4928/After the Explosion

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After the Explosion
Date of Scene: 29 January 2021
Location: Howard Stark's Apartment, 1950
Synopsis: After the raid on the Leviathan lab, Daniel and Peggy share a quiet late night at home.
Cast of Characters: Daniel Sousa, Peggy Carter

Daniel Sousa has posed:
(OOC Note: Follows scene 4898)

The clean up took some time after the cops had run off the reporters, but not before Sousa had slipped them a few bucks to send him a copy of the picture. Oh and of course, letting the medic take care of his shoulder. He got several new stitches and a sling for his trouble, but sometime around two in the morning they finally got free of the scene and made their way to Howard's penthouse. Walking through the door Daniel says to Peggy, "You know you didn't have to make me the star of that circus, it would have done those cops good to have their assumptions shoved down their tthroats." Inside, he leans against the wall of the entrywayIt'd been a night.

Peggy Carter has posed:
"It's good to watch you in action again. It's been too long. Besides, once those cops realize who they subbed, I'd pay money to see how they'll stumble over fixing it. And it let me get some more eyes on the debris as you dealt with the annoying assholes. So... A win, win, in my head." Peggy states warmly, sounding truly unbothered by it all. "You know if I wanted to handle the matter, I would have. I'd rather have run around doing clean up while you got that seen to." Peggy mutters, nodding towards his shoulder, that glint of concern flickering through her brown eyes, even behind all the exhaustion of the night.

"Do you want some tea, or something? It's horribly late but... goodness knows, I'm awake." Adrenaline is a funny thing, and she's still riding it even if her body is showing every sign of exhaustion. "Sit down. I'll get whatever."

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Daniel smiles, "Likewise Peggy, good to see we still make a hell of a team," he says. "Going to have to classify the reports though so the new agents don't pick up our bad habits," he jokes lightly. Tired and sore, he's still riding high on the rush of a more or less successful mission and a much needed break from paperwork and meetings.

Chuckling at Peggy's logic, "I think you got the better end of that deal," he says, of dealing with the assholes. "Find anything in the rubble?" he asks.

The shoulder wound gets a look. "Hurts like hell but the guy at the scene said I'd live," he says a touch wrly. "And tea sounds great, thanks Peggy,." Since moving in with her, Peggy had converted him into a tea drinker with alarming speed. "And if some of Howard's whisky makes its way into it I'm not going to complain," he adds with a bit of a smile as he sinks gratefully onto the couch.

Peggy Carter has posed:
"I never doubted it for a minute. Hell, I'm half convinced they offered you the west coast job in the first place just to tempt to split us up. I... understood why you took it," There's still a bit of guilt in her eyes about that, "But they were the ones to put it on the plate in the first place." She leans over as he settles into the couch, pressing a gentle kiss against the corner of his mouth. "I'll get the whiskey. And tea."

Then she's kicking off her heels and padding on stockinged feet over to the kitchen to put on that fancy electric kettle of Howard's. While it seems horribly unnecessary, she has gotten spoiled by the thing. She calls back to him as she's working on the drinks, "Nothing in the rubble. I think the case you found and the few things I got from upstairs are going to be it. But, at least, we did fine about it. But... maybe we should not give the new recruits the wrong idea." She peeks her head out of the kitchen, scratched and tired nose pinched a bit, "...we really were a mess about that, weren't we?"

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Daniel mms at the kiss, kissing her in return before she pulls out of range. "You're saying it's not because of my stunning detective work?" Daniel asks with a smile before nodding. "Thompson pretty much said as much to me one time that Vernon Masters twisted some arms to get me out there so we wouldn't get in the way of Thompson's career back in New York. Apparently it doesn't look good to the boys in Washington if he's getting shown up by a 'dame and cripple'. I think he pulled that stunt with sending you out to LA to make up for it."

"I don't blame you Peggy, and besides it was a good job," he says. "Just wish I'd been smart enough to realize that diving head first into a new relationship wasn't going to fix anything," he says a touch of regret in his voice.

He moves on to business, nodding about the evidence. "Definitely want to make sure Howard has a look at what's in the box, it's his sort of thing, some sort of engine and helmet, deal." He shakes his head remembering when that would have been considered weird in his world, now it was getting to be shockingly everyday.

He does chuckle though about the last bit looking over as Peggy peeks out of the kitchen, "Just a bit, but I'm good with keeping it between us if you will. We pulled it out in the end and that's what matters. Like you said, we're still a good team." Even if feelings did make them a bit reckless.

Peggy Carter has posed:
Her hip rests casually against the frame of the doorway between kitchen and grand apartment, lingering there to listen to the kettle behind her for when it clicks off, but not willing to come into the room to sit again. Peggy knows if she sits, she's not going to want to get up, the exhaustion of the week and the extra long day finally settling into her limbs.

"LA...is what it was. You're back now, where you're supposed to be, and I couldn't ask for a better field director. Maybe we should thank Thompson, one of these days." Peggy smirks about that, clearly teasing. Then the kettles done and she turns on the ball of her foot to go pour out two mugs of tea for them. It's but a few minutes later that she's returning to the coffee table with them. SHe settles a bottle of whiskey between them so they can doctor their cups as they please.

