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Shine: Up on the Roof
Date of Scene: 31 January 2021
Location: Roof - Renovated Theatre - The Roost
Synopsis: Working out some anxiety on the rooftop with Scout, Conner makes sure Phoebe's head doesn't get too cold. Misfit comes up in conversation, and Cassandra is introduced to refined sugar.

We're all doomed.

Cast of Characters: Phoebe Beacon, Conner Kent, Cassandra Cain

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    THere is almost a rhythmic bouncing, the scrapping of claws on tarpaper rooftop and a happy little bark as the aged dalmatain scrambles after a blue fetch ball.

    It's snowing, lightly, the snow making Scout leave footprints in the snow, dodging between boxes and the air conditioner units as Phoebe throws the ball, trying to get his bones moving. The old dalmation is wearing a blue flannel dog jacket to keep warm.

    Phoebe is wrapped in the leather jacket she's gotten from Conner for Christmas, and a hand-me-down scarf and a pair of worn earmuffs. Her hair is currently done up in bantu knots rather than braided, her breath coming in puffs of smoke-like clouds as she walks the perimeter of the rooftop.

    It was, unfortunately, the only way to get some outside time without dragging everyone along, and besides -- the walk was good for thinking.

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner's room is near the top of the building, and the skylight there, reinforced and insulated as it is, does not fully keep the sounds of the city outside from his enhanced hearing.

Someone is on the roof. Which is actually pretty normal. There used to be a spaceship on the damn roof when M'gan was around more often. He ignores the sounds for a minute, working on his college homework. Then he realizes there is also a dog up there.

Conner is a dog-person. So Scout is a buddy. It also means Phoebe is up there, likely bored and feeling antsy at being for so long inside the building.

After a brief detour by the kitchen, Conner heads upside himself.

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Two dark eyes watch Conner from a corner in the kitchen. The owner of those eyes stares. Watches him leave. Then without a word, follows. She can not hear the sounds from the rooftop, but she can read what is going through Superboy's mind in his actions. Dog. Feed dog. Play with dog. On the roof, in the snow? That gets her curious.

However when she appears on the rooftop she likely will be pleasantly surprised by who she finds there. She does set down the cat first though. Murder Mittens dislikes snow for some reason. She imagines that he must be planning a way to kill it somehow. Good kitty.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Cat? *CAT*. Scout pauses for a moment, and his head cants to one side as the scents on the rooftop change from snow, tar, and Phoebe. Conner is the stronger thought after Cat, though, followed by Cass, and the spotted dog gives a 'boof!' around his ball and lopes gracefully to Conner and Cassandra (and Murder Mittens, who no longer has his attention). He does the 'play bow' behavior, his spotted tail wagging as he looks to the two other Outsiders.

    And Phoebe looks up from her thoughts. "Hey Conner!" she creets the first, and then as she spots Cass, her voice is just a little softe,r her smile less forced. "Hey, Cass-- is... that Murder Mittens?"

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner is oblivious to Cass' presence, as usual when she goes quiet (so almost all the time). It is a bit annoying Scout notices her before Conner does. Laura does the same to him. Damn ninjas.

"Hey, P," he greets, "I brought you the hat," he puts the beanie on Phoebe's head with a grin. "And a thermo with hot chocolate," and plastic cups. "It is so cold here I almost feel it." He turns to the quiet girl, "want some chocolate, Cass?"

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Cat does not like snow. He also does not like dog. He hisses, his tiny back arching upward; he is quite a bit larger than he was when originally brought into the Outsiders, having grown a full inch! And if you're only five inches long to start, that's quite a significant amount indeed!

Cassandra leaves the kitten to his discussion with snow, weather, and large foes which he can totally take down uh-huh you go kitty and crosses her arms, studying Phoebe with new hat. She glances at Conner, then shakes her head. Probably at the offer of chocolate? Or the hat?

