5002/A Meeting Of Maggia Minds

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A Meeting Of Maggia Minds
Date of Scene: 03 February 2021
Location: Falcone Estate, Gotham
Synopsis: Viola's father takes her on a business trip down to visit Carmine Falcone. During a break in the meetings, Carmine gives her a tour of his estate.
Cast of Characters: Carmine Falcone, Viola Fiore

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     A palatial estate on the edge of the city designed with every facet of italian luxury in mind. What had once started as but a single room house on worthless land has expanded a hundred times over as more and more land was consumed by the goliath construct.

     Stark white marble pillars span off in either direction across a massive garden out front with round the clock security armed to the teeth. Dogs patrol the grounds walking and watching for trespassers of all kinds.

     The interior is a network of rooms and passages built slowly over the decades as the need arose. No one room is without direct required function, each and every one built to exacting purpose. It's far from a McMansion.

     In the depths of the estate rests a room protected behind a great many doors hidden out of sight and out of mind.

     Soft classical music flitters through the room warm and inviting. Strange art from obscure Gotham artists lines every wall and dots the ceiling, expensive italian furniture lining the floor. This place is filled with luxurious comfort in every direction with a massive pool in the center of the room beneath a brilliant skylight made from stained glas.

     At the center of the pool rests a statue of the Virgin Mary, her tears flowing fourth to fill the pool itself as she sets at the foot of an empty stone cross, the centerpiece of the room.

     A set of mahogany double doors lead off to another room where Don Falcone and Viola's father had vanished now two hours prior, leaving her behind with Sofia sat in her wheelchair. The buxom redhead simply looking towards the crying statue in silence.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Joseph Fiore had come down to talk business. Shared interests between the Manfredi family in New York, and the Falcone family in Gotham. For two Maggia families separated by the length of the state of New Jersey, there was never really much need to be at odds with each other. Prices might need to be negotiated, margins discussed. But it wasn't like they were contesting territory with each other. Which made for very friendly interactions by the standards of organized crime.

Viola had come down with her father. Only knowing that he had business meetings to attend. She'd long ago learned what his business entailed. And they'd never discussed it, Viola not even knowing if her father knew she knew. If he did, they both seemed content to pretend otherwise. Even if Viola couldn't help but listen when possible, to find out the truth beyond what the internet site on mob figures had shown her back a schoolgirl, after hurtful comments from her friends. But face it, meetings with Italian men protected by dogs and armed guards? And Viola's own home, if not as expansive as that of the Don of Gotham, was not a stranger to armed associates of her father watching over the place.

She'd hoped to do a bit of shopping on the trip to Gotham. Though her father seemed loathe to have her go alone from the HyperLoop station, and only had brought one man with him. A show of trust to Don Falcone. So Viola had followed along.

The artwork was of interest to Viola for awhile. A subject she'd studied at Columbia, though her major was sociology. Eventually though she had made the full tour of the room and found herself gazing out the window wistfully.

One of the security men approached her. "Miss Fiore. Might I get you something? A beverage or something to eat?" she turned back to him and shook her head. "No, but thank you. Just a bit bored," she says. She glances at the pool and the statue in the center, noting the depth of it, and that one can walk out of it in certain places.

The man notes her perusal of it and asks, "Would you wish to go for a swim. There is a bathhouse- sorry, a room we call the bathhouse, with bathing suits, a shower," he tells her.

Viola smiles and thanks him. "That sounds lovely, thank you," the Italian-American young woman tells him. So later, when Carmine and Joseph reach a pause in their discussions, Joseph going off to spend a lengthy time on the phone back to his people in New York to discuss some of the offers made, Viola can be found, swimming in a relaxed manner through the pool."

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Sofia doesn't speak a word. She spends so much of her time silent just looking out into the eyes of the crying statue. From time to time one of the guards will walk over to her and switch out her empty glass for a full one allowing her a moment to make what requests she might need. She seems so distant as she sets there just looking off for miles and miles, with that blanket over her legs to keep herself warm.

     Eventually Carmine comes back out of the back room as the talks find their pause. He's dressed in his typical suit and bowtie a respectable outfit even in the comfort of his own home. He whispers something to one of the guards in a soft Italian before making his way towards the woman in the wheelchair. He locks his attention for a moment towards the swimming Viola.

