4920/Checking in on the new recruit

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Checking in on the new recruit
Date of Scene: 28 January 2021
Location: Paige's Room
Synopsis: Beast drops by Paige's room to catch up and check up on her. She is determined to knock down any wall.
Cast of Characters: Paige Guthrie, Henry McCoy

Paige Guthrie has posed:
It's Thursday and the weekend is just in sight. Paige is currently in her room working on some homework in front of her computer that is set up with dual displays. She has on a pair of glasses over her nose as well as a pair of flexible jeans and an Xavier branded top. Even though this is her lunch hour, the obsessive compulsive young woman is hard at work to finish compiling some code for an engineering AP class that she had enrolled in.

As her finger hits the enter key one last time, she leans back and folds her arms over her chest, looking proud at the results in front of her. She clicks save and sends it off to her professor, then rises up and gives a long stretch to pop the joints in her back before shuffling over to her books to pull out another text from her shelf.

On the radio, she is playing some country music from a popular band, something upbeat and perky with a good deal of twang in the throat. On her desk is several acceptance letters and scholarship packages piled up, but looks to be mostly ignored. On her white board on the wall she has her 'dream' list. At the top? Be an X-Man. Below it? Save the world. Below that? Cure cancer.

Henry McCoy has posed:
It wasn't all that unusual for a professor to check up on their students as they neared the end of their scholastic careers at the school. Especially in a small school such as Xavier's, where teachers came to know and appreciate each of their students as an individual. Sharp, attentive students were a favorite of Henry's - those who actively wanted to learn beyond their gifts. Hard to find in many students, truth be told.

He strolled through the dorm, pausing at the door of Paige's room. Sharp ears can hear the music, bringing a grin to Henry's face. He waits a beat, during a bit of a lull in the song, before knocking on the door.

"Paige? It's Doctor McCoy." He calls through the door.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
As she had just settled in at the desk in front of her book, Paige is thumbing through her color coded bookmarks she has in specific chapters to begin studying for a mid-term. As she glances upwards at the sound of the knocking and his voice, a smile appears on her face. Sliding out of her chair, she strides over to the door to open it.

"Good morning Doctor McCoy. Come on in." She says as she steps to the side to let him in. Her room has a bit of chaos to it. Clothes on the floor, books everywhere, her training uniform hanging up on the front of the closet door, ready to be snagged at a moment's notice.

"It's nice ta' see you! You got a new assignment for me t'work on? Ah'm already finished with th' last round ah' extra credit ah' asked for."

Henry McCoy has posed:
He's grinning as she enters, offering a wave and a nod. He's invited in, and he steps in just a bit. "More assignments? Most don't go out of their way to ask for more work, Paige." Henry chuckles. "No, I was actually just checking in - you're graduating this year." He begins, looking about the room. His eyes find her training uniform, the man grinning wider at that.

"Thought I would see how things are going, and to see if you needed any help or encouragement?" A chuckle. "I want my students to shine and succeed, after all. And you're one of the brightest I have, so I figured it would be good for me to see how you were doing." He taps his chin, before looking back to her.

"Not that I feel you are floundering or struggling - but one never knows. You might be a sharp study of hiding the stress well." A chuckle.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"Oh. Ah' see. Ah'm doing great. You know how it is. Gotta keep busy. Idle hands and all that, which Ma used t' say. Idle hands are th' devil's hands." Paige says with a smile as her brows lift upwards. "Ah' don't know if ah' need any encouragement. Ah' just appreciate all th' help that you've done t' help mold me inta' the woman ah' am today. All ah' ever wanted ta' do in life was t' join the X-Men, jus' like mah' big brother. Do great things."

Of course, the issue of stress comes up and her eyes automatically glance towards the stack of papers on her desk, then back to him. She puts on another smile, followed by a twitch in one eye. "Hiding stress? Not me! Ah'm an open book. Totally." Totally. "Ah'm excited ta' graduate! Maaaybe even top of th' class if ah' can just continue ta' really focus on these AP classes. That four point two won't just give itself away, ya'know? Ah' course /you/ know."

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast nods, grinning. "Sam is a great role model - he's been an asset to our team, school, and a wonderful addition to our lives. Just as you have, Paige." Henry assures, with a genuine smile. "And I am always glad to help, Paige. Idle hands indeed, cause trouble." There are always the mischief-makers among the students - more so with the variety of powers they have access to.

"So, not on to college? Or college and the X-Men?" He grins. There's no mistaking - he's a fan of the college life!

At her enthusiasm for graduating, he chuckles. "No, good marks do not miraculously appear - working hard is definitely in the cards to obtain those sorts of grades." Henry chuckles. "That goes for everything in life, as well - things worth having are worth working hard for."

