4945/If You Get Back Up; You're Doing It Right!

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If You Get Back Up; You're Doing It Right!
Date of Scene: 30 January 2021
Location: Pym's Mobile Lab
Synopsis: A lot of ant-splaining.
Cast of Characters: Scott Lang, Hank Pym

Scott Lang has posed:
It was good to finally be out of the Ant-Man suit after being stuck in it for over a day after his latest mishap. Looking once more like just any normal guy, albeit one with a love of dumb shirts (today's was two yo yo's each with a comic speech bubble saying "Yo") he carries the priceless bit of supergenius gadgetry folded over one arm after giving it a good cleaning and leaves the Mansion...and heading right into the Pym Mobile Lab which is usually parked on the grounds. "Hank? You here? I brought it over. Please have pants on Hank," he calls out in a surprisingly deadpan voice. He may not actually be making a joke with that last one as he lays the suit out on a table. Picking up the glove with the 'growth' switch built into it, he glares briefly at the offending button which had caus him so much grief and then drops it with a sigh.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym enters the lab and stares at Scott for a moment. For the record, he has pants on. He huffs and then without warning drops into a fighting stance.

"I think after that display, we both need to do this. Prepare to defend your title 'Ant Man'." Yes Hank has a way of speaking that makes the quotes obvious as well as his grave omission of a hyphen.

That's super equivalent of omiting the -san when you talk to a Japanese person. In Japan anyway.

"Let's go... you snark about me being an old man? This old man can kick your ass."

Scott Lang has posed:
If Scott's eyebrow could go any higher at Hank's posturing it might earn him a pro wrestling contract. "Excuse me? Display? I thought that went pretty well myself. I mean Power Girl didn't snap my wrist and Nadia didn't try to call the police on me...this time," he makes sure to add.

Still not quite sure if Hank is serious or not he does square up with him though. He was hardly the team's best hand to hand fighter but he'd trained with them at least. Then again, so had Hank.

"Come on Hank, you're gonna break a hip playing this game," Scott both warns and taunts all in one go as he circles in the narrow space afforded by the mobile lab.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym doesn't say a word. He just bears in on Scott and then changes it up with a leg sweep. If it succeeds he will continue hostilities. If it does not he will spring back and defend. By his moves and intent Scott might winder whose hip Hank will break?

Manic phase? Depressed phase? Another schizophrenic break? For an Avenger, Hank is a buffet of supervillain origins.

Scott Lang has posed:
"Dammit Hank! Are you actually doing this?!" Scott hollers as he at least is able to back away from the initial charge, sidestepping a bit around the table he'd set the suit on, his hand briefly falling on it. The suit. He couldn't use it without wearing it, well, not for its intended purpose at least. Scott's eyes narrow at Hank.

"Alright fine. Hank...CATCH!" Scott flinging the supergenius's prize invention at his head to try and blind him as he charges for a tackle meant to drive him right back out the lab door outside. Hank was probably smart enough to usually see through such a ploy, but when it was the Ant-Man suit getting flung at him would he resist the urge to catch it?

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym swats the suit aside. The equipment belt catches him on the forehead, drawing blood and causing a momentary pause. Enough for Scott to grab him in his tackle.

Which might be a bad move. Hank links his fingers and brings his hands down in a sledgehammer maneuver, between Scott's shoulder blades. Not the back of the neck. You can kill people doing that. Simultaneously he attempts to bring his weight down on one leg to maintain balance for a knee up. "Hyaaaaaaah!" Ki yell there.

Scott Lang has posed:
"OW! You crazy ass old man!" Scott hollers back, gritting his teeth with arms wrapped around Hank's midsection and his back aching now. Well, fighting dirty had gotten him this far, may as well go all in. He pulls his arms back around and drives both palms into Hank's gut as he straightens up to give himself some space. What he says next REALLY isn't necessary but..."Avada Kedavra!" he yells. Rather than a bolt of death flying into Hank's face though courtesy of the Potter series, it's Scott's own brand of magic. Namely a deck of playing cards flitting at his eyes one after another with a ruffling sound, making sure the floor of the lab is going to require some cleanup one way or another. Of course the cards are all firing from his right hand, while the left is going for a sucker punch.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym huffs as he gets jabbed in the stomach, he had already tensed his abdomen when Scott slammed into him. He attempts to get a wrist lock on Scott's incoming fist and perform a hip throw. Tossing his successor out the lab onto the lawn. "Hyaaaah!"

