4940/Falling Sky: The Roxxon Connection

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Falling Sky: The Roxxon Connection
Date of Scene: 30 January 2021
Location: A Roxxon building.
Synopsis: Selene meets Han at one of the Roxxon buildings while Elektra infiltrates the place. Revelations are made about what Black Sky truly is and Han finally gets what he deserves.
Cast of Characters: Elektra Natchios, Selene Corvinus

Elektra Natchios has posed:
A plan had been formed when Selene and Elektra had met Han at the Gala at the Rubin museum of Art. One that was perhaps different from the one Elektra had envisioned, but then again plans seemed to be thrown out of the window where the two of them were concerned... And this one? Well, hopefully it would be able to go to port. A few days had passed since then, Elektra busying herself preparing for what would be an infiltration into one of the Roxxon buildings in New York. A rather secure one, but if all went well they'd receive a call soon for a meet..

Han had been intrigued with Selene afterall. Or so he said on the phone. He was curious about the type of security she did, and had arranged a meeting (during the night) for them to discuss further, at his offices. Matters of security, and what both their companies could help one another. It was all very professional. But it's hard to figure out intent on the phone. It could very well be a trap too.

Elektra was finishing to dress up, skin tight black suit, padded with some reds on shoulders and bracers. She had been getting a few electronic thingamajigas for this purpose too, their intent to help her break into the place from an alternative place while Selene went through the front. Optimally, with her info, it would be enough for Elektra to break in.

"It might very well be a trap." Elektra is saying, tightening a leather bracer around one arm. "But we will be in communication all the time. So if anything happens, do scream." a smirk appearing on the assassin's lips.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Having a change of pace in her life wasn't exactly something that Selene was against! Not that she didn't maintain her responsibilities as the leader of the Death Dealers, with her whole purpose of being in the US related to training the New World Coven's forces.

But that's what the day time hours were for, training, which took place at the Coven's facilities. She'd arranged this appointment for the evening, and the great thing about Winter is that the sun goes down much earlier than in the summer months, at least here in the United States.

Dressed in her black leather motorcycle jacket, with a pair of black leather pants on fitting her fine form quite snugly, Selene additionally has a white blouse on beneath the jacket and a pair of heeled shoes. Her hair is tied up on the crown of her head in a bun with a pair of loose strands framing her face to give her a casual-professional look.

A sly grin shows to Elektra as they prepare for this 'meeting'. "Screaming isn't precisely my forte. But if it comes to that... hopefully you're the first to hear it." She didn't have any weapons on her, as getting through Han's security wouldn't really allow that, but she did have faith in Elektra being a very capable weapon to come to her aid, should the need be.

"This should be fun." Selene adds with a sly smile before separating from the other and moving off to find where Han wishes to hold their meeting.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Elektra passes a rather small electronic device to Selene while they are getting ready, "Put it in your ear. It will keep us in contact with one another." and really, that was quite the piece of electronics. "Shouldn't get picked up on metal detectors too. Unless their security is a lot higher than I expect. But what are the odds, right?" an amused little smirk creeping up to her expression. Danger was Elektra's middle name afterall..

She notes the leather jacket. Similar to the one she was wearing before too! "Lucky jacket?" she asks, a meaningful look on her expression but then she adds, "It fits you." she finishes getting her bag full, a couple of weapons, including a couple of guns. These ones most likely meant for Selene. Elektra can be so considerate sometimes! But now it was time to get going..


The meeting was set to be at one of the Roxxon buildings in the city, not the main one unfortunately. Elektra *still* had a way into that one. It was instead a newer building, and to which she didn't have all the security specs of the place, which made it a lot harder to go in without tripping an alarm or another..

"If you can, have him show you the kind of security you could expect out of Roxxon, maybe have him show you the more protected places in the building, that would be where what I am after should most likely be at." She says when they arrive at the place. Tall, lit up, ominous. A roxxon building alright. Ahead the entrance doors awaited. As for Elektra...

"I will find an alternate route in. Be careful will you? You are not the damsel in distress type and I am not the shining knight type either." and off she goes.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
The electronic device is given a once-over before it's put in to her jacket and Selene's eyes look over the garment that's commented on. It makes her grin lightly again. "Not as lucky as my other, but it would be less appropriate in this instance. Plus, it keeps getting referred to as a 'Matrix' jacket." She sighs dramatically at that and looks off to the horizon. "Someday I'll have to watch that film..."

The building that they arrive at is given a once over, but an exterior look at a building like this only yields so much. "I'll do my best. These sorts of arrangements can be... tricky. Especially since he's seen me with you already, he'll be likely quite cautious to put much trust within me. I'll... charm him." She shows another quick smile again before they start to part from one another.

"You be safe as well. It goes both ways." She tells her friend, showing her naother light smile before parting ways prior to being 'at' the building so as to not be seen together.

Selene starts to walk casually, like any other New Yorker, even if she's dressed in a lot of black leather, and... well... yeah, looks as she looks! She makes her way to the building, even offering friendly smiles to those who make eye contact with her on the way.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"That makes two of us.." About having to watch the Matrix.. And two people sharing the same space that haven't seen the Matrix? Must be one of the rarest sights! But there they go... Still, with the kind of lives they lead who can blame 'em. Elektra offers one last sharp nod at Selene and then disappears in the shadows, making her way off and around the building... She may not know the alarms, but she knows there are side entrances for staff.. It's all a matter of finding them...