"What'd the doctor say about those stitches? How deep did it go?" She asks, looking over him with worry once more. Then she's sinking down to kneel by his side, moving to gently unstrap his leg without him even asking. She knows he'll be hurting after the day. And he's down an arm he's not supposed to be moving.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Definitely a long week for them both as it is Daniel's unsure if he's got the will to rise from the couch now let alone after some tea and whiskey. It didn't sound like the worst fate in the world. Daniel snorts at the idea of thanking Thompson. "He'd never let us live that down, best we just be quietly grateful for the jerk," he says fondly. "And remind me sometime I still owe him a bottle of Bourbon from before May went home."

Daniel takes a sip of tea right away then goes about doctoring it, needing that pick me up. "Not too deep, likely no permanent damage, out of the field until the sling is off though." When Peggy kneels he blinks, but then smiles when he sees what she's doing, setting down his tea to lend a hand. "Thanks Peggy," he says softly, it was funny how such a simple thing could be packed with so much meaning, but after that first morning together tending to leg had become one of those things, a reaffirmation of the fact they could lower their walls completely with one another.

Peggy Carter has posed:
At this point, helping with his leg had become a bit of second nature. Just like someone assisting with a shave, or putting on a piece of jewelry. A comfortable part of their lives, something a couple does for each other. She gently guides the straps loose and then the brace off, setting it aside to be cleaned and the leather oiled in the morning. Then her fingertips reach for his lower thigh, pressing in some gentle circles through the muscle there. She knows it hurts. She needn't ask him. But she also knows how to help.

"Oh, well, good! You can do all the clean up paperwork then while I get back out there. How kind of you to volunteer." She gives him a smile on the edge of teasing and wicked as she says that. "...just add Thompson's scotch to your to-do list. Shouldn't make it too much longer." She winks.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Daniel closes his eyes and sighs as the leg comes off, shifting the rest of his leg a little, like you would your foot after taking it out of a tight pair of shoes. That massage though feels heavenly, and he leaves his eyes closed a little longer before he opens them again in time to catch that smile. "I was goin to say you're amazing, but now I am going to have to rethink that," he says with a chuckle. "And yes sir, Director, I'll get right on it," he says winking back. "Anyhow, I'll grab the paper on tonight's fun, you going to see if there's more cells we don't know about yet?"

Peggy Carter has posed:
Gently, Peggy shifts off the floor to sink into the sofa next to him, on the side of his bad leg so she can keep one hand idly in that gentle massage there. The other pours them both a good shot of whiskey into their tea and starts removing the strainers to the little saucer between them, so it won't turn too sour with tannins for being in there overly long.

"Mm... probably. I need to go through that book of their's I picked up. I should do it tonight, really, so we can go clean out any other addresses listed there before they move anything. Did that crate have an address on it? That'll be another place to hit. I'd...like to clean up everything before all the rats flee the ship." Which means a lot of field days ahead of her, or trusting a lot of new agents she doesn't know well. Especially with him out of commission.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
"Nope, going to say it even if you're sticking me with the paperwork," Daniel says as Peggy sits next to him to continue that massage. "You're amazing, Peggy" he says leaning over to kiss her cheek. "Thanks."

"Yeah, it did, he awkwardly reaches into his coat with his good hand and produces his notebook. "Wrote it down while I was getting patched up. Looks like it's down by the docks past Hell's Kitchen." He flips it to the address and hands the book to Peggy. "Well, take Foxy," he rolls his eyes at how that nickname had caught on after May had given it to her. "Tessa with you at least. Or Marsh if you need to have someone around to stick with dealing with the cops," he says with a smirk for earlier, both were local and some of SHIELD's few veterans amidst their green recruits.

Peggy Carter has posed:
The kiss makes her smile a bit more. Peggy turns her head to properly kiss him for a long moment before she sinks in against his side, settles into the couch, the exhaustion really sinking through her bones. Of course, the offer of the note book wakes her up just a bit as dark eyes flicker across the address, memorizing it.

"Well, looks like I've got places for us to be. Should leave the offices by 7 so we're in place before anyone comes in for morning shifts... which means..." She looks over to the clock and gives a little bit of a groan, her head flopping into his shoulder, "...four hours sleep. I've done more on less. I'll call Tessa before bed and have her in early. SHe's a kid, she can handle it." There's a little whimper behind her voice that says SHE doesn't really want to handle it, but she will. "And I can handle a few cops. It was just fun seeing you in action again."

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Daniel smiles into the kiss as he returns it before letting her settle against him for that brief moment of respite before she's moving on to the next thing she has to do. He can't help but smile at the little wimper in her voice about the early start. "I'll wake up with you," he promises. "That way you don't have a warm body to snuggle up with and tempt you back to bed," he says. "Besides, I can run support from the office for you guys," he lifts his good hand. "Can do that one handed at least."

