4921/Afterlife: The Good Doctor and The Good Lawyer

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Afterlife: The Good Doctor and The Good Lawyer
Date of Scene: 28 January 2021
Location: Afterlife
Synopsis: Matt fabricates a way to visit Mark at his clinic in Afterlife where they talk and find points in common. Lash comes in unexpectedly with a child who's sick. Matt realizes it's time for the Matt thing to do and reveals his secret to them. Lash is less growly and Mark becomes more of a friend.
Cast of Characters: Matthew Murdock, Daisy Johnson

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Over the last twenty-one years of pretending he didn't have powers Matt had learned what it took to sell a fiction, sometime that thing wasn't pleasant. It certainly wasn't today, head butting the corner of a wall to give himself a convincing injury to need to go to the clinic. The result was a nasty gash in his forehead which like most head wounds bled profusely and hurt like hell. Still, cloth to his head, Matt makes it to the clinic with the help of a couple of Inhumans that took pity on the bleeding blind man.

One of them calls out as they step inside the clinic, "Mark, one of the guests have been injured." While the other guides Matt to a chair.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Mark's life at the settlement was a quiet one now that Jacob wasn't around, both due to no company but also not having to feel conflicted when they had to .., 'neuter' someone's powers due to them not being able to control them, or being terrible people to begin with. It went against much of what his nature was, being someone who wanted to help people instead of incapacitating them. And with Bobbi apparently not having Jacob's powers it was perhaps time to start thinking on other methods..

But right now? It was mostly just taking care of injuries, simple stuff that he had learned during his years working in a New York hospital. So when it's announced that there's an injury to treat he takes it with a professional nod, getting up from his office.

"Bring him into one of the rooms." The man calls out, stepping out to go meet Matt.

Indeed the clinic itself is in a much better condition than the rest of the settlement, at least in terms of cleanliness, along with the buzz-buzz of technology abound. Clearly no village doctor's place.

Mark steps into the room, arching a brow, "Took a fall?" there is some worry on his tone, perhaps concerned that this may have been something else, like an aggression.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt is guided to the room by the Inhumans, his mind on the sounds of technology trying to home in on the power source, though when Mark appears he thanks his helpers, "Michael, Lilly, thank you," he says before turning towards Mark's voice. "I tripped on something, hit a wall right on the corner, I'm sorry to bother you with this, but Mike and Lilly wouldn't take no for an answer," he says with his senses shifting to focus fully on Mark.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Michael and Lilly are like that, good souls." Mark smiling at the two before they start wandering back out to their own affairs. He walks past Matt to open and start taking a few things out of the cabinet, gauze and alcohol to clean up that wound. Some relief can be sensed inside him when Matt mentions it was only a trip. "We didn't really prepare this place for someone of your condition." he says, tone apologetic, "We never had someone who was fully blind. Not even Gordon.." this last part said with a bit of a chuckle, ".. somehow he is able to see. Thank the gift."

"I am Mark, it's good to meet you. You are Matthew, correct? They told me you came with the others. It must certainly be different from life in the city.." just casual conversation being made now, perhaps to ease Matt from the pain of that blow.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Gordon's blind?" Matt asks, of course he could sense the skin over the man's eyes but Blind Matthew Murdock couldn't. "Impressive. He was very fortunate in his gift then," he says before adding, "Please, call me Matt. And yes very different, but nice, I like the quiet here, and the people have been very welcoming. Have you lived here long?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Yes and no." Mark lets out a brief chuckle, "It's complicated.." but he doesn't explain much more than that. What would this blind man know about powers anyway?! He then nears Matt to start looking over the wound. "Uff, that's a big one. But good news, you might not need to get a full on wrap around the head bandage, just a small one." he announces. Small victories!

"I am glad to hear you are enjoying your stay here. It's very rare for someone that isn't an Inhuman to set foot here." he explains, "And we truly hope you understand the need for secrecy of this place."

At the question he then considers, "A few years. I was on and off here for a time, I lived in New York along with a friend, but it didn't go well.." he shrugging as if to downplay it but clearly was something that marked him terribly.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt nods, "Better than just yes," he says of Gordon's condition before making a face at his own. "Yeah felt like I got myself good," he says about the wound. "Do whatever you need to patch it up."

Another nod follows this one for the secrecy. "I'm a lawyer back in New York, I know how to keep a secret, not going to say a word about this place to anyone."

"What happened in New York?" he asks gently, sounding genuinely curious.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Mark starts by cleaning up the wound, hands moving about carefully.. Sure, he perhaps doesn't have the more gentle care that the Night Nurse does but he does the job well enough, not the type to get sloppy on a job. "A lawyer, eh? Well, better not say that *too* loud out here.." he letting out a brief laugh at his joke. "There's an universal hatred for those. Here's no different.." but then he sighs at the following question. "We were hunted down, as we usually are when we choose to be out there instead of living here in secrecy. Humanity still isn't ready for us.." he says with a small shake of his head, "My friend was taken by Hydra, a criminal organization, but I was able to escape." a pause and then he adds, "I am sure Bobbi or Daisy must have told you a bit about it, and how Jiaying was liberated. Or well, assuming it wasn't classified, those organizations like SHIELD to like to keep everything classified don't they?"

