4925/An Evening at Luke's

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An Evening at Luke's
Date of Scene: 28 January 2021
Location: Luke's Bar
Synopsis: A diverse crew hangs out at the bar
Cast of Characters: Luke Cage, April O'Neil, Kokumo Adebesi, Reed Richards, Shredder

Luke Cage has posed:
Luke Cage stands behind the bar, wiping it down one more time and checking in the mirror to make sure his head is properly shaved clean. Nothing like missing a spot and having a weird fuzz goblin stuck behind your ear or something like that.

He takes a sip of water himself as the customers start filtering in for the night. Luke's is a friendly bar, for the most part. He doesn't tolerate ruffians or scumbags lingering around and anybody who thinks about starting a fight would be rapidly dispensed with, straight onto their rump out the back door and into the alley. Possibly in the dumpster if Luke's feeling particularly piqued by their bad attitudes.

April O'Neil has posed:
April is in Harlem this afternoon, a Channel Six news van is parked across the street at an inter-section. It's been there for some time now, and the Reporter has been recording a piece for the evening news tonight on crime in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan, it's nothing too special, just a general rundown on the status of the neighborhood as things have been of late.

This is where April is now, finishing up said piece with a few final words. Dressed in blue jeans, her yellow leather jacket with a black scarf around her neck, the auburn haired reporter waits for the camera light to shut off before she lowers the mic and smirks at her camera-man, the two sharing a few words together as he starts to break-down their setup and put things back inside the open C6 News Van.

April slips the microphone back inside the van and then adjusts her scarf around her neck before she glances toward the bar across the street... She says one last thing to her camera man before she moves to cross the street and head toward the bar.

Kokumo Adebesi has posed:
There was nothing like drinking at the end of a workday. Thankfully, when she goes into Luke's, Koko really doesn't need to clean up and get nice. She still smells of oil and steel, quite possibly a bit of exhaust smoke, a tiny bit of gasoline with a twang of duck tape. The white shirt she had on was dirtied, yet covered by a leather jacket that seemed all too think for the weather.

With her bike parked out back, her helmet was tugged off to allow the various cainrowed/dreadlocked hair to fall down her back. Fresh air.. as fresh as this could be, felt good.

Entering in through the back door, her helmet was thumped upon the counter top, and a bit of struggle to get upon the stool was had. Once she was planted, satisfied, she gives a tired look to Luke. "Do you know how to make those fancy coffee liquor drinks? Or.. I don't know. Give me one of those old man black coffee with vodka dealios or something." She twirls her finger. "Oh, and hi Luke. How'dya do."

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards wandering in the fresh air os good for the little grey cells and sometime you can't really help where you wind up going, or when you get a rumble in your tummy. Reed pulls out his phone and brings up yelp, casually perusing his choices before comminting to the closes and tastiest.

    He slips in from the weather. His usual blue jumpsuit covered by a blue grey trenchcoat, what passes for covert. He is looking at his phone and then about the bar, nodding to himself taking it in, he smiles seeing Luke and his eyes narrow just a bit as he tries to place the face. He places his hand in his pockets and walks towards the bar. He hears the comment and The the light goes off, "Ahh! Luke, Luke Cage. Right, how are you? Reed Richards, Lovely place you have here. Extremely well rated on yelp. The wings especially." Reed smiles and offers Luke his hand as he takes a seat at the bar. HIs body stretching with casual fluidity to accomplish both.

Luke Cage has posed:
Luke Cage raises an eyebrow at Kokumo, one of his regulars and one of the few trusted enough to be allowed to come in the back door. Not that he locked it, but one glare from the big man was enough to discourage the practice from most. Koko seemed immune, though, "Why you wanna go mixing coffee and caffeine? That's a sure fire way to get you messed up fast. And yeah, I know, that's partially the point, but you got any reason to be going for a blitzkrieg attack on your liver tonight?" he says. Still, he does get out an ice coffee, "I can make you a White Russian with one of these Starbucks things."