There's a smile about seeing him in action, "Good to see you in action too," he says. "Not that I'm wishing for more Leviathan cells to pop up, but we should do that again sometime." A beat. "I'll just try not to get shot," he adds with a glance to his arm.

Peggy Carter has posed:
While Peggy had poured them both tea, and her's is waiting there, steaming, with the sharp call of some whiskey to the edge of it's scent, she seems to have mostly forgotten it. She actually seems like she's half ready to fall asleep against his shoulder there, still fully in her stockings and dress from the day, face scratched up and in need of a good wash after the explosion. But he's warm and comfortable. She's quite comfortable curled up there.

"Mm... I've not been shot since the desert, thank you very much. I don't exactly make a habit of it. I'd rather you not do the same, hmm?" She asks him with a pointed sound in the back of her throat. "And you needn't be up *that* early. One of us should get a decent sleep."

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Daniel's tea also sits untouched, what with Peggy curled up against his good arm and his bad one in a sling. He doesn't seem to mind though, quiet and content beside her.

"I know, Rose and I have been keeping track, we're very proud," he teases with a chuckle about Peggy's streak of not ending up on the injured list. "And trust me, not going after your title," he adds before shaking his head. "Nope, we started this together, we'll finish it together. Once we're sure there's no more cells out there, we can both collapse into bed and maybe even sleep a full eight hours for a change." With their line of work it was a faint but pleasant hope.

Peggy Carter has posed:
With a little groan, Peggy forces her eyes back open to look over to their neglected tea mugs. "Mm. I'm keeping you from your tea." A slightly grumbling sound escapes her throat as she leans up and over to claim both their mugs and shift away just enough he can get his arm back to use his to sip. She levels tired eyes with him as he says they're in it together, but she can't bring herself to protest.

"You are... very good to me. And this is... not the life you probably dreamt of." But then, he'd left that life back in California. He almost got it, and yet, here they sit. "...the movies this weekend. I still promise that much. We'll get one night, at least."

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Daniel shrugs. "Wasn't complaining," he says of Peggy having been leaned up against him, though he does take a sip once given the chance. He sees the look she gives him and only smiles when she doesn't protest.

His cup is set down quickly though as he shifts to take his turn to look her in the eyes. "Is this the life I dreamed about? No, but I wouldn't trade it for anything, not the late nights and early mornings, the work we do, the occasional gunshots, any of it. I'm glad to share this life with you Peggy, I wouldn't want it any other way."

Peggy Carter has posed:
"Mm... save your sweet talk for a night I can do something about it, casanova..." Peggy mutters tiredly, though her smile and eyes are clearly appreciative, she's still not all that great at expressing such emotions. The buttoned up British side of her isn't accustomed to this heart on her sleeve kind of thing.

Exhaustedly, she shifts her body to drape her legs across his lap, avoiding the most sort part of his thigh but resting mostly against his hips, as she stretches out on the couch. She hugs her warm cup of tea against her sternum, probably the only thing really keeping her awake at this point.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
"If you think this is sweet talk, just wait until after the movie on the weekend," Daniel teases lightly, but smiling when he sees that look in her eyes. Shifting a little to help her settle in his lap, he says, "You want me to take the tea?" he asks setting his down. "Let you close your eyes for a bit?"

Peggy Carter has posed:
"If I do that here, you know we'll end up asleep on the couch and probably all the more miserable tomorrow for it. Though it is a *very* nice couch." Even if Peggy doesn't want to think of the things Howard has done on this couch which weren't sleeping. They've finally gotten to the point where they are somewhat used to each other's habits, falling into the comfortable patterns, and after two other nights where they ended up with stiff mornings after collapsing into sleep here, she's trying to learn her lesson.

Even so, she sinks a bit deeper, taking a long sip of her tea as she lounges there against him. "...Five minutes. We'll go to bed in five minutes.'

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Daniel had long since put all thoughts of what Howard may have done in various places in the penthouse out of his head as a means of survival, otherwise he wouldn't be able to sleep, sit, or very likely use the kitchen counters. "It is and you're probably right," he agrees even if he's not showing signs of moving anywhere.

There's a wry smile at the insistence on five more minutes. "Sure thing Peg," he tells her, disbelief evident in his tone even as he leans over to brush a kiss against her cheek before settling in for a the night.

Peggy Carter has posed:
"You are completely spoiling me and I have no confidence you are going to get me off this couch in five minutes." Peggy mutters to him, half drowsing already, her voice amused and loving. She takes another sip of her tea, the mug at least half finished, and sets it aside before she slumps the rest of the way into the couch. She's still in her full work outfit from the day, stockings and all. She might regret it in the morning but now she's warm, comfortable, and dead tired. She'll be quietly asleep before that five minutes is out, her breath slow and deep.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
A soft chuckle escapes Daniel's lips. "Do you think your partner would let you down like that, Peggy?" he asks a faint smile on his lips. He totally will of course. After Peggy has drifted off, Daniel murmurs, "Love you Peggy," before the day and Peggy's slow breathing lull him to sleep right behind her.