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Gritty Streets of New York
Date of Scene: 30 January 2021
Location: Rockefeller Center
Synopsis: Sandman robs Tiffanys and some unlikely heroes step in to save the rich people from being robbed... superheroing is odd.
Cast of Characters: Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe, Conner Kent, James Rhodes

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
Today started off absolutely swell for Charlie.

She set off to New York with the credit card that Barbara had given her with an idiolized vision of what shopping in the Big City is like. I mean sure Gotham has cool shops. So does Metropolis. New York though is the one that is in all the movies! 5th Avenue. Time Square. I mean no shopping experience is more documented for teenage consumpation except maybe Rodeo Drive out in Los Angeles and while that trip might be feasible this one is much more likely.

So yeah was going swell until it wasn't.

Why Sandman decided to rob Tiffany's may be a mystery that is never solved. I mean sure the stuff is valuable. Not as easy to flip as hard cash from an armored car or even weapons from some sort of arms deal. Maybe he has a new girlfriend who he wants to impress?

Regardless he totally seeped into the place and knocked over the jewelry floor and was moving away from the cops when Charlie saw what was going on.

Not that she should intervene, but common sense isn't as common as one would hope.

There was a duck around a corner, and the teenager bounced to the Clocktower, dropped her stuff, grabbed her mask and utility belt, and bounced back to Manhattan. She doesn't have her full costume but time is of the essence.

Which is why a small redheaded teenager is perched on a streetlamp hurling ball at Marko while yelling "Stop Fiend!" which honestly is basically making a bad decision as he moves past Rockefeller Center.

It does explode real bright with a flash of thermite and fire though and does get Marko to pause and look over at the Smol Hero in jeans, a sweater, domino mask, and utility belt.

"Ohcrap" mutters Charlie, she is so getting a lecture later.

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner would agree New York is a better place to go shopping. Gotham? The chances to get to the shop without being robbed (or at least pick-pocketed) are pretty bad. Metro? Sure, you have all the shops in nice rows, gleaming and shinny and also kinda sterile. New York has more personality.

Also, New York has the highest super-criminal population of the world. But hey, no place is perfect. Also, the HQ of New York villains is such they still hit jewellery shops in the middle of the day. And some are powerful enough to get away with it despite the hordes of super-vigilantes that patrol the city.

Like Sandman.

Not that Conner knows much about Sandman. Although he still hopes to meet Dr. Octopus some day. Because he likes octopi. (No, really).

Shop alarms and outraged New Yorker swearing brings him quickly to the scene from the nearby pizza place he was checking for dinner. Since his 'uniform' lately is changing the t-shirt to a black one with the bit red S, that takes only five seconds. Not a good secret identity, but he is just a college student, he doubts anyone cares.

And... there is the bad guy. Who seems to be a giant made of sand? Weird. But since he (it?) seems to be looking angrily to the girl on the streetlamp, he move to her side. "Hey," he greets, "Superboy, pleasedtometcha... who is that guy?"

James Rhodes has posed:
Tiffany's? Not on my watch. James Rhodes happened to be in the area, what with his being Tony Stark's bodyguard, and Stark Tower being just a few blocks away, he was on a lunch break getting something from a nearby hotdog cart when the commotion started. The man sighed quietly as the ground started to shake, asking the cart vendor, "What now?" before he turned to look up the street, and saw Sandman pouring out of the jewlery store.

"Police aint gonna be able to take care of that..." he said, before he tapped a couple of buttons on his smartwatch, and, in a flash, the parts of his War Machine armor came flying to encase him. Once his armor was on, he turns on his propulsion and jets up into the sky. "War Machine on station, there seems to be a disturbance near Rockefeller Center," he says over his comms to SHIELD or the Avengers, or whoever it is he's talking to. "Moving to engage."

As he rolls over and starts down towards where Sandman is his sensors spot the girl throwing lightning or fireballs or whatever at the sand colossus. He's soon alearted about a second individual arriving on the scene. Flying. Without assistance, "Did Doc Strange have a kid and not tell us...?" he asks his onboard AI, before he dives in, and attempts to create a diversion to save the two from whatever it is Sandman is about to unleash. He comes to a stop about fifty yards from the villain and turns on his external speakers, "Yo, Sandman. Come and get it." And, to punctuate his taunt, he opens fire with his 3,000 round per minute mini gun, spraying the column of sand with hundreds of rounds of hot StarkTech munitions.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
Indeed Police ain't going to be able to take care of that.

