5007/Don't Freak out!

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Don't Freak out!
Date of Scene: 03 February 2021
Location: Freaky Tiki
Synopsis: Pam and Harley go get freaky at the Tiki to celebrate their first bounty hunting.. But when they go to the pier for Harley to walk off all those Tiki-Wikis she drank they find out that the old pier is going to get demolished!
Cast of Characters: Harley Quinn, Pamela Isley

Harley Quinn has posed:
It had been a fine haul... And the first successful mission of the new dynamic duo in town! Bats and Robin? Step aside! Noone can stand between the bounty hunters Harley and Ivy! At least not .. "Damn, that guy really had a kite..." Harley is perhaps a bit drunk by now, sitting by the bar, a lot of flowers in a collar around her neck already and she wavering a drink on her hand. The Tiki-Wiki.. House special! Or so they say. Lots of alcohol though..

"I mean, wheah the fudge awhe all the scary guys now? I mean, the Ratcatcha, Bane ..., oh I don't know, even meee! But a guy that flies with a kite! Well at least we got paid..!"

"Guy was lookin' at ya like he wanted ta see ya without yoh leaves though." Harley then waggling her eyebrows indecently. "If ya know what I mean!"

Yes, it was getting late. Almost time to go. Harley clearly wouldn't be the one driving though!

Pamela Isley has posed:
Well...it was Harley's idea to go to the Freaky Tiki for celebrations. It wasn't Ivy's first choice...or even her third. But, when it comes to Harley Quinn, Pamela Isley always had a soft spot for her. That Ivy will deny to anyone else upon pain of unpleasantness.

Hersnd, speaking of denying... "Oh, that one? Yes, I noticed. I didn't even need to use the pheromones with that one. It was cute, in a sad and pathetic kind of way. Rather simple." A fingertip slides around the edge of the glass of water that Ivy has. One of the side-effects of being immune to toxins is the (un)fortunate side effect of alcohol having no effect on her. So, water is the drink of choice. "And don't you be looking at me like that. There is no way I would go with someone the likes of that guy."

The voice is cool, calm. Ivy's regular tone. But...Harley will detect a sort of amused quality to it as well. The big bad Poison Ivy is actually enjoying herself. As much as she will let herself, that is.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Oh, nevah say nevah my dear Pam..." Harley replies, still that little naughty glint in those baby blue eyes, leaning over to give her friend a jostle with her elbow before she downs more of her drink. "Who knows what the future will bring!" she lifting her drink up to touch it to Pam's.

"But we got paid, we DIDN'T get laid by some kite dude and we awhe havin' some fun at the Tiki. That counts!" A wide grin on her lips. "And yes, I can see you awhe havin' fun.." she says in a teasing manner, "Yea, you aaaaaare."

"I knew this bounty huntin' jig was gonna pay out. Did I evah tell ya my last partner thought she was an angel? Really, can ya believe it?" She rolls her eyes, "Some people ... Not that she couldn't get those wings out when she wanted but.., yea." a shrug. Yes, Harley has a difficulty believing in angels. For some reason!

Pamela Isley has posed:
"You did mention the angel. Once or twice." The voice is a deadpan tone, though there is a slight smirk visible on those lips of Pam's. "But, yes. The job did pan out. It has been a while since I completed something that wasn't blatantly unlawful by society. It is a rather bizarre feeling." Still, the water glass is picked up and clinked together with Harley's own, before Ivy takes a sip.

"And yes. I do prefer not having gotten laid by an individual modelled after an overgrown version of a child's toy."

Then, the bar is given a once-over. "Though, really, Harl...we could do better with the ambiance. Nearly all of this tropical decor is plastic. I could do so much better." There's a laugh as Ivy dips a finger into her water, idly stirring it with the tip.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Oh right ..." A bit of a slur on Harley's voice now as she speaks. "I had forgotten ..." might be a miracle if she remembers pretty much anything before last night anyway! At least while she is drunk as a twig. Or drunk as a clownette. Or ....

