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At The Drop Of A Mallet
Date of Scene: 01 February 2021
Location: Courtyard: Themysciran Embassy
Synopsis: Like Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say, if it ain't one thing, it's anudda. Either you get depowered and have to confront your doppelganger or ya go runnin' around rooftops bein' chased by Harley's Hyenas.
Cast of Characters: Terry O'Neil, Harley Quinn, Gar Logan, Kian

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    What do you do when you're up against the wall?  When your powers are gone and your nightmare double is a looming threat in every corner?
    Why, you call in your clown princess buddy and get some training in Dirty Fightin' 101, STAT.  This may or may not be part of the same curriculum as Dirty Dancing, and arguably Dirty Dance Fighting, but those question are largely academic—and the last large academician Terry met was muscular, covered in blue fur, and definitely not here.
    Instead, what's here is Terry O'Neil, in his workout sweats, with Harleen "Harley" Quinzell "Quinn", medicine woman, who has graciously come to teach Terry how to open a can of whoop-ass and get a scratching start ahead of whatever threat comes his way by hook, crook and dirty trick.
 Hey.  Nobody said it was good medicine.  Just ask Bon Jovi.
    "All right… let's try not to beat me up too much," the redhead grins, finishing his stretches.  "I need to be in fighting shape, and it's kind of hard to whack somebody over the head when you're in traction."

Harley Quinn has posed:
    Ask and you shall receive!
    Harley had given Terry a few pointers already last time she was here.  But goin' dirty was an art, not something that could simply be taught in just a day, and a lot would have to come by instinct too.  And that's why her hyenas here too.  "Beat ya up?  Oh, you sweet summah child…."  Clearly there is nothing traditional in the way that Harley is going to get Terry to learn how to fight.  Or at least to improve his fighting.
    "Until ya can actually fight it off like a bad boy I have somethin' foh ya to do."  She pointing to Bud and Lou.  "And that is walkin' my hyenas!  Granted, I haven't fed 'em in a day."  Call animal protection services!  "So they awhe ravenous.  But nothin' that should worry ya too much!"  Just a little.
    She plucks out a small bag from the FANNY PACK she brought today, because the 80s need to be lived fully if one is to make a proper montage.  "Remembah ta use this too, cos we don't want the courtyard full o' hyena droppin's, yea…?"
    The hyenas look eager, looking up at Harley, then to Terry.  Do they look hungry?  Yes, they dooooo.  And such a tasty ginger morsel right there!

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Terry's eyes go wide.  Of course, Harley would go for the unorthodox method, right?  He reaches over to grab the pooper scooper (he has no fanny pack to speak of himself), and gives it a look, and then he gives the hyenhs a look.  "So… er…."  He takes a tentative step towards Bud and Lou.  "Is there a leash or…."  A lightbulb might be going off in his head at the moment.  "…am I walking them… or running them?"  More specifically, running them behind him, by the hungry looks of the boys.

