4989/A Matter of Ninjas

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A Matter of Ninjas
Date of Scene: 02 February 2021
Location: The Inner Sanctum - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: Shaw and Elektra discuss ninjas, also possible future endeavours.
Cast of Characters: Sebastian Shaw, Elektra Natchios

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
The Hellfire Club has been busier than usual. With Shaw back in town, and rumors of Selene being seen in the building as well, those who work in the complex have been more on edge than usual. Though, this also has led to more activity as those looking to climb the ladder are trying to show off to their superiors.

Shaw has taken up a sort of residence in the Inner Sanctum it seems, and he is sitting at the throne, speaking into his phone again as the elevator doors open to admit whomever is seeing him next, "I will need the car this afternoon at four, I have a meeting in Hell's Kitchen. Have it prepared then. The towncar. Not the limo." He hangs up, and then turns to his next order of business, "Ms. Natchios, please, have a seat."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Wandering into the Sanctum comes Elektra, today she sporting a rather dashing red dress, open on the back, phone to her ear, "Make sure that doesn't become a problem. Yes, you know what I mean." she flips the cellphone close, sliding it into an hidden pocket on her dress. She smiles just so. "Gathering interest in Hell's Kitchen, is it?" she questions.

She wanders over to one of the seats to settle down, hands brushing over the sides of her dress and then she sitting, one leg over the other. "You asked for a meeting, Mr. Shaw?" she asks.

Eyes remain as dangerous as usual, contemplating the Black King in a thoughtful manner, one elbow resting on the edge of the table.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"There are a pair of...individuals who may be of use to us. My contacts tell me they're teenagers, very impressionable, out to 'do the right thing', and well...with a little savvy I think I can put them to use getting rid of some competition to our activities." Shaw explains, eyes drinking in the outfit she is in today. He clearly approves.

"I did, yes. One of our junior members is having some difficulties with a group of martial artists. She believes she can handle it mostly on her own, but she is requesting we provide her some backup, in the form of ninjas, as she put it. Usually I wouldn't bother to request this from you but...she is...rather well connected inside our organization. And could be of use to us going forward. This seems like a good chance to see if she proves to be as adept as the person she is connected with," Shaw explains, before he asks, "Are you still in good enough standing with the Hand to provide this, or will I have to speak with our overseas partners?"

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Teenagers, mmm." Elektra rises her eyebrow up a notch at that, "They can be .., unpredictable." but that seems to be most of what she puts up against the idea, brushing fingertips through her hair, "Yet maybe that's exactly the idea. Just have to make sure this doesn't come back to us."

It's what is said next that her brows furrow and she to bring one hand up to hold her chin, "It's a very specific request.." she muses, "But yes, I could provide backup in this situation. I would need more information on what we will be aiding in though. The Hand would be hard pressed to move against a target that was of their interest afterall..." not that she actually says whether she is in good standing with the Hand or not.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"My understanding from what I got from the girl is that these are members of a rival group of martial artists. She claims they wore the insignia of a foot on them. Though they all dressed in red as well. I do not know of any Hand members that...wear such an insignia." Shaw replies, before he nods.

"If you provide me with what you need to know before you approach your contacts, I will get the information you need." He stands and walks over to Elektra, and holds out a hand to her, "And, of course, I will be deeply indebted to you for this."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
The mention about the insignia those other ninjas wear brings an amused snort out of Elektra, the corner of her mouth curling in a faint smirk. "That should be more than enough to fetch the support you wish for." the tone implying it's a done deal. Maybe there isn't much love lost between those two groups!

The assassin then extends one elegant hand in return when the man approaches, taking it and getting up to her feet. She inclines her head just so. "Of course. I would expect no less. We are all working for the same goal." she says, eyes meeting the man's.

"I will make sure to have them available.., whenever you wish them for."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Sebastian Shaw gives Elektra's hand a kiss, and then lowers it, letting her drop his grasp if she wishes, "Indeed we are. And of course, you know my door is always open to you, should you need anything Ms. Natchios. Is there anything you need of me?" he asks.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
The touch lingers for a moment longer once the hands are lowered down, eventually letting it slip away, "As is mine." Elektra promises before meeting the question with a brief shake of her head, "Not just yet, New York has been rife with opportunity but I have been keeping a low profile. Though I might need so soon." she steps aside, understanding it as a near-end to their meeting. "We will speak again soon I am certain. Do let me know how it goes with those teenagers out of Hell's Kitchen."

The woman shifts and turns, starting on her way out of the room, long dress dragging behind her.