5006/A Meeting of Gentlemen

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A Meeting of Gentlemen
Date of Scene: 03 February 2021
Location: Iceberg Lounge
Synopsis: Penguin and Falcone met to carry out a business transaction. Is this the start of an unholy alliance? Only time will tell!
Cast of Characters: Oswald Cobblepot, Carmine Falcone

Oswald Cobblepot has posed:
Oswald Cobblepot is in his back office which is only accessible through the VIP lounge and through a locked door, security goons, and cameras. Penguin is certain to ensure that access is entirely restricted. Carmine Falcone however has been invited to sit down and discuss the terms of sale for a personal purchase. Oswald lights a cigar, pours himself a glass of expensive scotch, and waits for the Don to arrive.

A large case rests on the floor next to his desk filled with gold ingots.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Right on time, and not a moment late, a lone car arrives out front of the iceberg lounge. It's a 1963 ISO painted in a dark black paint job with pitch black tinted windows. It rolls up with a low rumble of its rebuilt v18 custom engine fitted to the frame guzzling down fuel as it pulls in to a stop.

     The door swings open and out steps Carmine Falcone, alone. The elderly man walks dressed in his usual attire, a pitch black suit with a black bowtie around his neck and italian shoes that are worth more than some of the most expensive houses in the state. He walks with purpose carrying a pitch black italian leather briefcase in his hand, no security, no big guns, just one of the richest men in Gotham walking towards the front doors of the Iceberg lounge.

     He hands his keys over to the chauffeur at the door along with a 200 dollar tip for good measure and makes his way through the VIP entrance up towards Penguin.

     It hadn't been part of the deal to come alone. It hadn't even been spoken about, and yet he walks with a calm confidence befitting a man who owns this entire city and knows there's not many bold enough to make the power play.

Oswald Cobblepot has posed:
And the Don is correct, only a certified imbecile would pass up the opportunity to do business with Falcone by arrange such a meeting under hostile, false pretenses. And Cobblepot is nothing if not a businessman. When Falcone arrives in his office, Penguin stands, his limp being due to deformity rather than actual pain. He approaches to shake hands, "Falcone." His voice is gruff, "It's an honor. Drink? Cigar? I have a menu's worth of both." He gestures to a counter filled with vice.

"In this room I have made fortune and tragedy. Less of the latter these days but it's been quite the journey."

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "Please the pleasure is shared quite fondly I do believe that you will find." Carmine gives a firm handshake and a warm smile in the Penguins direction. There's no notice given to the mans deformity, though carmine has his own deformities of sorts. A set of 3 scars across his chin where someone had tried and failed to claw out his eye, and a scar where Joker had shot him point blank in the middle of the head. Both have since healed over but the scars remain.

     "I would never find myself one to turn down the hospitality of another, please let us enjoy a fine drink, and smoke to good business." He offers a smile before pulling forth a lovely wooden box of his own from that multi-stage briefcase. He sets it down onto the table and opens it up revealing a set of high end Italian Cigars "They say it is the journey which holds most value far more so than one's destination, and more oft than not I am man enough to incline on their side Mr.Cobblepot." He pops one of the cigars he's brought into the corner of his mouth offering one for Cobblepot as well.

Oswald Cobblepot has posed:
Oswald Cobblepot accepts the cigar, his own having been finished not long before Falcone arrived, "The bar is open to you then. Have whatever you want, top shelf, middle shelf, anything." He then gestures to the case beside his desk after lighting the cigar, "The gold is there, unmarked, untracable. It isn't difficult hijack unmarked bars when they are stamped somewhere other than where they were smelted. However I suspect that it won't be long before more secure measures are taken by private companies. As you know federal gold is always marked on site."

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Carmine smiles as he lights up his cigar moving over to the bar. He pours himself a drink, but it's not the expensive wine one might expect. No it's a nice middle of the road working class drink from Sicily the only thing making it a bit more expensive being the import fees associated with bringing it into the country.

     He pours himself a small glass and holds it up towards Penguin for a moment. "Salut." Before downing a light bit of the glas. "I can respect the effort that goes into acquiring payment for a deal such as this." He moves back over towards Cobblepot. "Back in the day it was as easy as exchanging bills by the side of the dock, but these days there are so many electronics involved in each face that situations become oftentimes untenable." He speaks in a thick mixture of Italian and Gotham accents each word chosen and drug out with care.

     He brings up the briefcase and sets it down in front of himself. A light moments pause to dial in a combination into the locking mechanism before it slides to one side allowing him to scan his thumb print into the case. "Now, I know you must be anxious to see your prize after so much time awaiting transit, Mr.Cobblepot."