To Reed, he takes the extended hand, "Welcome to Luke's, Dr. Richards. Wings here are choice, that's for damn sure, although I'd put the burgers up against anybody, too. The Blue Cheese BBQ burger's as tasty as they come," he says, more than proud of the menu, even if he didn't necessarily cook that much of it himself. He just hired talented people and paid them what they were worth. He didn't understand why that was so hard for other business owners to grasp.

Shredder has posed:
     Shredder makes his way out from the front door of a Dojo with a light bow as he exits allowing the students to finish their leaving before him. He is not dressed in his traditional combat attire, instead robed in a hakama and haori over his kimono. There is no symbol from the dojo as he leaves humming a soft traditional japanese folk tune as he makes his way down the street in his zori sandals.

     Gone are his normally pure white injuman eyes in their place contacts lend to the deception of a pair of dark brown eyes. His hair is a pitch black which has never been cut draped over his shoulders as he walks.

     He smiles softly as he holds up a lone finger to the wind, a small bird landing at the tip of his finger before allowing it to fly back off into the distance following a moments whisper.

     His students make their way back to their cars and off into the distance of the city as he makes his way for the bar walking with a calm confidence. He takes a moment's pause to allow April to go in first holding the door for her, a friendly smile crossing his face of pure white teeth.

     "After you, I insist." He offers her with a low nod of his head standing beside the doorway.

April O'Neil has posed:
April was only midway across the street by the time Reed was going inside the bar, and she's forced to pause when a Taxi Cab cuts her off even though the cross walk was in her favor.

Some choice words are shared between the Reporter and the Cab's driver, because... New York.

So by the time April reaches the side of the street that the bar is on, she's already in a bit of a huff from that exchange. Trying to gather herself again, she approaches the bar only to meet at the doorway with the man in the traditional Japanese attire. It makes her pause for a moment as she takes that sight in, the man's garb, then she summons up a friendly smile for his politeness.

"Thanks, friend." She tells him, before moving on inside of the bar. As she steps in she steps off to the side so she's not blocking the doorway, and moves to pull that black scarf off of her neck and run a hand through her hair as her blue eyes take in the unfamiliar location here-in.

She only needs a second to do so though, and starts to meander toward the bar to find a place to sit herself...

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards nods and listens to Luke with an interested expression. His smile brightens and he says, "Well then, a blue cheese burger and an order of medium wings, with whatever you would recommend from the tap. A few hundred blocks builds up quite an appetite." He places a metallic blue card, with an embossed four on the counter. And turns to take in the establishment, with a casual eyes of appraisal, nodding. "This is your day job?"

Kokumo Adebesi has posed:
"Sure, white russian." Though, Luke did have a point. Blasting her liver all to hell would be a bit of pointless even though her nanites recoup the loss. It was an annoying thing to go through, especially since she had work to do later. "Actually Luke, before you pour. Just give me a pitcher of that ice coffee." She was willing to pay top dollar, as usual.

"Well, I decided it would be a good idea to build myself a car from the ground up. Girl just needs four wheels. And, girl is regrett.." Words cut off at the appearance of Reed Richards, as most in the tech community knew who he was. She grew eerily quiet, dragging her helmet towards herself so that she could rest her chin atop of it. This was bananas!

And then the reporter. Koko recognized her from television as well, yet the man who allows her to enter first? Not so much. Luke's was becoming quite the gathering place on an off night for Koko! Though usually, her hours would be closer to midnight. "Well he looks cool.." She mutters to herself in regard to Shredder. Even nodding her head just a little. "Not bad.."

Luke Cage has posed:
Luke Cage nods to Reed, "Coming right up. I guess you could call it a day job. Keeps me busy enough, when I'm not bustin' heads. That sounds like a long way to be walking, doc. Any reason you're forgoin' mechanical transportation? If you need a car, you should talk to Koko here, she can build anything worth buildin', provided you can pay it. Last I heard, you weren't hurtin' for cash," he says with a smirk.

