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Badger Badger Badger Badger SPIDER!
Date of Scene: 31 January 2021
Location: Tribeca
Synopsis: Spidey makes a fool of himself and and finds himself a clone.
Cast of Characters: Gabby Kinney, Peter Parker

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Technically Gabby wasn't supposed to be in New York without an escort. Technically that little tidbit had been forgotten for awhile now making sneaking intot he city way easier. She was old enough to be out on her own even if she looked younger than she was due to a little height issue at least. Making her way through the crowds which were thinning out just a tad in the in-between rush hour/dinner crowd and night life crowd, she tries her best not to stick out. Backpack slung over her shoulder in more of a sporty way than a 'school kid' way she rushes across the street just before the light changes. Just in time for the smell of a sidewalk vendor to waft over to her.

A bright grin and empty stomach leads her to the hot dog vendor where she pauses to regard the list of snacks offered. "Okay, serious question don't laugh: What is a corn dog? And can I have three?" She asks as her hand dips down to rummage for money in her pocket.

Peter Parker has posed:
Big Jake, the proprietor, smiled to Gabby. "A corn dog is great with mustard or ketchup..." he began, and that is when the car wheels around the corner a block away.
The car is a big Cadillac Escalade, with some extras not usually seen on these models. Like the chrome rims, the gold trim...and oh yeah, the BIG splotch of some fibrous material on the windshield.

And behind it, trailing on a webline, is Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, using a trash can lid like a boogie board.

Jake looks to Gabby, then says almost idly, "Lemme know if they get close, 'kay?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney just grins bigger when he explains. A new thing to try to check off her list of 'things I haven't tried yet.' She's just about to say they sound great when the screech of the car wheels rings in her ears earning a slight wince, and a little wiggle of her finger in her ear. "Not now," she mumbles to herself.

Jake's somewhat casual request earns a blinking nod as she keeps her gaze on the car veering around the street. "Uh, sure. Doing okay so far?" She reasons as she watches with a mix of curiosity and amusement. If Jake wasn't afraid why should she be?

Peter Parker has posed:
Jake says almost comfortably, "He'd never let anything happen to me. I give him free food..."

The Escalade swerves, angling towards the sidewalk and a few pedestrians there scrambling to get out of the way. Spidey's other arm raises, and he fires a thatch of webbing towards the right front tire.

The tire makes contact and stops, but inertia means the rest of it keeps going. It flips on its side, the roof hitting the concrete base of the lightpole, and stopping abruptly.

However, this also flings Spidey OVER the Escalade and towards a pile of trash about ten yards from Jake's hot dog stand.
Spidey is not worried. One quick webline and...
And, because the Parker Luck has never missed a cue, both web-shooters stop working.

As Spidey flies past Jake and Gabby, Gabby clearly hears him say, "...this is my life now..." as he tumbles past like a set of thrown car keys, landing in the trash, upside-down, his back hitting the wall hard.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
It suddenly all makes sense. Free food means a lot to a person after all, so she nods knowingly. "Looks like it's going across the street anyway--" she begins when the car tire is locked into place. Of course inertia does tend to throw things in a wide swing in the opposite direction making Spidey's arrival not too much a surprise.

"He might be needing some Advil now though," she points out with a glance in his direction, and a sympathetic wince at that impact. A quick glance is given to Jake, the corn dog, and then back to Spidey.

"I'll be back," she assures as she turns to jog off toward the pile of trash where Spidey had made such an ungraceful landing.

Which is precisely where she ends up sticking her hand out toward him. "Need a hand?"

Peter Parker has posed:
One hand slowly rises, giving Gabby the "A-Okay" sign (thumb and index forming a circle).

Jake calls out, "Hey! Webhead! Your usual?"

The hand gives Big Jake a thumbs-up (angled correctly, given his position) and then he tumbles out of the trash pile, rubbing his head. "No applause, just throw money..." he says wryly, then extends a hand to Gabby. "Hey, there. Enjoy the show?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney can't help but laugh a little at that. She does take his hand though to help him out just a bit further. Her free hand swipes a banana peel off his shoulder. "Looked pretty cool until the end there, but I can't say much. I've crash landed tons of times myself." Here she pauses to squint at him. "No head injuries right? Those can be nasty."

Not forgetting Jake she calls out, "I still wanna try a corn dog too please!" Then she looks over her shoulder toward the now-stopped Cadillac. "You ah, need to wrap those guys up? I've got zipties if you need," she offers. Don't ask the highschooler why she has zipties.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man groans slightly, then points one arm at the Cadillac.

