5004/In the Hands of HYDRA!

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In the Hands of HYDRA!
Date of Scene: 03 February 2021
Location: Queens New York, 1950
Synopsis: 1950: Daniel Sousa is captured by Agents of HYDRA and Peggy Carter rushes to his rescue only to fall into HYDRA's trap! Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion!
Cast of Characters: Peggy Carter, Daniel Sousa

Peggy Carter has posed:
These are the reasons people aren't supposed to date in the agency. Why you shouldn't marry your soldiers. Because, one day, you send them off on a mission and they might not come back. It was supposed to be a routine recon, the only reason Daniel and Cortez went solo, without a team. A suspected HYDRA lab deep in nameless Queens, where all the docks blend together into industry and little else. But then Cortez made the call back, a choked, whimpering call to Peggy's private line... "They got him...come alone if you want him alive..." Before the line went dead. She has no clue if Cortez is dead too, or working for them, or just another prisoner. But she knows her fiance` is a prisoner and she has orders that mean his life.

So, she set up a fail safe. If she wasn't back by end of the day, a pneumatic message would send straight to Rose's desk and a team could go recover their bodies. But she's still cocky enough to think she can do this alone. She's armed herself with two guns, a shock pistol from Howard, knockout lipstick, a few flash bangs, and a heavy coat with a bit of flack protection. But she needed to be able to move and go fast. So, with those few protections stolen from the armory, she rips towards Queens.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Cortez was dead, shot by their captors as soon as he'd made the call. Daniel wasn't doing much better, beaten and bloody and tied to a chair. "She's not going to come," he lies. "So if you're planning on shooting me you might as well do-" the gun slapped across his face cuts him short.

"We need you alive," the blonde woman with the gun says. "But don't worry, hero, you'll join your friend soon enough, once we've used you to extract what we need from the Director."

Daniel struggles against his bonds, but with his false leg sitting halfway across the room, even if he could get his hands free he was going to have a hard time making his escape from the factory basement they had him in, to say nothing of having no hope of putting up a fight.

Peggy Carter has posed:
To say she drove wrecklessly would be putting it mildly, but when she gets near to the site she does slow down. In a sleeper sedan she's also stolen without clearance to check it out, as she doesn't want her own car marked or recognized too early on. Though, does it count as stealing when one is director of the whole operation? Either way, she pulls in slow to the position where he was SUPPOSED to be. Abandoned car. A tiny bit of blood on the sidewalk. At least she knows she's at the right building. With that, she slips out of her car and hugs against the wall, trying to find some sort of back entrance.

The blonde continues slowly pacing, staring at the injured man on the chair and considering how much she could get out of him while she waits. No reason to waste time. "Or... you could tell us how you knew this address... What your operations in the area are, and it will save her much pain. It is up to you how many pieces you both leave here in today... I'm not an unreasonable woman." She gives him a cruel smile, eyes flickering over his body as she seems to consider how she could take another part of him off without killing him.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Daniel lets his head sag to give himself a chance to look around on the floor for anything to use to get out of here, just because it was going to be hell for him didn't mean he wasn't going to try, he spots a bit of an old industrial saw blade laying on the floor he'd need to topple over to get it but it might be enough to cut him loose. The woman's words bring his head up and he spits blood in her direction. "You're with that relic HYDRA, sounds pretty damn unreasonable to me," he says. "I mean with a motto that boils down to 'we're replaceable' who even joins something like that?" he says pushing buttons trying to get her to strike him again to sell a fall to the floor.

Upstairs, HYDRA agents patrol the factory, dressed as regular security guards, but with a bit heavier than normal weapons. One waits by the door, trying to light a cigarette hampered by the wind off the water.

Peggy Carter has posed:
The HYDRA agent by the door is a lucky hit, giving Peggy not just a chance to see their uniforms, but to steal one. Silent as humanly possible, especially with the wind off the water helping hide what small sounds of life she makes, she creeps up behind the guy and violently strikes him right in the temple, arm reaching out to catch his slumping body before he can make more noise. She drags him off into the alley, starting to quickly strip the uniform off of him and pull it on over her own clothing. Maybe she could get lucky and sneak into the whole facility. Within three minutes, she's pushing the door open, hair hidden beneath his hat and gun hidden at her side as she tries to make her way down the back stairs.

The blonde's expression darkens and, sure enough, she reaches out with the back of her gun, striking Daniel hard across the face. Probably hard enough to break his nose, she doesn't care. She needs him conscious, not pretty. "Your leg was easy to remove. Other parts will be more bloody, but I am not scared of a bit of blood. How many parts should she find you in?"

Daniel Sousa has posed:
That broken nose hurts like hell but Daniel pushes up with his good leg "The question is, lady how many pieces are you-" it's as far as he gets as he topples over and falls to the floor, wirthing angrily like he was trying to find some way back to his feet, while his hands make a grab for that bit of saw blade on the floor, hoping the blonde doesn't get wise to the game and just sees a cripple writhing uselessly on the floor.

When Peggy steps inside, she finds the factory being taken apart guards and workmen moving quickly to dismantle things and load them into trucks. One of the guards, whistles and beckons to Peggy. "Hey give us a hand here, this guy's heavy," they say as they haul Cortez's dead body from the stairs to the basement. "Get that truck open for us," he says, nodding to a fake delivery van, parked a few feet from where Peggy is standing.

