4988/A Pit Stop

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A Pit Stop
Date of Scene: 02 February 2021
Location: Location
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Frank Castle, Blake Riviere, Peter Parker

Frank Castle has posed:
Human trafficking. Slavery is supposed to be a thing of the past. the Western World is supposed to be better than that.

The reality is that making something illegal tends to just drive it underground, and there are plenty of forces out there willing to exploit that. Of course, this being New York, so much traffic flow and so much money means that even with the powers that be in play, organized crime finds a way to work around customs... work around being spotted for what they are. Bribes, blackmail, plain old fashioned intimidation. Those who listen would have learned of a small freighter carrying goods. A contractor vessel... and tonight, it's smuggling a 'container of goods'. Inside of this container.... are a dozen chinese -the majority women- that 'won't be missed'. Triad, probably. The usual MO for this particular route is to use New York as a hub to relay their 'goods' to less controlled cities.

The ship is supposed to come in at midnight, at Pier 7 along the Manhatten waterfront. The ship? The Wind Chaser.

Blake Riviere has posed:
The things with the underground? It grew awfully close to the shadows. A rumor here, a 'doll' donor talking about a friend going missing or a criminal type bragging and Blake's attention had been drawn in. The 'young' woman had once been a 'bride' a slave in body and soul...and it had become a bit of a sore spot for Blake.

Wrapped in her usual 'gothic' attire, the vampiress in black with those red hair ribbons sweeps across the docks, a rolling mist having grown to reveal her form as she waited. She wanted to rescue, but more than that...Blake wanted to catch both those bringing the girls in and those recieving them...

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man has his own resources. An informant here, a red flag there, a 911 call over there...

This time it was an informant, a man who worked the docks who funneled info to Spidey. He wasn't a criminal, just an ordinary bloke who ran afoul of some Triad goons. Spider-Man had trounced them and made sure the Triad would never go after him again. Simple good will was a currency that could be traded anywhere.

Spidey lands on the warehouse roof overlooking Pier 7, setting the drone camera to run a perimeter check. The tiny red flying spider soared off, directed by pathfinding software Peter had written himself.

Now...nothing to do but wait.

Frank Castle has posed:
It doesn't take long for the vessel to come down the river and start heading for the dock. Around that time, two black vans and a semi truck behind them. Other grave shift crews also come out of the warehouse, and cranes start to get into position to grab containers out of the hold. Clearly, this freighter has a few containers to offload... but those vans are a bit more personal. Tinted windows mean no one can look inside of them yet... so it might just be timing.

Once the Wind Chaser docks at the pier, everything starts going into motion as the gangplank is extended and a man in a nicely tailored gold and white outfit steps onto the pier, heading for the vans.

Blake Riviere has posed:
So easy it would be to rush, to slaughter and tear...but it would be messy and the wereabouts of the girls wasn't confirmed. Annoying, but she'd wait a little longer.

Exhaling a breath, the woman's eyes shift to that luminescent red and her fangs extending...then the familier scent and sight of a certain Webslinging hero has her pausing. Great, someone who wasn't a fan of leathal violence!

Peter Parker has posed:
The drone is already taking pictures and uploading them to the cloud storage, focusing on faces, body shots, vehicle plates, etc.

Okay. This was now a chess game. Once there are pictures of all the heroes and zeroes in the scene, it's time to wrap them up and call the NYPD and maybe even DHS in on this.
He fired a webline to one of the cranes, then yanked himself over to it. He had JUST landed when an alert comes up in his HUD.

Hoo boy...here we go...

A thin buzzing sound can be heard as a tiny flying spider lowers in front of Blake, and a text message actually appears in the air in front of it.

<Overdrawn at the Blood Bank?>

Frank Castle has posed:
A new smell comes into play as a window opens up on the upper level of the warehouse. Anyone looking up with a practiced eye will see a silenced rifle barrel just visible from the window. Whoever it is, they're staying well out of sight; not an amateur.

As the spider bot moves, a chinese man steps out of the passenger side of the front van, moves around the black van, and moves towards the Captain.

Meeting halfway, they converse in whispers.

Blake Riviere has posed:
The little text drone? It brings a narrowing of her eyes, the vampiress giving a little exhaled breath. "Interfering with my drinking habbits and offending my sensibilities..." she answers softly, her body starting to straighten up before it begins to melt into mist once more, only her glowing eyes lingering a moment before the mistform flows across the docks, starting to form herself upon the top of the van above the conversing pair.

Peter Parker has posed:
Damn...she does that. This is gonna get messy.
The drone zips back towards the meeting as Spidey sets it back to autopilot. He has a pretty good idea of what could happen.

*There are innocent people that need to be helped. Focus on them first. Save the ones you can...*

The drone beeps, picking up sounds coming from one of the containers. He peered over at the crane operator, then took a deep breath...

He had to get control.

Rob figured this was going to be another little extra job, something to pad the paycheck. Even though it was after hours...and off the books...but no harm done, right?
At least, he thought that before someone yanked him out of the chair, webbed him up, and stuck him to the side of the crane like a suction-cup Garfield.
Spidey got into the chair and began moving the container in a different direction...

Frank Castle has posed:
Of course, a woman appearing out of nowhere on top of the car gets a stare, then... "What the... who is that?" The Captain points to Blake. The chinese man turns his head around and looks at Blake, before he makes a sweeping gesture.

Suddenly, about a dozen enforcers pile out of the vans and the semi-truck, all aiming pistols and shotguns at Blake.

"Who are you?" The chinese man asks, with a slight accent.

It seems nobody has noticed the work Spidey is doing above yet, with Blake as a distraction.