     "I see that you are enjoying yourself, this pleases me." His voice holds a thick mixture of sicilian and Gothamite. "I pride myself on ensuring my guests are always comforted in the utmost." A light smile of pearl white teeth crosses his face as he walks towards his wheelchair bound daughter along the edge of the pool. The mirror reflective shine of his boots shine back the water and the swimming woman.

     "Pray tell how are you enjoying your little visit to my city thusfar?"

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore looks up as Carmine Falcone comes out, his footfalls echoing quietly in the spacious room, heard over the gentle lap of the water against the borders of the pool. The young woman had been floating on her back, arms moving occasionally to gently propel her through the water. But mostly she's just been enjoying the exquisite feel of the water on her body. The warmth of it, and swimming indoors in a pool that isn't some YMCA one over-saturated with chlorine is an experience everyone should have.

Sofia hadn't moved that Viola had seen. Though her drink had gone down, at least evidence she was still functioning. But as Carmine comes, out, Viola turns over, swimming with a breast stroke that keeps her head above water, over to the steps nearest to him.

She walks up out of the water slowly, a very slender, fit thing. Carmine has met her mother, and Viola seems to have been favored her mother's beauty. One of Carmine's men watching the room and Sofia has had a towel at hand. He looks over to Carmine for the man's direction.

"Don Falcone, it is a pleasure to see you again," she tells him, her eyes meeting his for a moment before her gaze lowers slightly before him. "Thank you for allowing me the comforts of your beautiful home while my father is engaged with business," she tells him.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "It is of no trouble to me, I would not have built the house if I did not expect and encourage guests from time to time." Carmine's smile fades to a bit of a smirk as he walks along the edge towards his daughter. He places his hand down onto her shoulder though she just seems to look off into the distance for the most part. "Would that I could only have every room filled to the brim with the pitter patter of feet and the sound of laughter it would lift my heart a great deal." He pats once lightly onto his daughters shoulder. "Of that much I can assure you."

     "A house is not simply a place to be owned, but a place to be used and enjoyed, to be shared with those one cares for." He lets go of that shoulder only to find a hand grab onto his and pauses as he grabs back hold of Sofia's hand for a moment. "Take away all that a man has and he will still have family."

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola watches as Carmine walks over towards his daughter. "Yes, I think my father and mother miss having babies around the house. I imagine before long I'll find my mother setting me up with 'nice boys' if I don't settle down by then," she says with a soft laugh.

Without further guidance, the security man comes over, holding out the towel for Viola. "Thank you," she tells him, stepping into it so it wraps about her shoulders, and then taking it from him as she dries herself while talking with Carmine.

Her eyes go to Sofia as she grabs at her father's hand. "I offered my greetings when I first arrived," she comments softly. "And commented on what a lovely blouse that is," Viola adds, the latter comment towards Sofia herself as Viola walks over, still working the towel along her skin, and drying her hair.

"It is such a lovely house, I haven't had a chance to see but a portion of it," she comments, looking out the windows at the snowy lawns outside, but then towards the ornate room itself, which she has had more time to look over the artwork within.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "You will have to forgive my Sofia, she has not been much one for conversation as of late." Carmine shakes his head from one side to the other ever so slightly. "Nasty business." He glosses over it before lightly squeezing her hand.

     Finally he gets his hand back from her before walking away from her side a slight way managing to grab a drink of his own from a passing waiter. The fact that he can have his own waiter in his home is a simple testament to the wealth on display in this old money home.

    "This place is the culmination of almost fifty years continuous trials, blood, sweat, tears and hard labour poured into a slow building process." He walks over towards a statue resting his hand on the stand beside it for a brief moment. "As more rooms were required, I sought about having them added, and as rooms were no longer required I saw to it the old were repurposed that nothing would see itself disused for long."

     He looks to his work with a light smirk and joy at his own accomplishment. "Life is too short to allow things to remain broken."

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola follows Carmine with her eyes, turning as the man walks over to the statue that is quite a work of art, the younger woman having admired it at length earlier. "It feels like each room is it's own unique treasure," she tells him, just based upon the rooms she's seen on this visit, being brought here, and likely on earlier visits if not having had a chance to see as much of the house.

The young woman has dried herself to the point she's not dripping constantly, though there are still the occasional drops upon the marble floors that surround the pool. The waiter stops with his tray, and Viola takes a glass from it, the same drink as Carmine. "Thank you," she tells him, taking a sip, nodding her head appreciatively at the drink.