I swear, sometimes the girl needs a flow chart to understand her.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe looks up at the beanie, and gives a slight grin, pulling it down over her ears. "Thanks, Conner. I was hoping to test out the weather-proofing on my armor, but --" she pauses, and motions to the city with a slight frown, and then a shrug, and then makes sure her beanie is pulled down a little more as she cracks a little smile to the duo.

    "What's your lower temperature range, outta curiosity, Conner?" she questions in a conversational tone. Important medic stuff.

    Scout trots behind Conner and Cassandra, totally ignoring the wee little cat as it hisses and doesn't like the snow or the dog. Scout ignores the cat in favor of dropping a drool-covered fetch ball in front of Cass, and then moves to sit on her foot, expecting pets.

Conner Kent has posed:
"Armor, I missed that," comments Conner, sitting cross-legged close to Phoebe. "I am kidding, cold is just there, like a... color. I know it is there but it doesn't bother me now I am back to normal. Not even the cold of the space." He grins, filling a cup of hot chocolate for Phoebe. "But I swear I almost froze my butt when Superman took me to the Artic shortly after I got stabbed with Kryptonite. We went to... er," he realizes he should have bitten his tongue there. "Secret stuff," Superman totally doesn't have a cottage made of alien glass in the North Pole. Nope.

Cassandra Cain has posed:
The ball is picked up in Cass' hand as she hunches down to Scout's level. She looks the old dog in the eyes as if wondering what he's thinking, then slowly tilts her head to one side.

Scout tilts his head with her, the two of them looking oddly alike for just a moment, staring into each others' eyes, until the old pup licks Cass' nose with one extension of his neck and tongue.

Cass actually looks surprised for a moment, though the evil kitten clearly thinks she got what she deserved. Murder Mittens humphs, then turns his back on the whole situation and walks back down the stairs into the warmth of the Roost.

Cass simply reaches out to scritch Scout's head gently. He got her, fair and square.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Scout likes Cass. He's not a hundred percent sure why this is his new home, or why the girl from the garden is here sometimes, but he likes her company. She's quiet and kind and has figured the scret places of scritches (right behind the ears) that make the pooch melt. Conner give great whole-head scritches, and Cassie can throw the ball REALLY far, but Cass is quiet.

    Phoebe, meanwhile, accepts the hot cocoa and brushes off a patch of roofside to sit down, watching the exchange between Cassandra and the old pooch.

    "When you went to get better, it's fine, it's not like I'm going to tell anyone." Phoebe replies in a bemused expression.

    "... I mean, the Outsiders are pretty much all I have in the world right now. You guys are pretty much my family." she sips tentatively at the cocoa.

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner grins at the Cass/Scout interaction. Too bad he can't have a dog in his apartment in New York. He does offer another cup of cocoa to the silent one, though. "I got into a fight in New York a few hours ago. You know a girl called Misfit?" He asks the Asian girl. "She mentioned you. Oracle and you. But apparently she doesn't know Tim."

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Cassandra stands up. She's still palming the ball, and she looks at Conner as he offers cocoa a second time. She reaches out and takes it, and the ball seems to have vanished from her hand as she does. She sniffs the cocoa experimentally with quiet intensity, glancing up at both Phoebe and Conner as she does so.

She doesn't react noticeably to the mention of Misfit though, save to swivel her head slightly to the right. Then she lifts her opposite hand, showing the ball which has somehow teleported from her right to her left appendage.

Scout has to be going nuts. How did she do that???

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    The ball went somewhere. *SOMEWHERE*. He could *smell* his own breath on it as he snuffs at the standing Cassandra, the ball long since disappeared as she sniffs up at the cocoa as well, curiously -- but knows that smell is not for doggos.

    And then the ball reappears!

    AMAZING! Cassandra was M*A*G*I*C*A*L!

    The spotted canine gives another 'boof!', his tail whipping back and forth in the snow as he waits for Cassandra to throw.

