5009/A Meeting of the Minds - Falcone and Shaw

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A Meeting of the Minds - Falcone and Shaw
Date of Scene: 03 February 2021
Location: The Strait Lace Steakhouse - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: Carmine and Sebastian arrange an investment opportunity.
Cast of Characters: Sebastian Shaw, Carmine Falcone

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
The steakhouse is bustling today. It would seem that people are starting to filter back into the Hellfire Club now that the deep of winter is -- hopefully -- passing, and the rumors of Sebastian Shaw having returned to residence are filtering through those in the know. As crowded as the place is, there is, of course, always a table for Mr. Shaw, and he is currently sitting at it, looking at his cellphone while a waiter stands nearby.

When Shaw finally looks up, he says, "I'll take the chateaubriand, rare. Salad on the side. Balsamic vinagrette. And a glass of the '84 de Latour." Shaw orders, and then slips his cell back into his pocket, apparently trying to have a relaxing lunch. Though, there are the sidelong glances and quiet gossip that follows any man of money and power.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     The doors of the Steakhouse open and in walks a smoothe talker with an export cigarette. He walks tall and confident with a bombshell woman to his side an easy 10 in spite of her age who's earned her grey hairs with grace.

     He's dressed in a simple enough looking italian suit jacket and pants, though when one gets close they would notice the intricate network of roses covering every single millimeter of the hand stitched suit. There's not a single duplicate rose in the bunch as each one represents a different member of the family tree with thorns abounding.

     His shoes are worth more than most the houses in upstate NYC, and polished to a mirror shine that reflects back the lights of the club and yet they're understated in design italian everything from his head to his toe.

     He walks with a sense of style and purpose, a sense of keen ownership in spite of being out of his personal territory, as he takes a long drag from that cigarette of choice. He knocks off the end of his cigarette into a pocket ashtray collecting so not a single ash hits the floor, a smile across his face as he gets a look at Sebastian Shaw.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Sebastian Shaw is not dressed nearly as meticulously as Carmine. He is -- of course, befitting his station and wealth -- in a very expensive pair of trousers and shoes, and is wearing his...particular style of blouse, but he is sans coat and cravatte. He looks like he has been working all morning. When he spots Carmine entering the establishment, he slides out from the seat he is at, and stands to wave the man over, walking in his direction, "Carmine!" Before he spots Louisa and her obvious pregnancy. He does not miss a beat though as he adds, "And Louisa, looking positively glowing."

"Come, join me, unless you are hoping to have a private meal? And then, my apologies, I think I've thrown that out the window for you." He has charm when he wants to turn it on, and right now he wants it on it would seem.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Louisa smiles warmly as she is greeted offering a bright and cheery smile in the direction of Sebastian. She gives a light curtsy as she walks towards that open table. Her flowing hair runs down to her shoulders a bright almost neon shade of natural red that flows into long curls. "Mr.Shaw, an absolute pleasure." She pauses for a moment. "You really should eat more darling, you're positively skinny as a rail."

     Carmine takes a long drag off of his cigarette not skipping a beat. "Of course, I would never miss an opportunity to enjoy a nice meal with you Sebastian." His accent is a mixture of thick Italian with Gothamite unmistakeable in its unique mixture. "I have come to accept and welcome moments together with friends and business associates whenever they may happen to come along." Already making his way towards the open table.

     The man might be in his seventies but he's got a body like someone in their 40's who keeps a steady diet and exercise. It's commendable, even if he does drink and smoke a fair bit to be certain. His grey eyes locking down onto Sebastian with a light twinkle to them as he stands confident in his poise.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
A light peck is placed on Louisa's cheek, as Shaw replies, "What? Fill out and scare away all the girls?" with a grin and a wink. He then places a hand on the small of her back, and leads towards the table, saying to the waiter who is standing by, "Hold off on my meal until Mr. and Mrs. Falcone have put in their order, if you would." He holds out a chair for Louisa, like a polite host, and once she's sat, he moves around the table to take his own seat.

