5012/A Fantastic Favor

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A Fantastic Favor
Date of Scene: 04 February 2021
Location: Reed's Labs - Four Freedom Plaza
Synopsis: Jen works up the courage to ask Reed for help in being able to change back to Jennifer Walters. Reed does SCIENCE! and she and Johnny banter.
Cast of Characters: Jennifer Walters, Reed Richards, Johnny Storm

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer has had something of a rough time since the Times Square incident. Being stuck tall and green has made her stand out, and for the first time in a while, standing out was kind of a bad thing. She's been hounded by press asking her to comment on the incident (to which "No Comment" has been her only reply) as well as asking more and more personal and demanding questions. She's had the cops called on her more than once, but fortunately due to her SHIELD connections she's been able to keep herself from being arrested, for now. So Jennifer has been getting desperate for a solution to all of this.

One solution she had thought of was to have SHIELD very publicly take her into custody despite the fact that she hadn't done anything wrong. She filed this under "Last Ditch Resort." The other solution she had was to go to her friend Reed Richards and ask her to 'fix' her little transformation problem. Being Jennifer Walters, and not She-Hulk will mean that she'll be able to blend in a lot better, and to move around town without being noticed. She never thought that she'd ask Reed to do this for her, after all, she much preferred to be She-Hulk than mousy little Jennifer Walters.

So here she is in the lobby of the Baxter Building asking the front desk android to let Reed know that she's coming up.

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards comes down to the lobby in the Fantasti-vator, the doors open and he sweeps out into the lobby. You can feel his presence hit the room like when he's facing down Doom, or addressing a room full of eggheads. He looks around to see just Jen, and stops, taking a breath and a much more genuine smile on his face, "Jennifer! It is so good to see you. When herbie paged you had problem, I assumed it was a mob." He takes you in and nods, "How have you been? How can we help?"

Johnny Storm has posed:
Johnny is floating in mid-air and reading a magazine like if a genie got really into axe body spray. There is, at least, a car on the front of the magazine instead of a girl. Or several girls. Or several girls in cars, jousting.

He isn't really sure what to say to Jen; his gut says a lot of this might be stress because of an evil double trying to blow up Times Square, with Hulks the issue is almost always emotional in his relatively educated opinion, but how do you say that? 'Hey you might be having a lesser version of your cousin's little moments' is just going to make everything worse, and it's not like Ben where sometimes you have to be a little cruel just to snap him out of the haze of self pity.

"If it helps." Johnny says because he can't help himself, "We could let in some of Ben's old suits for you. The big shoulders look is back in." Magazine page flip.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer is genuinely pleased to see her Fantasti-Friends. "Hey, Johnny! Thanks... uh... for helping take down Alterna-me. The fact that there were no casualties is amazing." She holds up a fist for a fistbump to him.

She turns to Reed and scratches the back of her head, "Yeah. I've been having mob problems. Mostly press right now but it's only a matter of time before the people start getting out the pitchforks and torches whenever the see me coming 'round. So I ... uh..." She looks rather embarrassed to be asking this, "I need your help, Reed. To get be able to transform back to Jennifer Walters. People really don't know what she looks like, so I can keep a low profile as her."

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards stops mid stride, his lips pursed into a frown. He tries to hide it moving quickly back to a grin and an enthusiastic nod. But it was there, born from decades of stymied research into Ben's conditions, Bruce's situation. Reed has been here before, but when his eyes meet yours you can see the determination. "We can certainly try, if you come upstairs I can make some readings and we can formulate a plan.

    "Johnny? Why are you hanging out in the- " Reed stops himself and nods, "Yes, I miss them too, it's far too quiet. " As he heads back to the elevator, he muses, and calls out to Johnny, "I could always use a lab assistant? Oh, and I made a friend have you been to Luke's bar?"

Johnny Storm has posed:
Johnny Storm never left anybody hanging, and bumps the giant green monster's fist. "It's fine. I didn't want your SHIELD friends to mess it up too bad. The only one on the field with a brain to speak of was that robot kid. The sociopathic alien was hot, though."