    "Misfit?" Phoebe inquires, looking back to Conner.

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner sips from his own cocoa cup and almost chokes when Cass does the magic trick and leaves Scout utterly confused. Poor Scout.

Then he turns to Phoebe. "Yeah. Redhead. Domino mask. About our age. Batwoman inspired outfit, I guess. She had some high-tech stuff that reminded me to Tim's bag of tricks. And she could teleport." Which is unusual for a bat-person. They don't have powers, do they? "We talked a bit, she mentioned Cass. Well, Orphan."

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Teleporting ball. Teleporting topic of conversation. It could be that Cass is trying to say something, but without words it's once again a matter of opinion. Still she glances to Scout, sees that he's excited, then tosses the ball across the roof.

She watches the boof-dog take off after it, having actually thrown the ball, and goes back to sniffing at the cocoa. She dips the tip of a finger into the liquid, then touches it to her tongue. Then she frowns. "Poison?" she says, a quizzical tone in her word. And who'd have guessed that 'poison' would be on the short list of words she knows how to say. Oh right, assassin training.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "Mm. Not poison, Cass. It doesn't tingle." the healer replies. Phoebe would know if she was consuming something poisonous, after all.

    Just... don't tell Tim that she knows from experience. Red Leader might be a bit grumpy.

    "Useful power, teleportation. Does she sort of blink around like a blink dog or does she do long distance?" Phoebe inquires, though she does watch Cassandra.

    Scout is happily bounding after the ball, giving a happy bark, then trots through the snow to retrieve the ball, and then trots back to the gathering of superpower young adults.

Conner Kent has posed:
"I don't know," admits Conner. "She ported around Sandman quickly, then... just vanished when she left." He shrugs. "Maybe we will see her around the city, she seemed nice."

He stands up, "this reminds me, if you want to check out with people, I can go with you weekend nights. I don't sleep much. Just let me know." He finishes his cup, but leaves the flask on the roof for Phoebe. She is going to need a lot of hot cocoa if she wants to be here much longer. "I am going to check something in Metro, but I should be back in an hour."

Cassandra Cain has posed:
And that is when Cassandra has her first ever taste of chocolate.

Given to her by Conner, pushed on her by Phoebe, she ignores her warnings that sugar is poison and sips the cocoa, letting it course over her taste buds and into her throat.

What..have you done?

She sips it, quietly, and slowly smiles. The girl who's eaten nothing but fish, rice, and vegetables for her entire life...

You monsters.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "Take care, Conner." Phoebe calls after him, and she turns to Cassandra, with a small smile, and reaches to ruffle on Scout's ears.

    "We'll be in, in a bit. Scout hasn't had a lot of outside time this week, Cass -- but I know you probably have patrols." she gives a smile to the dark haired girl, then reaches down and grabs up the thermos of cocoa, and gives a little laugh, offering it to her. "Think this can be attached to a utility belt?"

Cassandra Cain has posed:
Cass rises as Connor leaves, then turns to Phoebe. She takes the ball from Scout, giving him a smile, then shrugs. Then she looks at the ball in her right hand, and opens her left to show the second ball she had palmed inside there.

Then she smiles, mischief in her lips where there was just chocolate, and puts aside her cup. Then she puts the two balls together, and turns to throw for Scout. But when she does, there is no ball in her hand, and she does THAT trick to the old doggie!

But behind her, the pup would hear HIS BALL bouncing, slowly down the stairs into the Roost. Into the warm, and if the ball is going there, then he's allowed to chase it! Get the ball, Scout! Down inside!

This can't possibly go wrong.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Scout turns, listening for the ball to drop -- and then hears it bouncing. There's barking, and he turns dashing back inside and down the stairs to the sound of a hissing cat and a rush of feet, and then panting.

    Poor Scout. He does love everyone in the Roost so, but will always wonder why the small angry dog does not want to play, never knowing that Murder Mittens is a kitten.