Harley Quinn has posed:
    "A leash..?"  Harley blinks once, looking down at Bud and Lou… eell, there is one, lying between the duo.  But who would dare to put a hand there?  She smiles, showing teeth in that predatory manner of hers.  "I expect you back in oh…."  And she looks up at the sky, sunny for a change!  "…half hour or so.  I already gave ya enough in order ta beat 'em.  And if you expect yoh doppel ta go easy on ya think again.  This will be about keepin' ya up on yoh toes and to train ya as well.  Now get!!!!"  Those last couple of words said as if in a calling to the hyenas.
    Yes, Bud and Lou, traitors as they are, step forward towards Terry, licking lips and smiling wide in that hyena manner.
    "Go on, ya can even go outta the courtyard if ya wanna.  Be creative.  Use what ya can ta beat 'em.  As for me…"  And she spreads out a large beach chair right there on the courtyard, moving to sit.
    "I will be right heah and waitin' foh ya to come back."  She sits down and gets her sunglasses on.  AAaaaah this is the life….
    The hyenas start running.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Let it not be said that something like this wasn't expected.  Well, not entirely unexpected, at least.  The notion of getting hyenas thrown after him was definitely an out of the box thing… but he really shouldn't be surprised.
    "Riiiight!"  He calls out as he turns and begins to run.  It's a good thing that he has good running shoes on!
    How fast do hungry 'yenas run?  Well, Gar Logan would tell Terry that, having turned himself into one here and there, he knows for a fact that 'yeens can't top 37mph.
    This is little consolation to Terry, though, since the fastest non-enhanced human on earth has a top record of 23mph.
    This means that he needs to bring levels and changes of direction into this!  The idea is to stay in motion, so climbing up a tree (which 'yenas can't climb) would defeat the purpose, and Terry isn't the kind of stinker that cheats.  There is, however, a tree growing at a slant, a twisting, beautiful oak whose branches barely reach over the wall and onto the other side.  The Amazons have kept it because of the very aesthetic, bucolic presence it brings to the courtyard, but to Terry it is the bridge to be used on the way out!
    Using his parkouring experience, the teen quickly runs up the ramp, which grows at enough of an angle that would allow Bud and Lou to follow, and jumps off the branch to clamber over the all and land on the alleyway on the other side, tucking into a roll to cushion the fall.  He ends in a crouch, catching his breath for a second and looking back to see if the 'kids' are following.

Harley Quinn has posed:
    The hyenas aren't the predators that they used to be in the past when Harley was still the true Clown Princess, now having followed Harley to a life of retirement and easiness, not having to keep up with danger lurking at every corner.  So it means Terry might just have a chance…!  Not that those primitive instincts can't quickly be reminded, and hunger has a way of making animals like the hyenas quite… adept in remembering old ways.
    So they start the pursuit right after Terry starts to run, their 'laughter' heard, along with their powerful strides not too far from Terry.  A snap is heard right behind Terry.  Then a snarl.  The two get embroiled for a bit but then quickly resume pursuit towards that tree, one launching itself up towards Terry… it lands not too far of him on the platform, but with the precarious stepping there it falls down with a whimper.
    As for Lou, it runs up in pursuit, tongue lolling and peeking down at Terry when he lands in the ground.
    Yes, they seem to be in pursuit still!  And close!
    "Bring me ice cream if ya can…!"  Harley's voice, heard from her sprawling position on her long chair.  To me my beautiful sun!
    Bud finally gets back up on the platform and runs up it, going against Lou and the two starting to dive down after Terry!

Gar Logan has posed:
    While the chase is on, Gar takes the chance to sneak out of the room in the embassy.  It's not that he can't go around the place, but the courtyard is open to the skies above.
    That means unwanted eyes overhead could spot someone.
    That means a disguise is in order.
    A figure, all in white, shuffles along, mainly to keep from tripping over the bedsheet that makes up most of the 'outfit'.  With it, a wide straw hat, veiled in more white.  White gloves of the sort a marching band would use.  Enough white foundation to make Harley jealous, and a pair of black sunglasses.
    It's Garlon Brando from the Island of Dr. Gareau, and he reaches up with a finger to slide the sunglasses down just enough to stare at the scene before him, having paused at the top of the steps down into the courtyard.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Ice cream… right."  Terry doesn't think there is such a thing as a run-by ice cream shop in town, so instead he uses his coiled leg muscles as a spring and darts forward, aware of the fact that Bud and Lou are in hot pursuit!  Now, running into the street is ill-advied because there's people there, and B&L might get a little distracted with other scents and people… and that's a no.  So he quickly jumps up to a staircase that winds along the side of one of the buildings.  Some rooftop shenanigans might be in order—hyenas can jump up to six feet, so clearing some of the rooftops shouldn't be too much of an issue, right?
    As Terry pulls himself up onto the roof he muses for a moment on how weird hyenas are as creatures.  He quickly takes stock of his surroundings as he reaches the roof.  He looks down to see if the boys are following and over to the courtyard to see—
    He stops for a second and stares at the figure all in white.

