5005/A Million Little Pieces

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A Million Little Pieces
Date of Scene: 03 February 2021
Location: Medical Ward: Triskelion
Synopsis: I'm not dead yet!
Cast of Characters: Daisy Johnson, Jemma Simmons, Jane Foster

Daisy Johnson has posed:
SHIELD had been sent into a bit of a disarray when an Asgardian when come to it's 'gates'. And bearing gifts. Well, not exactly the best of gifts, but it was something at least. The green clad Asgardian known as Amora had been carrying a body by ways of magic, on a platform moved by telekinesis. Atop it, Jane Foster.

She hadn't been too forthcoming about explanations, only that she was in a stasis between life and death, her spirit roaming. The body though, that had to be tended to, and it was now their responsibility. Of course that there had been more questions but Amora isn't the patient type.. She had only lifted a brow and then stepped away, disappearing in the breeze....


Yet no matter how much SHIELD wanted to know what had happened to Jane they also had another priority, and that was to preserve Jane's body, and to understand how they could restore her. And who better to do so but the resident biochem? Not that Jemma needed an excuse to go check on her friend, but a beep had been sent to her mission file with a brief explanation on what had went down. They needed answers, and they needed them yesterday...!

Jemma Simmons has posed:
    It did not take much at all to get Jemma over to the medical wing. God(s?) forbid that the medical team try to prevent Jemma from access. It was established a long time ago that no one stands between Jemma and those she deems her friends. And Jane Foster is most definitely a friend. Therefore, when Jemma enters into the medical ward, lab coat trailing in the breeze caused by her urgency, there is no resistance. Merely a pathway opened directly to the body.

    And, then it doesn't take much longer for Jemma to take charge. Already, a private room is reserved. Access keyed to only a specific few. And then, once completed, the other non-essential personnel are shuffled off, leave Jemma to determine what to do next. Obviously, Jane seems to be in some sort of stasis. But...what was the cause? How did this happen? And, most importantly, what can be done to rectify the situation and bring Jane back?

Jane Foster has posed:
SHIELD has better things to do than reclaim dead agents. That's what morgues are for. Possibly concerning when those agents show up carted behind known sorcerers almost as infamously problematic as Loki himself is, which might be justifiable for the high alert from some quarters. Or none at all, after their cause celebre vanishes.

So. Jane. Wrapped up in a deep forest green mantle, the tunic at odds with her clammy skin in vibrancy, is perfectly acceptable. No justifiable cause for lying flat out on her back with a sluggish heartbeat and the basic functions of the lizard brain in dominant attendance present themselves, at least on the surface. She isn't openly bandaged, acid-splattered, deprived of limb or head. The gloss to her hair's partly gone, the slightly sunken weight of her closed eyes proof positive all is not right. That and she isn't grimly staring through a veil of pain, murmuring hellos or otherwise being a typical patient of the conscious sort. Being a miraculous lump is going to account for drama and a thrill, since Jemma's work is bound to be on a breathing, living cadaver.

In a way, that's what she is. Monitors poking her will measure all kinds of neat data. Hello slow but acceptable heartbeat. Breathing? Sure. All the autonomic functions, supposing someone bothers feeding her. She might stay that way indefinitely. There's nothing /odd/ anyways, in her attire or whatnot.

No suggestions an angry draugr ran her through, anyway.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy hadn't been one of those directly approached about this situation. There were priorities afterall. But if there's anything Daisy is that's nosy. And she has her feelers out on certain keywords on the SHIELD net if they ever arise.. And 'Jane', 'Danger', 'near-death'. Yes. That's very much triggering her alarms.

So arming herself with her wits and running like Hel itself was coming to claim her down if she didn't hurry Daisy speeds out to medical area..

Sure, she isn't as fast as Jemms. But eventuallllly a knock on the door is heard, then a beeping heard. Was she one of the few accepted in the private room? She was going to assume yes!

The door opens and a breathless Daisy steps in, worry in her voice, "How is she?"