Selene does get quite the looks from the few people out here tonight, including the security guards who are here to receive her. Tall, imposing. Apparently trained too. Clearly pros. Just behind them is a smaller woman but not looking any less dangerous, sharp gaze on an oval face, dressed in a pantsuit, all very professional. She bows respectfully. "Welcome, Ms. Corvinus. My name is Jinhao, I am glad you could join us tonight. Mr. Han awaits you." a gesture with her hand for the woman to go with them, she beginning her way to the doors. They open, giving way to an expansive hallway, cameras strategically placed along with a metal detector.

"If you do not mind.." she gestures for Selene to go through it.

Elektra's voice is heard, << Let me know about security measures if you can. >>

Besides the cameras there appears to be fingerprint scanners on a few doorways, along the elevator, which is where Jinhao leads Selene to next, thumb on the scanner and the doors opening. She steps in. Along with the two security guards when and if Selene does walk into it!

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene's general air and approach toward everyone she meets is to show them all soft smiles, to give the sense of being a 'happy' person for those who greet her, look her in the eyes and establish initial impression with her.

She speaks softly, respectfully, using her smooth voice to her advantage if-possible as well. Jinhao gets the bulk of this, as she's the one who directly interacts with her the most. "It's a pleasure." Selene initially tells her as they meet, and start to walk together. She doesn't hide her looking at the security measures in the building either, in fact she openly makes sure people see her looking at the cameras, or glancing at the print scanners maybe a little longer than the average person might.

Hearing Elektra's request, it takes her some time before she reacts to it though.

"Jinhao?" Selene finally questions as they walk together. "I'm not sure if you're aware, but I'm in the security business. I'm curious to know, as an employee here, do these hallway cameras, finger print identification checkpoints at the doorways, and elevators.. feel as though they're 'enough' security for such a high value place as this?" She waits a second, then summons up another sweet smile upon her pale pink lips.

"What I'm really getting at, if it were up to you, would there be any parts of the building's current security that you'd like to see... improved? Not that you need to tell me any specific weak points, that would be rude of me to even consider asking. I'm speaking more in a generalized sense, something that I might be able to help bring to your employers attention, sparing you from such a conversation."

It's a somewhat odd approach, but not entirely without foundation!

Selene boards the lift with the entourage escorting her.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Jinhao, for her part, has a faint smile on her lips but it doesn't quite reach her eyes though Selene's overall demeanor does appear to ease her some. The questions though bring up a thoughtful mmm from Jinhao. "Mr. Han is the one that could talk more about this. I am merely help. But, so far they have been sufficient. We also have special keypads for staff, but they don't offer access to the more sensitive floors." she explains.

<< Good job. >> Is the reply on the comms from Elektra. A brief grunt is heard on comms a moment later. Is she fighting someone?! Or maybe just doing Elektra things....

Jinhao is silent for a bit while the elevator doors close and the slow ascension begins, "More security in terms of men perhaps." she says, "And honestly, laser trigger defenses I understand are quite safer than these fingerprint system we use." a brow arching, "But we have never had a security breach so far.." the woman assures Selene.

A 'ding' is heard and the elevator doors open, "Please, go ahead. Mr. Han expects you." she gestures for Selene to leave the elevator first before she does the same.

Ahead a large office room is seen, Han standing with his arms behind his back in a relaxed posture, waiting for Selene to approach. There is a smile on his features, head slightly turned and favoring the cheek that doesn't have the scar.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene just holds a light smile as she listens to the woman's rundown on the security situation in the building. She doesn't offer any responses to it though, as she knows that this woman isn't really capable of doing much about it, that's all reserved for Han himself.

"Well that is very good." Selene says with regard to there having been no break-ins or security breaches in their system. "But there's always room for improvements, so I've come to learn."

Her eyes go to the elevator doors then as they arrive at their given destination. Elektra's words, and exclamations are heard over their shared comm, but aren't responded to in any way.

Instead Selene just simply strides in to what appears to be Han's own office level of the building, her heeled shoes impacting on the floor as she moves with a confident stride... and maybe a bit of an exaggerated sway to her hips... there's a goal here, after all!

Selene approaches, and transfers her tablet computer from her right hand to her left, then simply offers him a respectful bow. "Mister Han." She says. "It is very good to see you again." She tells the man, her voice sultry and smoldering as-ever.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
<< Not yet at least. >> Elektra says with perhaps a bit of a smug tone on the comms, about the 'no security breaches'. And she appears to be enjoying herself. But maybe not a surprise. These thrills do get Elektra's blood boiling afterall. << Moving past the staff rooms. Can you tell me the floor you are at? >> The sign on the elevator did show 10th floor.

"Welcome, Ms. Corvinus. I am so glad we could meet again after the other night." And yes, the man isn't blind. He does take a look at that hip sway attentively. It's not as if he hadn't taken a look back at the gala too. But then there was that 'pesky' Elektra nearby distracting him. Now he has the time to appreciate. And even smile more genuinely. "Specially in a more private setting without ..." he trails off. Everyone in that room knows who he means..