ANYWAY. "Right?! I knew ya would like it. And we even got money ta get us through the month too. I gotta pay April somethin' instead o' just usin' her house as a place ta sleep in and not contarbute..." a pause, "..contrilute..." she frowns. "..contribute!"

"What ya mean about the ambiance?! Even got ta dance a lil limbo!" well, mostly Harley...

"But ya right, lets get outta heah." she says, "I am payin'!" she slaps a few bills on the counter and reaches to lace her arm with her friend's.

"Lets go on a walk down the bay. Been a while since I did it!" she suggests. "Besides, gotta walk this drunkenness away!"

Pamela Isley has posed:
With a shake of her head, Pamela slides off of her stool. That smile still remains on her expression, as she leaves the glass of water deprived of its contents on the bar. "Yes, well. I suppose that I should consider finding a place a little more stable than a rainforest in the middle of Gotham. Though, I really don't mind." The ambiance question is left hanging....of course Ivy wouldn't approve of fake plants. That is a given. But leaving? She can get behind that notion.

An arm reaches out to steady the slightly tipsy harlequin. "If you think you can walk, we can go." Concern...a rare thing from Ivy, is given as Harley wraps up Ivy's arm with her own. "Could use a bit of fresh air and natural scenery myself." And, with tab paid (Ivy's a cheap date with her water) the pair head out, to walk down by the bay....where the watermelon grow.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Walk? WALK?" A teasing little grin comes to the Harlequin's expression and she stumbles for good measure before her balance is found. Not as graceful as the former gymnast may have made people used to. But still some grace! Her free hand reaches up so she can touch a finger to Pam's nose. "My deah Pam, wheah I come from we don't walk anymoouh, we dance.." and just to show it she does a twirl about herself after releasing her arm from Ivy's.. She doesn't fall, but a drink is tossed to the ground as her motions are a bit too exaggerated..

"Ooops, lets get outta heah.." Good thing the people at that table are at the dance floor!

So she takes Ivy's arm once again and they make their way out.

"Ahhh, fresh air.." She inhales. Well, Gotham could be a little dirty. But she still enjoyed it.

"I used ta love wanderin' down the pier heah ya know? Befoouh.., all this." she gesturing down at herself. "Sort o' a good memory of the past.. Not many left."

Pamela Isley has posed:
"Yes...walk. You are not going to catch me dancing." Ivy is more than willing to escort Harley out of the bar, most definitely before whoever owned the spilled drink returned from a wide five minutes of limbo-ing under an artificial bamboo pole.

The two walk out into the 'fresh' air. Pam's nose twitches slightly as the scent of pollution lingers. It is something she is used to...but it still is something that brings her disappointment. The smile that was there fades, disappearing into a neutral expression. "Yes, I do enjoy nature, in her multiple forms. It is tragic to see the influence of the human race has upon her." Her voice gains a sign-song quality, trailing off into silence the closer they get to the piers.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Pam Pam Pam ..." Harley says in that admonishing way of hers, shaking her head slowly. "What did I just tell ya? Nevah say nevah..." her eyes twinkling and she looking *almost* ready to start getting Pam into a dance as they leave the bar. But nah, she just *threatens* it with her big wide smile and those eyes.

"We can't all go back ta livin' in caves unfortunately.." She says, "Even if I *know* a lotta people who seem ta have the mentality foh it. Cavemen!" she letting out a snort. But look, don't have her start naming names! Because she has a biiiig list.

"Things will get betta..., and we still got the pier!" Famous last words maybe. Specially as the pier doesn't seem like it's the one they remembered from before .. Construction appears to be going there, or at least the beginnings of it, and where once it was a calm spot with sand, even some marine life where people *could* see the bottom of the ocean without it's water being completely filthy, it's now being turned into a construction yard..

"Well ..." The clownette murmurs.