Harley Quinn has posed:
    The two hyenas are truly and inevitably in hot pursuit.  Because tasty morsel ahead!  They are truly thirsty for some of that cat and really… they are the type of animals who can't resist a good ol' pursuit.  Specially when their prey is so feisty and gives them a run for it!
    The staircase is conquered with long jumps and soon enough the duo is up on the roof, taking full advantage of that second to surround Terry.
    As for Harley, she has yet to notice Garlon Brando, too busy with her sun bath, letting out a loud yawn…!
    One of the hyenas launches itself at one of Terry's legs, the other going for his tasty arm!  Better move fast!

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan remains standing there, watching the scene as it plays out before him.  When he chooses to speak, it is a perfect mimicry of the line Brando gave to the character played by David Thewlis.  "I understand that I must be shocking to you, however, I must also point out that I have an allergy to the sun and that's why I put this medication on."
    A pause follows before he adds, still in voice, still in character, "I would caution you to run before that hyena mauls you or demands you tell him he is the Law, whichever comes first."
    He does not try to stop the chase.  Why?  Perhaps because getting in the middle of a scheme that involves Harley is usually not a good idea.  Also, maybe, there might be a part of Terry that needs this, deserves this.  Possibly.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Garlon Brando seems to shock Terry more than a duo of hyenas, which only goes to show you what kind of things he's gotten used to—if you think about it!
    The redhead lets out a yelp and does a very acrobatic leap away from the hungry hungry jaws, and goes on the chase!
    The rooftops around the Embassy are pretty generous, insofar as parkouring surfaces go.  This will be terrain that both Terry and the 'yenas can handle, although Terry might have the slight advantage of experience.  Theirs, the one of instinct.
    He launches himself over a ventilation unit and hits the ground running, doing cat leap over a jutting surface, legs splayed to each side before coming back together to continue his sprint.
    "My life… is so weird…" he says, heart racing with adrenaline.

Harley Quinn has posed:
    The voice has Harley turn a sharp look towards the figure.  "Ahhhh!  What hole did ya climb out from, ya freakin' vampire doc?!"  She springs up from her chair and points towards it.  "I will let ya know it's clear skies out today!  Come out at your own risk!  Which means, don't take a step closah!"  Look, she doesn't trust anyone who might be paler than she is!  That's one of the rules.
    The hyenas aren't too bothered with some Ghost of Christmas Past coming in, instead continuing their happy pursuit, their jaws snapping at air but not too far from finding some tender cat meat to chew on.  They grin happily and continue.
    The streets open up to what is a rather calm neighborhood.  As it normally is about the Themysciran embassy.  No one likes messing with the Amazons, after all.

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan continues his shuffle, down the steps this time into the courtyard proper, a gloved hand curling around the fabric of the sheet so he doesn't step on it and take a tumble.  He says not a word, merely continuing the glacial pace that soon speeds up rapidly to be more sloth-like, eyes shifting behind the darkened lenses of the glasses to follow the chase, and track Harley's ongoing reactions.
    And then, he sits down as close to Harley as she seems comfortable with.  The voice is back to his own as he says, "Got you good."  Which, hopefully, the hyenas aren't about to do to Terry.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    They're getting close again.  In fact, there is a very close call where Bud manages to bite a chunk out of Terry's sweatpant legs, and the only reason he didn't get meat was because sweatpants are loose.  "Almost!" Terry yelps, and realizes he's been running linear too much—this is a huge mistake with predators faster than you!  The only thing left is to use their momentum against them!  With one leap and one leg extended, he bounces off a chimney, using it as a platform to flip around and land facing in the opposite direction of the 'yeens.  He then sprints, keeping his body low and pumping his arms, aiming to leap across to one of the other rooftops that's on the level, perhaps slightly lower.  It's a good jump, and he will be working harder for it than the hyenas, but he's hoping that the brief headway will be to his advantage.
    The edge grows nearer and nearer and…
    There's that one stomach-churning moment of air time, and then the tuck and roll as he lands, hastily getting himself back up to continue running.
    He doesn't look back to see if the hyenas are coming.