Jemma Simmons has posed:
     Of course Daisy has access. Even Jemma knows enough to not deny her fellow Furiae access. In fact, Daisy is one of the few that is allowed at all. And so, when the door opens to allow the very special Agent Johnson into the room, there isn't even a look up or glance to the doorway to see who arrived.

    Jemma knows all too well who is in.

    The answer to the question is rather flat. No punches pulled. "She's in stasis. Alive, but non-responsive. She is breathing, heartbeat on the lower side of normal. For all intents and purposes, she appears to be in a coma. Though, as to why, I have yet to ascertain." There is a shake of the head and the eyes look up to regard Daisy. "You heard of the details of her arrival? Very sudden, rather mysterious, and not at all helpful to determine exactly what happened and how to combat it."

Jane Foster has posed:
No badge or card on Jane gets tucked along with her ID, mostly because she wasn't carrying it in the first place. No doubt some upset B&B will be mailing said things to Darcy, if they have not already done so unless SHIELD has the "please return to PO Box F00RY, New York, New York" on the back. Such helpful instructions come with the difficulty of the postal service between Atlantic nations being particularly plodding.

Asgardian restoration work deserves top props, but they have one of the better insurance plans out there. The woolen tunic is brushed smooth as any cotton without the nastiness of unnatural, artificial fibres. Poke Jane and she's cool, though not cold, operating on general basal systems that keep trundling along without any operation in the higher parts of the brain. There is even less activity in some ways than Peggy's smashed cryo container, though not quite to a level of suspended animation or that glacial heartbeat. Hers moves. It's not winning any prizes for top BPM.

The only off things might be her toenails (painted a most ridiculously sparkly gradient from blue to eye-popping purple, glitter and all) and that ubiquitous, unremarkable bangle lying flat on her wrist. No rings, no keys, no tattoos. (Shock!)

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy knows better than get in the way of Jemma's study, so there is no attempt to touch Jane, or even go *too* close. Just enough to look at her friend's face, lips pressed to a thin line. She shakes her head a bit. "Stasis. Mmmm..." the woman lifts her hands, almost as if trying to get her powers to work. Maybe check her resonance, see what's wrong ..., mend her music but then ..., she remembers she has none right now.. A frustrated expression comes to her face and she lets out a sigh. "I have only seen a few reports. It mentioned Asgardian hand in it, seems like one of their sorcerers brought her. I know she has always had a deep contact with them but .., I do not know much more. Maybe she has been magically attacked?" she guesses, looking at Jemma and then back..

"This doesn't seem what we'd call a normal coma, is it?"

She does continue to look attentively at Jane, those blue feet having her arch a brow. "What do you think that is?" then a look to the bangle. "And why take everything but not *that*?"

Jemma Simmons has posed:
    There is a definite frown appearing on the good doctor's face when Daisy mentions 'Asgardian magic' in the same breath. "Well, that certainly puts a wrinkle into things now, doesn't it?" It isn't like Jemma hates magic, per se. It is just that she can't explain it in scientific terms.....yet. And the fact that it is magic introduces a wildcard into the situation. "A sorcerer bringing her in and then just leaving? Sounds about average for them. Them and their whole 'mysterious' ways. Complete rubbish."

    Still, it doesn't necessarily stop Jemma from considering the option. "Well, a coma is a highly complex state of being, with the precise set of circumstances for the cause of one being rather unique for the individual. Yet, there is still a sense of normalcy, so to speak, and some somewhat common causes to point out. Of which I see none." A sigh. "So, I suppose 'magical malady' is as good of an explanation as anything."

    But then the attention is brought to the bracelet upon Jane's wrist. "Her bracelet? I have seen it before. I...wouldn't be surprised if it was too much of a hassle to take off. It does seem rather tight fitting." A hand reaches out to actually touch the metal, as part of Jemma's examination. The toes...are not a concern quite yet, though no doubt Jemma will be checking on those soon enough.

Jane Foster has posed:
Yes, fear the excellent pedicure. Jane has a soft spot for occasionally looking pretty. She wouldn't have any means to comment now on being on a table under her fellow Furiae's gazes.

