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Shaw's Opening
Date of Scene: 01 February 2021
Location: The Inner Sanctum - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: Elektra has a new recruit in mind and Shaw lays out some of his vision for the club.
Cast of Characters: Sebastian Shaw, Elektra Natchios

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
The Court is not in session, but Sebastian Shaw is sitting on the Black King's throne, and the usual guards have vacated the room. It is clear that Shaw is expecting someone, but at the moment, it seems he's conducting some last minute business.

"Yes, Mr. Underhill, if you could leave the gate unlocked this evening that would be excellent. My associates will be by and will lock up after. Thank you. Do tell Margie hello for me, would you?" He then punches a button on his phone, and pockets it.

The forboding nature of the room is enhanced by the silence, though it does not seem to bother Shaw, he seems to embrace and embody it, the shadows and light curving around him to create a striking scene as he expectantly looks towards the elevator doors as he hears the ding of the machine.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Elektra's presence in the court is usually a more subtle one, being in the shadows, handling the security affairs or some 'problems' that need to be addressed. Of course that now with the shifts that were happening in the very core of the Club it meant it was time she had a more active presence, so it is without much of a surprise that the elevator doors open to reveal Elektra there.

She is dressed in quite the immaculate white pantsuit, some frills on the collar and sleeves to give it just an hint of a victorian touch, a deep contrast with her midnight-black hair and dark eyes, dangerous and focusing on the throne once she spots Sebastian there.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Shaw." No accent in her tone when she speaks, the half-Greek woman striding in, doors closing behind her. Her eyes noticeably go to the vacant throne spot near the Black King and she arches a brow. "I have heard there have been changes..." she murmurs.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Sebastian Shaw looks over Elektra for a moment, noting the Victorian notes to her outfit, before he grimaces at her comment about changes. The man straightens up on the throne, and then stands slowly. Even when not seated, he is an imposing figure. He clasps his hands behind his back, and nods, "There have been." he admits.

Shaw steps down from the dias the throne is on, "As you are likely aware, Ms. Natchios, the White Queen has left us. I cannot say that I am pleased about this, but...this seems to be her nature. She will be back I am sure. But, for now, there is disorder, and some ambitious members of our organization may feel emboldened to take steps to improve their position." He walks slowly around Elektra, as if sizing her up, attempting to determine if she is one of these potentially treacherous associates.

"I will be evaluating our membership closely in the coming days, some ambitious types may find themselves rewared. Those who are not worthy of elevation, will not. I am also looking to bring in new members, to help bolster our ranks. I have already spoken with a couple of prospective members of the club, one of them being your acquaintance Viola Fiore. She might fit well as an event planner for us on the white side of things," he explains.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"She is still young." Too young her tone appears to say, Elektra's elegant steps bringing her over and across the room, weaving past the meeting table to stand not too far from the King. She quirks a brow about the talk on ambitious members and then laughs out briefly, "As they should. Chaos brings opportunity, and do we truly wish to have those among our ranks who show no initiative or willingness to fight for a spot?" she wonders, her own eyes appearing to size the man up while he walks around, she keeping her eyes on the man while he does his inspection.

"Viola." She gives it a thought before nodding slowly. "Yes, I know the girl. Interesting connections that the girl appears to have. I will keep an eye on her." Elektra clearly someone who likes doing background checks on people.

She folds her arms together afterwards, resting her lower back against the meeting table, eyes still on Shaw, "This is a delicate time for our .., club." she says, "Many may look upon it as weakness, consider taking away the power we have gathered. It is only natural that they might try." lips then curling in a dangerous smirk. "But do not worry, I have no interest in going against the club or it's associates. I am .., quite willing to make sure we thrive through these problems."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"I have also been in contact with that Japanese wrestler who recently showed some metahuman powers. Katsumi Oshiro. I have offered her space to work to try and figure out her powers." Shaw replies, adding a name to the list of people whose background Elektra might look into.

At her question about ambition he smiles, "Of course not. We are a club built upon ambition. I expect no different, but it is our duty to ensure the right people are promoted into the correct positions. And those who are pretenders...diverted." Not as rutheless as some might suspect, but Shaw has always had the long game in mind when it comes to the Club.

It's Elektra's last comments that get a nod out of him, "You, I do not worry about. Beyond my usual suspicion that is." A small smirk. "You have been amply rewarded for your good service and loyalty, and see it in your interest to keep that going as far as I can tell. As for our supposed weakness, I think that comes from the disuse of our facilities. There is no one here." And while he says 'no one' clearly he means certain members of the Club. The compound is -- as usual -- bustling with activity of those associated with the White side of the organization. It is those marked for the darker aspects of what Hellfire gets up to that seem to be lacking. "I am looking for ideas as to how to remedy that issue."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
The assassin is the type to keep aware of news, so when Oshiro is mentioned she mmmms, gaze briefly going over to the ceiling in thought, "I know that name. There was some problem surrounding that woman a while back." a faint frown coming to her lips, "As long as you are aware on the kind of publicity her presence may bring..." but she nods slowly, understanding what's being asked of her. A brief mental notch in her mind to look into.

"I was just about to say that you'd have every reason to worry about me.." Elektra murmurs, letting out a snort, ".. But then I heard the rest. But make no mistake, I do not do this because of the reward, even if admittedly it's quite accomodating. Our vision is the same, and that is what matters." the assassin says, "And for as long as it stays the same you can count on me." which, in other words, may also be understood she is not beneath taking down a King if they jeopardize the Club.