Johnny muses this as he grins at Jen, hoping some of his confidence will rub off. Of course they're going to fix it, they're the Fantastic Four (plus extra). It's just a matter of when. Sure, Ben's been waiting thirty years or so for his fix, but there's such a thing as patience. "Come on, I'll hold Reed's coat for him."

"Brother-in-law, you realize how many nplaces are called Luke's bar?" Johnny grins, "It's not another vampire is it? Or like a math genie you made up to store data who's in love with you now?"

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer nods and follows Reed to his lab. "Thanks for the help on this. You know how much I enjoy being She-Hulk, so this is a pretty big ask from me." She shakes her head at the mention of Luke's. "Haven't heard of it. Been avoiding bars recently, but once we get this figured out, we can go out for a drink." She blinks as she suddenly realizes something. "Oh God. I'll be able to get drunk again." She isn't so sure if this is a good or a bad thing.

"Thanks for coming with us, Johnny. You can be my emotional support matchstick. Reed is brilliant but his bedside manner still needs some work."

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards blinks, a bit hurt, "I thought I'd gotten much better since Valeria?" He hums and rifles in a pocket, pulling out what looks like an ipod shuffle. "Well, a quick fix, would be an image inducer. It creates an hologram around you that acts like a second skin but projects an image of what you want others to see. Like this." He holds it up to Jen, and then slips it onto his arm, hitting a few buttons and his image shimmers and he looks exactly like Jen, but with Reed's voice. He continues. "But let's look for something more customized, eh? Step into the scanner, and we'll get some readings, "Shan't take but moments." Reed/Jen steps up and over the console transversing the lab easily to get to the readout as you make your way to the scanner, which is over sized for you. Reed/Jen is already making adjustments before you even enter the chamber.
    He looks at Johnny exasperated, "Luke Cage's place? It was nice, they had a delicious bleu cheese burger and excellent wings. Best wings in Harlem apparently. That news reporter you like was there. Covering the most interesting story, Rat King or something. Anyway, I met a lovely young woman, mechanic, who is building a hybrid Pentair. Rebuilding the engine from scratch wants to make it a mustang. I told her you and Ben would be interested, offered to review her plans.

Johnny Storm has posed:
"She's just trying to make me feel useful." Johnny winks...really at everyone, it is an area attack wink. He's stopped flying because of elevator, but he'd LIKE to be flying. Basically all the time.

"A hybrid with a Mustang engine?" Johnny goes into car mode, which is to say he gets a little more intense than usual and there's a faint smell of ozone in the air. He didn't even know Luke had a bar, but it's nice to hear that Reed gets out once in a while. Man, Luke Cage has a bar? Johnny feels old for a minute and shakes it off by thinking about cars. "Did you get a name?"

Johnny gives Jen a brotherly pat on the arm before she gets into the chamber.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jenn winces at Reed's hurt look. "Sorry," she says, apologizing. "You *are* much better than before." She considers the image inducer solution for a bit. "Maybe. I'd like to see what else you've come up with, though. I take up more space than a normal human, so I don't want people to be accidentally bumping into me all the time." She steps up into the scanner obligingly. "I bet you've had this thing set up for years just waiting for me to ask you about it," she says with a grin.

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards blushes and smiles, "I will say it is not an unsual request. Stand still, Deep breath ...and... hold it." Reed fiddles with knobs and slides and slicks switches for an inordinate amount of time, 'Hunh.... OH!... Yes, yes... ahhhh. Of course." He shakes his head and smiles, "Your physiology is remarkably different than Bruces, it explains so much. But, it's so obvious." He sighs, and nods, "Absolutely we can set something up. Tonight probably." Reed Looks, pleased. he glances at Johnny, "Oh, yes, I did." He tosses Johnny his phone, with her info on he screen, along with some technical drawings.

Johnny Storm has posed:
"Is she gonna have to fight an evil baby in her mind?" Johnny asks, catching the deets. "Because I hate that crap. Sue keeps trying to get me to go see Doctor Strange and it's like, have you talked to that guy for more than five minutes at a time?"

Johnny, perhaps realizing he's said too much, passes the buck. "She's different from He-Hulk? How? I mean, does it all work different? I know she's more in control than Bruce but we'd never really figured out why, right? Just guessed it was because of an indirect Gamma exposure."