Matthew Murdock has posed:
There's a smile about the lawyer thing, "Good to know some things are the same all over," Matt says as Mark cleans the wound. He may not be Claire but he can tell the man knows his stuff. "I'm sorry to hear that," he says about them being hunted down. "And yes, I've heard of HYDRA," he says with a frown. "They've gone after Daisy before as well. Though I've heard the story about Jiaying from my friends I'd like to hear how it's told around here."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"It's a sad world out there ... But now that Jiaying is back to us we will get back on track, they won't be able to hurt us again." Mark states with quite the firmness to his tone, "And then maybe one day we can come out, just like the Genoshans did. It's a good dream at least." he smiling faintly. "I still believe we *can* live with humans but ..., it will take time." inside he appears conflicted, as if there was more he could say but doesn't. Maybe they will need *more* than time to get there..

Outside there's a familiar sound, and scent, close to a big predatorial cat but Matt should quickly figure out who it is. Lash. The man is coming closer to the clinic and someone else appears to be with him, but held in his arms. Someone small though.

"Doc, are you in?" the raspy voice heard outside. Mark then replies, "I am, come inside.."

The door opens, the dangerous Inhuman starting to get inside.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"I believe it's possible, there are good people out there Mark, not just HYDRA," Matt assures him. "And if I can be of any help to that I will be-" he begins before he scents Lash and hears the man step inside. "Should I come back later?" Matt asks Mark, despite his wound.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Yea, I spoke with Bobbi. And sure, SHIELD do like to think they are the good guys but ..., in ways they want to control us, just in a nicer way than Hydra did. And the problem is they don't understand us." The man replies, before smiling, "I am sure a lawyer is always welcome on our side, to battle the host on the other side but ..." he trails off, glancing at the door as Lash makes his way in. Perched in his arm is a small child, the difference in temperature able to show that it may be running a fever of some kind.

"Riley hasn't been eatin' well, I think--" Lash's tone is a protective one, caring just before he spots Matt. A very faint growl leaves him but one that Matt can hear well, the protectiveness on his tone disappearing and shifting to aggression.

"What is the outsider doing here?" He starts making his way closer and sets Riley on one of the beds.

Mark continues on to applying the bandage, disregarding the question if Matt should leave or not. Clearly he isn't the type to leave a patient bleeding. "This is Matt, and he is a guest. To be treated like that while he is here."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"They do like to keep things under control, but their goal is protection not domination, unfortunately that means as soon as they run into something different and potentially dangerous their first impulse is to lock it down. Though that's changing, people like Daisy are showing them that different doesn't always mean dangerous."

Lash's arrival is met without reaction despite the aggression in his tone.

"It took me a while to trust too, knowing I'm different, but I've told Daisy and I've told Bobbi, and I haven't regretted it. Now I'm telling you both, Riley's running a temperature of about one-hundred and five degrees, it's pretty bad and his breathing is congested, heart sounds okay though," he reports without moving from the spot.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Lash is advancing on Matt, taking a sniff at the air, "Don't you smell familiar..?" he frowns, perhaps recalling the other night where he sensed someone, or something, prowling about near the caves. Yet whatever else he could start to ask or do is stopped when Matt speaks about a temperature. He lets out a rather audible snarl, "Are you trying to trick me?" he asks. But Mark stops him with a gesture.

"How can you tell from over there?" Mark asks, somewhat surprised. A look is given towards the child and then back to the 'blind' lawyer. And considering he isn't exactly dumb he nods. "I see." his tone more cautious now. He steps towards Riley, telling him to lie down on the bed and starts to take his temperature, along with checking on his lungs. "There is .., something there. I probably wouldn't had noticed it easily if Matt here hadn't told me.."

Lash continues to look between the two, clearly taking a little longer to 'get there'. "What are you saying?" he rumbles. "Is Riley going to be okay?" some more worry creeping in.

"He will, but he will need to be treated." A look back to Matt. "Seems like you have your own secrets, mmm? I did find strange that a blind man would choose to come here, regardless of relation towards the other two.."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"What caves?" Matt asks Lash with a convincing show of ignorance. "I may have some abilities but I am still blind."

As for his secrets he says, "I do, and I keep them for the same reasons you do, I am hoping you will keep mine like I'll be keeping yours." There it was the heart of his gambit, putting his trust in them to open the door to further dialogue.

Turning to Mark he says, "When I lost my sight my other senses become stronger to the point I can sense variations in temperature, hear people's breath and heart beat from across the room. Sadly it's not enough to replace my vision, I still need the cane to avoid tripping," he indicates the wound on his head as proof. "But a friend of mine says it makes me a damn good diagnostician when it comes to illness and injury, so if I can be of any help in helping Riley, let me know."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
While Mark has gone to tend Riley for a few moments Lash has made his way close, leaning over so he is eye-to-eye with Matt, turning his head here and there as if studying the man's gaze, trying to discern any kind of reaction. He waves one hand in front of Matt's face, clearly still very suspicious.