Harley Quinn has posed:
    One of the hyenas is heard crashing against that chimney when Terry does the little twist around it, the other rolling about and still chewing on the garment that he got off Terry's pants.  But it quickly realizes it has no meat to it!  Bah!  Though indeed it's a good idea to start moving in a non-linear manner so the hyenas can't so easily snap at Terry, he able to gain some distance from them for that jump….
    But after a little bit?  They are not heard in pursuit anymore.  Did they lose Terry's scent?  Maybe he won!  But where would they be…?
    Harley watches the Garlon move closer while she edges away, step by step, until Gar finally sits and unveils his disguise.  "Bah, Gar…!  Thought ya wanted ta be a star with even turnin' into a starfish!  But now heah you awhe tryin' ta be Brando in the most D-movie in the history o' D-movies!"
    She places her hands on her hips, chastising Gar with her eyes!
    "Wicked face paint though, what kinda product ya usin'…?"

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan loses sight of Terry somewhere along the way.  The angles within the courtyard aren't the best.  With Harley keeping space between the two prior to the truth being revealed, he seats himself like the bastardized Pope Brando's Moreau was apparently aiming for, maintaining a silence for a few seconds longer until he explains, "That was to survive, and it worked.  See?"
    He holds up both gloved hands, showing the arm and everything has grown back properly, then the left digs around within the folds of the sheet, coming up with a container that reads 'Manic Panic Goth White,' following up with an explanation that sounds more like a product description.  "White cream to powder foundation, has a velvety consistency that goes on like a cream and has a matte finish of a powder.  Halloween makeup or everyday use, this product is a favorite among goths, vampires, clowns, mimes, zombies, cosplay, theatrical stage SFX, and professional makeup artists.  Tested on celebrities, not animals."
    And he is a celebrity, so it tracks.  "I thought if I was going to come outside, I needed a disguise."  He offers the rest of the container to Harley.  "My way of saying 'thanks' for… you know.  Underwater?  It's a real thing on Amazon… not these Amazons, though."  Finally, the question.  "Why are your hyenas chasing Terry and trying to make a meal out of him?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Terry blinks and suddenly looks very suspicious.  There are no hyenas chasing him, and that's a concern in and of itself, because hyenas are crafty.  The redhead frowns and quickly takes stock of himself to see if there were any actual chunks taken out of him, but he is whole.
    "Okay, need to see where the boys are, because if I've lost them…."  Harley won't be happy.
    He tiptoes closer to the edge, and tries to peer across the roof.
 "Buuud?  Loooou?"  Yes.  He is calling out to them.

Harley Quinn has posed:
    When Gar goes about saying all the wonderful properties of this cream by rote Harley looks very suspicious.  "How much are you being paid for this publicity, Gar…?"  Pffftt, actors!  But she gladly takes the cream, sliding it inside the FANNY PACK she brought just for today (and hopefully only today.  Fanny packs are hideous).  "I will make good use o' this!"  A beamy smile given to the shapeshifte. , "Good that ya have yoh arm back and all that.  Didn't even need a wood hand, or a hook… though hooks awhe kinda sexy ya know?"  Who doesn't like some Captain Hook?
    The question has Harley lift her shoulders in a shrug.  "They awhe toughenin' him up to fight against the doppelgangah.  Besides, I needed someone ta take 'em foh a walk while I had a little sunbath today.  But yea, basically I am goin' all karate kid on Terry.  But instead of trainin' with SILLY stuff like wax on and wax off ya get to BITE ON, BITE OFF!  Same thing really, but with real results."  She nodding sagely right after.
    The hyenas are natural born predators, prowlers and stalkers.  And Terry does run too much for their liking… so they went on a quieter approach… Terry's calling doesn't seem to be working, or at least not in the traditional manner….
    An hyena prowls closer, belly close to the ground, moving behind Terry….