THWIPP! and the doors are now webbed shut.
Spider-Man stared at his inner wrist, where Gabby can now see clearly the web-shooter. It is a streamlined rig, slim and sleek and streamlined.
"Oh, NOW you work?!" He sighs. "Save your zipties, but I appreciate the thought. Name's Spider-Man. Or Spidey. Or Webhead. Any of the others I've heard i don't want to hear out of your mouth, young lady," he says in a mock serious tone.

Spidey looks over to Jake, and calls over, "Mind putting a corn dog on my tab?"
"You don't HAVE a tab, Webhead, but no worries."
Spidey looked back to Gabby. "And how may I address YOU, young lady...?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"I'm not that young!" Gabby protests with arms crossing as she puts on her most serious indignant look. It lasts all of three seconds though as her gaze flits back to the webshooter curiously. "Okay that's kind of cool." Gadgets. That's how he worked then. Better than how actual spiders worked...

"I'm Gabby. Or Dropbear." she pauses considering only to shrug. "Though that was my call sign when I got to fly in a jet and it's been awhile, might be time to retire that." Ah yes, retire it in all her aged wisdom.

Cracking another grin she seems far more at ease now that the doors are webbed shut. Of course, she seemed rather calm to begin with so it wasn't too much a change. "I've heard of you but never saw you before so this is kinda cool."

Peter Parker has posed:
Spidey chuckled, flicking a gum wrapper from his arm. "Would have been nice to come on-scene in a SLIGHTLY more-dignified manner, but it is what it is." He points to the hot dog stand, where Jake is busily working. "I kept Vulture from destroying his livelihood, so he always makes me a chili dog if i'm around and hungry. And I'm usually hungry."

Spidey begins walking towards the hot dog stand. "You should try his chili dogs. His wife makes the chili fresh every night, y'know. Even uses the Hebrew Nationals so they're kosher for any dedicated Jewish customers."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney follows after to the hotdog cart again with a little crinkle of her nose at the smell now coming off of Spidey. Her bag is swung around to rummage inside a moment. She comes out with a can of Febreeze which she offers out toward him when they finally do make it to the hotdogs. "Here, I use this to hide when I've been out but you might need it more right now."

"I've never had a chilidog. Or a corn dog. I've had regular hotdogs off a grill but I'm trying to expand my culinary expertise." It's said with a little hoity toity hint at the end as if she were mocking something someone else said. "Plus I think I'm finally getting tired of pizza."

Peter Parker has posed:
Spidey blinks as he sees the Febreeze, then stops and lets Gabby go ahead a couple of steps before carpet-bombing his suit with the stuff.

Wow. Maybe he needs to put one of THESE in his backpack. Mental note for later.

He catches up to Gabby as they reach the stand, and Spider-Man adds, "Can you make a corn dog AND one of your chili dogs? With cheese?"
Jake nodded sagely.
"You're a gentleman and a scholar, Jake." He looked to Gabby. "Cherry Coke sound good for a drink?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"That'd be great! I can pay though if it's an issue, really. I got money," Gabby assures with a gesture down to her pockets. "I mean, enough for food and snacks at least. I'm not dating anyone rich or anything anymore." A solemn nod has her finishing up her blabbering as she peers at the dogs watching them be assembled.

"So what, are you like a normal super smart person or someone with powers like a mutant?"

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man looks thoughtful as he lifts his mask up to his nose. He certainly has a normal mouth and nose. White guy, no scars or markings.

"Well...I'm kind of a mix of both. I'm kinda smart, but I also had what the superhero fan sites call an Origin. I used to be normal, and now I'm...not." He shrugs helplessly. "Best I can say is, I'm a spider/human hybrid. But if I was in normal clothes, you wouldn't give me a second glance."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney tips her head to the side contemplating that. At least she doesn't ask to see under the mask. Instead she grins causing the scars on her cheeks to crinkle in the process. "That's lucky then. Some people stick out like sore thumbs even if they really aren't the type to worry about. Some of my friends are hard to miss."

"Oh yeah, so, you're not hurt, right? I forget to ask sometimes."

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man tilts his head, then checks himself.

"Okay...bruised back, a little muscle shear, a few lacerations, and assorted bumps and bruises. I should be okay in an hour, though. I tend to heal pretty quickly." He smirks. "And believe me when I say I have gotten my share of injuries in the last couple of years."

Yeah, Evel Kneivel's entire career in two years.