<< He just loves me.. >> a comment from Elektra.

He takes a step forward to more properly receive the Vampire into the room, reaching to take Selene's hand if she allows to do quite the chivalrous greeting, knuckles brought close to lips but never kissing. He leads her to a seat and then moves over to his own chair.

"Last time we met you told me you were in the security business. It intrigued me, for we do a lot of the same here at Roxxon and a few other places I consult at. A partnership seemed to be as the natural next step."

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene, of course, lets the man take her hand to place a kiss upon it. She stands before him with a smile-- at his kindness --and more-so at what she hears Elektra commenting.

"Ten floors off of the ground, and an office entirely of your own?" Selene comments, giving a quick look around them before putting her eyes back down upon him. "I'd say that's rather private, yes." She lets a grin play across her lips for a moment then.

She does do a small 'awww' though at the talk of Elektra. "She's not so bad, is she? Though, I'll admit, I know nothing of your past with her and I'd be rather much a large liar if I didn't say I'm melting with curiosity over it all. I... have only known her for a few months now myself. She's a good fighter, and has been paid to train some of our security personnel."

Selene's hand is taken back then to place it over her lap over her tablet computer, her thumbs together now. "My father was a software engineer, specializing in security programs. He was my gateway in to this business... so to speak. I'm from Hungary, originally. We were responsible for the security of many locations in Budapest." She pauses then. "Though, I've done quite a lot of traveling, which I imagine you can gather from my... flavorful accent."

That last part is certainly true, Selene's accent is a mixture of a lot of European regions.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Of course. In this world and age.. Who doesn't long for some privacy?" The man says with a knowing look, his eyes having no qualm about watching the woman more openly now that they are alone. At least in a superficial manner because Sel's senses can pick up Jianhao on the other side of the door, waiting. Just in case anything goes wrong. They do take security seriously here. That's for sure..

<< Tenth floor. I wonder if what I want is up there.. >> Elektra seems to be done with whatever 'trouble' was in her way, her breathing now slower when she speaks.

When Selene speaks of knowing Elektra for a few months Han lifts one eyebrow. "I am surprised she hasn't backstabbed you yet. It doesn't usually take too long. But ..., yes. At least in that she has qualities, she has always excelled where it came to killing."

<< That's not all he said I excelled in when we met in the past. >> Now Elektra is teasing. Give it to her to be like that in these more tense situations. But then again danger seems to fuel this assassin, always a dangerous dance that she does between life and death.

Han takes the talk about Selene's own expertise and some of her story to change the subject from Elektra. Clearly he is a lot more interested in Selene. Maybe *this* one won't backstab him. "It does, yes. Hungary? I had been trying to place it." he says with an easy smile, settling back on his chair, hands together on his lap. "Is that where your expertise lies too? In security programs? Depending on how robust the security you can offer is there could be a deal in the future for us. We have had ...., breaches in the past." a small frown on his expression.

<< Is this a bad time to tell you I broke into a Roxxon building a few months ago? >>

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene comes from a world where getting what you want done, is a lot more... straight forward. This is like a fanciful spy novel, she's loving it. A light smile plays across her lips for Han's enjoyment, though it's there primarily due to Elektra's commentary.

The tall Vampire takes a moment to look around the office before she settles in to a seat across from Han, her hands going to rest atop her leather covered knees. She holds that smile for Elektra, directed at Han, and stares right upon him with an unwavering confidence.

"I don't think I have anything that Elektra desires, so there's no reason for her to even consider stabbing me from behind." She says quietly to that conversation topic before he switches on to another, knowing full-well that Ele can hear everything they're both saying.

"I am not in the software side of the business, no. I was trained in the Hungarian army, hand to hand and small arms are my specialty. Though I do employ some of the best software people in the world. I'm not one to... boast... about our work though. I tend to simply do the work, and let it speak for itself." She says that in a suggestive manner, because it's just to much fun.

Elektra's last comment about breaking in to a Roxxon building has Selene looking away from Han for now, a light huff of a laugh slipping out between her pale pink lips as her brown eyes go to where Jianhan is position on the opposite side of a doorway from them. "Your assistant said that you were, how do the American say it, 'pitching a perfect game'?" Selene then asks, looking back to Han. "She'd told me that there'd been no infiltrations here-- unless you're referencing a different location from this one?" She tilts her head very gently after asking this of him.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
<< A few things I desire do come to mind ... >> Is Elektra's inevitable quip at Selene's talk about not having anything Elektra desires, << Might want to start getting ready for my inevitable betrayal. >>

Han inclines his head at Selene when she speaks, clearly pleased. He does seem to enjoy the confidence the woman is showing. When she speaks of being trained in combat it has Han quirk a brow. "I see. I thought otherwise. My apologies. But you are someone that shows and does not tell, I can respect that." secrets. Yes, Roxxon and the Hand were quite adept at it. It's not as if the ticks of a fighter weren't present in Han too, the calloused hands, the athletic build, that of a fighter.