Mark then speaks up. "We do not speak of other's secrets here. If you chose to share it with us then you should know it will not leave this settlement." tone solemn. Secrets is the kind of thing they can respect. Lash then growls out, "I don't trust him. He is probably a shield agent too, we should-" Mark then intervening, "That's enough. Come here and sit with Riley.."

Lash steps back slowly, eyes still on Matt but makes his way over, "Fine, he seems to at least know what was going on with the cub.." he grumbles.

Mark then speaks up. "Well, let me just finish fixing you up." he says to Matt, making his way back to finish the bandage on the man's head, "And we can have a look at the boy. You shouldn't had kept this from Jiaying. She might not take well to that secret. But well, I will try to do what I can to appease things.." he explains.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
It's clear from how Matt reacts he's aware of Lash's presence but his eyes remain unfocused and no not blink or follow the hand waved in front of Matt's face. "You can have Mark confirm it if you want, I'm blind," he says before adding. "And I'm not a SHIELD agent, I'm just in love with one, which is why I'm here, for Daisy. As for not sharing my secret before, I am sure you both know how hard it is to let go of secrets after holding them close for so long. And thank you Mark, I'm happy to talk to her as well."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The dangerous Lash grumbles for a while longer but then grunts acknowledgement. "I know." he rumbles, about letting go of secrets. He eventually steps aside to let the doctor and lawyer work, folding his massive arms together. His whole schtick is ripping people or things apart.. Fixing them? Not so much..

Mark finishes with the bandage. "Alright, we are done. I will give you a couple extra, change them every four hours. Tomorrow you won't be needing them anymore most likely." he informs, moving over to wash his hands. "Now, for Riley..." he says, "Can you join me here?" he asks Matt.

Mark makes way to the boy who is lying on the bed. If Matt looks into him more closely he might find his lungs being infected. Infection on the respiratory ways? Most likely.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt nods "Then you understand why I was slow to trust your people, Lash, secrets have a way of becoming what we are."

There's a nod for Mark about his wounds "Understood." He knew it'd be handled by morning as long as he got a chance to use his healing meditation.

Moving over to Riley he listens closely to his breathing, looking for permission from Riley and Mark to put his hand on the boy's chest to better feel it as well. "There's bit of a wheeze there, might be an infection," he reports remembering the sound well from his own bouts of illness. "Like I said before I am not hearing anything else that sounds off. Pulse is a bit high but that could be the stress of being sick and being manhandled by a stranger," he explains, saying the last with a light smile.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Lash doesn't answer further, just watching attentively while Matt walks closer to the boy, almost as if ready to jump at any sign of danger. But at least he isn't growling anymore. Small victories!

As for Mark, he watches curiously while Matt does his 'magic', a glance then to the boy, "That might just be that, there were some minor symptoms a few days ago, during a night in which we had harsher snowing. Didn't think it would had got worse now that the weather is picking up but .." he mixes some kind of powder into a glass of water, a very light painkiller most likely and has the boy drinking it. "He will have to stay here for a couple of days or so." he informs Lash. A respectful nod is then given to Matt, "You have seen now how we live here, what we do to survive. Do you believe us to be in the wrong?" he asks.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"No," Matt says shaking his head. "As long as everyone here is where they choose to be you have a right to live as you want as far as I'm concerned. If you mean the need to hide away to protect yourselves, wish I could say it was the wrong view but history says otherwise." He reaches, slowly, into his pocket to pull out his wallet and fishes out a stack of business cards for Nelson and Murdock, and offers them to Mark. "I'm willing to help however I can, if your people get in trouble or if you just need someone to drop off supplies where Gordon can pick them up. Let me know, I'll do what I can."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Mark takes a look down at the card, one side, then the other. He nods and puts it inside one of the pockets of his doctor coat, "You are a good man, Matt." he says, extending his hand to give the man's a shake, making sure to hover it close and touching just in case he doesn't see it. And nope, no electric zap done. All safe!

Lash only grunts, again, but at least there is no murderous intent on the man anymore. He looks at Mark, "Regardless, he won't be able to stay for much longer. Rules are rules." he rumbles, voice loud.

Mark then smiles faintly. "It's Jiaying that decides that." he leads Matt towards the exit, "Take care of yourself. I truly do hope we are able to find peace here. With SHIELD or ..., whoever else may wish to help us. It gives me hope that there are some at least willing to be on our side."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"I just do what I can, same as you're doing," Matt says earnestly, before shaking Mark's hand. There's a nod for Lash too. "How long can the three of us stay?" he asks before Mark supplies the answer and leads him towards the door. "I hope you can too, SHIELD is an organization and as such they tend to get caught up in rules and procedures," he nods towards Lash as an example of that sort of thinking. "But it's made up of good people like Daisy and Bobbi and if the good on both sides work together, I think peace is inevitable. Regardless you've got me on your side, I meant what I said, if there's anything I can do for Afterlife professionally or personally I'll do my best to see it done."