"Would you have time to show me more of the house?" she asks Carmine Falcone. "I can try to be quick in changing if you'd rather not risk a few drips here and there," she offers.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "I would not be much of a host if I denied such a simple request now would I?" Carmine offers as he looks her direction his hand goung down one thumb into his pocket as he sips from his glass. "I expect your father to be some time on the phone so there should be no harm." He moves away from the statue walking with a steady determinisic walk that holds him firm with each step.

     He waits by the door to the bath-house motioning for her to head in as he waits outside.

     Sofia slowly wheels herself around on the spot turning to one of the open windows so that she can look towards the large flowing snow. She just gets that far off look in her eyes her bounding curly red hair down to her shoulders shifting as she wheels round on the spot. Her eyes close tightly and she gets a slightly pained expression on her face.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola gives a warm smile at Carmine's answer. "Wonderful," she tells him gratefully. She takes another sip of the drink before the waiter comes over to take it on his tray as she goes into the room designed for the utility of those who use the pool.

Inside the shower runs quickly, just enough to rinse off the pool water, and then in the time it would take a woman to quickly dry herself, slip back into her clothes, and make sure she's presentable, Viola steps back out.

"I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long," she tells Carmine, moving over to his side. "How long has the estate been in your family?" she inquires as she slips her hands about Carmine's elbow if he offers it, letting him guide her through the house then.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Carmine chuckles as they walk into the main hall and turn through what appears to be a room designed for indoor sports. It's configurable for several sports obviously meant to be swapped about as the need arises with markings for curling and tennis and racquetball alike a multipurpose room for all occasions.

     "Oh I bought this place back shortly before my first tour of duty during the Vietnam war." Carmine admits opening the door wide and walking in as a loud series of thumps become audible. "I know that it may come as something of a surprise but I am a first generation immigrant."

     As the two walk through a lone figure who looks like a much younger version of Carmine with blonde hair is currently playing racquetball by himself. With each slam of the ball he calls out to himself slamming the ball with a great deal of force against the wall diving in one direction and then another to catch up with himself. He's going to great lengths to challenge himself forcing the ball faster and faster and it looks like he's been at it for some time.

Viola Fiore has posed:
"Quite the accomplishment," she tells Carmine as he tells her the history of the house. My grandfather Marco came over from the old land when he was a boy, with little but the clothes on his back," Viola comments.

Marco Fiore would be well known to Carmine. In his day he was Don Marco of the Fiore Family. Upon his death, Silvio Manfredi who had been his top lieutenant, took over and it became the Manfredi family. Eventually Viola's father Joseph, became older and became Silvio's right hand. Had he been older at the time of his father's death, Joseph might have taken over, though Silvio is by far the more ambitious of the two.

Viola stops with Carmine to watch the raquetball practice going on. "I can certainly see the resemblance," she says, looking up to Carmine and smiling. HEr eyes go back to his son. As his practice continues, with ever increasing effort and energy, she says to Carmine, "Do I sense perhaps a bit of his father's determination too?" she asks, a hand on his arm giving a soft pat as she grins.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Carmine chuckles to himself. "When I bought the land it was an outhouse and some corn field." He places a cigar into the corner of his mouth and rests it on the spot watching his son bound back and forth effectively shadow boxing as he walks on through the court with one hand on his glass. "People like me and your grandfather, we saw the potential in these places and built dreams out of the soil."

     He pauses in his stride watching the ball bound back and forth slamming against the wall moving his cigar from one corner of his mouth to the other. "I like to think each of my children brings their own specialty to the table, what I run is a family business in all my operations." He takes the cigar out of his mouth for a sip from his glass before placing it back into place.

     He starts back walkling allowing his son to just keep his practice going through the wall on the far side of the room opening up into a hallway stretching through a series of doors along either wall. Paintings line the walls of each member of the Falcone family going back all the way to ancient Rome.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore walks along with Carmine past the rows of painting. The young woman looks at each one in turn as they walk slowly, not just giving them mere glances. "You have such a lovely family," she tells him. Viola may find herself wondering how many different mothers are represented in that family tree, though it isn't a question that she would ever ask under these circumstances.

"Father has always kept his business dealing at arm's length from me," she comments to him. "Not my brother Gino though," she adds. "I think Father is happiest if I not know. So, I remain a dutiful daughter and do not discuss certain things, whether I know of them or not," she tells Carmine, the young woman looking up and smiling to him. In quite a few ways there, the epitome of the proper daughter in the male-dominated Maggia world.