4960/Dungeon Meeting - Shaw and Vi Fiore

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Dungeon Meeting - Shaw and Vi Fiore
Date of Scene: 31 January 2021
Location: The Dungeon - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: Shaw achieves his objectives: he gets a new alcohol and drug supplier in the Maggia, and he finds a event planning prospect.
Cast of Characters: Sebastian Shaw, Viola Fiore

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
When having a pre-arranged meeting with a Mafia boss that touches upon some illicit topics, it is best to do so in a club with a fair amount of noise, so as not to allow easy eavesdropping. The Dungeon, tonight, is a perfect setting for such a meeting. Sebastian Shaw is sitting in a booth near the back of the club, a pair of bodyguards keeping unwanted people from slipping in with him, and he waits. When he spots Silvio and his entorage across the club, he slides out of the booth, and waves him over, calling, "Silvio! It has been too long!"

After he greets the mobster, he looks to the two people acompanying him. The man is given a respectful nod, and the college age girl a bit of a longer glance, but a nod as well, "Greetings, welcome, you must be the Fiores. Come, sit, please." He motions for the trio to slide into the booth. He does so as well, making sure to take a spot that is not next to Silvio, a sign of respect that he can duck out of the booth easily should things turn sour in the negotiations.

"So, you're looking to supply us with alcohol and our other consumable needs. I am sure your distribution network is more than sufficient. What are the markups we are looking at? Price, generally, isn't an issue for my clientele, but I'd like to not have to adjust things too much here to keep my margins in line."

Viola Fiore has posed:
The Maggia boss crosses over, trailed by a man in his late forties and a girl in her early twenties who at first glance could have been mistaken for one of Shaw's girls who work at the club. But for the fact he probably is the kind of man of detail who knows all of his employee's faces.

Silvio Manfredi is in an immaculate suit, the man having a barrel chest and aging quite well. "Sebastian Shaw. Good to see you," he says, shaking the man's hand. "Yes, this is Joseph, my valued associate," he says, and Joseph offers his hand as well. "A pleasure, Mr. Shaw," he offers.

Silvio motions towards the young woman, her Italian-American heritage evident in that mane of dark hair. "And this is Joseph's daughter, Viola," he says. Viola steps forward, wearing a black pencil skirt and a white blouse. She shines a warm, beautiful smile to Sebastian Shaw. "Hello Mr. Shaw. The club is amazing. Even more than I'd heard," she tells him.

It's not normal for the mobster to bring his men's daughter to such meetings, and Silvio says, "Viola just graduated Columbia. She's partnering with Gloria Marxim, the event planner," he says, naming a woman known for throwing high end soirees for high society. "If you don't mind I thought maybe she could get a look at some of your banquet space and such, in case any of her clients who are members might wish something here. If you allow outside planners, that is."

Viola smiles to Silvio Manfredi and then looks back to Sebastian Shaw, giving him that smile before lowering her eyes slightly. "I don't wish to be in the way though. I can go and let you all talk business," she says. Her father gives her an approving pat on the shoulder as she's ready to make way for the men to talk.

Slivio and Joseph take a seat, keeping the conversation away from specifics that involve illegalities while Viola is in earshot. "Yes, I believe we could meet your needs, with higher quality products than you are currently receiving. I understand there are certain, distribution issues, your current suppliers are facing," Silvio says. The news of the arrests shutting down a rival group's drug smuggling operation were in the papers.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"You are very kind, Viola, I think this is probably the largest jewel in the crown that is the Hellfire Club. It's...a great place to enjoy oneself. Please, go, look around. When we're done here, I'll give you a personal tour of the Club." Shaw says in his greeting to Viola, before he turns to Silvio and Joesph, "Columbia? And working for Gloria Marxim? You must be very proud Mr. Fiore, you've raised an exceptional young woman. And, I would be blessed to work with her. I believe my associate Ms. Natchios mentioned your daughter, Joseph, the other day, and she exceeds every expectation I might have had."

Once Viola is safely out of earshot, he gets down to a bit more of the brass tacks of the meeting, "That's right. They have been having some issues with getting us certain products and if you ask me it looks like they are about to be acquired by another, outside, group. I would rather stick with a distributor I know and trust, and you Mr. Manfredi, are top of my list."