"My assistant speaks a lot." This part said in a slightly higher tone. Perhaps for said assistant to hear on the other side of the door. "But you are right in your assessment. I speak of another building. One where part of our operation was jeopardize, but we have picked up on the losses and carried on. It is of little concern." he brushing his hand in dismissal. "What *is* of my concern though, is making sure it does not happen again. By increasing security but also on getting my hands on the culprit."

No quips out of Elektra now. In fact it's all very silent. Is she fighting again?

"Maybe .., if I showed you what we want to protect from prying eyes you would understand why we care so much about security?" He gestures, starting to get up to his feet and inviting Selene to do the same. There is a ..., eagerness to him though. Something may just be off here.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
That initial reply from Elektra has Selene showing another grin, and releasing another soft exhale of amusement. Though outwardly, Han will likely take it as a reaction to his comment about his assistant possibly misleading her, or giving her an incorrect impression.

"You've nothing to apologize for, I promise you that." Selene says, even though she's not sure of that one bit! "I knew going in to this line of work, I'd be dealing with a lot of questions of loyalty. It's been a process, of making sure people both respect me as a leader, and be given clear examples of how I'm more than capable at what I do..."

As Han goes in to further explaining, Selene is as Elektra is, and remains silent. She's listening, and assuming Ele is as well with the silence on their comm.

When he speaks of the 'reason' for all of this, and moves to stand, Selene's eyes follow his form as he raises up before she moves to do the same, her hands flat upon the front of her leather covered thighs, raising up as she stands back again to her full height upon her heeled shoes.

"You've peaked my curiosity now." She tells the slightly shorter man, her hands now at her sides as she offers him a half-grin. "I'm eager to see what you're referring to, and if possible, I'd be more than happy to help find ways to protect your interests."

A quick glance is given around the office area they're in before she looks back to him. "I have been studying what security elements I can pick out though, and I will say, you have put together quite an operation here. I imagine there is a lot more to it all, behind the curtain, so to speak."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"I am certain I have.." Peaked Selene's curiosity, that is. Still, that smile on his lips is .., off. There is something he isn't telling. Or sharing. Maybe Elektra has been compromised? No, Selene would probably had heard the communication, no matter how low it was relayed on a communicator if Han had one. "Let no desire of yours be unfulfilled tonight." okay, now the man is flirting. Can anyone blame him though?

The man walks around the table and gestures for her to go with him, opening the doors and walking to the elevator. Jinhao and the two security officers already await.

"Jinhao, warn security. We are going underground. Security protocol Black Sky." The man says. Jinhao simply nods sharply, speaking towards her communicator. They get into the elevator and start to go down...

"There is always a lot more behind the curtain than what is shown. Smoke and mirrors.." Han says, "That's always been part of our beliefs. Show something to our enemies while we circle and come for the kill unexpectedly." just a liiitttle bit of viciousness on his tone there. The elevator stops on the fifth floor, a few more people coming in, these ones dressed in a bit differently. Dark tunics, hoods up and covering features. "Some extra security considering where we are going." Han explains about the new figures.

And now the elevator is quite crowded, an ominous tension settling in... Was there a flash of familiar red leather on one of those figures though?

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Flirting was certainly something Selene was entirely used to doing, especially when she was trying to get something she wanted. In this situation, what she wanted was more access, more insight, in to all of this mysterious place. America was a fascinating place, to say the very least, what with all the strange under-dealings going on in the urban sprawling cities of it's eastern shores.

Han's flirtatious retort just has her grinning more openly. He's good at this, fun even. She might like him, under different circumstances. "Good to know." She softly replies as she starts to walk where he indicates. Her eyes dart to the security before she boards the elevator.

"Another elevator ride, mm?" Selene asks, boarding and looking about again without hiding it because she sees no reason to do so. Plus she wants to give further updates to Elektra, where and how she can.

Selene occupies the center of the lift, with her hands in front of her lap right over left. As more security join them on the ride, Selene notes their attire and does indeed catch the possible hint of one of them being the Assassin she'd come here with tonight. She just smiles, though the smile is aimed at Han.

The Vampire remains quiet, for now. No need to babble in instances like this!

Elektra Natchios has posed:
None of the others speaks either. Not Han, or any of the various people here. At least not verbally. But intention can be gleaned if one pays attention. The way they /squeeze/ something harder under the tunic, most likely a weapon. Or how another figure tenses their shoulders. It's a teltale sign they are getting ready to fight if so needed.

The elevator reaches the bottom with a 'diiing' but the doors do not open. The rest of them remain still, as if this was just normal.

"Ms. Selene." Han then speaks up, gentler than what the situation would imply. "I may not have been entirely honest with you. You see, I do not believe the connection you have with that ..." he controls himself to not call her something bad, "..., woman, isn't as simple as you refer. Specially if you have known her for months. And we do not take risks in our trade." the man says with finality.

It's the kind of finality that has people start drawing out weapons, "We were hoping to attract her here tonight, but maybe we will just have to take the truth out of you."

The handle of a knife is pressed against Selene's hand, clearly someone passing her a weapon!