"How are things? When are you due? How's business? It feels like it has been...quite some time since last we saw each other." Shaw asks of his guests as he gets himself settled into his seat.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Louisa has herself a seat with a light smile settling herself into place, next to where Carmine finds himself sat. "I'll have the twin lobster tail and a glass of grape juice" She offers with a light smile settling in quite comfortably as she looks back over to Shaw. "It feels like it's been years darling, absolute years." She flicks a single hand through her hair sending it back over her shoulder.

     "I'm expecting in three weeks, and the doctors say our little bundle of joy should be in excellent health." She flashes that award winning smile that won her two golden globe awards back in the day even though her acting career is a fair bit behind her."How have things been at the club you must tell me I'm dying to know."

     Carmine settles in knocking off a bit more ash into his pocket ashtray after taking in a long drag from his cigarette. It's clear on his face that he's enjoying his time out on the town as he settles in that white rose on his lapel fresh as ever. He tilts his head slightly to one side. "I will take for my meal an order of your wagyu beef, cook it just enough so that it is warm in the middle, and I will have also with it a side of the rigatoni in a nice butter sauce." He also places in an order for surprisingly enough a simple middle of the road wine.

     Though to anyone that knows him it's the same working class wine he's ordered with every meal since he was a boy. It's middle of the road just barely above bottom shelf, the kind of thing that a poor boy in the 1960's would have treated himself to, and that's why he liked it so much.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"Well, congratulations. Is this your first? I apologize, I should know that but right now, it's slipped my mind. The perils of aging it would seem." Shaw replies with a smile, and then takes a sip of his very expensive top shelf wine. He answers Louisa's question about the club, "It has been..better of late. I was in Tokyo for the past couple of months, consulting with a sister club of ours about an internal issue. And, with the head gone, you know how it can be," he says with a bit of a helpless shrug. Oh the lazy help!

He then turns to Carmine, and says, "By the way, there is a little bit of..business I would like to discuss with you if you have a minute or two. A bit of an interestind opportunity has fallen into my lap, and I'd like a little assistance with setting up the initial investment."

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "Oh no, it's my and Carmine's third together." She offers with a bit of a smile, as her drink is brought over. She leans over making sure to drink in such a way as to minimize the lipstick smearing. She's gotten good at that much over the years as she sets the glass back down. "Oh I can imagine." She motions with her hand. "I had to deal with a lot of mergers back when I was running my own little business, and overseas affairs always left me a bit homesick personally." She chuckles to herself.

     Carmine takes another long drag from his cigarette looking across the table. He nods his head slowly. "There is always time to be had for a profitable business arrangement, the man who can not find time for personal life and business in equal measure is one who will lose sight of both in due time and may not live long enough to regret his lack of either."

    He takes a sip of his far cheaper wine enjoying it far more than the average consumer just for the memories it stirs in his mind. For a moment he's a young man again. He takes in a deep breath and enjoys the moment setting up straight in his chair. "I am most confident that we will be more than capable of reaching an amicable financial agreement."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"I missed...certain comforts that I have here, yes." Shaw admits to Louisa, "But, it was an enjoyable trip. Tokyo is a wonderful city. Great use of space. Such an orderly place." He says, smiling.

Carmine is given a nod as he speaks, and Shaw turns back towards him to explain, "There are a pair of vigilantes who have recently started causing trouble for..certain businesses. I am hoping to short circuit their ambitions, and channel them into hitting some of our competitors more than us. But, in order to do so, I need to earn their trust. I have provided them with information about a few shipments arriving, and was wondering if I might purchase a shipment of yours, that they might hit. Have your men show up, have them flee when the angel and demon -- as they're calling themselves -- show up, that sort of thing." It's forward thinking at least.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Carmine leans forward with a bright smile. "Louisa, why don't you go powder your nose?" He offers with a friendly smile. Before looking over towards Sebastian. He reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a simple looking burner phone from the depths. He slides it across the table. "If you would like to place an order I am certain that I could fulfill it easily."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Sebastian Shaw slips the phone into his pocket, and nods once, "I will do so. There may be a few, but, I am sure I can move whatever they don't take out so, it shouldn't be any major loss. And hopefully it keeps them distracted from the real weight coming in to the city."