If it makes anyone feel better, there are no indications whatsoever of a breach on her files or anything odd. Nails are fine, the indications of rough treatment smoothed away by the Enchantress or not entirely present. See, no broken nails, no bruises, no secret messages written in freckles.

Sadly her social media is as inert as the woman is, no sightings present. The unaccustomed silence probably causes questions. Might raise other concerns, too, from the Hayden Planetarium down to the Cosmos podcast where she regularly chats. Darcy is no doubt having a field day, giving up on her astrophysics PhD in progress.

No brunette flapping around hopefully with her weirdo devices and calling for that 'really lame not boyfriend guy from Asgard', either. Thor's probably lucky, he has no idea what may hit him.

The bracelet those? It's just an inert gold bracelet of pleasant weight. It wobbles on a limp wrist. Gleam! Nothing to see here. Nothing other than being used to shatter reinforced glass.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy folds her arms together, mouth jerking to the side while she considers all they have about what may have happened to Jane. Granted, it wasn't much. No social media, nothing there ... Calling Darcy was a possibility. But the poor woman is probably flooded.

Instead she will go and start digging about Jane's *plans*. Where she was supposed to be before she went quiet on social media. There must be something .., somewhere.. She starts poking around her tablet, nodding at Jemma.

"She never takes that thing off. I mean, there was even the joke if she showered with it *on* too but ..." And Daisy's expression falls a touch. "It really doesn't sound as fun of a joke anymore.." she shakes her head.

"But if you think it's a magical malady, mmm. Do we have any history with Asgardians in the past that we could bring up the files from? Maybe it would help in getting some info about what may be affecting her." then her brow arching. "Or WAND...?"

Not that she expected Jemma to so easily go to WAND about this!

Jane Foster has posed:
Plans coalesce from the blue for Daisy. Being a public figure is helpful that way, somewhat. It's equally easy to track her through SHIELD, the last major operation chatting with Agent Melinda May and Agent Croft of WAND. About what, well. That's behind the privileges of a higher level.

The footprints in the digital sand show a welter of activity to just after that meeting, two days beyond. Something about Scotland, the Orkneys, an astronomical event with amateurs and a few headliners. Like a Nobel Prize-winning American brunette beaming into the camera with wind and cold water behind her. All chilly and picturesque. Several other photos from participants complaining about storms, gear lost, a couple cool images, someone getting a photo of the ISS transiting the moon. (Oooh, space stations.) Alas, no SWORD up on high.

That's where it stops, a profusion of notes on the joys of the Ring of Brodgar.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
    Of course, there is an attempt to separate the gold piece of apparent jewelry from Jane. And...it is apparent that the bracelet is not going to be departed from its owner. "that....would explain why she showers with it. It won't come off." Normally, Jemma might be more inclined to work on removal more....but this is her friend. And perhaps something deep in Jemma's psyche knows that it just isn't right to separate the two.

    But...on to the matter at hand. "Hmm...there are some mentions of Asgardians in the SHIELD files. Though....you're right. Most of that would be with WAND. " The tablet appears in Jemma's hand as she taps in some commands. "There is nothing that would indicate a similar issue. Still, it is rather early. More research will certainly prove to help in this matter." Yes....let's not talk about magic. Not yet. First, stabilize the patient. Then, after that, wild goose chases can begin.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The information that the bracelet does't come out has Daisy quirk her brow. Ok, that's different. She wanders a bit closer while still working on her tablet. "Well, she has had it forever..." she looks at it more attentively, then back to Jemma. If she had her powers she most likely could had said something was off about the resonance of the metal. Perhaps a bit too familiar and close to how the Mjolnir feels. Yes, she has met Thor and his Hammer afterall! Even if at the time they were busy with the disco death truck fighting off against a giant darkness attempting to take over Metropolis. Ahhh, memories!

She goes back to her digging, "Well, she was at this place in Scotland a few days back. Nothing too big to the exception of storms at the place and mmm, some local news about a small earthshake." she frowns a little. "But nothing further after.."

