4973/Did You Do Something With Your Hair

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Did You Do Something With Your Hair
Date of Scene: 01 February 2021
Location: Wong's Corner Store
Synopsis: Eddie discovers someone new working at the corner store. Gwen Stacy scores points slipping an extra Hershey bar into his bag. Shhh.
Cast of Characters: Gwen Stacy, Eddie Brock

Gwen Stacy has posed:
The Wong's is a small corner store that's been operating since ..., well.., since Gwen remembers. And considering how she came from another universe and had her memories synced with the Gwen here it was always difficult to figure out exactly what she *did* remember, and what was from one universe or the other. Many times she saw things out of place, a vision atop the real, when her memories entered conflict.. The Wong's though? That one was a memory which had remained constant in both. Turns out the Wong's were consistent no matter the universe they hailed from..

And that kind of consistency was something Gwen appreciated, it meant her mind could rest during the hours she worked here to get money for her apartment and college, just having to focus on the actual work. Today she is alone in the store, behind the counter and leaning forward on an exercise paper, pencil at work, brows furrowed together in thought... It had been a slow enough afternoon so she could get herself to indulge on those. She was dressed in jeans and sneakers, a turtleneck sweater to protect herself from the cold and a finger idly wrapped around a strand of her growing hair.

Eddie Brock has posed:
The sidewalk was slushy as the salt that had been spread by the city was effective in melting the ice and some of the snow, but not really in removing it from the pavement.

   «Venom» "I'm hungry Eddie."

Eddie Brock wasn't surprised at the comment from the Klyntar symbiote that only he could hear. They hadn't eaten in awhile. Plus, Venom was always hungry. Eddie answered him, not too worried about the fact he seemed to be talking to himself. On a New York City sidewalk that did not make him stand out all that much. "Yeah, what are you hungry for?" he asks.

   «Venom» "Let's eat someone. That man there. He will do."

Eddie glanced over at the hot dog vendor but continued past. "What was that rule we agreed on about eating people who are not very, very bad people?"

   «Venom» "..."

   «Venom» "..."

   «Venom» "Don't?"

"Correct," Eddie says as he crosses a street, arriving back in the block of Greenwich Village where his below ground apartment can be found. "I'll stop and get you something though. What do you want?"

   «Venom» "Tater tots and-"

"Chocolate," Eddie finishes. "You are nothing if not predictable, my friend."

   «Venom» "We will have to renegotiate this new rule."

Eddie heads for Wong's Corner Store. "Not today buddy," he tells the symbiote as he pushes open the door. "Not today."

Eddie steps inside the shop. He's wearing a sweater that is somewhat frayed around the neck and at the wrists, with a dull green jacket overtop which is not quite heavy enough for the winter day. He heads to the back, moving past someone who blocks his view of the person behind the counter.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Gwen has a pair of earphones on, hooked up to her phone. She never went without a little music to brighten the day. And today was no different..

"I am only happy when it rains ...~" She following the music on a low tone, continuing on her scribbling on the paper. She looked up occasionally to take a peek on who was around, it usually mostly being a few regulars. Corner stones weren't the type to have that many new people coming in. At least not in Greenwich.

"I am only happy when it's complicat--~", she pauses when the man Eddie is moving fast makes Gwen a question. "We changed the Budweisers to that shelf on the corner, Mr. Hill.." she points *exactly* in the direction they are at. Turns out these powers were good for more than crime-fighting, specially being able to fully be aware on where everything is around her, near perfect spacial awareness of her surroundings. It's something the Wong's certainly took advantage of, letting her be the person which organized where everything went around here! Then she laughing when the man suggests he could leave a beer for her help. "I can't drink yet, but thanks. We do have charity baskets if you want to contribute though, any help is welcome." a warm smile that shows teeth given to Mr. Hill.

She has yet to spot Eddie too, even if she is aware of someone else in the store already. No weird spidey-senses activating though! So all is good.

Eddie Brock has posed:
Eddie isn't paying too much attention to the conversation at the counter. He passes an older woman who is trying to decide between two brands of soap, arriving back at the freezer.

The door is swung open, cold air coming out that makes Eddie feel like he was back outside. Two bags of tater tots are retrieved, and then he stops over at the candy shelf, searching for a bargain. He pulls out a crumbled wad of bills and counts them, then selects a bag of chocolate with a Chinese label on them.

   «Venom» "No Hershey's?"

"No Hershey's," Eddie agrees. "Not until I find some work," he replies quietly. He turns and heads back up to the counter with the items in hand. One of his eyebrows goes up just slightly at seeing a young, pretty blond-haired woman behind the counter, instead of Mr. or Mrs. Wong. He waits in line for Mr. Hill to finish up.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Mr. Hill falls under the enchanting gaze of Gwen, eventually plopping a few items into a charity box. It earns a rather wide grin out of the young woman, "You won't regret it, Mr. Hill. This goes directly to helping the neighborhood." the man grumbles, perhaps too used to the 'extorting' ways of the relentless Gwen but he is smiling too so that's something. And he did get his favorite beer to go soooo... Eventually money is exchanged and Gwen offers a wave of goodbye to the man.