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"Well, Mister Summers made it clear that if ah'm gonna join th' X-Men, that it's gonna be a full time commitment, so any school that ah'd have to go to would be local and probably give me a great deal of pressure." Paige says as she presses her lips. "Ah' got accepted inta' Harvard, MIT, Georgetown, Duke, Oregon, and a buncha others. Some of 'em threw ah' lot of money at me.."

Rubbing the back of her neck some, she glances over to the stack of papers again to stare at them, then back upwards to him. "Ah' know mah Ma would tell me t' go to school and not do foolish things with mah life, but ah'm afraid that ah'd get stuck behind ah' desk and not do what makes me happy. Mister Summers says the world needs more mutant engineers and scientists and computer geeks, and ah' agree, it's just that.."

"All ah' ever wanted was ta' do this. Be one of ya'll."

Henry McCoy has posed:
His brow arches. "I think you can juggle both, if you are committed to learning." A chuckle. "I am always a firm supporter of keeping yourself educated." Of course he is! He's got many doctorates, after all. "What are you looking to study in college? You seem to have quite the array of choices when it comes to higher education - but what major are you looking at?" A glance to the desk. "Engineering?" A grin as he looks back to her.

"Your mother is a smart woman, as are you. As exciting as it may be - the hero's life doesn't arc on into infinity. There will always be a need to learn, and understand, more." Henry offers a gentle smile. "Having that extra knowledge, in addition to your gifts, will make you ever so much more valuable to any team Paige." There's no lack of confidence in that truth. "Sometimes, you can get away with being super smart without flexing your gifts." A wink.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"Ah' want ta' do computer engineering with a focus on numerical tool programming." Paige says with a small smile on her face. "And ah' know that ah' can do it at a local college as well. At th' end of th' day, ah' don't care if mah' resume says Harvard or NYU. Long as ah' get th' degree and ah' crush whoever thinks they can take mah' top marks from me. Ah'd be th' first in mah' family to get a higher degree. Sammy didn't get th' chance when Pa died. He had t' take care of our family and make sure we could eat. So, because he sacrificed so much ta' our family, this is mah' chance to not only stand at his side as an X-Man, but also get th' degree so one day down th' line, ah' can support Ma and put her in a good home."

Paige rocks a bit on her sneakers back and forth, wringing her hands together in thought. "Ah' just am afraid that Mister Summers would kick me from th' team if ah' had to focus harder on school some days. Th' team comes first, right? Bad guys don't wait for homework ta' get done. Lives gotta be saved."

Heading over to her desk, she taps the volume down on the stereo, then looks to the uniform hanging on the door as she gives a visible frown. She lets out a soft sigh. "Mister Worthington offered me a job at his company. Gonna do some data entry and admin stuff ta' get some money in mah' pocket. Figure that is enough to send back home to Ma for now."

Henry McCoy has posed:
There's a whistle of appreciation. "Getting deep into the weeds with your math." He smiles to her, nodding in approval. "Quite the hefty choice, I commend you on your choices - it's quite impressive." Henry leans back against the door - relaxing a bit as they discuss. "And I have no doubt that you will crush whatever curriculum you choose. In either way, I'm glad to help - either as a team-mate or with studying. Or both!" He gives a wide, cheeky grin.

"Warren is a good man - it'd be good experience, and likely something good to help with for spending cash. College always has expenses that crop up." A wry chuckle, at that. "Even if it is just cash for blowing off steam for an evening."
5"I am fairly certain that Scott is an understanding man - and knows that our team is our family. We don't kick people for improving themselves, you know?"

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"Ah' know he's a good man. He just seems really .. ah.. rigid..and has a really good poker face so ah'm not sure how ta' read him. Ah' didn't wanna push mah luck by making any types of demands. Ah figure ah'd get going with the training, prove mah'self, and then put in for college and take it slowly. Even if it takes ah' bit longer ta' graduate."

Paige continues to rub the back of her neck, almost out of nervous habit. As she does, she tears along a layer of skin off, pauses, then winces as she curls her hand around it to peel it away and tries to stuff it in her pocket. Yuck.

"Ah'd appreciate any help yah'd be willing ta' give me. You're one of mah' favorite people after all and ah' admire the heck outta you. Ah'm sure we'd make a good team when it comes ta' research."

As she flops down into the chair at her desk, she leans back some into it. "Mister Worthington is also gonna help me set up a stock account and show me th' ropes of investing. Ah'm gonna start early on getting mah' future in order. Figure ah'd have a backup for Ma as well. If by th' chance ah' get killed in combat or something, at least there is all this money waiting for her."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Hank grins at the description of Scott. "Indeed. He... is a good man, but as you say, rigid." A wink. "And that's a sound plan - it's not a race to the finish when it comes to education, but a goal to be reached at the correct pace." He nods to the young woman. A note of her wince. "Everything all right, Paige?" A shifting from foot to foot. "I hope I'm not making you nervous... or interrupting." Oh dear. He didn't even ask before! Shameful manners.

