4992/Another You: A Visitor from the Other Side

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Another You: A Visitor from the Other Side
Date of Scene: 02 February 2021
Location: 6B - Elektra's Condo
Synopsis: The Dopplematt comes to Elektra with a deal and some other suggestions.
Cast of Characters: Matthew Murdock, Elektra Natchios

Matthew Murdock has posed:
This world was strange but some things never changed and one of them was Elektra's sense of style, upon crossing over to this most fortunate of worlds Matt had gone searching the places his Elektra would go and before too long he caught her scent which led him to a small penthouse in SoHo, that felt very Elektra. A normal person would buzz up or talk to the doorman but not Matt, tucking his sword cane on his back by a strap he scaled the building to climb onto her balcony then sliding the blade up the door to open the latch he slipped inside, taking in the sense of the place letting the signs and smells Elektra tell him if she was here or if he'd have to sit and wait awhile before she returned.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
It was only a small penthouse really. What with the infinity pool, the large rooms, all the mementos around... It felt somewhat impersonal though, at least in a way. Or maybe it was just Elektra's way. Some things were always the same no matter the universe..

Elektra wasn't home just yet, having been out in business with the Hellfire club. One of the many 'pies' she had her fingers on these days, all in her bid to find independence, or at least a next step once she was done with the Hand. She knew reckoning would be coming sooner or later. But right now she was keeping herself one step ahead of all of it. It also meant she had to live her life at 100 miles per hour.

The door opens, her scent felt as she breezes in, steps bringing her gracefully across the hallway, not a sound done over that nightingale floor but then ..., her life signals dim. Not suddenly. But surely, as if cloaking her presence. Had she noted someone in the house? Perhaps, this was her domain afterall...

She takes a step past the hall, a blade in hand and her eyes going to the sofa....

Matthew Murdock has posed:
And there on the sofa is Matt Murdock, stretched out, a wooden cane like the sort Stick used to use by his side. He was dressed differently tonight, no suits or sweatshirts, just a simple black t-shirt and pants, covered over with an old military style jacket; a strip of red cloth covering his eyes.

He grins when he turns his head towards her, all but purring out, "Hello, Elektra."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
The irony isn't lost on her. This was the kind of move she enjoyed pulling on Matthew. Keeping him on the defensive.., always like she knew something more that she wasn't showing. It had been a game they had played both before and now when they met again. So to have it pulled on her? Not something she was expecting!

Elektra eyes this Matthew with some attention but does lower her blade. This was a very different attire from the norm, "Matthew. You do realize you have my phone now, don't you?" the woman speaks out in a low tone, finally making her way more fully into the room. She is dressed in a long gown, deep red in color. Clearly she was just out in some fancy gala or another. Or a meeting. No shoes on though. That was a rule. No shoes at her place...

"Take those out." It doesn't seem like she is asking. And really, Matt should know by now she didn't like shoes in here!

She starts walking towards the sofa, asking, "What brings you out here tonight?"

Matthew Murdock has posed:
A flicker of disappointment sours Matt's smirk for a moment, but only a moment before he rises from the sofa. "Take what out?" he asks after a moment still smirking, "And silk. Out somewhere nice?" He sniffs. "No blood so I guess it wasn't a work thing," he says before tilting his head a little his hair was longer too, not as neatly cut, like someone living rough for a while. "I came to see you of course," he says. "Have a seat, we've got a lot to talk about."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
There is only a moment hesitation before Elektra answers, "Boots." but yes, by now she knows something isn't right. In fact something is *very* wrong. But she can go with it... For now.

"I have been trying to cut on the work. You know how it is." Of course that she also knew the *real* Matt wouldn't so openly talk about what she did for a living. At least not without admonishing her for it. Certainly not with a smirk on his face! This version seemed more of a younger version of Stick, and just the same kind of bastard. And that was just from the first minutes.

"You always do seem to gravitate towards me, one way or the other." She wanders across to the other sofa, sitting herself in front of Matt and folding one leg over the other, silk resting neatly on her darker skin. The knife remains.

"While I believe in change you are the kind of man that would break before he bent. So you'd better explain well what this is about."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"That's bad discipline, but sure," Matt says of the boots. "Never know when you might need to run or chase after someone," he says but he moves to the door and pulls off his boots one by one, setting them down and then nudging one so they both lay square against the wall. "You're always perceptive no matter what world you're from," he says as he turns back towards her feet bare but for a pair of woolen socks. "I need your help Elektra, I'm not from this world, I'm from a darker, godless one, but I need your help so I don't have to go back."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Are you saying you can't run without your boots on?" Now she is back to being the teasing Elektra, her smirk returning as she finds some measure of 'control' to this whole situation. Or at least more familiar grounds than just feeling caught off-balance.