He gets Kokumo's iced coffee ready, pouring it out and addined a small splash of creme de menthe, "Little bit ain't gonna hurt and it'll help the flavor," he says. April and the oman both get nods of regard, "Welcome to Luke's, Pick your poison, I'll make it go down smooth."

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards grins and nods, "No, I needed to think and there is nothing that fosters my cognitive abilities more than this city. The chaos, the excitement, some people need quiet to concentrate, it's never been that way for me. I get a particular thorny problem and I hit the streets.

Reed looks over at Koko, with interest, "I am a bit of a mechanic myself, what type of vehicle were you building? It's funny I've found that four wheels are almost too many for this city." He chuckles casually.

Shredder has posed:
     "Hajimemashite" Shredder offers with a friendly expression and deep voice filled with respect, and a light bow before he walks towards the bar. His body language is intentionally disarming as he finds a spot to set himself down. Hair long and flowing well past his shoulders.

     "Sake, and tuna, onegaishimasu." He gives another nod of his head making himself comfortable and yet setting with a perfect posture as he looks towards the bar and its selection of alcohol.

April O'Neil has posed:
April finds a spot and settles in with her scarf laid across her lap and her hands going to the bar to deposit her cell phone on to its surface. She then looks down the bar to the others there, with Luke behind it. Luke gets a smile from her when he offers to get them all their desired drinks, and the others are given another look as orders are being placed.

"Vodka and cranberry for me." April says softly when it's her turn. She does give another look to the Japanese man, as he's quite... eye-catching!

But ultimately, it's Reed Richard's familiar face that draws her stare. She clearly recognizes him, but isn't entirely sure how to break that ice, or what she'd even say to him yet! Nosy reporter has to come up with something though, right?

She bides her time for now, and just listens though.

Kokumo Adebesi has posed:
"Huh.." Koko mutters, slackjawed towards Reed. For a moment, she thought he was talking to someone else, but then Luke's introduction kicks in from memory, and her head shakes. "Oh! Sorry! I'm testing out a pentastar hybrid with proooooobably a mustang body. But I already know I'm going to customize the body completely different than a mustang but that's just the base of it."

Yup. Reed was all high profile, highest anyone could get. In fact, two stars were in the building and three boring peeps. She didn't mind though!

She pours herself the coffee, then leans forward to snatch a straw from the stand. The cream that was added does give it a good kick, and this makes Koko happy. "What would have been nice if I would have brought my sketchbook. You guys would have liked to see what I cooked up." Thumping her chin on her helmet again, it gives off a soft, radiant blue glow.

Luke Cage has posed:
Luke Cage nods to Shredder, scribbling down the order and handing it back to the cook, "Tuna steak's a go. Sake I got, but I don't know much about it. Hope it's good," he says, pouring a drink for the seeming sensei.

He nods to Reed, "I get it. Sometimes you gotta go walkabout to make sense of things. Had to do that a time or two myself. I like doin' it at night, get that cool air in my lungs. Wish I could see the stars, but light pollution ain't about to allow that. Different kinda lights at night in the city, but I like them, too."

"You should always bring your sketches, never know when you're gonna meet somebody," he says to Koko. They're hustle-buddies, encouraging one another in their mutual aspirations. "She's got some real talent, I know that much, even if I don't understand half the crap she talks about." he says. To April, he nods, "Vodka and cran it is. Anything else I can get you, Ms. O'Neil?" he says, a little wary of the press by nature.

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards nods listening, "I'm sorry, how rude of me, I'm Reed Richards, and you're Koko, correct? Did I pronounce that correctly? Interesting, what year Mustang? OOh, Pentastar, nice, my friend Ben would love to get his mitts on something like that though we might have to reinforce it before he does."

    Reed twists his head back to Luke in a manner that isn't quite natural, he's been like this so long it's easy to forget how normal bodies work. "No, but if you ever want to Luke, feel free to drop by the plaze. We have an observatory or we can take you up above the clouds. He smiles as he nods and turns back to Koko, "Drawings?" His eyes light up, do you have electronic media? I did have some ideas on optimizing that engine design, it's best 73.9% of what it could be."