She nods at not talking about magic. That much they could both get behind! Even if sometimes she felt her powers were still magic... When she had them that is. "Well, you got my support on whatever you need."

Jane Foster has posed:
Shiny happy people like shiny objects, right? The gold bangle is stubborn, if pulled. It won't go over Jane's wrist, simply caught like it's too small to make the difference without being sawed in two. Of course any saw trying to cut into the fragile metal may not find itself so easily advancing through the gold. Hopefully no one tries that. They might have to explain why the saw blade is in several pieces on the floor.

Jane would be mortified to note Jemma's acuity. Really. If anything would wake her up, it's probably that.

Not a stray lash fluttered.

The bangle has its inscription but without an Asgardian to English dictionary or someone fluent in both, at a reading and non-Allspeak level, they're pretty runes. Literal runes, thin and fine, pressed to her skin.

As for the files? Depending on clearance level, she's not entirely unhealthy. (Or, rather, the precursors that would show a fatal weakness therein based on whatever biological samples SHIELD claims are probably not immediately marked.) She's somehow survived the island of Genosha falling on her, barely a year past.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
    Jemma has the clearance, when it comes to medical. Or, if not, she knows how and also who could get her the clearance, even if it is through less than official means. A sideglance towards Daisy is all the proof one needs to know exactly who the 'who' is in Jemma's mind. But, no...that shouldn't be needed now. In any case, the medical history is perused, notated, and set aside into a virtual holding area just for Jemma.

    Then....a closer look at the bangle. Not that Jemma can translate Asgardian...but she can recognize runes when she sees them. Given that she has probably seen something similar in the past, the fact that there are runes is noted with some surprise. "Well...I cannot rule out magic at this point. I am no expert in mystical ailments...but if I am not mistaken, that bangle looks Asgardian in origin. Either that, or it is a really clever imitation of runes there. And the fact that it doesn't come off is troublesome." A pause. "Do we fetch a magic expert? Do we need to get WAND involved? Director Palamas would be ideal, but she is indisposed for the foreseeable future. Do we pull in a consultant?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"I mean, there's all kinds of cursed items that don't come off..." Stop getting your lore of magical items from D&D Daisy! "But she has been wearing that since a long time and never said anything about it so .., don't think it's the case." she gives it a thought, continuing to look over the files, "Do you see here how she survived the fall of Genosha? I had no idea she had been there..." that's a surprise for Daisy. She furrows her brows.

But the suggestion of fetching an expert has her thinking. "Well, I worked with Hellboy a month ago or so on a case.., could try him but haven't seen him around the base much. There's also that Constantine fellow.. He was at the party we held for May a few days back. Looks a bit sketchy but ..., could be someone to talk with." she suggests.

"What about the research on the spear of destiny we did? You still got that lying around, don't you? Anything that could help on that side, if we figure this may have something to do related to the bangle?"

Jane Foster has posed:
Jane's vitals stay even, if unexciting. The static breathing, the ready thump of her heartbeat sluggish and groggy, but there. The system's working on autopilot even if the command centre is empty, more or less. That one custodian no one much talks to might be rattling a few keys. Vegetative truths are vegetative truths, dull and unremarkable, except when not.

The tenure in Genosha involves a conference, an international meeting of astronomers where she featured heavily enough, and the catastrophe that followed to rip apart an island nation for purposes profane and reviled. Nothing like Brainiac or worse to really cause trouble.

But here, in the depths of the Triskelion, far away from ruined cities and torn coastline, there's no sign of much of that damage. A few scars, faded silver. Interesting given the rubble, any shots that might have been tagged. It's not talked of much on her social media profile for revisiting one's personal experience in a horrific attack is really not what an ethical or normal person wants to do often.

The runes on the bracelet are elegant, flowing together, modestly engraved. They have to be, too. Uru's not exactly responsive to anything other than uru, disregarding necroswords and the occasional reinforced adamantine claw that somehow defies all purposes except stories. They're about the only distinction for the warm, shining gold. No, Undrjarn is not particularly out to draw attention to itself by hauling Jane to the floor and making it impossible to lift her. Although it could. It doesn't interfere. Rubbing the runes doesn't make them shine.