Scott Lang has posed:
Scott's eyes widen in alarm the moment Hank grabs his wrist, he knows what's coming already. "No! Don't! No no no!" Scott hollers as he feels his feet coming off the ground in one of the most basic and effective moves martial arts has.

Panic sets in, he has to find something sturdy to hold onto and his free hand reaches out...and grabs hold of Hank's full head of hair. Despite being the absolutely ancient age of 40 in a realm where most heroes seem barely old enough to drink there was no receding hairline for Hank. Scott's fingers clamp down and no doubt it was going to hurt like hell as he dragged Hank tumbling after him down the ramp in a graceless heap.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym gets his head twisted around but grits his teeth against the pain and... his foot lands on a discarded playing card. Hank's foot shoots out from under him and he gpes down. Scott already lofted by Hank's incomplete throw lands on top of the scientist. An elbow or knee is driven into Hank's solar plexus. That usually incapacitates a person. Even a black belt. The air is driven from Hank's lungs.

Scott Lang has posed:
Thump, thump, THUMP. So went the roll down the ramp and when it was over and Scott opened his eyes, he was on top and Hank seemed in distress. Fortunately Kamala was not here to write fanfiction about things as Scott looks down, a range of emotions flashing across him. Shocked disbelief, then a momentary crow of victory as he lifts his arms overhead.

"Who's the best...Hank? Hank? Buddy?" Scott's enthusiasm quickly dampened as he notices Hank seems genuinely hurt if not out of it. He lightly taps at Hank's cheeks and looks around worriedly as he climbs off the super genius. "Oh crap crap crap. Alright first aid, I remember this. Pinch the nose and..." Kamala might have a lot more fanfiction to write soon as Scott draws in a deep breath and prepares to go for mouth to mouth.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym says, "Oh Hell no! Ge' off me you big... goof!" With some strength from... somewhere, he shoves Scott away.

Hank struggles to his feet, taking a second try and shrugging off and possible helping hands. He rises, sucking it up. He may even exhale in a moment now.

Hank extends a hand to Scott in congratulations, which if taken will result in Scott being grabbed in a bro hug.

"I didn't say /you/ made the disgraceful display, Scooter. I'm glad you won. You needed it, and you won fair and square." Apart from a fucking playing card. Eh, luck of the draw.

"When you think you're not up to the job remember you beat your predecessor... at least once. And remember, it isn't the number of times you get knocked down, it's how many times you get up that matter." He turns to go back in the lab and sees the lab ants watching. //What are you looking at? ... no he isn't going to eat me. Get back to work.//

Scott Lang has posed:
Scott tumbles back on his ass as Hank gives him the panic-driven shove and after a second smiles and spreads his arms wide. "Hank you're OK! I thought I might have killed ya there for a second I...and what do you mean needed it?" Scott clapping Hank on the back with the hug and then pulling back in obvious confusion, his brow furrowed up a bit. Slowly it seems to dawn on him what Hank is talking about and he lets out a snort and jerks a thumb back towards the Mansion.

"You mean the business at the ice cream party? Hank look, I'm not saying I can't get embarassed. But nothing, I mean NOTHING will compare to my arrest, divorce, and missing my kid growing up for 4 years of her life. Power Girl can bully me till I'm a hundred, Nadia can sass me, even Captain America can make jokes. But if that moment didn't break me you can be sure none of them are gonna do it," Scott assures the super scientist. It honestly sounded like he meant it too as he gives a final playful punch at Hank's shoulder.

"Anyway I'm going back in and find the leftovers, then leave the dirty dishes in Nadia's room so I can hear her scream about it later. Take care of that suit Hank and thanks for caring my man!" Scott sounding, well, as Scott as ever. Being the class clown was never going to depress him for very long.