He was about to say more when he heard, "Order up!"
Two chili dogs and fries for Spidey, chili dog and corn dog with ketchup and mustard in two little plastic cups with lids. Each dog is in its own tray, two trays to a thin cardboard box with a circle cut out for a can of Cherry Coke for both.
"Want to sit down at the cafe table?" He points to a nearby patio for a lunch bistro that has closed up shop after the lunch rush.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Healing quick is good," Gabby has to agree with a knowing nod as he lists off his injuries. He was up and moving so sore or not he must not be in that bad of shape. "I can't feel pain so I forget sometimes that others can. I mean I know they can, just sometimes it slips my mind to ask," she explains. Right before the hotdogs come out.

Her share is taken with both hands and a broad grin flashed to Jake. "Thank you! This smells awesome!" As if to test the point she leans in to lick a little bit of the chili that threatened to tumble over the side of the paper tray. "Mm, yeah, sitting is good."

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man looked puzzled. "You can't feel pain?" He walks over to the table, but doesn't sit down just yet, waiting for Gabby to sit before he does. "Is it just pain, or is it all tactile sensation? Not having the body's natural survival monitor running doesn't sound like a benefit..."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney flops down into the seat with the casual bonelessness of any teenager who had yet to experience the aches and pains of getting old. Given her remark though it may be more than that in her case. "Oh no, I can feel other things. Pressure, heat, cold. It's just that it's like..." She pauses to consider. A slurp of the soda is taken at the same time. "There's no limiter that tells me it's too much. It's okay, I'm used to it," she assures with a broad grin again.

Lifting a hand she points to her head to explain further, "I was in a lab when I was younger and they screwed around with my head. Made it so I can't feel pain. My sisters, too. That was a long time ago." There's a pause as she considers, "At least a year."

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man doesn't wince visibly, but his lips tighten for just a moment.

It's easy to forget other people, even heroes, can run into stuff or have stuff happen to them that marks them. For Gabby, it looks like it was physical AND maybe psychological.

For a moment, Peter entertains the idea of stuffing the guy or girl who gave Gabby those scars into the heavy bag at the scrapyard and just...going to town on it.
Just for a moment. He dismisses it, but as he's said, he's a hero, not a SAINT.

"Damn...that sounds..." Unspeakable. Monstrous, Depraved. "...rough. I know that's not the right word, but I don't think there is a good enough word for that. I hope you and they are doing better."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney glances up at that momentarily only to offer as reassuring a smile as she can. Really she did seem in good spirits in spite of the conversation. "It's okay. I mean it's not okay-okay, but it's over with and I like my new life so there's no sense in dwelling on it further." Other than the occasional thought of burning the whole place down. Again. "I've got lots of people to look out for me now."

With that offered she takes a big chomp of hotdog to further keep herself from blurting more out. Like mentioning she was the only sister that survived. She did tend to talk about it a lot, but was quickly learning that it was more of an upsetting topic to others. Best not to bring up over dinner or perhaps at all.

"Oh hey this is great!"

Peter Parker has posed:
Spidey smiled, then nodded. "Best street meat in the Five Boroughs." He takes a bite and mmms, then sips his soda. "You seem to have your head on straight. Just because the past was so...well, bad...doesn't mean you can't take what you've learned and make things better. Some people..."

His thoughts stray to Uncle Ben.

"...some people never escape the mistakes of the past."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"You're not supposed to escape them. You learn from them. Otherwise that makes what happened even worse in a way. If you can at least learn something from it, and learn to be better, then even though the past might suck balls, you're making sure the future is better." Gabby states with a little nod. "I haven't forgotten and I'm not over it. I'm furious about it all... and anger runs pretty deep in my family. Especially my dad and sister. But," she adds with a grin and a small gesture toward his suit. "I've already decided what I'm doing about it. I'm gonna become a hero like you and like my dad. Make sure others don't have to go through what I did."

Another bite comes only for her to grab a napkin to wipe up some chili off her chin. "You might have heard of him before. Most people know him as Wolverine."

Peter Parker has posed:
Okay. THAT warrants a major eyeblink.
"Logan's your..." He realized his voice has risen in volume, lowering it quickly. "...Logan's your dad?"

He hadn't heard much of Wolverine, and had never actually met any of the X-Men, but what he HAD heard was scary. Fighting Wolverine was like volunteering to stress-test a wood-chipper by jumping into it feet-first.

He takes another bite and chews thoughtfully. "That's a heck of a pedigree, there."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney grins a little at the reaction to that name. At least he was known even if only a bit. "Sort of. Technically. Genetic donor definiately," she confirms with a nod and another dab of the napkin. Leaning back in her chair she gives a little gesture at herself. "More accurately I *am* him on a genetic level except for obvious differences. I'm a clone. Clone of a clone." It's all said casually, though her voice is a little lower.