Shredder has posed:
     Shredder cups the glass as it's poured and though he's not entirely happy with the result he does seem accepting of the cultural differences at a glance. He nods his head. "Kanpai" Lifting the glass. He quickly downs the drink in one as tradition.

     "Tradition would dictate it to be poured from the bottle into a tokkuri bottle, which is heated, and then the one ordering pours the tokkuri's contents into ceramic shot glasses for drinking." The way he explains is rather understanding with that friendly expression on his face as he lowers the glas back down to the table. "I take no offense for missteps so long as they can be learning experiences."

     His posture is overly formal as he speaks looking over towards the nearby conversation having clearly arrived alone. He smiles at the talk of advanced engines even if he does not fully understand the work himself watching great minds work was after all a great method of reconnaissance. "I did not know I was dining with the Richards-hakase." He looks over towards cage for a moment. "I will pick up his tab." He offers with a warm expression.

April O'Neil has posed:
April's attentive listening picks up the talk of cars and such, which isn't a topic she knows a whole terribly lot about (much to Casey's chagrin), so Luke's retrieval of her dirnk gets her attention back to him, along with another smile.

"Thank you." She softly says to the drink part before she leans against the bar on her forearms and speaks up again. "Actually, yeah. Maybe it's a cliche, but bartenders are supposed to hear quite a lot of gossip, yeah?" She openly asks him. "I've been trying to find information on the whereabouts of someone who goes by the alias' of Rat Catcher, or the Rat King." There's a slight and small pause then from the reporter, but her blue eyes stay on Cage's face.

"I don't suppose you've heard any mutterings about someone going by that... less than attractive selection of names?" She asks then, showing the hints of a grin tugging at the edges of her lips.

Another glance down the bar is paid to the others sitting at it with her then, the Japanese man's offer to pick up Reed's tab gets a grin from her. "What about the rest of us? We're thirsty too." She jokes, of course, poorly... she's not great a jokes!

Kokumo Adebesi has posed:
"Oh.. I know who you are! One of my college friends did an entire thesis on your crew." But at the pronunciation, she gives him one better. "Full name Kokumo Adebesi. Co - koo - moo ah - de- bee- see." And now Ben? Holy cow. Just good names everywhere and it certainly woke Koko up with the need to get back to work again. "Man.. that would be an honor. I got my own shop, I can reinforce with the quickness, no problems at all." It would be a problem, it would be a lot of freckin money, but she wasn't going to say he couldn't do it. "Electron.. yeah. Actually, what's your phone number?" First time for everything, right? Especially when it comes to Luke being right..

Shredder's elegence had Koko's eye again, listening to the lesson that he gives with deep interest. Being that his culture was part hers, she was naturally drawn to it, even though her mother abandoned traditions when she emmigrated to the US. Just watching him was a breath of fresh air.

April's joke nearly had Koko blanching though, but it wasn't like she was going to refuse. "Hell, if you're paying for this big ol' jug of coffee, I totally ain't going to refuse!"

Luke Cage has posed:
Luke Cage gives Shredder a level gaze, "I ain't much for traditions, mister. Traditions not so long ago around this country would've kept me out of steppin' into this bar, much less ownin' it and puttin' my name on the front. I'll think about doin' it your way, though, just to be polite," he says.

To April, he smiles, "Didn't mean to leave you waitin'. Guess I need to hire a little help around the place," he says. He gets her drink shortly thereafter, sliding it over as he makes a quick check on the grill, letting Koko and Reed enter into their nerdy discussion with a slight smile.

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards twists his head again at the Asian gentlemen's voice. He nods his head, "Arigatou gozaimasu, I would be honored, please just Reed." He looks down towards Koko and April "I have no problem covering for everyone else, please put them on my Tab Luke." He smiles and nods, pulling out a what must be a business card but it's solid titanium cut precisely and smoothly to display, the eponymous 4, as well as his name and contact info in the negative space. "That would be a treat but I insist we at least cover materials for any upgrades, it would only be fair.