Oswald Cobblepot has posed:
Oswald Cobblepot grins, "Salut indeed. Unmarked bills are a luxury of the past, I envy the forefathers of our trade greatly. But the spirit of industry always finds a way forward." He takes a sip from his glass and reaches down to place the case containing the gold on the desk.

"Fingerprint and eye scan. The security scanner has been reset for you of course." He looks at the briefcase containing product now, "Yes a fine addition to my armory. By reputation and with pride I have umbrellas modified as weapons but I can always appreciate weapons of war such as these. I have no doubt that you also went to great lengths to acquire your end of the bargain. I doubt that a century from now an M-16 will have the same presence however. There is something lacking in modern craftsmanship."

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Only once the scans are complete does the briefcase open up to reveal something special behind the first layer. The dull black rifle with a HYDRA logo on the base lifts up on its base out of place and a low hiss echoes out from the briefcase revealing the first to be something of a dummy.

     Beneath the first is a second this time giving off a dark blue glow from its various working parts. Pitch black reflective metal shines out having seen its share of better days the metal worn through the use of various owners. The HYDRA logo has been attempted to be scraped off by a prior owner obviously someone who didn't want its connection to be noticed but all in all the weapon is in fairly decent condition considering unlike many examples don't actually function

     "As you said, one can envy the past, but we live in the present, and industrious minds must find a way to do business." Carmine offers a friendly smile as the blue glow of the weapon fills the room for a moment more brilliant than one would expect for the large rifle.

     The internal mechanisms all give off that unique blue-green glow of HYDRA technology from the war, even with the device turned off. Included with the case Carmine has managed to bring what appears to be a user's manual with care instructions still in Italian from the war.

     "Since this is a collection piece, I decided it best if I improved the collection value myself." He pauses for a moment looking over the gold as he counts it out to himself. "No extra charge of course."

Oswald Cobblepot has posed:
Oswald Cobblepot grins as the weapon is presented, "Yes it's even more glorious to look at than I anticipated. HYDRA is enigmatic and I wouldn't even begin to understand their technology. They were manufacturing these before governments were building jet engines. Fascinating indeed."

He adjusts his monocale a bit, "Authentic pieces have long histories and finding one in pristine condition is unrealistic. I have no complaints whatsoever."

Penguin slides the case of gold to Falcone, "It awaits your imprint, and then it will open for you, and you alone."

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "If I was able to find one in pristine condition, you can be assured that I would have a very long list of purchasers." Carmine offers with a bit of a light chuckle, as he goes through the motions on that case of gold. The modern precautions one has to go through are all so blase at this point and yet unfortunately required.

     "If there is but one warning that I can give it is to avoid overcharging the device, they are known to have explosive ramifications to such misuse." He collects the gold making certain to store it within the shell of the case that he had brought to pass the illusion no deal could be made.

     "If one could find themselves a cache of these weapons he would quickly find himself in position simply from collectors to be a very wealthy man indeed." He takes his time settling his affairs in order taking a long drag from his pleasant cigar. "Now, Mr.Cobblepot, I take it that I can count on your timely presence at my little birthday get together?" He asks with a friendly smile. "It is not every day one reaches the age of seventy one."

Oswald Cobblepot has posed:
Oswald Cobblepot nods, "I wouldn't miss it Mr. Falcone and I am sure that you will be at my own seventy first birthday celebration when that day comes. Men such as us are ageless. I enjoy Gotham's nightlife very much as you can tell and the respect that is owed to you aside, it would be a sin to miss a party thrown by you."

"Batman has been quiet of late. I won't count on that for long and I should enjoy this leisure time before he comes knocking with his usual demand for information. I tell you that he's as corrupt as Gotham PD's brass." He grins.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "I managed to survive Vietnam, Finger, Watergate, Leob, and joker, no matter how some folks may have decried my chances." He looks back across the room as he stands with a firm confidence in himself if nothing else. "I will survive Gordon and the Bat the way that I survived all of the other troubles that this life has thrown towards my end of the court." Carmine offers with a long drag from his cigar and a warm smile.

     He chuckles towards the Penguin. "I would not miss your own seventy first birthday for the world kid, people like us do not simply fade away with the embers of the night." He adds taking a light sip from his wine. "We? We and our kin are the past, present and future of Gotham, of that make no mistakes and take no false witness to the contrary." He takes another long drag of his cigar. "And no Cape is ever going to change the simple facts of life in this city that fish swim, birds fly, and business.. Business is booming."

Oswald Cobblepot has posed:
Oswald Cobblepot grins again, "Agreed. And the second there is a cure for aging I will be on the waiting list to obtain it. The technological marvels of this age never cease to amaze me. We may yet outlive every last one of our enemies, standing over their deathbeds, full of vigor. That is the greatest victory. No execution, assassination, or roadside hit will ever compare to it. I foresee great things and hope that we can continue our business together in the future."