Kian has posed:
    Terry was safely left with Gar; Kían only really had a limited amount of "stick around the building and don't be seen" in him.  Where he was going, the odds of running into the other Terry were zero—Cheshire cats don't fly—and he promised that if he encountered the other Gar he would actually use his powers rather than end up birdman tartare for a Garodactyl.
    And he promised not to stay out too long.  Short enough time that nothing could possibly go wrong, right?
    It's probably a good thing that he notices Harley first, sunning herself, although he doesn't recognize who's with her.  At least that prepares him for the sight of Terry running by, pursued by two animals of some sort.
    Right, silly bird.  The rule is, even when left with supervision, Terry still needs supervision….
    He waits until a moment that Terry and his pursuers are not in the courtyard to land, bows in greeting to Harley, and then triple-takes as he finally recognizes who's under the makeup and outfit.
    He sits down heavily on a bench that seems to be out of bounds of the chase.  "Iss trainin', right?" he asks, and shakes his head.  "I haf a regret now that I haf lef' your gif' in the Tower, Har-lee."

Gar Logan has posed:
    "I have a good memory," Gar remarks, still viewing the courtyard through the tinted lenses.  The last time he sat down out here, paparazzi caught him snogging Vorpal and it led to him 'coming out' days before the four Titans disappeared in space.  Ahh, different times.  "And it sounded good, so I ordered it with the 'deliver it now' option."
    He clears his throat.  "No hooks.  Nobody needs me going around like the Candyman."  There's a horror movie bad guy for you.
    With the wide hat and the white veil on, anyone flying above would have a difficult time identifying who's beneath it.  If the disguise works on Kian, it would probably do for Gar's doppelganger as well.  Of course, the Titan steals glances skyward routinely.  Especially after the sneak attack, but just in general, he knows that looking up is important.  Most don't.
    "Maybe explain to me what hyenas chasing someone has to do with fighting a copy of yourself who has your teleporting powers, your illusion powers, and a crazy chaos sword?  I'm not getting the connection here, Harley.  It sounds more like you just forgot to walk and feed your pets and you want to kick back and relax while Terry runs around trying to keep his butt in one piece," Gar points out, lowering the glasses to level a very suspect look her way, though it's all said with just enough lack of weight that it might come off as amused.
    Lest he forget, he adds, "S'up, Kian?" after the Akiar has been left rather confounded by the getup, but finally close enough to see past it.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Terry is nervous now.  IF he really lost track of Harley's pets, she is going to be awfully upset!  Or she might say 'they can take care of themselves and they'll get back when they wanna!'  You never knew, with Harls.
    "Okay, this isn't funny guy—"
    He turns around abruptly, and that's when he spots it… one of Harley's Hyenas (hey, that's a great name for a punk band) giving him the 'you look delicious' side-eye.  It startles him, because crouching Hyena, falling Terry!
    The redhead takes a step back, and that's one step too far, as it is over the edge of the rooftop.  "Oh shi—"
    Fortunately, he manages to grab onto the ledge!  Yay!  :)
    Unfortunately, his fingers slip.  Oh no!  :(
    But then, there is that handy drain pipe that he grabs a hold of, hooray!  :D
    …which detaches from the wall and falls sideways.  Oh no!  >B(
    Fortunately, he falls into an open dumpster and, this being fresh off the weekend, there is plenty to cushion Terry's fall!  "Oh shi—"
    The lid slams close, probably just in time to spare him from pouncing hyenas.