    "I'm sorry, Sir. I didn't catch your name?"

Shredder has posed:
     Shredder slightly lowers the corner of his head not breaking his expression. Every move down to his breathing is calculated as he looks over towards the sound of April, a familiar voice. His eyes lock on hers for the briefest of moments before he simply adds. "It would be rude of me not to." He lowers his head slightly.

     His head turns back to the side as he places his hands together pulling fourth cash from his person and setting it onto the counter. "So you may know my actions and words match." He holds the bills with both hands before him towards Luke not making verbal comments on his opinions of tradition.

     Looking into those eyes of Shredder's there's something unnatural behind them, something supernaturally intimidating in nature, not to say it's enough to scare anyone here, just the intensity that backs them behind that facade.

     After the money is taken he brings back his own hands locking them beneath his kimono. "Oroku Saki" He introduces himself. "On occasion I teach at several of the local Dojo."

April O'Neil has posed:
With Luke giving her the drink, but being too busy to answer her inquiry, April just frowns and settles back on her seat again, huffing out an exhale of disappointment as the bartender is taken awya down to the far end to deal with other customers.

She puts her hand around her drink though and raises it up for a sip of the beverage, with the ice quietly clanking inside of the glass. It's the battle to pay for the drinks of the rest at the bar that draws April's eyes over to Reed, and to the SRHEDDER.

Oh god, what has she started...

April's blue eyes go wide for a moment as she looks around, and then between the two men. "Oh, I was just joking around. I didn't mean either of you had to..." But they're already doing it.

Another sip of her red hued vodka is had by the reporter, then she sets the drink back down upon the coaster in front of her on the bar. Her eyes are now fixed forward toward a television behind the bar...

...until she hears the name of the Japanese man. It's like she didn't quite hear it right... Her eyes dart back to her right to where he's seated, and she instantly starts to sweat.

Is she's going nuts? She's going nuts. He wouldn't just 'be here'. No way! Play it cool, O'Neil! So she just loooooooks back at the TV, all is fine. She's fine. We're all fine here.

Kokumo Adebesi has posed:
Koko was going to trust the process at this point, and silently wish she had some weird ass white russian made pitcher for someone else to pay for. But as the titanium card was slid over, Koko takes a glance.. and a few moments later, Reed's phone would flash with a text-message and a picture upload.

"So far, that's just the shell of the engine. I'm going to hollow it out a bit more as I want to hybrid it. Build my own pistons and catalytic converter, ecetera all by myself. It's all going to take a bit but if I pretty much work as I need to, I won't be fatigued with the idea of it."

Koko seemed proud of that at least, then slips from her stool. If Luke is going to be busy, she may as well take his spot, and the money.. and the tips.. and the drinks..

The mention of Saki's dojo does pique her interest, and considering her side job of .. well, doing what she did, a little fighting experience is what she desperately needed. "Sumimasen, Oruko Saki-san. Nani ga.." She hesitates, muttering to herself.. "..um.. hitsuyodesu ka.. er.. join? I could use a little kiritsu." Raising a brow at herself, she huffs and moves around to the spot where Luke once was, then reaches over to grab her coffee.

"Oh, don't mind Luke, ma'am.." She says to April, who suddenly takes on a different.. look? "..Uh.." She starts, then thinks twice.. then starts again.. "You.. I mean.. I can try to help you find some.. stuff.. if you.. hey, are you alright, Ms. O'Neill?"

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards smiles as Koko moves behind the bar. He watches her and shifts his eyes to the plate of food on the pass through. Rising his eyebrows to almost ask permission. He assumes that cash trumps a tab but trusts Luke to balance the ledgers.