Brainwaves are flat to non-existent. She's not dreaming because Jane Foster is not home, and not even a tangible silver cord winds through the Astral to explain where she is. The mystical shroud of her aura? Empty. The awesome Amora-acquired clothes? Fancy!

An empty vessel for a wandering soul, surrounded by friends, is a pretty thing.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
There is a blink of realization from Jemma as Daisy mentions the Spear of Destiny. "You're talking of the application we used to track the artifact using its unique energy signature. Yes, I still have that." Of course Jemma does. It isn't like she throws anything away. "I still have it on my tablet here. Though, I fail to see how that would be of benefit for Jane's current situation. I could activate it and perform a cursory scan on the bracelet, at least, to satisfy mutual curiosities."

    It takea a quick bit of configuration, which means that Jemma accessed the scanners in the medical ward they are in now and linked them to her application so that the information could be interpreted. Then...she turns on the application and places the tablet on a nearby table to let it do its thing. In the meantime, Jemma doesn't cast a second glance at it. Instead, she preps Jane for an intravenous drip. No way she is going to be able to eat in her (it?) current state...and the body need nutrients...so Jemma is setting that up with the expert hand that she has.

    "I am not sure if that is going to help at all." Referring to the tablet with the energy tracking application running. Jemma returns to examining Jane. "No brainwaves would tell me that she is well and truly gone. But...I cannot be certain. There are aspects here that do not signify a cadaver in post mortem. This...is all too bizarre and I refuse to remove life support until I am absolutely certain. Really...she shouldn't even be breathing or have a heartbeat on her own if she was completely braindead."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"You're asking me? I have no idea how these magical things work. But if there's anyone that can *explain* them that's normally you and Jane." Daisy replies, wandering closer to that tablet and creeeeping up behind Jemms to look at the screen, peeking at the info being registered there, watching it do the scan. She rubs at her chin, frowning a touch... "No brain waves? But the body is still alive.. Huh. I mean, I was going to say that ghosts were bullshit but we had the living, or unliving, proof that they exist." she murmurs. "When we went against those nazis to retrieve the spear.. Herr Creep was a ghost apparently."

"With no soul there, could we be looking at something similar? Some Asgardian curse that plucked her soul out or something of the sort..?" really, just tossing mud at the wall now and see if it sticks.

"If she was truly gone why would they bring her here anyway?" No believing that their friend is dead for this Furiae either!

Jane Foster has posed:
Somewhere, Darcy Lewis is asking herself the exact same thing. Is there some way that a person came along and /punted/ Jane out of reality? Maybe that explains why her social media accounts are silent, why there are so many "where are you" emails, and it's not just some cushy honeymoon or holiday excursion to the far north of nowhere. Somewhere, she is undoubtedly glaring at the Asgardian embassy page, relayed messages, and an empty call queue.

The ghostly bullshit commentary is most certainly supported by SHIELD records, WAND reviews, comments by agents on the spot. Possibilities, of course. Though some way to track a ghost is another matter, given they might have certain routine gear hidden away that was used for the shadows, the dimensional anomalies Jane herself excels at, or other rigs.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
    The no-soul argument does raise an eyebrow on the doctor...looking quite like a female version of Spock in the process. "Now there is an idea. Granted, they do not cover soul reattachment in medical school." Oh, a little bit of sarcasm snuck in there. Only reserved for the most annoying of situations or only for the closest friends in Jemma's circle.

    Or, in this case, both. Both is good.

    The sarcasm dissipates as the tablet pings a result. And, sure enough, the bracelet is giving off some massive readings. "Hold on a moment. That....that looks like the same energy signature as Mjolnir." Of course, Jemma would know. That is how she calibrated the application in the first place. "I mean....it doesn't look like or similar. I mean, if I am not mistaken, it is exactly the same."