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Generally speaking, when you're in an enclosed space with a bunch of people who very clearly are designed to fight people they don't like, you shouldn't be so certain that you're safety isn't in-question. Selene was realizing this. They were surrounding her with their soldiers and she was already feeling the 'squeeze' of the impending threat to her well being.

Though the hard presence of the knife's handle touching the side of her palm does get a curling of her fingers up around the base of it to clutch it within her grasp. Han's words cause Selene's eyes to look away, to the front of the lift, and then raise up toward the ceiling like she's resigning herself to her fate here-in.

"I assumed as much." She says back. "A 'hazing ritual' is not all that uncommon in these types of circles, after all." She states, with her eyes up toward the lights shining down from the ceiling of the elevator. "Of course, what is uncommon..."

Selene's stare comes down, and her brown eyes have shifted from dark pupils to the silver-blue tone, her skin looks more pale, and her 'fangs' are showing. "Is someone like me." She finishes her thought, her black hair framing her deathly intense glare at Han.

Her reaction comes. She charges the man to her left and presses her knife up against his throat. She gives Han a split second to try to see reason, but if they attack? She'll slit the guard's throat and move to defend herself!

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Han may be a lot of things. But he is no fool. His eyes widen just so in surprise at noting the unnatural gleam on Selene's eyes, the fangs.. The way she moves, fast and taking one of the security guards way more easily than he was expecting. The rest of them are continuing to move, blades flashing... One with a gun.. In close quarters that can be deadly for someone normal.. But at the last moment Han lifts up a fist.

The attack ceases, the gambit taken by Selene apparently having worked. Han squints his eyes, thoughtful. "When I thought you were out of the game you return with quite the hand. Very well, Selene." He even manages to say that without his voice trembling. He still thinks he has the upper hand but ..., there is an unknown factor now..

A very low snort is heard from the 'acolyte' next to Selene. Clearly that one doesn't seem to agree with the cease of hostilities. But then again she has always been more bloodthirsty than Han. Not that Elektra isn't curious on what might be revealed next..

The man presses a button on the elevator, the doors starting to open. It's dark within, just a few spots of light here and there leaving much to the shadows to claim. In the center though there is a large 'box'. Or is it a coffin? It has chinese writings on the side..

"Let me show you what we have on Black Sky." He gestures for them to step out.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene had no doubt that she could tear through all the men in this elevator, especially with one of their numbers infiltrated by Elektra... it would be a blood bath. Would they receive mortal injuries in the process? Maybe... but they'd still take most of these men down with them.

Han makes the right choice, at the very right time, to preserve his own life. Unlikely he really cares about these men anyway.

Selene holds on to the one in her arms though, irregardless of how Han truly feels about him... it serves a purpose for now. She holds the knife Elektra had given her right up against the man's stomach, ready to spill his innards if needs be. Her head rests over his right shoulder, her blue eyes upon Han, her fangs visibly poking out from beneath her upper lip as she holes her mouth just partially open.

"Nothing I've told you is precisely untrue, Mister Han." Selene says in a sultry, husky, tone of voice. "I've merely neglected to fill you in on every little detail, that you're not ready to hear."

The man in Selene's arms is clenched-up, shaking with fear. He knows this woman holding him isn't normal, she's far too strong to be a normal woman of her body size, and he's more than smart enough to realize this.

When Han opens the door and indicates they're moving on with the 'show', Selene just nods to him and the others. "Go then, we'll be following you." She says, apparently about herself... and her shield.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Things have certainly taken a turn to the unexpected. At least where it comes to Han and his people. That the woman has some kind of powers, and that she somehow has a blade... But how did she get a blade in through security? He frowns but sets that aside for the moment, he has more important things to consider! Like his life... Until the upper hand can be gained again.

"As you should." Han says with a brief nod, "Noone ever shows their true hand, do they?" the man takes a step out of the elevator, the other security officer along, holding his gun and up towards Selene and the shield. His grip trembles just so, clearly the more mundane type of security, not used to .., those different. The acolytes seem calmer, stepping out and moving to stand around Han so as to keep him protected, the same happening with Elektra, moving to stand to the man's left. Now within reach!

"Will you tell me *why* you came to visit me then? Or am I not ready to hear that yet either..?" his tone a bit amused now that he gained some distance, and has his loyal cohorts with him!

Is he trying to gain time with it?

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene waits for them to filter out of the elevator, only putting her eyes on Elektra when she goes with the rest so as to not visually indicate singling her out for any unusual reason. Her stare doesn't linger long on the other before she looks toward Han and takes her turn to step off the lift with the Acolyte in her arms.

Selene doesn't respond to the initial words from Han about showing her full hand, as there's not much to say to that. What she does do is take a second moment to look around their new area to assess the place, to file its intricacies (or lack there of) in to her mind, just in case.

Han's follow-up words, his question, return her gaze to him. It takes her a second to reply, but when she does she speaks cool and calm as ever before. "My people are new here, to this country. We're always establishing new contacts. Your friend, Miss Natchios, was an example of this. That night at the party? You intrigued me. You appeared to be another opportunity for my people to gain a deeper foothold here, in this absurd city."

The Vampire pauses, then her body loosens on the Acolyte she holds. She suddenly releases him and shoves him toward his brethren. The knife in her hand is spun in her palm and held blade-out now...

