a breath and nods her head. "I'll be good," she replies simply, as a child might who's hoping to get in good with Santa Claus.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde flashes a grin back to Roberto, "Good luck, I'm sure you can find someone," she says as she's taken off to the dance floor. Her face gains a glow as Warren starts dancing with her, and so well at that. The girl who had pursued being a professional dancer until her mutant power's emergence took her another direction, is now grown into a young woman has no less enthusiasm for dancing.

She follows Warrens lead as they move about the dance floor. Flowing to the music, Kitty's dress hugging to her form beautifully, the hem twirling whenever she's turned quickly enough. If there was a scoreboard above Warren's head, it would show he's racking up the points tonight.

Alexis Carr has posed:
    Allegra returns, and she gives Sam that Plastered On, Rich Girl Smile.

    "Emma just needs a little time to compose herself, I'm sure it's nothing she cannot handle." she states gently, and then adds, quietly, "But... I don't suppose anyone would mind if I adjourned here a few days? In case she needs a friendly ear?"

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Allegra gets a nod of greeting and a softly spoken, "Hello" as she joins the group. Berto looks back to Sam and gives him a knowing smile before giving a teasing shrug of his shoulders responding to his question, "You know how I do." Chuckling he nods next to Warren, "Don't worry. If I wanted your girl you'd know." Its a playful tease that is softened by the smile he gives the pair. "Besides, on the prowl tonight. Hunting for that new new, that strange strange... No luck needed. I have skill."

Looking around he gives a little wave to the group to go out to mingle. That takes him out to where Jubilation is getting overwhelmed and like a gentleman he chips in to help her out, taking things from her to hand off to servers and trying to get her out of the little mess she's seemed to get in.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko frowns when she nearly runs into Roberto blindly.  All of this velocity shifting is annoying.  His whole gentlemanly routine, sweeping up the just incoming stuff, is seen through nearly livid eyes.

She just stands there, saying nothing.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie will look over to Allegra "We will find something I am sure, we can get something sorted out." He does not bring up the idea he had come up with recently for times like this, he will take her hand and nods to her "What ever ya think will help hon."

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren continues to dance with Kitty with all the grace that his moniker would imply. Twirls and minor dips as the dance calls for are elegantly performed by both the lead and his partner until the end, where he dips Kitty low before bringing her back up to ready, leaning in softly give her a kiss as his wings curl in to give them just a hint of privacy in the otherwise crowded room.

Dance over, Warren takes her by the hand and leads her from the floor back over to join their friends on the side, one hand slipping into his jacket pocket and giving Kitty a sidelong glance and grin as they approach.

"So," he addresses Rogue, Sam, Berto and the other standing around, "Why aren't you all dancing? Do I need to go spike the punchbowl to get this party really started?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde's cheeks have a rosy cast to them after the wings part to reveal her again. She grins, arm around the winged X-man as they return over to their friends. "A dance party and Rogue hasn't danced. I'm pretty sure this is a sign of the coming apocalypse," Kitty announces.

Kitty spots Allegra over talking to Sam and Roberto. "Warren, have you ever met Allegra?" she asks him. She'll take his hand and lead him over that way if he lets her. "Allegra, this is Warren Worthington. And, it's been quite awhile, I'm Kitty. We were both at the rally where you spoke in Bushwick," Kitty says.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilee is very used to things happening to her, courtesy of Noriko. It has become second nature to her, so when the speedster zipped on over to take away the cups and the plates and the napkins, Jubilation was totally and completely unplussed...until Roberto got involved.


    This is the weirdest thing. One of her helpers moves at speeds that are unthinkable. The other helper is... there. For her part, Jubilee stands there motionless. No good could come of her moving. When it's all over, Jubilee stares at Roberto for a second, trying to place him. "...Thanks," she finally says. When she turns to look at Noriko, she notices the anger immediately. Another glance at Roberto. OH.

    Without looking away from Roberto, Jubilation closes the gap between her and the other girl, shoulder to shoulder.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
"What's that saying?" Roberto asks while looking between Jubilation and Noriko. "No good deed goes unpunished?" Nodding a bit he stops in his endeavors to assist while making a throwaway gesture towards the pair while returning to his group. There is a hint of that temper, that hot-headedness he's known for smoldering in his gaze and hinted at in the set of his jaw. Shaking it off he smiles as he looks to the group and hooks a thumb in Noriko's direction. "Maybe I'll ask her for a dance, what do you think Sam?" Quieting down he lets the other introduction go on without him speaking more to interupt.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue, in the corner of the room, puts her phone back in to the sash on her hip where she fashioned a pocket for it, then looks up and around at the party getting quieter as the night goes on. She raises her drink up for another sip, then lowers it again and stares some more.

Her left hand raises up to swish her white dangling bangs out of her eyes, then her gloved hand goes to her mouth to call out to the entire party. "And then the Titanic hit an iceburg!"

Uh oh, how much has she had tonight?!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I thought the good guy didn't do it for the pat on the head-" Noriko feels Jubilee there at her shoulder and she quiets immediately.  Her chest blurs as she takes in a few of her own deep breaths.

The sudden declaration of Rogue's rogue event causes Noriko to bust up in laughter and then look back at Jubilee with a smirk.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren is about to open his mouth to say something, but Rogue's blurted out comment stops him short. Warren turns his head to look over at the southern belle and arches a brow.

"Rogue? You ok there? You know Kat and I recently just watched that movie," he says as he starts to walk his way over in her direction, "Why don't you tell me all about it while I get you some water."