Also it is a fair mistake. I mean she tossed a small bat grenade type object not a fireball but it went off like a small fireball on impact. Also the sad truth is that it is way more likely for a random girl in New York to be throwing fireballs than it is for them to be throwing high tech grenades. Maybe not so sad. Hard to say.

Charlie nearly falls right off that lamp post she was using as a vantgage point when Superboy zips in like that and actually talks to her. "Woah... oh wow!" she recognizes the Red S symnbol and all that. She blinks a couple of times distracted then blushes. "Sandman. Spiderman Villain usually.. as in well he usually swings in to deal with him sometimes. Maybe he is busy... I'd love to meet him. He is ... uh made of sand I guess... I am not entirely sure how you fight sand..."

Her head pivots towards the taunt though as Warmachine lets loose with a whole lot of bullets... "I'm.. not sure..." she notes alarmed.

The alarm is merited. I mean the initial salvo of bullets does distract Sandman from staring at Superboy and Misfit and he even staggers a step in the direction of the stream of lead. The problem is the stream of lead just starts to pass through him as he becomes less hard packed sand and more pourous sand, spraying the building behind him probably. "What the hell... knockoff Ironman... Knockoff Superman... and whoever she is supposed to be a Knockoff...." Marco yells as he shifts, literally shifting sands towards the heroes. "Knock it off knockoffs!" not the wittiest.

Still he seems to be able to do two things at once, launching two columns of sand that only become rock hard when they get near hitting the two small pods of heroes. Should be noted they do impact with 85 tons of force if they connect.

Charlie eeeeeeps and vanishes from besides Conner in the swirl of incoming and, mixed with some chipper purple and pink smoke, only to reappear coughing on a railing behind Marco "Oh god.. sand.. everywhere.. I need goggles!" blinking away tears she rummages in her belt and lets the other two 'tank' for the moment.

Conner Kent has posed:
"Spidey is cool," agrees Conner. "Okay, sand maybe we could..." at that moment someone opens fire with a machine gun. Loud too. "What the hell? Overkill much?" He turns and blinks in surprise at seeing someone that looks like Iron Man firing a minigun in the middle of Manhattan. "I thought the Avengers were against killing," he comments. To nobody, since Charlie has wisely vanished.

Conner, sadly, is looking in the wrong direction. Since Sandman not only has survived the hundreds of bullets, but hits him with a sand-rock club that sends the young man flying a hundred yards on the air. So much for 'tanking'.

James Rhodes has posed:
War Machine stops firing -- his bullets being rubberized for crowd control and not full on depleted uranium for busting through the hull of a tank -- as Sandman launches the pillars at where the heroes are. He flips up a force shield for himself, and the pillar aimed at him shatters against it.

This isn't War Machine's first rodeo, not even against Sandman. He switches tactics now, moving from bullets to his non-material weaponry. He sends off a salvo of concussive blasts to -- hopefully -- dissapate much of Sandman's cohesiveness. He also moves to close the distance between him and Marko, clearly attempting to make himself the villain's primary target.

"Get the civilians out of the area, now." He says over his speakers, perhaps to the two teen heroes that are also engaged in the fight. "I'll see if I can't take this guy down close up."

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
The concussive blasts are definitely more effective than rubber bullets. There are booms and explosions of sand outward it great gouts.

That said they seem to drift and flow right back into Sandman almost as quick as they are scattered away.

Marco glares and focuses solely on Warmachine since that seems to be where the real opposite is coming from "I said Knock it off!" flowing on a pillar of himself towards the armored hero and bringing both 'arms and hands' in from the sides hard to try to slam Warmachine like a trash compactor. It may hit the shielding but the pressure doesn't let up right now. Also it is a bit like being inside an industrial sandblasting machine as the grit and pourous materials just grind against any shielding with immense force.

Charlie meanwhile spits sand "Guck..." and stops digging in her utility belt "Roger!" she shouts and leaps off the railing moving and squinting at all the sand in the air she starts to hustle civilians as it were away from the fight.