Selene just stands there, her long legs apart, her hands at her sides, her eyes on all the men (and Elektra!) in front of her. "I'm here for profit. Like everyone else in this world."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
The place appears to be a vault of sorts for old relics. Some old-looking pottery, closed crates, a sword here or there looking ancient. And of course, that large container or ..., coffin.., on the center, chinese words on the side. As for what they say? A mystery for now. But Elektra's interest appears to have been peaked, the hood having turned slightly in that direction and her attention there for a few long moments. This most likely is related to what she is here to do..

Selene's senses allow her to see more than just that, specially the three other ninjas lurking within the room. Near impossible to see if it wasn't for those unnatural eyes that can pierce the dark. They are closing in ..., slowly...

Han lets out a low chuckle when Selene calls New York an absurd city. "I couldn't agree more. But there's opportunity here, as I am sure you know. And we are of a like-mind. We also wish to set our foothold here ..., once our primary mission is achieved." a beat, "Black Sky."

The acolyte is received by Elektra. She holding him and turning the man over so he stands to also protect Han. (or is it a shield?)

Han then smiles further when Selene mentions profit. "A mercenary." a nod, "We can pay you. Handsomely. Along with setting an alliance with your people. The price? Bring me Elektra."

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene's silver-blue stare goes to the coffin in the room, she notes the Mandarin inscribed upon it, but her talents with that language are rudimentary as she has not ever spent a lot of time in China.

The approach of the other Ninjas is noticed, it's tracked, their smell permeates the air dwn in this makeshift 'tomb' as well. But her eyes go back to Han.

"Black Sky." Selene repeats, having heard this a number of times up to this point.

"Elektra." She then says, her gaze going across to the coffin once more, letting those two spoken elements linger for a few seconds.

"For what possible purpose?" She asks, her stare going back toward Han. "This is starting to feel far more familiar to me than I thought possible, yet something is still off about it all. What good would Elektra serve you in this place? She's a formidable foe to have made, Mister Han."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Black Sky is a weapon." Han replies simply, gesturing with one hand. "One we have been looking for in a long while. We have ..., theories. And some involve our .., 'friend'.." then he shaking his head, "And while she may be formidable she cannot go against the full might of the Hand. By her nature she always ends up betraying those who she may call allies, which means she often finds herself alone. And considering what I saw .., you may very well be able to beat her."

"I am sure you can see the advantages of joining in with us instead of standing by that woman's side. You know where the true power is. So do you accept?"

Elektra's shoulders are tensing and the hood has turned back from the 'coffin', to be on Selene, then on the surroundings. A flash of steel that Selene can see as a blade sloooowly starts to come down a sleeve to her hand...

The three ninjas on the sides continue to approach, step by step, dark blades out.. As for the man that Elektra caught on Selene tossed him forward.. He is just finishing to compose himself. But then looks over his shoulder. Did he spot something odd about the 'acolyte' that caught him? This didn't seem like one of the usual acolytes!

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Han's summation of this situation?

It doesn't really draw any reaction on to Selene's face, not her exterior self. Her interior self is.. dismayed at all of this. She knew Elektra's life was complicated like hers, but this was... eeriely similar in just how 'fucked' it ran.

"Mmm. Vague, but intriguing." Selene replies finally as her eyes do note Elektra's motions, eying her as though she's simply eying all the visible Acolytes.

"I will do what I can to make sure Elektra is delivered right to you, Mister Han." The Vampire adds with a sincerity to her voice. The inner irony not lost on her, of course.

"You would be wise to instill some trust in to me, however, and call the rest of your guards out of the shadows they're hiding in." This play is taken out of curiosity. Those creeping Ninjas are looking for a foothold in advantage over HER most likely, and she's curious to see if Han will honor the request, or feign ignorance toward it.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Han lifts a brow, quite the poker face, "Other guards? These are for my safety." he gestures to the acolytes around him. He is a damn good liar, if only Selene hadn't seen them already! Of course that he left his answer very vague too.

"Do what you can isn't exactly a very formal way to do business. How do I know you won't simply turn tail and tell Elektra about what you uncovered here?" he shakes his head, "I would need some assurances.."

What kind of assurances? That part never comes because the acolyte that was glancing over his shoulder opens his mouth to say something. Call the alarm? Point out the impostor? Noone will ever know! And why is that? Because a sharp Sai protrudes from behind the man's chest, piercing him through the heart and spraying blood all around...

And then all hells break loose..

Selene Corvinus has posed:
It was wise of Han to suspect that Selene's allegiance was more aligned toward Elektra, because it was. She wasn't really trying /terribly/ hard to convince him otherwise, because she was more of a 'take it or leave' it type with regard to her word, and the offers she gives.

But there's no opportunity given to really try and reassure the man's worries, because... well.

"She's here." Selene says dryly as the sai is sent through the back of one of the Acolytes, and Elektra has chosen to strike. She also does tarry when it comes to now moving in to aid the other, rushing toward one of the men turning to engage with Elektra and moving to counter his weight, to toss him with her arm and hip across the room!