Rogue has posed:
The Belle lowers her glass after another drink, offering a thumbs up toward Noriko with a white gloved hand. She eyes Warren upon his approach and gives him a grin, her red hued lips showing a wealth of amusement. She shakes her head. "I'm fine, Sugah." She tells the winged one. "Just minin' this night for as much fun as possible."

Her green eyes dart to her drink, and then back up to Warren. She points at her glass. "This is just cranberry juice. There's nothin' else in it." There's definitely something else in it.

"Ya'll watched the Titanic? Ain't never seen it, myelf. Carol did... or... someone I touched did, I dunno, the memories like that all kinda blur t'gether."

The music talent Emma hired continues to play their song, and the students in attendance continue their fancy dancing along to the tunes.

Warren Worthington has posed:
"Sure there isn't, I believe you." Warren so totally does not believe her as someone who has already spiked his own drinks tonight. "You should probably have some water anyway, though. All the sugar in that juice is going to give you the jitters."

Warren takes up a spot next to Rogue and folds his arms over his chest, "You want to watch it sometime? Kat and I would love to have you over sometime for a movie night. Pop some popcorn, have a few drinks. We can make a night of it."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes are on some of the seniors as they goof around across the room, she's observing them to make sure they don't get too riled up and make the party turn into a karate fight, like out of that Cobra Kai show.

A glance is sent over Warren's way, and she grins mischievously at him-- as it's just sort've her style.

"Like in Manhattan? Is that where you'n Kitty've been held-up?" She looks down at her drink, at least a quarter of it remains in the glass, she takes another sip of it. Clearly not too worried about her current state.

"I'd be happy t'do that some time."

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren follow Rogue's eyes to glance at the seniors, paying a little closer attention to them as he continues his conversation.

"Yeah, like in Manhattan. Kat's been hanging out there a bit more, sure. It's easier than her taking the bus into the city for work," Warren admits with a nod.

He gives Rogue a sidelong glance, shifting his gaze down to her glass then back and sighs as he reaches into the inner pocket of his tux to produce a small flask, offering it over to the Belle.

"Great! I'm sure Kat will be thrilled. She was saying that was one of her favorites, I don't think she will mind watching it again so soon."

Rogue has posed:
Watching the teens goof around more than act classy and posh-- like Emma had intended for this affair --just makes Rogue smirk. "Heathens." She mutters, joking of course.

Her eyes drop down to the flask and it makes her grin a bit as she reaches out for it with her free gloved hand, taking it up with her white gloved fingers she gives a few pours of the contents in to her glass to mix in with the red cranberry juice (+) that's already inside it, then offers it back.

"I didn't think nobody would tame Kitty Pryde." Rogue says, fondly of her frined of course, looking over to Warren. "But I'm glad it's you who maybe has. Ya'll are cute t'gether. But whoever thought a Kitty and a Bird would pair up like that?" She huffs, smirks, and takes a drink of her newly spiked beverage. "It's almost perverse." She adds after sipping. "But hey, we all like a little bit'a perverse, right?" And that last part is given a punctuating grin from the southern gal.

Warren Worthington has posed:
Warren laughs as he takes the flask back. He uncaps it and brings it up to his lip to take a sip from it.

"Tame her? Yeah, I am not sure that is what is happening here. Maybe it's her that is taming me? Who knows? Whomever is doing what to whom though, it seems to be working."

Warren lifts the flask to his lips again to take another sip before putting the cap back on and slipping it into his jacket pocket as he turns his head to look at Rogue with a smirk, "Maybe."

The angel playfully attempts to hipcheck the southern belle, "Besides, I'm not a bird, I'm an angel. Can't you see the halo?"

Rogue has posed:
Throughout what he says, Rogue is left smirking, or outright smiling at the talking points. She glances over at him again at about the time he hip checks her, only to find that she's like hip checking a stone column, completely unmovable. Her eyes glance back at his wings before they go back to his face and she huffs out a little laugh.

"Stop shreddin' up my witty banter. It's damn near all I got t'work with socially, ya know?" She loves a bit of self deprecating humor! Another sip is had from her own drink before she looks back up and out at the dance as a slow song is playing for the students to enjoy a dance together of that variety.

"Besides, you're the responsible socialite, right?" She looks back at him then to grin again. "Kitty's the party girl who eats cereal for dinner'n lectures me about how I need t'watch a bunch'a old ass movies from the 90s..." A thought crosses her mind then.

"Maybe she is tamin' you after all. I retract my argument, Counselor."

Warren Worthington has posed:

Warren reaches down and rubs at his hip with a chuckle, "When was I ever responsible? Socialite, sure, but responsible? Please. If you look up the definition of the the word 'playboy' in the dictionary there is a picture of Hugh Heffner, and I'm there photobombing it in the background. Probably taken Halloween, 2016. No, if anyone is taming anyone I'm pretty sure she is the one holding the reins."

Warren shrugs his shoulder, "And I'm not complaining about it one bit."

He smiles, pushing off from the counter he leans against and takes the flask out of his pocket again, offering it over after one last sip.

"Keep it. You can return it when you come watch old ass 90's movies."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has NO IDEA who Hugh Heffner is, but she plays along because she doesn't want to be a clueless doofus. She'll look it up later!

With a grin present on her dark red hued lips, she accepts the flask and looks down at it to flip it over and stare at the surface of it for a second or two before she moves to pour more in to her cup.

"Fair'a'nuff, Sugah." She replies to the winged man. Her eyes go up then to see the group of rowdy teens starting to put each other in headlocks and such, sos he sighs and starts to walk over to deal with it. "Nice chat, Angelcakes." The Belle says on her way away...

She huffs as she puts her eyes back on the kids. "Hey! You buttwads! Break it up, or I'mma put ya'll inta headlocks!"

Of course her threat only garners laughs and a few 'please dos' from the guys.