He's blushing, judging by his body language - both at the compliment and the faux pax on his part. "That sounds like a great idea as well - saving a nest egg for yourself and your family." A grin. "No getting killed, either. That's actually against the rules, if you weren't aware." He teases.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"Oh, no, you don't make me nervous at all." Paige says as she clears her throat. "Just rubbed ah' bit too hard on th' neck and y'know. Ah'm just ah.. okay, maybe ah' /little/ stressed out and worried that ah'll fail, or make ah' mistake. Ah' got confidence and pride for days, comes with being a Guthrie, but ah'm just afraid of screwing any of this up. Like you said, it's not ah' race and ah' think maybe ah' was treating it like one."

"Ah'll try not t'get killed. Figure soon as ah' can figure out how ta' turn mah'self into adamantium, maybe Mister Rasputin can start throwing me instead ah' Logan. Instead of the Fastball Special, ya'll can call me th' Speeding Bullet." She teases with an amused noise in her throat. "But even though, ah'd still like ta' make sure Ma is taken care of just incase, in either case. Live or die. Ma' still got about five other littles ta' raise, three of 'em mutants. Ah'd like to see Jay, Melody and Jeb come t' Xavier's as well."

Henry McCoy has posed:
The big man looks relieved - at least that he's not making her nervous. "Good good..." A pause. "Does it happen often? Or just during stress?" He grins. "We can try to work on control, of course. Part of our goal is to make sure you know how to control your gifts, so they don't cause you trouble down the road." A nod, proud of helping young mutants. "And it is normal to be scared, Paige. Never forget that. It's how you manage the fear, that matters."

A chuckle from Hank at the mention of the fastball special. "There are a few of us who can give people a good throw - Piotr and Logan just seem to have mastered it." He gives a deep laugh. "Gabby wanted me to throw her a bit, I said we'd practice at the lake." There's a bit of a wistful look as she mentions the large family. "That's... an awsome family to have, Paige. I imagine it helps with understanding the oddities of Mutant life, having so many in your life."

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"Oh, it doesn't happen much. Only if I get my nails in there and give a tug. It's just skin afterall. Ah' guess ah' got caught up a bit in thinking 'bout a million things and just scraped a bit too hard." Paige says as she slides her hand out of her pocket to reveal a clump of flesh before she drops it in the wastebasket. It'll dissolve in a few hours. "For example, if yah' was ta' grab me and give a tug, it'd happen. Don't even need me ta' think about it. But it'd just be me underneath unless ah' was thinking about a specific material ta' change into. It sure beats taking a shower if you don't got th' time. Just yank it off and ah'm clean."

Her shoulders lift upwards with a chuckle. "Ah've learned t' free up at least a half hour of time in mah' day by doing that. Get out of the gym and let 'er rip. Ah' just make sure to stuff mah'self pretty deep in the trash so no one walks in on it. It's gross, ah' understand. Most kids will freak out if they see a husk in th' trash."

Amused at the idea of lobbing Gabby aorund, she grins. "Maybe you can throw me around at the lake too. Ah think it'd be fun. Annnd.. if you ever wanna meet some of th' family, ah'm sure we can get 'em down here. Ah' bet Jay would like yah'. He got big red wings on his back and he got th' voice of an angel."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Well - that earns a blush, for other reasons. Yep. He's letting that go past him, not going to answer to incriminate himself! Henry clears his throat. "I see." That's a safe answer.

A chuckle at her efficiency of cleanliness. "I imagine it'd be startling for most folks, yes. Still, showers are a good source of relaxation. I tend to soak in them and sink - even if it takes a while to dry off." Henry offers over with a grin.

He nods to the practice suggestion, and to the meeting of the other Guthries. "That sounds fun." He smiles. "I am always interested in meeting mutants, especially those who might one day be here at Xavier's." He pushes off from the door. "Anyway, I should let you to your studies. Just... let me know if you need help or an ear to bend?" He offers, giving a wave and moving to the door out.

Paige Guthrie has posed:
"I will. Thank ya' for thinking 'bout me Doctor McCoy. It sure means ah' lot to know ah' got you in my corner." Paige says with a proud smile upon her face as she lifts a hand up to wave in his direction as he heads for the door.

"Maybe ah'll stop by your office later next week and go over some of mah' transcripts. You can give me some advice on picking out a local college. Maybe put in a good word for me." As she sinks down into the chair again, she rotates back to her computer, then drags her large book over and flips to a new page, grinning ear to ear.