5021/Just Another Day at the Office

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Just Another Day at the Office
Date of Scene: 04 February 2021
Location: Conference Rooms - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: Shaw updates Tessa on what he is up to.
Cast of Characters: Sebastian Shaw, Tessa

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
It's morning. Mid morning. Shaw is on a phone call -- which, is pretty much the usual thing that happens for him most of the day, talking with a client somewhere, "No, no. Listen to me: we are not exploring changing hiring processes based on what some senator MIGHT try and pass through Congress. We have the ear of the damn President, unless they get a veto proof majority, I can't see it passing and actually becoming law." And then, the call -- which seems to be a conference call -- gets taken up by some VP somewhere who wants to talk about 'potentialities' and Shaw rolls his eyes and puts the phone on mute.

"Days like this, I feel like I'd be better served with a roving council of monkeys than some of the Vice Presidents we have..." He sighs, and then looks over to his assistant, "Thoughts?" he asks.

Tessa has posed:
With Shaw in the office, Tessa has taken her place at her side. She's also been listening to the conversation, her eidetic mind recording every word, inflection, and nuance for later review. For her part, Tessa is dressed in the 'traditional' Hellfire Club attire complete with bustier, booty shorts, high boots and long cloak. Everything is in black, for what else does one wear when in service to the Black King?

Once he puts the phone on mute she moves to the wet bar and pours him a drink. "Senators always have a political agenda, but it is seldom their own. The source isn't of immediate importance, however, only the results. The source can be dealt with later."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"Yes...put some people on digging into who is sponsoring Senator Kelly in the background. I have ideas but I want firm information before I make my move." Shaw says as he stands up and stretches his back a little. He takes the drink that Tessa brings to him with a quiet, "Thank you, Ms. Fox," and then he starts to pace around the conference room he's taken over today

"I will let the performance play out there," he says, motioning to the phone, "I have other business I need inform you of. The first is there is a pair of new vigilantes that I have given some information to. We will see if they take advantage of it, and who they hit first, but I have in essence given them a free pass to attack any of the drug or trafficking shipments coming in to the city."

Tessa has posed:
Tessa returns with his drink, giving a single nod to Shaw's request. She remains as he starts to pace, letting her cloak furl with the breeze of his passage. And although her focus is on Sebastian, the woman is taking in the entire conversation and mentally recording it for later. Taking a few steps, she stands by his empty chair and rests a hand upon the back.

"New vigilantes? Vigilantes are always wild cards, Sebastian, especially if they believe in a cause. Tell me what to look for and I will watch the news feeds."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
As he cones to a stop next to Tessa, he explains, "They are, yes. But, I propose that at a formative stage, they can be...harnessed, and sent in a direction with minimal damage to our own operations. Feed them information, build up trust, and then push them off in a direction I so choose. I am considering these initial attacks investments in our business, so, track the attacks carried out by an "angel and demon" on drug shipments, and approach their representatives with payment for the damage done for the next few weeks. I have already spoken with Carmine, and will be handling his business that gets attacked personally."

He then hmms quietly, and says, "Also, last evening I spoke with Lady Croft. She has some...interesting research going on it seems. She had an expedition to the Himalayas over the new year, and now is looking to Latin America. Reach out to her sometime in the future. Not right now, but maybe in a few weeks, and see if she would require any funding. She's currently working with SHIELD and I see little point in letting those busybodies get the fruits of her work."

Tessa has posed:
Tessa's stoic demeanor cracks a little, the woman's lips pursing into an almost-smile at the thought of guiding vigilantes. And his descriptions of them. "An 'angel' and a 'demon'... I will watch for any activity disruption of drug shipments." Better to monitor the end result than jumping at ghosts and shadows. She lifts a slender brow, then, but nods in understanding. Recruiting vigilantes AND compensating drug dealers for their losses at the same time...

"Lady Croft." Tessa repeats, committing the name to memory and searching her own, personal archive for more information during her daily news reads. "Yes, Sebastian. I will certainly make contact with her and offer assistance. Do we know any details of her work as of yet?"

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
As if reading her mind Shaw repeats, "It's an investment. A short term one. Where I am prepared to take some losses in order for it to pay off in toppling someone who is a thorn in our freinds' side later." He then walks around to the other side of the woman, and takes a sip of his drink.

"She's...looking for some stones. Or perhaps golden balls. I am unsure of what exactly she is looking for at this point. Apparently there are ancient carved stones, little disc things, that if you put them into a golden ball, will reveal a map that leads to...something. She is unsure what, but has a lead for something in Latin America. She's a very engaging speaker, I offered to put her up with an exhibition when she has something to present," apparently working to turn the Hellfire Club into a bit of a salon.

Tessa has posed:
Tessa remains where she stands, her head turning slightly to follow Shaw's pacing. And all the while she mentally records the phone call in background. She understands precisely what he is doing... conditioning vigilantes by offering them fresh meat. It's a good trade-off, and she nods once. But it's the conversation about Lady Croft that gets more of her attention.

"Ancient artifacts have always fascinated the scientific community, even when they turn out to be nothing more than pretty baubles." Tessa replies. Her weight shifts from one foot to the other as he walks around her, the two moving together as if in some well-rehearsed dance. "I will offer her funding, of course, but if the title of 'Lady' refers to her being landed gentry then she won't need the money." Tessa looks to him more directly, then. "I can offer my personal assistance with her research if you wish, Sebastian."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
A small smile comes from Shaw, "Of course she doesn't need the money, she's wealthy enough to buy a membership here. It is an opening though for you to then do just as you've done, branch into another method of assisting her. I was going to say set her up with whoever she might need to speak with but..." And here he pauses to think for a moment, taking another long sip of his drink, before he moves away, back to the phone as it seems the meeting is dying down.

He unmutes the phone and says, "Yes, good, we will discuss all of this tomorrow," and then hangs up. "You would likely be a good fit to work with her research, yes. And, you'd be able to get me the information she is sending SHIELD, before SHIELD gets it, which means I could act on it first, and they could do little about it." He looks over to Tessa and says, "I did not think you would be interested in being sent to work in the dirt somewhere, but, if she accepts your offer, take it as far as you can."

Tessa has posed:
Tessa's lips pull into a small smile at the mention of undercutting SHIELD in the information flow, and she nods once more. "Of course, Sebastian. I will introduce myself and place myself at Lady Croft's disposal." The woman's hair and makeup are immaculate and precise, as is her manicure. No, it would be a stretch to see this woman digging in the dirt, but not out of the question.

Her gaze flickers to his glass, assessing the level before heading over to the bar with slow, measured, swaying steps. Yes, she already reviewed the security logs and knows that Shaw and Lady Croft left the premises together yesterday. And by the time she introduces herself, she will know much more.