That doesn't stop her from hurling another pellet of some sort as she gets some people inside Rockfeller.

This one explodes with goop that hardens instantly and actually gums up the pillar a bit under Sandman.

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner manages to control his 'flight' at about rooftop level. He gasps, hand on his left side. Ribs cracked? Or just big bruise. No fun in any case. Sandman could also be called Rockman, really.

Since someone mentioned civilians, he does spare a second to scan the area with his enhanced eyesight. Civilians seem safe. Except the usual suspects trying to get everything on their cellphones. Darwin Awards might apply. But at least Sandman doesn't seem to be going for hostage-taking or indiscriminate destruction.

So, instead the half-alien hero dives at nearly supersonic speed and aims to hit the villain full force. Even if he goes all sand, Conner wants to try to use his tactile telekinesis on the sand, which is better done if he is in the middle of it.

James Rhodes has posed:
This ISN'T a pleasant sensation, and, machinery doesn't really work real well when it's clogged up by sand. For now, War Machine seems to be able to handle the pressure, and he gives Marko a few bursts of flame from his wrist flame thrower to keep him honest, but, for now, War Machine seems to be happy to be sandblasted.

He does notice what Charlie throws, gumming up the works, and calls out, "Keep hitting him with that if you have more of it. It will..hopefully..freeze him in place."

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
Every little bit helps right.

Conner comes in like a wrecking ball. A black t-shirt'd with a Red S symbol wrecking ball of super force and Tactile Telekinesis!

Marco goes from fairly solid to pourous after the impact. Which does relent some on the vicelike crushing Warmachine is under. The swirling sandblasting though doesn't stop and is now also sandblasting Conner.

The flamethrowing does Prove Super Effective though. Really it looks like when the tempature hits the sand to glass phase everything gets rather messed up for Marco as the melted clumps of him hit the pavement around Rhodey.

Charlie is still squinting against the sand in the air. There is going to be a lot of work to be done on the exposed windows here and also the street sweeping at this rate. She does hear the loud speaker and dashes along to try to get closer and fling a couple more of the antipersonal nonlethal pellets, managing to explode a couple on him adding to the gumpy glops of glue sand on the ground.

Bit by bit Marco is a bit smaller

Conner Kent has posed:
Sandblasting doesn't work very well on Conner now he is using his telekinesis as a forcefield and to try to 'grab' Sandman (and attempt to keep him contained). Still, his leather jacket is going to end up all torn and shredded, again. He goes through them at an alarming rate.

"And by the way," he grunts, speaking to Marco. "You are under arrest, Sandy," he states. Because someone should inform the guy. "Robbing a shop in the middle of the city in broad daylight? Not smart."

James Rhodes has posed:
Flame thrower on one wrist, plasma torch on the other. It's not so much precision as it is heat to melt the sand that makes up Sandman that War Machine employs to try and detain Marco. "Keep it up, and I think we will have him before SHIELD can get here." Though, at this rate it's unclear if War Machine himself will be able to walk away from the fight as his movements are getting slower, as his machinery gets jammed by grit.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
The sand inside the TK struggles and flows tryng to get out of the mental grip Conner is imposing on it. Notably it is a lot easier to get ahold of with TK than it would be with bare hands so that is a thing.

It is most useful because it is slowing Marco down enough for War Machine to start to apply flame and hot plasma all over the blasting Sands.

A couple more pellets are chucked then Charlie is out "Ruhroh..." she mutters and vanishes as a wave of sand crashes away from Rhodey and Conner.

"MEddling .. HEroes!" Marco says a bit disjointed and the sand starts to try to flow away from Conner's grip and the flames. I mean trickles and streams of sand are hard to chase down, he could well vanish.

James Rhodes has posed:
The sand has seemingly done its work on Rhodey's machinery though, as when he tries to follow after some of the trickling sand to glass it, his joints lock up, and the War Machine tumbles to the ground, frozen. "Damnit!" he grunts from the ground, and then switches to his internal comms, "Gonna need a prybar crew to get me out of the suit again. Yeah. Sand. I TOLD Tony he has to figure a better way to shield against that..."

