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Mos Eisley dug out
Date of Scene: 29 January 2021
Location: The Dugout - The Narrows
Synopsis: Babs comes to the Dugout to leave listening devices and runs into Harley Quinn. They share a beer and terrify poor Ron. Think of the children.
Cast of Characters: Barbara Gordon, Harley Quinn

Barbara Gordon has posed:
First and foremost, this is not Barbara Gordon's usual haunt.

Nor is she here to pick up hench people, or to be a client for that matter.

No, the red headed retired Batgirl is here under guise to install some new security hardware incognito. Which is to say, she's put her best wig, popped an eye patch on her face, and done some field craft to muss up her recognizable features in lue of a rougher sort of lady what might frequent such an establishment.

All the better to gain entrance and deposit some listening equipment in one of the places criminals go to find other criminals... it's like criminal tender dating if the dates were robberies.

Seated at the bar where she's been nursing a beer for a little over an hour, she deftly tags a listening device beneath the overhang with a flick of her wrist and a glance over her shoulder at the seedy establishments usual den of thieves.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The door opens and there's a hush-hush coming from the tables and even from the bartender. Fear? Aggression? Maybe a mix? Harley stands at the entrance, a brow arched, dressed in an outrageous top full of glittery ends, jeans that appear to have received a graffitti treatment and those usual sneakers of hers.. The tension is palpable, western-spaguetti like even! But at least no tumbleweed rolls past...

It lasts for a few seconds but when it doesn't seem like Harley is going to start throwing tables (or people) they return to their own drinks, the clownette making way towards the bar to settle on..

"Don't give me that look, Ron!" She tells the bartender, who had his hand under the counter, most likely atop a shotgun.. Just in case. "Blame it on Vinny foh the last time ya got yoh place blown up! Or on Red...!" Is she talking about Red Hood?

She plops down on a seat right next to the eyepatch 'pirate' of the technologies.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
There was a time where Babs probably wouldn't have been surprised to see Harley in a place like this, but tonight she actually is... All indications were that the clown princess had gone straight. Now, being here isn't exactly incriminating, in and of itself, but... it certainly makes Gordon think she'd picked a doozy of a night to come and bug the joint!

One brow arched over her patch, the rather impressive scar she'd put on with stage makeup stretches almost too well against her skin when Harley plops down on a stool beside her at the bar. "That a thing I needa worry about tonight?" The voice sounds like a three pack a day smoker met the business end of a sinus infection. Complete with wiping the whole underside of her nose with the palm of her hand, snorting back a little too bit too much snot for anyones liking.

Her other hand is just inside her thick leather coat, absently fondling a sharp metal object out of view incase Harley pulls a fast one!

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Maybe.." Is the reply from the clownette, casting a look towards Barbara, taking her in, head to toe. "Ain't seen ya about heah befoouh. But heck, it's not like I am in the game anymoouh so..." she shrugs. "Smokin' is bad foh ya, just sayin'..!" see? Friendly advice!

"But it's k.." She says, her baby blue eyes shifting towards the bartender. "It's Ron heah that has ta worry.." she leaaaannns forward, reaching with one hand to take him by the apron and bring him closer. "I am lookin' foh a few friends..., and by friends I mean the fuckahs who went around messin' with the dragon festival in chinatown.. They endangered kids." her voice having turned to a cold whisper, one similar to the one she sported when she was still the clown princess of crime.

"Now Ron, we gonna be friends oh what's gonna happen, mmm?"

The bartender does look nervous, it was a lot of damage last time she was here afterall! They even blew up part of the wall. So he is starting to sweat quite a lot. Some of the patrons around the bar start to shift a bit, paying more attention, eyes squinted. Clearly something might be going down soon if nothing is done!

Barbara Gordon has posed:
"Sound advice." Is Babs retort, quietly spoken, as things turn frosty between Harley and good ol Ron. Her own jade green eye turns towards him as well, curious where this'll go... but unsure of exactly how far she should let it go? Is there a victim here, honestly?

Kids, Ron. KIDS...

A small frown curls the corner of her mouth when she notes the eyes starting to turn in their direction with a glance up at the mirror behind the bar. That's a lot more attention than she'd hedged on, but most of her bugs were planted..

Now she just has to keep Harley from blowing the damn place up!

"For fucks sake, Ron, tell her.." Nonchallant, fidgeting a shoulder in the process, "I'm tryin' to get drunk, not blown to fuckin' hell..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Et tu, eyepatch pirate chain-smoker? - That's what Ron is thinking when he hears Gordon egg him on to spill his beans about what he knows. Oh heck. Beaten now or beaten later when eventually he is discovered to be a snitch? He prefers later...

"Damn it, ok ok!" Ron says, leaning forward and speaking reaaaal quiet. But not so quiet that Gordon can't listen, his voice carrying, "Look ..., all I know is that there's a gang trying to take over. And they almost did it. Close to wiping out three gangs in a row.."

Harley then shakes the man's apron a bit, making him wobble back and forth. Lots of strength in that grip! "Don't mess around ..., ya tellin' me *one* gang is tryin' ta take the Ghost Dragons, the Demonz..., AND even Carmine's people?!" she says, "That's way too big o' a powah move!"

"But it's the truth!" The man says, "All I know is that they are the Paw something, people have been talking.., they are the real deal. And they don't care about old-school about not endangering innocents.." a pause, "Look, if any of them drops by I can let you know.."

Harley eyes the guy for a moment and then lets go, "Fetch a beeah.." a glance then given to Barbara, "Nice good cop act, eh?" she tells her, grinning wide.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Babs should look more surprised, but she's hardly ever surprised anymore. Not in Gotham. Not ABOUT Gotham. This place will chew up and spit out everyone and everything that gets close enough to it to read the sign.. She stares at Ron, pretending to nurse her beer when he snitches on the gang that has just tried to wipe out a trio of the most powerful gangs in Gotham.