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jenn holds her breath as instructed, and waits until Reed tells her to let it out. After a couple of minutes of Reed not actually saying anything, she lets it out, hoping she didn't mess with the readings any. "How different than Bruce?" she asks curiously. "I mean, I know I learned how to control it until recently, but..." she pauses and looks at Johnny, grinning as he had the exact same thought. "Yeah."

Her grin gets wider at the mention of Dr. Strange. "Did you know he hit on me once? It was kind of sweet. He had a bottle of this dragon wine... with an actual pickled dragon inside of it. It actually got me tipsy!"

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards steps and regard Johnny, for a second, before moving to another device in the lab stretching up higher, "Jen you're wearing you uniform right? You pretty much always wear it?" He stops at Johnny's comment about direct versus indirect and nods, clearly impressed, "That's it exactly. Yes, Bruce's cells are hyper saturated with Gamma radiation. Given the level of Radiation in his blood and what she had to have been dosed with, we, I mean, I assumed that her blood was the same, but it's not. "Some of your cells are hyper saturated but only a very few, the majority aren't even that high, it seems that estrogen acts as a buffer. You're body didn't hold on to it, the way Bruce's did... we really have to stop using male models for the behavior of these things." He sighs, "Anyway, the result is that I should be able to adapt your Unstable molecule suit to interact and further regulate you Gamma levels. I mean it will change your appearance but your strength and resilience might linger, "How does that sound? Oh, right, breath. and you can step out of that scanner.

Johnny Storm has posed:
Johnny frowns a bit at all the words, because he understands just enough of them to be worried. 'Safe Gamma' is a pipe dream that's ruptured a few times over their careers; the wily energy pattern almost seems to hold anyone who tries to understand and constrain it in contempt, gamma-irradated mutates twisting and evolving in bizarre new ways as if to spite any laws about the wavelength that've been established. Magical thinking, the tiny Reed in Johnny's mind says, but they live in a magical world don't they?

"Sounds almost suspiciously flexable." Johnny says, crossing his arms. And then he snorts a laugh, "Did he really? A tiny dragon instead of a worm, huh? That's. That's amazing. You really need to do that tell-all book one of these days, Jen, really set the publishing industry on fire."

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer nods at Reed. "Yeah. It's like a pair of underwear to me. I never know when I'm going to get in trouble and I don't want to exit out of a situation half naked." She steps out of the chamber as instructed and nods at Reed's proposed solution. "Sounds like a plan, Doc. Do you need me to take it off for you?"

She laughs at Johnny, "I'll add that to my bucket list. I've done enough so far to fill three volumes of dirt on all the superheroes I met." She gets a little mischievous grin, "I'll even tell all about Michelle, eh Johnny?"

Reed Richards has posed:
Reed Richards blinks, "Are we not doing phrasing? I'm sorry you had to go through that Jennifer, should I have a conversation with Stephen about it?" He fiddles, "Aha, here it is." More fiddling, "Downloading the firmware update now and .... rebooting. "I think a book is a lovely idea, though I have no need to know anything about Michelle." He chuckles and shakes his head, "Try it now, tap the contorl dial on the waist of your panties, I mean underwear."

Johnny Storm has posed:
"You going to include that time you and the Juggernaut...?" One of the things Johnny likes about She-Hulk (he's much more sensitive around Jen Walters in human form, for the record) is that she can dish it out and take it. It's nice having a verbal sparring partner who isn't going to throw a truck at him if he says a word wrong.

He pauses, waiting to see if the thing works.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jenn nods, and looks down, pulling the waist of her skirt out so she can look at the control dial. She fiddles with it for a bit, and at first nothing happens. She gives Reed a curious look and then she feels something *shift* inside of her and then quickly shrinks down to a mousy brunette wearing clothes that are ten times larger than she is. "Wow," she says breathlessly. "It works!" Like there was any doubt. This is Reed Richards after all. She looks at her hands in wonder, flexing them experimentally. "I haven't been like this in... ages." She picks at her oversized clothes with a wrinkle of the nose. "I'll have to get my old clothes out of storage. Johnny, do you think I can borrow something of Sue's? I'm sure she wouldn't mind and we're about the same size."

Jennifer just *glares* at Johnny. "I keep telling you, that wasn't me!"