She is busy for a moment longer, busying in recording the transaction, whistling on quietly the Garbage song that is still beating out on her earphones.. What? It was THE bomb back in her universe. Now it's perhaps a bit dated for a girl of her age, but she doesn't care!

Eventually blue eyes turn to the new person, taking note of Eddie. That's a new one. "Hey, welcome." she says with a faint grin. But noting the lift of eyebrows she explains. "Mr. and Mrs. Wong went out on a date, that's why I am out here today. Honestly, I am just glad they got a day off." she starting to tag the products, slender fingers moving them about with practice and ease.

She takes note of the tall, older man with her gaze while working out the items, yet when she reaches the chocolate she says, "We have a promotion on Hershey's if you are interested." even if by the price that was displayed it was still more expensive than the one Eddie is buying.

Eddie Brock has posed:
Eddie stares at Gwen for just a moment, not long enough to be inappropriate though, before he gives a tiny shake of his head. "I was about to say, Mrs. Wong, that you looked different today. Maybe something different with your hair," Eddie tells her as he moves and stops in front of her at the elevated counter. "Whatever it is, I like it. You should keep doing it," he kids.

The robust man is looking a little scruffy, with a day's worth of stubble though he's got the kind of rugged face that pulls that look off well. He itches at the stubble as he sets the two bags of tater tots and the one bag of Chinese chocolate onto the counter. The mention of the Hershey's promotion definitely gets a response, if not one Gwen hears.

   «Venom» "We are interested."

Eddie nods his head. "We are- I mean, I am interested," he says as he sees the price. "Think I can swing that," he says, pulling out the money, and after a glance at the prettier-than-Mrs. Wong store clerk, straightens out the bills. "Also can you add one of those pints of vodka," he asks, motioning to the bottles behind the counter. "Helps the tater tots go down," he claims.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
The comment about the hair makes Gwen laugh, the kind of laughter that reaches her eyes, making the blues twinkle and she shaking her head. "Must be the hair, indeed. And I didn't even get my tips painted this time." which seems to imply that's usually a thing. She does brush a couple of fingertips over the tips of her hair, "Maybe a dark blue this time." but then she letting it go and brushing it back behind one ear. Then she does her best imitation of Mrs. Wong, saying with a bit of a different voice. "Compliments won't get you a discount, young man!"

She fetches a bag, starting to get the various items into it, along with the Hershey's that she goes fetch from the promotion stand, swinging in an extra bar. "But they may get you an extra bar... Shhhhhh.." she tells him, as if that would just be their secret before she hears that asking for vodka. "That's an interesting combo." she says of vodka with tater tots. But who is she to judge?! She turns to the cabinet behind the counter, streeetching to fetch the vodka Eddie asked for and slipping it inside the bag.

"Alright, this will be the nice, round sum of 20 dollars." she tells him after registering it on the counter machine.

Eddie Brock has posed:
Eddie's eyes follow Gwen's finger to the tips of her hair. "I think you could probably pull that look off pretty well," he tells her. Eddie's not particularly smooth when it comes to speaking. Which in this case probably helps give the comment a genuine ring rather than sounding like he intended flattery.

As the extra chocolate bar goes into the bag, Gwen earns a bit of a smile from Eddie. One that turns up one corner of his mouth a bit more than the other. "Thanks, that's really nice of you," he tells her. He puts a finger to his lips as if he'll keep her secret.

   «Venom» "I like this one. The new rule can apply to her."

Eddie's lopsided smile grows just a bit more and he counts out the twenty dollars from the bills from his pocket. He straightens them before passing them over, the two remaining singles going back into his pocket. "Thank you," he tells her as he takes the bag and takes a couple of steps towards the door. He turns back towards her as he reaches it, his back against the glass door as he asks, "What did you say your name was?"

Gwen Stacy has posed:
The bills are taken and tucked away, Gwen not really bothering on counting it to make sure the money's good. Trustful? Or maybe she counted it with her eyes? Regardless of the motivation she finishes registering the buy. To note that she doesn't suggest that Eddie leaves something for charity. She may have noticed that his dinner will most likely be tater tots and a bottle of whiskey. It's not exactly grandiose..

She reaches towards her earphones again to tuck them in again even if her eyes remain on the departing man. She smiles when he turns to ask her name, "I am Gwen." she then says, "Gwen Stacy." the girl introducing herself before adding. "Take care of yourself, will you?" she lets her eyes linger for a few moments longer, as if waiting for the man to give his own name before the approach of Mrs. Blayne has her shifting priorities. Mrs. Blayne doesn't like to wait!

"Ah, Mrs. Blayne. What's with all the milk...? Taking care of the nephew again..?" A grin given to the older woman. Gossip girl!

Eddie Brock has posed:
Eddie gets Gwen's name and gives a little nod to her. "Eddie," he offers back, though without a last name. Another little nod of his head, one that combined with his expression seems to convey a thank you to her.

And then he's leaning back against the door to open it with his back, and stepping back out into the cold winter day.