4972/Antartic Retreat

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Antartic Retreat
Date of Scene: 01 February 2021
Location: Reed's Labs - Four Freedom Plaza
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Hank Pym, Reed Richards

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym has been called selfish. He's not. He just doesn't think a great many people are worthy of his efforts. Of that select few, his daughter is #1. Reed Richards is another. Despite their on again, off again rivalry, Scott will always help a science bro, if only to nudge him about it later. When Reed mentioned needing help and a short trip south, Hank's thoughts drifted to sunny Florida or the Caribbean abd maybe a nice side trip involving mojitos. Just the thing to lift him out of the doldrums. Yes.


Reed Richards has posed:
The fantasticar is generally an open air affair, and depends on the resilliency of it occupants to ensure their safety, it's also the fastest means of transport in the FF repertoire. So, they have chosen the more sedate Fantastishuttle, closed cockpit a bit more room for storage, it's packed tight with equipment to be transmitted to the Antarctic base. The shuttle is re-entering the atmosphere on it parabolic course and Reed is checking the math, "How was ice cream?"

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym shrugs. "It was okay. Date stood me up due to job reasons. Scott came in stuck at six inches tall. I wish my successor would get his head out of his butt. I got to see Nadia. Always a plus. Reed, as a father who... well knew he had kids... do you and Valeria do much father daughter stuff or is it all lab work and thwarting Victor?" He watches the plasma of re-entry play along the shuttle's nose as he talks.

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards whistles an asymmetrical none repeating tune and you can see the plasma shifts in color. He is using the audio interface to recalculate the shield frequencies on the fly cutting the travel time by a quarter. "I've found each child is different, Frankln was easy. We shared a sense of adventure and exploration and, well, honestly, boys. Valeria has always been more diffuclt, there's the competitiveness of our intellects, her complicated relationship with Doom. But yes, I do take time to do Father things, manicures, high tea, calibrating quantum manifolds. the usual sort of things.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym nods. "I don't compete with Nadia. I fine we work together really well. With us it's a brainstorm session usually but the other father daughter stuff? Nothing much. She's very busy, she works with the Titans, consults with SHIELD and ... I am concerned she isn't taking care of herself. Plus a I miss her. I don't think we know how to do the father daughter thing. The only men in her life were brutal sadists. And I had no daughter in my life. I had to hit the ground running with a teenager. I don't even like most teenagers. I didn't like myself as a teenager. Anyway, that's where I am at. Good show with Valeria though."