She listens to the man, watching his posture, the way he walks back. Very similar but also different, perhaps not as .., 'chained' as the Matt she knew. Maybe this one had accepted her bargain all those years ago.. She takes in a breath. "Some things indeed never change. Like you needing my help, whether you know it or not. At least you do go direct to the point, that's good." she says, "Experience with other worlds isn't exactly my .., thing.., but for some reason it doesn't seem to me as if you are lying. I could tell. You have always been a terrible liar, Matthew." at least to her, "But you wanting to stay here in a world that is not yours.., what would that entail?"

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"I can run just fine without them, talking about you, making a habit of not wearing shoes," Matt counters "Easy to slow you down with just a little broken glass," he says. As to his purpose he says, "How are things with you and the Hand here?" he asks not quite answering her question.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
A snort is what Elektra's answer is on being slowed down by some little glass, hand idly brushing over her hair and tucking it back behind one ear. Idly for some, but those who know her well it's mostly a sign of nervousness. She wasn't too sure about this whole situation just yet. Not that her tone wavered for a single moment.

"We are not seeing each other eye to eye fully." she says, "But I still have some pull." a brow arching just so. "Your plan involves the Hand?"

But then she can't help but ask. "Where is my .., other me?" did she expect some kind of joint escape? But this clearly had not been the case.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"That's a good question," Matt says about her other self. "She vanished a little while ago on my world, I had thought she might have come to this world but so far I haven't sensed her, don't suppose anyone's been doing work with your kind of signature around here that isn't you?" he asks before he gets to his plan. "No, my plan involves the Chaste. On my world I lead them, they help me keep Hell's Kitchen in order now, but if we can bring them to this world, they could help you tilt the balance with the Hand, make sure if you guys see eye to eye again it will be on your terms."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
The question about someone else using her signature is only received with a thoughtful mmm, Elektra not giving answer to that. But clearly something to keep in mind. Atop all the problems she is having now they have others alike them here? Gods... She does sense an headache brewing when Faux-Matt gets ready to start talking about what the plan is about...

Talking about the Chaste has Elektra freeze a moment. And that Matt leads them? That is surprising.. Or not so much. It only takes the smallest nudge, a different talk, or action and everything could had been different. Both to Elektra and also to Matt. But guess Stick did get his wish on this Matt's world at least.

"You want me to bring the rest of the Chaste. Who by the way is the mortal enemy of the Hand, onto here?" A small frown comes to her expression. Her relation to the Chaste was yet unknown to the Matt here, and she had no idea how much the other Elektra was part of the Chaste or not. This was dangerous grounds she was treading.

And what does she do when she is in dangerous grounds? Keep moving forward. "How would it help in keeping you on this side though? Besides having a small army by your side?"

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Yes," Matt says moving to Elektra's side. "The Chaste are no longer the enemy of the Hand they once were after the Iron Fist turned on them they follow me now. They'll do what we want, and if we want them to deal with your enemies in the Hand, they will."

As to the rest. "Protection mostly from anyone who might try to send me back where I came from."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Some things were starting to make sense now. Namely that totally different Iron Fist they had met during the train heist. Ahhh, that's how he fits in all this. "I can tell you your Iron Fist is dead now." she delivers it with quite the expressionless look on her face, watching the Faux-Matt, perhaps fishing for a reaction to that information.

"Our Matt won't be too happy with you wanting to stay here, but your aid in some matters would .., be welcome." a small army to cut through her Hand enemies? A Matt that had accepted Stick's destiny? But one thing she knew for certain, this was NOT her Matt. So how much could she trust him? The answer would be zero.

"You are very different from the Matt here. You mentioned being godless. What happened that could .., change you so much back where you come from?" she inquires.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Good," Matt says about the death of the Iron Fist. "If he hadn't been taken care of I would have done it myself," he says mater-of-factly. "He was a mad dog that needed to be put down."

As for the changes, "I'm not godless, my world is, when Z came, everything he did, it proved that there is either no god, or the one we have isn't worth worshiping." He says, "But it made seeing what you and Stick had been telling me for ages, I was wasting my time not killing, because where I come from every life I end is a mercy."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Well, now that's a bummer. Perhaps Elektra thought the Matthew from another world would had been influenced by her. To know it was by some .., Z. Well, disappointing! Specially as it seems it takes a catastrophe to get this man off course. Figures.. "And what makes you want to stay here instead of the world you come from though?" she questions, slowly getting up to her feet and making her way to the liquor cabinet, taking two glasses. "Still Maccallan or should I get you something else?" she asks, reaching for the bottle she keeps for these occasions.