    Yes...the sarcasm has been replaced with amazement.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The sarcasm gets a briefly amused arch of an eyebrow out of Daisy. "No idea either.. I mean, besides what Dr Egon taught me..." yes, that one. From Ghostbusters. But then she lets out a sigh, stepping back and around to go lean against the counter, arms folded, considering more ideas...

That goes on until Jemma comes up with that new reading. "Oh?" she goes to peek at it. "The Mjolnir..?" a glance at the bangle and then back to Jemma.

"Are we talking about the same Mjolnir which is a hammer, held by Thor, the God Of Thunder, which cracks walls open like they were butter and shoots lightning out of their ..., well.., end?"

Yes, Daisy dares going over to Jane and touch the bangle with a finger... Then again.

Jane Foster has posed:
No doubt much to the horror or delight of a non-existent crowd, Jane is a thief of an Asgardian treasure. Clearly getting back at her ex.

Maybe she wanted something as cool as shaky hands or Cap's shield.

Or the Ebon Sword.

Anyone without powers or the benefit of being brilliantly awesome like a certain overachieving Brit might have to strain to find her own path!

Sure. Poke the bracelet. It is clearly not a stubby hammer or made of Odin-inspired judgment. Yes, it is judging Daisy, but it's singularly the least impressive gold bracelet without so much as a bit of leather /or/ a static charge.

Nor are they likely to know of its inward chuckle but it totally is. Mwahaha, take that Furiae.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
    Jemma's reaction is expected, perhaps, to those Furiae (living and spectral) in the room. There is no joking aside. Just a firm nod and a completely straight face. "Indeed." For further explanation, Jemma picks up her tablet and, with a flick of her wrist, throws the display up onto a flat screen monitor in the medical ward, normally used for patient stat monitoring. "Here. This is a recording of Mjolnir that I used to calibrate the application..." An image of a sine wave, with plenty of spikes and valleys, takes up the top of the screen. "...and this is the readings we are getting from Jane's bracelet right now." An active sine wave is produced below. "If I take a segment of this...and overlay it with the control reading..." A piece of the current wave is recorded...then Jemma drags it over and places it on top, with a little shuffling. "It matches. That is astounding."

    Then...with a bit of inspired brilliance, Jemma taps some commands into her tablet. On the monitor, it shows her accessing the same set of satellites that she did previously with the spear. A map of New York shimmers into view, with at least two points of interest highlighted with dots of angry orange light, pulsating like a heartbeat. "See...using the same satellite connection I used before, calculated to detect the unique energy signature, I get two hits. One is here..." A finger points to what is most certainly the Trisk. "And the other.."

    The finger traces in the air, sliding until it centers on the other pulse of light. "The Asgardian Embassy."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
The metal feels cold. So oppressive too... As if those runes had eyes and were watching and measuring her! Brrrr....

Daisy takes her hand away from the bangle, eyeing it suspiciously for a brief moment before stepping back closer to Jemms to listen to her explanation. She folds her arms back together, foot tucked back against a wall and she focusing on the monitor, "What would be the odds for that, eh..?" she is impressed indeed..

As the two readings are done and then she checks on the second. "So that one might be the actual Mjolnir." She pointing at the reading at the embassy, "And then we have this one.."

A brow arches and then she considers Jemms, "What does this tells us though? Are we onto something here?"

Jane Foster has posed:
Cold only in the imagination. The bangle isn't complaining, busy doing its own thing while Jemma tries to scan and find the signatures of the stormborn bracelet. The All-Weapon in its quiescence is focused mostly elsewhere, and it doesn't threaten anyone.

Though if Jemma wants to buy a lotto ticket, maybe it's time to get it now.

Mjolnir and Undrjarn. They're both present.

One locked to the arm of a poppet.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
    While Daisy touches the golden bauble upon Jane's wrist, Jemma doesn't. Truly, she doesn't even have an inkling in the back of her head to want to touch it. In Jemma's mind, that is firmly *Jane's* token, not hers, and so there is no need to even consider if she is worthy of such a trinket.