"Rest assured!" Selene adds in a louder tone of voice before turning to face Elektra and throw the knife in her hand toward the face of the Acolyte coming up behind her!

Elektra Natchios has posed:
It's a scramble for weapons, the acolytes starting to draw out their blades with that familiar *swing*, the two bodyguards taking the safety off on their guns... One of them has his weapon levelled on Selene and prepares to shoot, one step forward, weapon ready. He squeezes the trigger..

The man Elektra took out just falls forward. That one won't be a bother anymore, nor snitch about Elektra being here. The woman's hood falls back from her head, revealing the darker skin, the long black hair, murderous eyes ready to take out everyone in this room.. (well, maybe not everyone).. "Thank you for your hospitality, Han." she says, starting to turn towards him... Just to see that blade going past near her head and lodge itself on the creeper coming up behind her. The acolyte falls back down with a thud, Elektra's gaze briefly going to Selene and she dipping her head in thanks.

Han takes a step back. "Kill her. Kill them both!" he hisses. The two acolytes left step forward to meet Elektra, while the three that were on the shadows now start to dash forward. Elektra takes out one of the acolytes in front of her, dodging under his blade and driving her blade through his neck. There's no pulling punches here, she appearing all out to killing these people..

Lastly, Jinhao steps forward towards Selene, small knife in hand, moving with those practiced steps of a martial artist. "You won't leave this room alive." she hisses.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
The gunmen are the obvious largest threat in the moment, and though bullets by themselves don't necessarily scare Selene, she doesn't /want/ to be shot. Thusly her tremendous speed is put to use here, her heeled feet carrying her across the space between them (she hates fighting in heels!)

The first gunmen's shot rings out in the room, but Selene's hand intercepted his own, meaning his gun fires off toward the floor! The echoing *BANG* bounces off of everyone and everything, before another comes from the gun...

This time, the gun fires with Selene holding his arm up and aimed at the other guard with the gun! She forces the man to fire twice at his own associate, before she turns to look at the man she's pressed up against, holding the gun-arm of. A split second of 'Oh Hello' stares are shared before Selene just bends his arm back unceremoniously snapping the bone, and shoving the man away as he starts to shout in dire levels of paaaain!

She's got his gun now too.

Only as she turns, Jianhan is upon her! The knife in the woman's hand is sliced at the gun in Selene's, causing it to spiral out of her grasp! NO MORE GUN AGAIN!

Selene exhales, her stare upon Jianhan as she gives her threat of never leaving the room alive. It doesn't seem to phase the Vampire all that much, and soon the two women are stepping upon one another, Jianhan taking her stabs, her swipes, her cutting motions to sever Selene's life from her body!

But the Vampire is right there to intercept the strikes, to push them aside and to wait to bide her time.

Jianhan is practiced, she's skilled. Selene respects the refinement in her motions... she's earned them, through hard work.

But when a moment of opportunity finally presents itself, the Vampire in black leather, sweeps her body around Jianhan's and mounts her from behind! As Jianhan cries out, Selene's body is wrapped around Jian's back, her legs around the other woman's waist and her arms around her shoulders!

Selene is without a weapon, at least not one of steel...

Her fans sink in to Jianhan's neck and the sounds of the woman screaming fillm the room before the two are left on the ground in a heap of Selene ontop of Jianhan. Until she goes quiet... and Selene sits up, now holding Jian's knife in her hand, the back of her leather sleeve wiping across her lips.

She turns then to help Elektra... if she still needs it!

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Elektra is certainly no vampire, but she still moves fast, motions graceful, practiced with years of killing and non-stop training, a killing machine now hellbent on taking down Han. Once and for all. It's what those eyes seem to tell, the murder in them, dangerous and dark, coupled with a faint smirk. "We are ending this tonight.." she promises.

The acolyte that is left between her and her prize charges in, silent, disciplined. Blade is held high in an aggressive stance. He knows the woman's reputation, the only to take her out is by charging without regards for his own safety.. Elektra appears to respect that when she slips past the attack, pivoting forward in a spin and stabbing the man lightning fast on the chest, over the heart. A quick, clean kill. Deserved..

The man slumps forward without a sound, but it gives enough time for the three in the shadows to approach, two attacking her and keeping her in a stand-off, one in each side as they keep their distance and look for an opening. Elektra doesn't let them though, forcing them to play her own 'dance', lunging forward and kicking one away before tossing her remaining sai to the other. It lodges in the man's chest and he falls..

The third one was nearing Selene but when he sees what she has done to that 'poor' woman ... there is a pause and he takes a step back..

Han has been watching, frown growing as his men are being defeated. And being the 'honorable' man that he is he brings out a gun from his coat, pointing it at Elektra and shooting while she is distracted.

The shot clips her on her shoulder, making her spin and fall with a gasp.

"Next one won't miss, bitch."

Selene Corvinus has posed:
Selene, back on her heels, is walking to reinforce Elektra, watching the woman skillfully handle herself though... she's not sure she even NEEDS the help. At least up to the point where she sees Han, being a filthy rat.

The robed man that had come just in time to see the last of what Selene did to Jianhan, also gets to witness the Vampire step right up to one of the guns on the floor... hook her pointed heel in the weapon's trigger, then kick it up in to the air to grab the weapon by its handle!