"Rat King? I thought that was an urban legend. A group of rats tied together by their tails? Though hardly the least fantastic thing in this cities sewers, I imagine." He looks at the image on his phone and nods taking it in, "Interesting a lot a good of ideas here." His nod is more enthusiastic, "I can give you some notes... if you like?"

Shredder has posed:
     Saki takes a moment to enjoy another cup of Sake downing it in one. It's clear for whatever man he may be that he was something of a stickler for tradition when it came to certain things at the very least. "I would be happy to refer you to the dojo of one of my many students." He offers with a smile and an appreciation at the attempt. "I am often called to assist in the training of their students as part of my duties as Hanshi"

     "Yes are you alright O'Neil-san?" Saki looks over towards April for a moment seeming to only notice the concern when it's pointed out though he does concur with a voice filled with obviously genuine concern from the Japanese man. "You look as if you have seen a ghost."

     He looks back to Reed for a moment just glancing a quick moment over the engine. Yep he doesn't understand anything about it at a glance, it's certainly a lot of complex things whatever it is.

April O'Neil has posed:
April's eyes are up on said television when she faintly realizes that Kokumo is speaking to her now. She sweeps her stare over to her and tries to summon up a smile. Her right hand comes up to cast aside some of her dark hair from in front of her face. "Oh yeah, I'm, I'm good." She says then. "Just a long day. Standing out there on the sidewalk, ya know, exhaust fumes." She rolls her eyes then and punctuates her words with a nervous little laugh.

When her right hand comes down again she feels her phone underneath her palm, and then starts to turn it around and key it on. A couple finger-swipes later and she's starting to type out a text...

Reed's use of the 'Rat King' name draws April's eyes up again. He's a big deal after and he picked up on her question to Luke. "Mm? Oh. Uh... No. That's one tail of a Rat King, but not the one I'm talking about. The one I'm talking about... is... very real, and quite murderous. I've witnessed it first hand, in fact..."

Her eyes trail over to SHREDDER then as he speaks directly to her, and makes a little insinuation there at the end. She draws in a breath, trying to even herself before she replies to him. "I've just had a long week. Taking down criminal gangs... ya know. It wears you out. Throwing the city's garbage where it belongs, and all. Ya know? In to dump trucks."

She smiles at him lightly before raising her glass up to her lips for another sip of its contents.

Kokumo Adebesi has posed:
"Shit." Koko mutters as she hears Reed's explanation. "I thought she was talking about rat infestations. I'm pretty good at that research stuff and.." She waves her hand as a pure nevermind. "I'll take some notes, sure! I have a few more ideas that I'd like to put to paper but I really -am- thinking of how that'll go." To make her new car transform like her bike? That'll be.. extensive.

"Arigato Saki-san! This is going to be.. hanshi.. hanshi.." She mutters to herself now, attempting to place the word. That one was a confusing one, one that she hasn't learned from her parents. "What's hanshi?"

April's sudden revival gains her a smile. And just in case, Koko begins to prepare the woman a glass of water and ice. Just to at least dilute the liquor. Once the glass was set atop, her eyes shift to Reed, Saki, and then to April again.

"Ew.. for real? A monster Rat thing?" Blech. Though April's newfound 'confidence' causes Koko to read the situation all wrong, feeling confident herself, she grins towards April to speak in lowered tones..

"Y'know, you should go sit over there, maybe get his phone number. You two look like you could make a night out of it, no cap.." Koko, senses a connection. This was great.

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards nods and snags the burger and wings from the pass-trhough, and then fills a glass more or less at random from the tap. he sips and nods, and then focuses on the burger. "This is delicious. Oh, interesting. Though there are all sorts of rumors about that sort of thing, Mole Men, Anthropomorphic turtles and crocodiles. I guess it's a sign of the times we live in, wait, that last one is Gotham." He nods, "Like the Bat. But again, it's a city of infinite diversity." He looks between April and Saki as he eats. . o 0 (I miss Sue, she'd understand what's going on here.) 0 o .