But definitely ballsy.

When Harley glances her way, she lifts her glass with a lazy grin. "Who'd of thunk I could have made my livin as a cop." Snorting as she swallows down the last warm gulp of stale beer... she even manages not to gag.

"Sounds like you've got your hands full."

Harley Quinn has posed:
With Ron now busy fetching out a beer for Harley... "One o' the ones in the back, Ron! I know wheah ya keep the good stuff!" yea, don't give Harley stale beer! She then tapping the counter, "And anotha for my friend heah..!" a pause, "O' the good ones." gosh, that makes Ron even *wipe clean* the glasses where he was going to serve those beers in. Respect!

"Anyywaaay..." Harley then says, looking at Barbara, "Maybe ya could, but then most o' 'em spend theah time eatin' donuts and receivin' money outta the gangs ta look the otha way. Still a good ones though." She shrugs. "Like the commissionah... My uh .., ex used ta have a real fixation on 'im.."

The beers come, one set in front of each, Harley taking hers and starting to gurgle it down. "And yea, I always got my hands full. I tell ya, every time I try ta keep outta this stinkin' place o' a city it just pulls me back in like a maw outta hell or somethin'"

"I am Harley."

Barbara Gordon has posed:
It is the act of a great willpower summoned from the very depths of her being that keeps Barbara from visibly reacting at the mention of Harley's Ex having a fixation on the Commissioner. That fixation had almost killed her... it had crippled her... and where she thought she'd gotten over it? Seeing said ex had drawn up some pretty deep fears she thought long buried.

Instead she smirks at the last, the introduction that is, "I know." Nodding appreciation for the beer set down in front of her. "I'm Marge. Which aint got as much weight to it as Harley.. but I aint been a player round here for long enough that it would. Might know a buddy of mine tho, Matches Malone?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
If anything is noted about that summon of willpower to control herself at least Harley makes no mention, just keeping on nursing her beer, which now there isn't much left of really. Ron will have to pipe out another soon..

"Yea, suppose I am still known.. Not enough that those bitches back theah wean't ready ta rumble if things had soured heah.." she says, a glance over her shoulder to a nearby table and a wink, followed by kissy lips delivered, "Used ta be that these guys bowed at my passage.." does she miss it? Hard to tell by her tone, ".. Now I am just someone that they used ta know..!" eeewww, old songs.

"Marge?" Well, damn. "Ya, don't look like a Marge. Maybe moouh like a Rhonda, or a Betsy." because names are supposed to make sense for the deranged! "But heck, suwah. Ya need somethin' that calls attention to yoh name though, like Matches has. I mean, who doesn't remembah Matches Malone?" she grinning faintly. "How's the ol' gangsta been? He should get outta the game when he can."

Barbara Gordon has posed:
"Thats what I told my mom, but she don't listen so good." Babs points two fingers at her temple, snapping them together like a pair of scissor, "Sal'right though. Lady makes the name, not the other way around." Glancing with Harley back at the table of toughs, her own look not so much kissy face as Harley's was.

The beer she'd been given is guzzled, if only to keep up with Harley. Can't sit around nursing the same beer for two hours when the Clown Princess is paying actual attention.

"Heh.." She smirks at the very idea of Matches retiring. "I'll bring it up to'em, but I don't see it happening. Ol' bastard will find a way to steal his own funeral."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"They nevah listen." Harley says about mothers. She had her own complicated story with her parents. It even made her frown a touch, guzzling the rest of her beer down before setting it aside, "But damn right. Gotta go out theah and make it happen. Always otha things wheah ya can earn yoh name though. Have ya evah heard about bounty huntin'? That shit is the thing, I even got my license a while back. Money and kickin' ass without it bein' against the law.." the irony of it all. Harley trying to convince 'Marge' to step out of her criminal ways.

"But yea, Matches will just laugh about retirin'. He will retire on his grave, yea.. Or maybe not even then.." Gotham has a way of doing that to people. Criminal or Cop, not much in the middle but the churn.

"Look, ya seem ta know people, and you don't look like the kind that would stab me on a dark alley like these folks back theah would. So if ya find out anythin' about this Paw business let me know." she says, "I am on social media, just send me a poke on twittah oh whatevah."

Barbara Gordon has posed:
"Mmm.." Marge inclines her head, genuinely amused by the irony of the conversational turn this interaction with Harley has taken. The last time the two had spoke it had been Babs questioning Harley's turn away from the life... nevermind that Marge wasn't even a real person, it really hit home how far the clown princess had come.

Heart warming in a strange way.

The empty glass is set down on the bartop as Marge hops off the stool backwards. "I'll keep my ear to the ground, sure." Smoothing out her dirty old leather coat around her jeans. "An' give you a poke on twitter if'n I need to get in touch with you. Bloodypompoms." Snap point, big grin.

"It's been educational, Harley. Truly so."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Oooo, you're a fan!" Harley replies when Gordon mentions her twitter handle. That does puff her ego! And even brings a wider grin out of her. "Good ta have met ya, Marge. I will be seein' ya. Also, if Matches starts gettin' handsy let me know. I can go and break a few o' his fingers for ya." right back to being a violent clownette person!

She twists on her bench to look at the departing Gordon, giving her a salute in farewell with a couple of fingers before looking at the rest of the bar.

"Alright folks! Lets get some music goin' on this joint befoouh I get bored and violent!"

Maybe Ron would need to pay up for a new wall again afterall ....