Han shoots Elektra.

Selene shoots Han!


The gun goes off and she aims for his stomach, of course this has the guard watching her now rushing to stop HER! She spins the gun around to aim at him and fires it two more times at the man's chest! Once upon a time, Selene was addicted to swords, knives, staffs, and all manner of other melee weapons. But it's 2021 now and she's all about the gunplay, if there are any guns in play!

Elektra Natchios has posed:
The two men fall, the one rushing Selene, now dead with a couple of shots on his chest and Han, with one through the stomach. Most likely deadly if not looked into fast. It also means the shot he was aiming for Elektra goes wide, ricocheting off the floor right next to Elektra's head. His hand trembles, the gun clattering away from his grasp and to the floor as he falls back on his behind. "You ..., should had taken my .., deal." blood on his lips. "We will find you, and your people .., and kill you." threats! Even close to his demise! But Han is a man committed to his cause. The Hand..

Elektra struggles to get up to her feet, gritting her teeth through the pain, uninjured arm reaching to fetch a katana from the ground...

"Remember what I told you.." Han continues, dragging himself across and trying to reach his gun again. It's all about buying time so he can shoot the two women down. And then he will call in for others to tend to his wounds.. "She is a traitor! She will betray you just as eas-..."

A blade ends his talk, piercing him from behind before taking his neck. "That's enough out of you.." murmurs Elektra. Right before stumbling and letting the blade drop from her fingers.

Selene Corvinus has posed:
For Selene, she doesn't have a lot to say to Han. He's 'just a human' and she's watched countless of them come and go through her life, live and die in front of her eyes. She just observes him, listens to him, and watches as Elektra deals with him.

A look around their surroundings is taken in again by the Vampire, that gun held at her side now. She moves to stand beside Elektra, her eyes have gone back to brown-hued pupils. She stares at Han after Elektra 'put him down' and slowly shakes her head from right to left.

Her eyes raise up and she looks over to the other, that playfully faint grin playing across her lips. "He was just about to tell me how you'll betray me. How am I ever to know how you will inevitably stab me in my back, without his insight now?"

She's teasing of course, in that dry sense of humor of hers.

Her eyes look past Elektra then toward the coffin. "I've seen enough chambers such as this one, to know that this tomb offers little of good to anyone. Is this what you've ultimately come here for then?"

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Now that the threats are down Elektra can breathe more easily, with the side-effect of that adrenaline starting to fade and the pain on her shoulder growing. She doesn't scream at the pain or otherwise complain though, eyes now looking around the room slowly.

"I ..., don't know." She really wasn't sure what she was going to find when coming here. And by her expression it appears to be disturbing her greatly. "Seems the more I look into this .., the more questions arise." one hand reaches up and she finds some support on Selene, resting her hand on her shoulder.

"I can't believe that bastard shot me. Couldn't even face me fairly in the end.." But then she shrugging one shoulder, "Good riddance."

And it's not as if Selene's joke about her betrayal goes unanswered, face turning to look at her directly. "I *was* going to betray you, but your help here has bought you a few more days. You are in luck." she teases, giving the other woman a brief squeeze in the shoulder. "Lets get out of here.." she then suggests, "We will probably have Roxxon security prowling around the place soon. I need ..., to figure out my next step.."

Selene Corvinus has posed:
The gun in Selene's hand is put inside of her leather jacket, it conveniently having a place inside it for a gun to be holstered, imagine that. When the gunshot wound is brought up, Selene doesn't hesitate to step up to Elektra and reach for it.

"Let me see it." She says softly to the other while she speaks on what she wants to do next. Leave, apparently, regroup.

After a few seconds of inspecting it, Selene's eyes go over to Elektra's. "Lets go to my place." She offers for the first time. "My people have their own doctors, we can fix this up without taking you to a public hospital where they'll only ask ... irksome questions."

She turns to sidle up beside the Assassin, giving one more look over their surroundings before walking with her back toward the elevator. "Black Sky is a weapon." Selene says. "I'm assuming that is meant in a more... mystical sense of the term. Imbued powers, of some manner."

She casts another sidelong look toward her companion on this mission. "They really don't like you..." She states, airing out a light soft and short laugh then.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
The wound isn't exactly looking great but .., it doesn't seem to have hit any major places. Yet the bullet is still in there. Painful little bugger most likely. The offer to go to Selene's place comes with just an hint of surprise on Elektra's expression. "Trusting me so much after all the talk on betrayal..?" a pause and then she adds, "Ah no, this is the part in which you make me conveniently disappear." she letting out a soft chuckle before a pained sound leaves her lips. The nod she gives after a signal that she accepts..

The assassin starts to walk back to the elevator, picking up her Sais in the way and sliding her back in her sash, "It's not something I know much about." she then admits about imbued powers. "It changes what I thought I was looking for. I knew it was supposed to be a weapon but ..." she shakes her head. ".. not this.."

"Han in particular didn't." She says about them not liking her, "I will tell you the story in the way."

The elevator doors open without ninjas waiting to kill them. Good! It was time to leave this place, regroup and finally find out what this whole Black Sky deal was about.