Shredder has posed:
     "I am an officially recognized grandmaster." Shredder offers with a tone of humility to his voice as he explains, removing his hands from his Kimono to enjoy his meal with a nice bit of Sake. The drink does little for him but it does bring him an enjoyable meal, as he goes through the motions fresh. "Kanpai." Downing another small glass in one.

     He even laughs at April's joke with a smile, the light seems to glint off his eyes and the corner of his smile as he enjoys his meal, a soft quiet prayer to the gods of thanks and to bless his meal.

     "I've actually heard tales of monsters living in the sewers, great filthy beasts that stalk the night." He takes a cut of his delicious tuna, enjoying it with care. "Attacking others, lashing out, it's terrifying talk." He sends a light glance and a slight smile towards April.

     "Some would say the world is ending, others agree it is simply one mutation after another on a long running strand." He raises his glass. "A toast to interesting times."

April O'Neil has posed:
April finishes off the last of her drink with another big gulp before she sets it down on the counter again and offers a smile to Kokumo. "Possibly. I'm not sure he could handle me though." She says with a sideways 'smile' sent to the SHREDDER.

From the entryway, the bar door opens again and a tall man stands in the doorway, April's cameraman. "Grape Ape, lets go." He says, slapping the doorframe and glancing around the inside of the bar, scouting it out a moment.

April hears the voice and looks back over her shoulder for just a second before she looks back to those at the bar. "Well, there's a lot of unfortunate souls who've been pushed down by our broken society to be relegated to living in the undercity for refuge for how they'd be treated up here on the 'civilized' levels of our sprawling urban jungle." The reporter says, standing and putting her scarf around her neck.

"We're all trying to get by though, right?" She grabs her phone and looks to Reed. "Thank you for paying for the drinks, Mister Richards." And with that April turns to go join Vernon (her camera guy!) and move to head outside again!

Kokumo Adebesi has posed:
"....Y'all nasty."

That was pretty much the sum of all Koko could think of in that moment. Large rats? Monster rats? Anything rats put the ick factor on one thousand, which is just beneath snakes and spiders with very long and hair legs.


She lightly knocks upon the counter to gain Reed's attention. "Text me alright? I'll send you more pictures once I get back." Her helmet was taken from the bar to tuck underneath her arm, wriggled fingers towards the new love connection and.. aw.. one was leaving.

"Did you even get his number?!" If she has to teach the elders how to ONS.. she will goddamn it.

"I'll look you up Grandmaster Saki-san.." She gives a brief salute.. then gathers up the pitcher of iced coffee and a bottle of burbon, exiting out the back door just as she came.

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards smiles and nods amicably, "Really? Grandmaster, that is impressive, I only hold the rank of master." He chews and enjoys his burger, it's the mention of monsters and mutations that finally draws his attention to this man. Reed turns to face him and the smile remains but it leaves his eyes, "Oh, I don't really think I believe in monsters. One of my best friends has been labeled with that moniker more than once. But I'm sure we can get to the bottom of any confusion. Honestly, without mutation, none of us would be here, some more than others of course." He nods and toasts. "Interesting choice of words." The curse is not lost on him. Then turns to April, "Not at all Ms. O'neil, your work is underrated. Please, let me know if you find anything of interest on these sewer creatures. He hands her one of those odd cards and nods, "Stay safe."

Shredder has posed:
     Shredder watches the bar begin to clear itself out. He takes another drink of sake at the end of his toast. He seems to be rather enjoying his fish, all things considered just taking time out to relax even if he never once lets his posture slip for an instant. "The journey of ten thousand miles begins with a single step." Shredder offers quite plainly.

     "To say I expected to be where I am this day when I started would be a dishonorable falsehood." He cuts the fish with care and skill of a master just taking his time not to rush any one motion. "Yet looking back I see the pieces slot together into a lovely meural, Reed-San"

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards considers as he finished his meal. Luke was right, it's tasty. He nods as he finished the last of his beer. "It's good to be able to see beauty in the unexpected."