Harley Quinn has posed:
    Shortly after Terry does his daring escape and the lid closes there is the sound of something plopping down hard on the lid… then another.  Then little cackles from the two hyenas outside.  They give the dumpster bumps with their heads, as if asking Terry to come out.  Because they are polite… but then they just seem to sigh… no fun!
    Harley looks at Gar with a raised brow.  "This ain't about powahs.  This is about Terry fightin' foh his damn life, gettin' him used ta the adrenaline…!"  She waving her hands while explaining, "It's not as if Bud and Lou would actually kill 'im…"  She then leaning in closer to Gar to whisper, "They have a soft spot foh him, they'd most likely slobber him with kisses, but don't tell him that, got ta keep it real foh the cat."
    Kian gets a grin.  "Hey birdboy, and yep, trainin'.  Today it's toughenin' him up.  Last time was the theory.  Actual moves will be the next lesson!"  Then a brow quirking.  "A gift, you said…?"  now she's curious…
    The hyenas get tired of waiting, whining a bit and they are tired too.  So after leaving a couple of 'presents' for Terry to clean up they turn and start wandering back to the Embassy's entrance, appearing by the gates.  "Bud and Lou!  Ya back!"  Harley's voice heard and she grinning, waving.

Kian has posed:
    "I mean the gif' you haf gif to me," Kían clarifies.  "Although I thin' Terry will need it more than anyone else."
    He watches the hyenas return and tries not to look nervous.  He suspects anything fast-moving might get their attention and he doesn't want that.  He clearly is relieved to hear that they (probably) wouldn't have actually hurt Terry.
    "This iss not trainin' as I know it… I guess we will see if it works?"

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan does not appear completely convinced of what Harley says about the hyenas and Terry, but the fact is Gar's been around them a lot less frequently.  Still, he probably smells of Terry if they ever check.  That might account for something.
    "Yeah…" he begins, only to stiffen in the moments that lead to Terry's fall and subsequent crash out of sight.  "I thought all the chaos powers went away.  If he's hurt…."  Now he's back up to his feet, but there isn't much to do other than wait and find out.  There are no screams, no final death throes, but it is natural to be concerned.
    With the hyenas in question making their return, sans Terry, he shifts his attention between them, Harley, and Kian, before giving the birdman a friendly shoulder bump.  "Hopefully Terry didn't hurt anything other than his pride."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    That pride is going to be in traction for quite a while, after that.  Right over the wall, the rather squelchy form of Terry O'Neil can be seen.  Once he finally managed to get the dumpster open, he took care of Bud and Lou's 'presents' by scooping them up… and dumping them in the dumpster.  Now, he falls onto the courtyard of the Embassy trailing… well.  He looks like a god-awful mess, but he walks towards the group with a triumphant, if squishy, step.
    "Well… that wasn't too much of a failure, was it?" he says, stopping short of them.  He looks down.  "…I can't walk into the Embassy proper like this. Donna would kill me."
    He glances over at Gar and his getup, and quips, "I'm surprised they are letting you walk out in that.  You look like a dumpling."  A twinkle in his eye says that he is considering this as a potentially embarrassing pet name.  He winks at Kian.  "What do you think?  Doesn't he?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
    "Oh, MY gift.  Yea, yea.  That's foh whenevah ya feel like drinkin'.  Don't go sharin' it with no stinkin' cat!" Harley says before giving it a thought.  "Or well.  Share!  But after the doppel is defeated and Terry is back ta bein' himself.  Get smashed ta celebrate."  She nods her head sagely as if that was the best idea ever.
    Eyes go from Kian to Gar.  "Ya should trust me moouh!" she admonishes Garlando, shaking her head at him.  "Look at that…"  She pointing at the approaching Terry.  "He is… whole…."  No matter how much he may smell.
    "I hope you took good care o' my boys, Terry… come heah sweeties…."  The two hyenas stride forward at a run to tackle Harley, she entering a contest of tickling with them.  "Yea, you awhe such good boys, ain't ya?"  Yes, they even plop their bellies up for the scritches.  Clearly spoiled hyenas!
    "Anyway, Terry!  How dya feel?  Ready ta face Dope-Gar?"