"But yeah I call him dad. Makes more sense in a way. But yeah... That's why I'm not too worried about the pain thing. I heal real quick. Wanna see?" There's an almost cheery tone as she asks though that may not be a good thing to say yes to.

Peter Parker has posed:
Peter can be a little slow on the uptake, but he is no slouch on some things.
He doesn't know which bothers him more, that she is willing to hurt herself to show off how fast she can heal, or that it won't cause her any pain at all.
He holds up a hand. "Let's...save the scientific method for another time, and I'll just take your word for it." He takes another sip. "So, is this where you normally hang out, Gabby?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney lets it slide easily enough. It was a weird flex anyway. Instead she occupies herself with another few slurps of soda as she was preparing to start on the corndog having already demolished the chilidog. "Sometimes. I like to visit the city. I stay at a school upstate though. I've got a lot of catching up to do on things after all."

A finger waggles in the air making a circle before pointing off toward the general direction of China Town. "When I first got out I hid out there for awhile so it's kind of nice to visit. Plus the food is great to try."

Peter Parker has posed:
Spidey nods. "The best food there is the Golden Dragon, south end of Chinatown. If you want privacy, the roof has a covered table they set up awhile ago. I...helped out the owner's wife and daughter, and they wanted to show their gratitude." He smiles wryly. "No keys to the city, but free chili dogs and privacy when eating out in Chinatown. Then again, when you're hungry, keys taste terrible."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Sounds like you're doing pretty good for yourself," Gabby blurts out with a broad grin. "Good to know a lot of people like you and look out for you. I mean, I can imagine it's a tough life. Having friends is great." In this case she may be speaking more of her own experiences so far as well. It really did help having others there to help out and lend a hand when needed.

"I'll have to try out the Golden Dragon. I mostly was hitting a lot of bao shops since it's easy to carry those around." Mmm meat buns.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spidey nods. "If you want privacy, tell 'em you want the table reserved for 'Honorable Spider' and they'll take you up. There's even an intercom to order with, and laminated menus. Weather's not up to their control though."

He pauses for another moment. "So, do you have places to train and get better? And not just gyms. Stuff like criminal law and forensics."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney nods knowingly at the mention. "Honorable Spider. Got it." Of course it sounded like some kind of old Kung Fu movie title but she'd remember it easier that way to begin with. The rest of the questioning earns a small pause.

"Eh, yes and no. I know some people that know that stuff but it's not exactly in the curriculumn there. I already know some... stuff. But it's not exactly on the up and up." Here she pauses again with the smallest of frowns. "The lab wanted us to be anything from bodyguards to assassins. My sisters protected me from most of it, but I still got the training."

Peter Parker has posed:
Spidey nodded. Yeah, it would be something like that. Jeez.

"Well...I tend to teach the bargain-basement, working-class classes, about how to preserve a crime scene, how to gather evidence without destroying it, that sort of thing. I made a LOT of mistakes. Punching out bad guys might stop them, but if what you do ruins any chance of them getting convicted and sent to jail, then you're wasting everyone's time."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney perks up a bit at that. "Really? That'd be great! I do want to do things right. I mean, I know sometimes you can't always rely on the police but that doesn't mean I shouldn't try to work with them either," she reasons. Half bouncing in her seat now she chomps down on the corndog. "You're a great guy, Spidey!"

Peter Parker has posed:
Spidey chuckles. "I just hate seeing anyone make the same mistakes I made." He handed Gabby a card from his backpack. "That phone number, you can call or text. The website can send me IMs, and there are a series of videos I posted showing some of the stuff I was talking about. How to dust for fingerprints, how to collect DNA, how to put together your own forensics kit without spending hundreds of dollars."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney takes the offered card to stare at it long and hard in case she loses it. Then it's tucked away into one of the pockets on her backpack. "I'll check it out," she promises with a serious nod. This was serious stuff after all. In spite of her general bouncy disposition she was genuine when talking about getting into this particular line of work. Much as it could be called that. "Thanks for the dogs, too. I should probably get going before it's much later though. Got a bit of a trip back to the school." Grinning broadly again she moves to stand.

"And you might want to check up on those guys you stopped though I'm sure they're doing okay."

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man stands. "Probably should. Nice meeting you, Gabby. Hope you have a better night."

Spidey waves, then walks over to the Escalade, as sirens can be heard in the distance. He puts his ear to the sunroof, then calls, "Boys, you okay in there?"
Some muffled sounds come from inside the SUV, and Spider-Man peers at it.

"Ew. You kiss your girlfriend with that mouth??"