    Though, now Jemma understands the interest of the Asgardians, in particular the enchantress, of the third Furiae.

    To answer Daisy's question, though. A sigh escapes from Jemma. "I don't know. I mean, we know that the bracelet is definitely Asgardian in origin and that it is exactly the same energy output as the fabled Mjolnir. Which means that we absolutely cannot discount the possibility of mystical shenanigans causing Jane's incorporeal self departed from her physical self. I was hoping, honestly, that I might be able to trace similar energy signatures...maybe use it as breadcrumbs to track down Jane. But...I should have known better. It was a long shot to begin with."

    With that, Jemma turns to Daisy. "I fear we might have to go to WAND. There really isn't a way that we can do this sort of thing ourselves. At the very least, we would need to see if there is some sort of...artifact...that may let us see into the spectral realm." A hand flutters about blindly in the air, as Jemma shows she barely believes in it herself, despite ghostly Nazi encounters. "Or whatever. I am operating blind here, Daisy."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Then that's what we will do." Daisy says with a determined tone back to her friend, offering her a smile. She steps over to rest a hand on Jemma's shoulder and looks down at Jane's body. "We will find a way to retrieve her." she says quietly.

"We are the Furiae afterall."

Of course that the Undrjarn could have something to say about that!

Jane Foster has posed:
Jemma and Daisy are worthy of a smile from somewhere. Alas, Jane can't give it.

Darcy Lewis, on the other hand, sends an irritable message over to the SHIELD general inquiries mailbox, prods at Jane's official email there, and probably gets flagged as a nuisance who knows about televisions. And astrophysics. Mostly that.

Undrjarn is silent on the matter. Furiae Assemble!

Jemma Simmons has posed:
"Well, yes. Yes, we are."

As Jemma takes a deep breath in semi-resigned defeat, there is a pause as her body tenses underneath Daisy's fingers. "What....is....that?" Should Daisy look up from Jane, she would find Jemma staring intently at the monitor, her forehead furrowed in concentration. "I almost missed you..."

Who is Jemma talking to? There is a sudden tremor of excitement as Jemma looks down to her tablet...and zooms in on the map displayed on the screen. Not to the Trisk or the embassy...but away. Away from the two bright points, as Jemma focuses on a specific neighborhood. The map zooms in closer, until only a certain block is highlighted. It is faint...almost too faint to pick up...but a small orange blip can be seen, hovering over a specific building. "Are you seeing this, Daisy?"

A flurry of keystrokes, then a side window pops up, opened to Jemma's favorite internet search engine. And...on that screen? The address of the building. And a picture. "I...found a trace of the energy. At New York University Hospital."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Mmm, what?" Daisy's gaze shifts from one Furiae to the blip of another on the screen. She doesn't spot it at first, blame it on all those hours in front of a computer and tiring her eyes. But when Jemma points it out she steps closer to look at it more intently. "Mmmmm.. You are right." she lifts a finger to point but soon enough she is doubting it. "The hospital though? Could it be traces of her having been there?" but then she shakes her head.

"Wouldn't make sense, or else we would had found other signatures elsewhere." A look back to Jemma and she grins. "Guess it's time to go take a trip to the hospital."

Hopefully they wouldn't be needing their proton packs...

Jane Foster has posed:
Mmm. Mmm Mmmm. Maybe even an uh-huh is worthy of being in there.

I they decide to go to New York University Hospital, the signature in question sits squarely in the ER area. More or less, as much as emergency rooms are a room, versus a complex of rooms.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
Jemma offers a much more empathic nod to Daisy's statement. This time, the expression is that of hope. Slim and fragile, but there. Hope that maybe, just maybe, they might be able to track down Jane yet.

"Yes. Time to take a trip. You can drive. I will bring the scanning equipment."

Apart from there, who knows what will happen? But, if there is any trace of Jane...maybe she just needs a ride back home.

How will the dynamic duo of Daisy and Jemma help Jane once they get to the hospital? Who knows....they will cross that bridge when they get to it.

For now, it is time for the Furiae to take flight.