A glance over her shoulder, "Though I do perhaps have another question." a faint smirk coming to her lips. "Regardless, of what you may bring to the table in terms of help against the Hand..., Why do you think *I* should help you, mm?"

Liquid is heard pouring into the two glasses.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Isn't that obvious?" Matt asks. "This word isn't some hell hole, I've done all I can for my world, I need a break, Elektra, I need to live somewhere where what I do matters."

"It's been years but Maccallan's still my drink," he says with a smile. "And why? Because if you're anything like the Elektra from my world you've been waiting for me to come around to your way of thinking for a long, long time."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Nothing is ever obvious where it comes to you, Matthew." Elektra retorts, finishing to pour up the two glasses. Neat as Matthew would like the drink. With the bottle set aside she wanders back to the sofa, holding both glasses and handing one to the Faux-Matt. "Try not to gurgle it down like a savage as you used to." she warns him before she resumes her seat. Yes, this was more familiar grounds, making her feel more in control of the situation.

"It's true, I have been waiting for a while now." She admits, "Yet without as much success as my colleague appears to have had." Nothing like calling your doppelganger a 'colleague'.

Still, if she has a weakness it's always been Matt. And this one, she might as well help him out. Besides, it's not as if she couldn't use a little army on her side too. "Lets imagine I accepted. What would our next step be?" she takes a sip from the Maccallan. Perhaps to show it doesn't have anything 'different' in it.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt smiles faintly at Elektra's words. "Good to hear that's still true here," he says of being anything but obvious. He takes the glass with a nod, and raises a brow above the strip of red cloth, "Gurgle it down?" he asks. "Clearly the me from this world needs to learn some manners," he says taking a sip of his drink. "Mm, god I forgot how good this tasted."

"Your colleague, helped me out when Z came and I lost my faith. She helped me see a better way," he says.

"The next step would be to start bringing more of my people over. There needs to be balance though, we'd have to send people back for every one we take."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
The assassin takes another brief drink from her glass before leaning forward to set it on a low table, "Such is always the problem when we put all we are in a belief. We end up broken." her tone just a touch admonishing. Maybe she wishes this was the Matt of this reality, having finally seen the 'light'.

"A balance?" She then asks, lifting a brow. "These universe rules have never been something that .., I cared too much about. Why not just break that balance and have more of you here?" she asks. "Though I assume it *is* easier to become someone if they aren't here anymore to contest it, mmm?"

Which perhaps should make her wary if her own doppelganger is on this side. Maybe she will have to up her security. And soon.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Seems that way," Matt says without argument. Even money if he's just saying it to avoid a fight or if he really believes it.

"Normally, I'd agree with you about the rules, but this feels different, it's like a need, to make sure the balance is maintained. Otherwise, what the hell I'd leave things be if I could get to stay on this world at the end of it all."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
No argument? This clearly is a different Matt. But how different? Time would tell. Right now Elektra would prefer to keep the man closer than just let him wander. She nods sharply. "Very well." a gesture. "I will make an educated guess you don't have a place to stay on this side. You will remain here in this penthouse." a brow raising. "You also need a shower." most definitely.

"You will also tell me more about the way you can travel from here to there and vice-versa. I need to understand how we will be getting people back, and people in." a faint smile then creasing her expression.

"Do we have an understanding?"

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt smiles as Elektra lays out the rules. "Fair enough," he says easily a bit of mischief in his smirk as he says it. As for how to get things back and forth between worlds. "There's portals a lot of them apparently, but i only know the one I came through it's in Hell's Kitchen," of course it would be. "I can show you where when we get my people over. Really though there's nothing to it, just walk on through."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Only walk through..?" That sounds easy enough. Perhaps too easy. But for now Elektra would go with it. The woman gets back up to her feet, picking up her glass. "Now go get yourself cleaned up. Once you are done we will discuss more about your world." She says, starting to walk towards the balcony, the sound of her gown heard rustling over the ground heard.

Oh, this would certainly be interesting..

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt tosses back the rest of his drink savouring it as it burns its way down his throat before either bolstered by the drink or just out of his own natural boldness, he says as Elektra walks towards the balcony, "It's been awhile since I've had a shower," he tells her. "Might need a little help remembering how it's done," the words suggesting his thoughts are anything but clean.

Very interesting indeed...