The meeting itself is pretty straightforward. After some back and forth the pair come to a mutually agreeable settlement, and shake hands. Shaw stands and says to the pair, "It is always great to do business with the Maggia. So professional, so together. Our last suppliers were a bit..rougher around the edges. They were not especially to my liking, but at first they provided us a lot of product at great prices, and business is business, but, let us have a drink to seal the deal, and then would you like to come on my tour, or will it just be Viola joining me?" He turns and murmurs something to a bodyguard, who disappears into the crowd, probably to tell Viola the meeting is over, as a tray of clear liquid drinks arrive. There are four glasses.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Silvio and Joseph are both quite experienced in such matters. Silvio is involved in the negotiations, but it's also clear from the amount that Joseph handles them that he's a valued member of Silvio's organization. "A father couldn't be prouder," he says of Viola's graduation. "Sociology degree. Was considering going into social work, helping the poor. I'm admittedly happy to see she accepted Gloria's offer though. Something that will see her taken care of a bit better than a civil servant's salary, right?" he says. "She worked with Gloria part-time while she was in school, so already knew the ropes."

After the business is concluded, the men rise and shake hands again. "We should be getting back," Silvio says. "We have a thing." He looks to Joseph, who nods. "Viola can take a cab back," he agrees. They make their final farewells and depart.

In the meantime, Viola has wandered about the club, taking in the sights. At the moment that Sebastian finishes up, she's over looking out over the club. Eyes on a darkened booth, where a few of the HFC's members are starting to near the boundaries of what is allowed in the more public areas like this. Viola's expression is probably one that Sebastian has seen before, by others on their first visit to the club. That mix of surprise as social mores and taboos are pushed on and stretched. The hand that ends up above her heart, the change in body language comforting like a self-hug. The finger that brushes lightly without realizing it, caught up in the sight. Until the bodyguard comes over to gently touch her elbow, Viola starting just slightly as she's pulled out of the moment of semi-voyeurism. As he says something to her, she nods quickly, the young woman's eyes going back to the booth and finding Shaw there alone but for his other guards. She walks back over to him, traversing the way smoothly on her heels. "I hope the business arrangements went well with my father and Uncle Silvio" she says as she reaches the booth and smiles to Sebastian.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"I mean, her heart seems to be in the right place, but, yes, Gloria pays a much more reasonable salary for someone as talented as her I believe." Shaw says, before he downs his drink with the others.

"A cab? Nonsense, I will have my driver take her where she wants, she'll get home safe and sound." Shaw replies to Joseph, before he waves them off for the evening. As Viola approaches he notices the flushed cheeks and somewhat dazed expression and for half a moment there's a gleam in his eye. He knows exactly what she saw. He replies, "Everything has gone swimmingly. As I was telling your father, it really is great to do business with him and your uncle. They are true professionals." He then asks, "Would you like to stay here, perhaps go back up and watch what you were seeing before?" with a wink, "Or, sit in the booth and compose yourself, or shall we head elsewhere in the compound? Somewhere quieter, more private?" he asks.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola feels the sense of the man's attention as it turns to her fully. She had never heard many details about the Hellfire Club, but there were rumors about the kind of clientele they commanded. Dealing with CEOs and billionaires suggested a kind of man like Silvio Manfredi, and her father, and their other associates that she'd witnessed even if it was not intended she should know about the family business.

But having Shaw's charisma focused on her entirely was a different matter, and Viola found herself wondering if thinking him merely the equal of Silvio had been an underestimation. The slight mention of what she'd seen adds a soft shade to Viola's cheeks. "Perhaps, since these lovely drinks are already here, one of them, first? And then I would love to see more of the club. I had come expecting something truly amazing. And I am realizing just how far short those expectations have ended up being," she tells him.

If Sebastian seems content with that choice, she slides into the booth, smoothing her skirt as she takes the seat beside him. "Did you build the club from the ground up, or work your way up to the top, if you don't mind me asking," she enquires.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"Whatever you wish, Viola," Sebastian replies as he slides into the booth next to the young woman, his hand brushing against the side of her skirt for just a moment as he settles in, which gets a quiet, "Sorry, yes, let's have a drink and see where things lead."