Conner Kent has posed:
"Yeah, meddling is my second name," replies Conner with a smirk. And then Sandman stops trying to pull him and instead pulls out. That surprises him and he loses grip of most of the sand of Sandman. "Woah, I think this guy is trying to leave," because his second name is actually 'Mr. obvious'.

He pulls out of the sand, using the telekinesis to get rid of it. Sand, it gets everywhere. "Well, leaving... he is a pile of sand; it is not as if he can hide very well, right? Unless he makes it to the beach." Here is hoping.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
Charlie peers after the streams of sand. "Well... or storm drains.." she says in dismay as he seems to be drifting down the various drains as they watch. "At least he didn't get the loot?" glancing over to the various jewelry spilling out of Tiffany's bags ... which cops are approaching now.

Charlie looks back to Superboy "It is so cool to meet you!" enthuses the redhead, then glances at Warmachine "Think the Irondude is okay in there?"

Conner Kent has posed:
"Or... yeah," Conner grumps as the villain manages to escape so easily. The disappointment passes briefly as Charlie shows to be a fan. "Thanks. Who are you? I had not seen you before. But I moved into the city just last year, I don't know half the heroes here yet."

War Machine gets a brief glance. "Sand in the joints, I guess. Nothing some motor oil won't fix, I am sure." He is guessing. But since the man inside is still talking, he doubts the 'meaner' version of Iron Man will explode or anything.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
Charlie holds up a hand and turns away coughing some then spits on the sidewalk. "Ugn... I am really concerned about the whole sand is what he is made of .. I mean I breathed him in.. that is disgusting... I am not okay with any of this..." she shakes off some ... dust everywhere. "How can Spiderman stand this guy.. so gross..."

She sort of trails off and blushes. "Oh hey.. I uh.. go by Misfit. Gotham though not New York. I was here shopping." she sort of helplessly gestures towards fifth avenue over yonder.

Conner Kent has posed:
"Uh, do you want something to drink?" Offers Conner, glancing at the storm drain to see if Sandman is planning to return for his loot. Seems not. "Ah, I have a lot of friends in Gotham and a hangout there. Do you know Rob... er, Red Robin? H's my best friend. I know Orphan a little, too. And Nightwing, too."

"Misfit, uh?" He will have to check with the batcomputer at the Roost. "Nice to meet you, anyway. You can move fast, yes? Or teleport?"

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
"Orphan is teaching me how to fight a lot better. Oracle is um... my mentor I guess you would say.... though I am still pretty new to everything. Spend a good amount of time with Batgirl too. I haven't met any of the Robins yet though I've definitely heard about them." she grins.

She skips a step closer and extends a hand to Conner. "Nice to meet you though, we should hang out again sometime in Gotham then or well uh.. where ever for sure."

The question is considered. "I call it bouncing but.. yeah it is kind of teleporting..." she nods. "It is pretty cool.. humble brag."

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner takes the offered hand for a firm shake. "Sure, get Rob to invite you to his Roost. We have team thing going with Wonder Girl, Impulse and few others. When we are not punching bad guys or training, we watch movies in a cinema theatre screen or just hang out."

He would agree teleporting is pretty handy. It is rare for Gotham vigilantes to have super-powers. For some reason (bat-reason, he is sure). "I think I have heard of Oracle once or twice," he adds, thoughtful. "And yeah, Orphan likes to... teach, kinda." Or more like ambush, everyone, all the time.

Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe has posed:
"That sounds awesome... though I will need to meet him first." she grins and shrugs a bit. "Not entirely sure why I haven't yet to be honest..." will have to ask Oracle about that.

"Orphan is intense... but she is really helping me. Well beating me up but I am getting way better now." she glances at the cops heading this way though. "I um should probably leave it to the Irondude and you all..." she snaps a smart salute at Conner then grins and steps back.

There is a slash of pinkish purple smoke and the teenager is gone. Already back at the clocktower and really looking forward to a shower. Ugn.

Conner Kent has posed:
"Orphan is actually very sweet and... oh yeah, I'll talk to the cops, bye," Conner barely manages to finish the sentence when Misfit vanishes. But he does talk to the police. Most times. He tries hard to follow Superman's rules.