Peggy Carter has posed:
The sight of Cortez dead makes her stomach turn. He was one of HER agents, someone she sent in there, who she said goodbye to this morning and joked over coffee. She keeps her head down, trying to make certain her face isn't well seen, even as her temper starts to boil over in her throat. This wasn't the time, she knows that. There were a few too many people around and Daniel was no where to be seen. But she's livid and it's all she can do to keep herself together as they move the man's body into the truck.

The woman hasn't noticed the saw blade, fortunately. But she's also not willing to let him just lay there. She kneels down next to him, fingertips white knuckled grabbing the bloodied front of his shirt. "...Last chance to give me an easy answer, or I start cutting." She hisses, a wicked knife drawn out of the side of her belt. She looks almost eager to start the cutting.

Daniel Sousa has posed:
The two men load Cortez's body into the truck, and once he's been unceremoniously tossed into the back, they let out a sigh and wipe their brows. "Can't believe we set all this up and we're taking it down again just for two lousy SHIELD agents."

The other guard says, "Boss lady says their director's going to come, that's what this is about."

The other guard brays a laugh "I know their director's a broad but she ain't that dumb, right buddy?" he says with a glance in Peggy's direction.

Downstairs Daniel catches the mad glint in the woman's eyes and says, "What do you want to know again?" hoping to buy a little time and space to work on his escape.

Peggy Carter has posed:
Later in her career, Peggy's temper might be a bit more rounded and her control more honed. Now, however, she's still young. She's almost manic with anger and worry over Daniel, and her patience is worn beyond thin. Dark eyes flicker across the room, counting just how many she's against if she takes out these two immediately. Four visible. She's fought worst odds before. So, before anyone knows what is happening, her .38 comes up and she's shooting one man in the temple, the other in the neck, and staring to make her way through the room at a full tilt run to keep dodging other's bullets while she uses the pulled apart furniture around her as weapons. Her goal? Take them out as quickly as possible, messy or not.

In the lower level, the woman doesn't yet hear the chaos above. Her grip tightens on Daniel's collar, enough to start squeezing air without choking him so hard he cannot speak. She draws that knife slowly across the back of his hand, pulling blood as she goes but not actually sawing at body parts. Yet. Just the promise done with the lighter damage. "How did you find out about this building? What are your next attacks planned on HYDRA?"

Daniel Sousa has posed:
Daniel bites back a cry of pain as the blade slices along the back of his hand. "Don't know, they didn't say where the info came from just that a high level source said it was here," he says. "Could be anyone really." It was a plausible enough story but they'd really found it through old fashioned detective work. He begins to work the blade on his bindings as he speak, small slow movements to avoid detection. "And there aren't any more planned attacks." That was true enough only because they lacked targets.

Upstairs all hell breaks loose when the two men are killed, for a moment there's silence as the men in the room try to process what just happened, then guns start being drawn and shots ring out, from pistols for the most part but the guy by the door has an MP40 left over from the war, the submachine gun spraying rounds in Peggy's direction as the man sends a wild burst of fire clattering through the old factory.

Peggy Carter has posed:
Peg knew it would be chaos, and that she was still outnumbered. As the SMG comes up, she swears and drops down behind a heavy desk to protect herself from the spray. She dodges around it, snapping off two rounds in the direction of the man firing that weapon because it was, by far, the most dangerous. A few other guards are pouring in from the outside and stair cases. She knows he's not on this level, so she's got to find the stairs again. She shoots herself a pathway clear, dashing for the door and knocking over a stack of pallets in front of it once she's through.

The sounds of chaos are slowly filtering into the stair cases and back hallways. The woman looks up, a pleased, dark sort of smile across her features. She draws the knife away from his hand. "Useless. It's fine. It sounds like your boss is here anyway. I'll be back to handle you both..." She then stalks for the door, switching her knife out for her gun...

Daniel Sousa has posed:
The man with the machinegun falls even as another guard nearly hits Peggy as she ducks behind the desk, By the time she makes the stairs kicking he pallets over to block the door more guards start taking aim, into the door as it closes behind her, and the stairway lays ahead of her.

Down below Daniel almost drops the blade hearing the commotion up top. Did she really come? He steadies his grip and keeps working, "Peggy!" he shouts. "Get out of here! It's a trap!"

Peggy Carter has posed:
"I bloody well KNOW that!" Peggy hisses down the hallway, but she's not hearing the other woman with him -- only him. That's her near fatal mistake. Thinking she's bought herself a few minutes and they have him locked up alone, she runs full tilt towards the locked, cell-like room where they are holding him. She sees the finish line in front of her. And he's alive, breathing, strong enough to yell at her. It's all a ray of hope.

Then that door swings open, the blonde swinging out into the hall and firing as she goes. The only thing that doesn't make it immediately near fatal is the fact that Peggy sees the door and starts shifting to the side and down, the initial chest shot sailing right across her shoulder. She snaps her weapon up, opening fire at her enemy just as quickly, but the woman is more skilled than she is. And a distraction from the two other HYDRA agents coming in the far door.

Inside the cell, Daniel will hear another volley of fire. A familiar curse of pain. And the drop of a body on concrete.