He picks up his glass, tinks it against hers, and says, "To a night of new experiences," and then, downs his shot in one go. It is smooth and silky, clearly very expensive stuff. He looks over at Viola, and grins his charming grin, as he says, "Sorry if I embarassed you there, this club can walk the edge of decency at times. I generally do not mind it. The clientele here is usually...discrete enough. Though, sometimes you see some rather entertaining things."

At her question, he shakes his head a little, "The Hellfire Club has been around in one form or another for centuries. The New York branch has been here since...the middle of the eighteenth century is my understanding, popping up after the creation of a similar club in London. It was originally a place for the wealthy to engage in libertine behavior, that common society frowned on. Though, now...well..we still allow a fair bit of that, but mostly we are a meeting place for the rich and powerful. But, do tell me, what have you heard about the Dungeon?"

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore picks up her glass as well as the large, impeccably dressed man sits close beside her. She touches her glass to his own, held tilting back just slightly as the shotglass is brought to her lips and tipped back. The smooth liquor slides down her throat, the sensation one to be relished as even the young woman who is used to the more luxurious side of life, finds herself very impressed.

The beautiful young woman turns her attention back to Sebastian fully. "Mmm. That was extraordinary," she comments of the drink, and seeing there are two more though not reaching for one as her attention is quickly fully drawn by Sebastian Shaw. "A few stories here and there. I know there have been some public parties a few of my friends have been to, though only two are members. And they seemed to enjoy just smiling and being mysterious with us about the truth of it," Viola says, breaking out in a soft smile and a warm, gentle laugh.

"And no, you didn't embarrass me," she says, reaching over to rest her fingers gently on his arm so Sebastian will know he didn't say something too far. "I imagine I had assumed the rumors were exaggerated, was all," she tells him, soft dark eyes focused on the man. "I can recall a party or two that we hosted that were, well not too dissimilar. Though I was a freshman at the time and shooed away as the party got too far underway."

She doesn't know what her father had mentioned, and she says, "I'm working as a party planner actually. I had done it for spending money in college. The woman I work with offered me a full partnership when I graduated, though I'm still not quite to full time with her on it," she says. Though Gloria's name is very well known in the city, Viola didn't name drop it, even if her proud father did.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
The hand on his arm gets a smile. She is an attractive young woman, so who wouldn't enjoy some light touching? His eyes may pass over her figure for a moment before Shaw replies, "Well, perhaps we'll have to see about letting you get the full experience sometime, to..broaden your horizons," he suggests.

He picks up the second drink, but does not take it yet, rather slowly tilting the glass to and fro between his fingers, "Your father may have mentioned that, and who you work for, and what a relief it is that you're earning a good wage. Though, that she doesn't have you full time is shocking to me. Perhaps, if you run a few events here, maybe I'll have to steal you away." This suggestion is given a bit broader grin, "I think you'd probably do a wonderful job, and I know we could use a new event planner after our last one got married and decided to settle down."

Her hand on his arm is led towards the glass as he moves to pick hers up, and he holds it out to her, "Would you like another before we go on our tour?" he asks, looking into her eyes for a few moments.

Viola Fiore has posed:
The mention of her father gets a soft smile from the Italian-American young woman. Clearly they are not one of those fractured families, from that smile. "He was hoping I'd go that route. Or something like it at least. He doesn't want me struggling to get by," Viola says. She pauses a moment eyes drifting across the booth in thought. "In truth, I was a bit torn. I have grown fond of the comforts he's afforded us growing up," she admits in a tone that is just a touch guilty.

Viola looks back to Sebastian as he starts speaking about her the HFC's event planning. Her face is an expressive one, and in this case, the surprise shows. Pleased surprise, the young woman's gaze softening as she looks at Sebastian. "I can't express what an honor that would be, sir," she tells him. "I'd started only part time with Gloria just for wanting to enjoy that last bit of college-age freedom, mostly. Before I throw myself into a job. But, if you'd like to have me host something here and, beyond, I would be very interested indeed. I think even Gloria would boot me out the door herself if I didn't jump at the opportunity," she says with a warm laugh.

She accepts Sebastian's guidance, taking the glass in her hand. She brings it near to inhale the delicious aroma and then looks back up to Sebastian. "Yes. To a future full of wonderful opportunities," she offers, along with her glass to touch to his. After she tips it back slowly, savoring the lush alcohol as it slides down her throat. "I would love to see the rest of the club," she agrees, offering her hand over to him.