As for ideas.. "One of our members just became the President.." Lex, "Perhaps an event could be done to celebrate. For high society of course. But that would mostly be on the white side of things, bringing more visibility to the club. As for the darker.." she gives it a thought, ".. It all depends on where we want to expand our reach to. The newfound Genosha? Getting influential people in the new mutant government that's coming up? Or something more concrete perhaps?"

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
A slow grin comes from Shaw, "You know me better than that. I suspect everyone. And I know that should our goals diverge, I will have to remove you. But, I believe for now we are still aligned in our purpose."

He walks back towards the Black King's throne, "The publicity Ms. Oshiro is meant to bring is for the White side of the Club. Get powered individuals coming here, put them under our care and wardship, help them with difficulties they are having, so that when we need a favor..." he shrugs just a little bit, "They might feel obligated to do so. I am planning an event for the not too distant future, a Mardi Gras party where we might vet some potential recruits. Though, you make a good point about a celebration for Lex. Perhaps we hold a homecoming of sort for the new President. Put him in the room with some of our more high profile members. Give them that taste of power they crave, and shut out those who have shunned us."

The mention of the darker side of things gets a smile, "I am thinking we need to recruit mutants to our cause, and put some of them into positions of leadership here in the Club. I have a few feelers out right now, but they are just beginning their work. If you have any leads on individuals we might contact, I would love to hear it."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"The publicity she will bring may also bring the purifiers.." Elektra replies after a moment's thought, one hand brushing through her long hair and tucking it behind one ear, dangerous gaze continuing fully fixed on the Black King, ".. And while they have been weakened with Kelly's loss in the presidentials.., they still have quite the base." but then she offers a shrug, "I will make sure to do adjustments to security. Though reaching for the mutants is a good thing. Many are not happy with how things are. But we should also make sure to reach to those who have the kind of ..., influence that we desire for our prestigious club."

A gesture is done to the round table where so many empty seats lie now, "Not long ago many of our numbers were comprised of those with influence both in the business but also in the influential world. This may be a new world, but we need to be careful not to focus too much on the personal power of someone but what their reach actually is. With that said though, I believe I may have someone who could bring both to the table. I will reach her and put some feelers about her joining, keeping discretion about actual names of course. If there's interest I can then set up a meeting." she says.

"Yet the one I am thinking on could bring both to the table, both personal power but also reach and influence. Do you have any names thought up so far?"

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"The purifiers will come regardless of what we do. They should be considered a constant irritant, one that should be stamped out when they become too loud, but otherwise ignored." Shaw says with a dismissive wave of his hand. "I trust your security will keep them marginalized."

He listens to the woman's comment about the mutants and he hmmms, "Here is where I differ with you slightly Ms.Natchios. I think we should try and bring in as many mutants as possible, give them an alternative to Xavier's Institute. If we do so, perhaps we can pry some adherents away from him...and punsh Ms. Frost for her intransigence as well."

But, what seems to catch his attention is the prospective member that Elektra is interested in recruiting, "Who do you have in mind?" he asks.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
A finely-trimmed brow arches at the talk on mutants and the plan Shaw has for them, "While I agree with bringing in the mutants I am hoping you are not expecting to put the riff-raff too high in the ladder. We have always prided ourselves for our ..., subtlety where it comes to what we do here. Too much exposure would not be good for any of us." clearly Elektra not the type to be out in the limelight about her activities at the club.

As for the name, "Selene." she says, not really providing a second name, "Someone with quite the potential that I believe has what it takes to be part of our vision. I will just need to make sure that she shares our interests. Which is why I wish to be discreet about it."

The talk about the purifiers is received with a brief nod from Elektra. They shouldn't prove themselves to be too much of a problem.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"I am not insane, of course I am not going to bring in the likes of the rabble. But, there are gems at that school which can be mined and refined into useful tools for us." Shaw replies, shaking his head a little. "I want people here to give the Club its veneer of legitimacy, and to return it to its place of prominence for political and cultural power. Not, turn it into CBGB." he scoffs.

The name seems interesting to Shaw, "I cannot say I am familiar with who you refer to...which makes me wonder if my network is failing or if this person is as notable as you think they might be. Vet them, tell me what you find out. I trust your judgement in this, for now."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
The talk about being insane has Elektra let out a briefly amused chuckle. "We all are a little bit insane by doing what we do. It's a requirement. But .., yes." She inclines her head about potential prospects. She knew well what it was about reaching out to those she deemed with potential to join the Hand... But that had been a long time ago. The corner of her mouth then curling up in a brief smirk, "I shall trust your judgement as well for getting those with the potential for our ranks." maybe a little 'jab' at the 'for now' the King said to her in those last words.

She dislodges herself from the table, "I will start working on it." the woman then speaks up in her smooth tone, adjusting the cuffs of her jacket and then dips her head, "It was a pleasure as usual. Anything else you need of me right now, Mr. Shaw?" eyes up and fixed directly on the man's, studying him.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"I have nothing more for you Ms. Natchios. Keep me informed of your activities, as always, and keep up the good work for us here at the Club." Shaw says, dismissing her, before he pulls out his phone and taps a few keys, making a call. "Tessa? Make sure Mr. Underhill is properly compensated for his work this evening. Yes, have one of our other companies poach him away, a ten percent increase in his pay should be sufficient..."