Kian has posed:
    "Yis, since he can not speed his healin' the way you did," Kían agrees.  "I haf not hear' anythin' that soun's like he iss in pain, so…."  He shrugs.  Feathers rustle.
    Harley's suggestion seems to set well with the little birdman.  "I think we will all be in need of some fun when this iss all fix," he agrees.
    And then… Oscar the Grouch, fresh from his garbage can, comes slithering over the wall.  "I think," Kían says, his eyes widening and then holding his nose, "I think you need to be drop in a lake.  A shower iss not goin' to be enough."

Gar Logan has posed:
    Gar Logan comments dryly to Harley when she says he ought to trust her more, "Yeah, we'll work on that.  You did kind of earn a few points for helping find me."  It's a start!
    When Terry has found his way back into the courtyard, through climbing his way back in, the white-clad (but hardly innocent), normally green Titan adjusts his sunglasses so he can stare at Terry past them.  "You.  Stop right there," he calls out, holding up a gloved hand.
    Looking around for something, he steps off the path and into some of the shrubbery, reaching down.  After coming back up, he trains a full blast of water from the nozzle of a garden hose on Terry.  "You need a long bath, but—I said hold still!—this will do for now.  And that's for calling me a dumpling, too."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    "Oh yeah, totally," Terry says to Harley, "Lesson learned: Roll in garbage, then he won't even consider biting me.  I might even overwhelm him with the stench…."  And then he glances over as Doctor Gareau goes to the shrubs.
    "Gar what are you doing with th—oh god, no, Gar no—"
    Terry's panicked voice attracts the attention of a few Amazons who are in the area.  They get a good look at the first few seconds of Terry squirming, yelping and shivering in the wake of the water blast.
    "It's FREEZING! Augh!"
    It is winter, after all.  But the blast of water does go a good way towards blasting things off his clothes that might otherwise end up on the lovely and very expensive floor of the Embassy.
    The result is, of course, a bedraggled Terry, red hair clinging to his forehead and falling over his eyes, arms crossed and shivering in the cold.
    "…I object."

Kian has posed:
    Kían winces at Gar's solution—he doesn't mind the cold, but then again, he can wrap himself in a cocoon of infrared and stay warm.  That said, though, it's better than letting Terry step foot inside.  At a minimum Donna would not be amused by him literally "trashing" the place.
    But it's still cold outside, so Terry gets showered in infrared himself, to take the chill off.  "Haf you got everythin' off him, tavárik'h?" he asks Gar.  "You might wan' to jus' be sure…."

Gar Logan has posed:
    "Denied," is Gar's simple response to Terry's motion to object.  If he moves, Gar moves the path of the water.  If he cowers, Gar gets him from different angles.  "You've needed a cold shower for a while, pal.  Going dumpster diving was the perfect excuse."
    He adds to Kian, with a wicked grin, "I dunno.  Bend over and spread 'em, Terry.  You can't teleport away now!"
    It's just a tease, as the flow is cut off, the water turned off, and the hose put away.  "The embassy is nice, but I'm ready to go back to the Tower.  It's time to make our final plans, especially with… another one showing up."  Yes, he's heard the Cassie news.  Now it's even more imperative they deal with the others before the doppelgangers can team up further.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
    Looking slightly regretful, Terry says, "Very well, we shall go.  But I want to get a shower and a change of clothes before I get into that rental car and drive, or I'll never get the deposit back."  He smirks, and gives a glance to Gar and Kian.  "You coming?"
    He thumbs ups at Harley and says, "See ya tomorrow for part trois, yes?"
Annd with that, he walks towards the embassy, squelch squelch squelch.  He'll move quickly, so as not to drip too much water on the way, but there will be one or two spots at the stairs where he'll slip, fall, and bang his knee, followed by the "oooh… ahh… sssss… oooh… aaaah… sssss…." knee-clutching dance for a few seconds.  Someone will have to mop the water on the stairs before they become a hazard.