5029/Deep-rooted Danger

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Deep-rooted Danger
Date of Scene: 04 February 2021
Location: O'Shughnessy's Restaurant
Synopsis: Moleman crashes the party and the heroes contain the trouble!
Cast of Characters: Hank Pym, Saeko

Hank Pym has posed:
Saeko had apparently decided on a quaint Irish restaurant in Queens name O'Shughnessy's. As was his way Hank arrived there early and dressed casually in one of his Rusty Ventuure style jump suits (he filled it out better and had better hair though.) He took a seat at the bar and ordered some potato skins and wondered how Saeko came to know the place. She might have helped to owner... or his granddad. Then again she did like food and the menu looked tempting. The thick cut bacon sandwich in particular. But he settled on some appetizers they could enjoy over drinks.

Hank decided to practice his people skills, watching dour little fellow with a wide brimmed hat harshly order a beer and shot. Other than that the place had a pleasant atmosphere.

Saeko has posed:
Variety was the spice of eternal life...and Saeko had never been to Ireland. Not a lot of Shinto in the 'emerald isle'!

Having once more disguised herself as a 'normal human', this time however, there was a noticable difference: Her hair was bright golden blonde, a different but no less intense unnatural beauty about her as she pushed through the door, her form wrapped in what looked to be a short 'sundress' and an over-jacket to protect from the cold. Black stockings protected her otherwise bare legs, perhaps deliberately evocative of the 'socks' a fox is known for.

Moving herself through the door, the Tenko's eyes move, making to spot the man and bringing a smile to her lips as she moves in with a raise of her hand.

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym gets up from the bar and offers to take her jacket. "Good evening! You changed your hair! I like it. I ordered some potato skins for us, in case I need a lift home." He gives a wink. This is a nice place you picked out. I hope they don't have bagpipes. Cold outside, hunh?" He smiles at her warmly.

The dour little man approaches Saeko, as Hank busies himself hanging the jackets. He regards her appraisingly for a moment, then checks his phone and hrmmphs and walks back to his table. "Stood up mutter mumble gripe..."

Saeko has posed:
"It is different, and that is the most fun, no?" Saeko smiles, nodding her thanks at his praise of her hair. The question of the temperature? It earns a nod while she removes her jacket, flashes a smile at the grumbly man and then finally takes a seat.

"I am sure I can find you a way home, assuming payment is made." Mystical cab fare at its finest!
     She stretches her arms upwards, arching her back lightly with a little sigh before gesturing to the bar. "Well, what shall we drink?"

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym looks at a few dozen beers. "Well, I have to limit my drinking right now. I'm going to have -a whisky sour! Uhm who was that man? Was he bothering you?" Further questions are cut short by a yelp and a slap. At a nearby table a woman is rubbing her hand, her... husband running his cheek. "How dare you! You stabbed me in the hand! You were looking at that cheap bottled blonde! I'm going home!

"I... was just protecting my fries? It was a joke! Shawna, c'mon!" The little man fiddles with his phone and begins texting rapidly.

Saeko has posed:
Alright, so Saeko couldn't help but giggle as the noises of the arguement catch her senses. She -was- still a trickster on some level, knowledge of a Tenko or not.

"Who was what man?" Saeko shrugs, apparently already having forgotten as she leans forwards, flashing the bartender a smile and a little wink. "Something pleasebt to warm my soul..."

Odd as drink orders go, but she turns her head to look back at Hank. "Thank you for joining me."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym takes Saeko's hand and says, "Dr. Doom, the Scitauri, and Loki could not prevent my arrival to meet you." A slight exaggeration. They probably could, but he'd make 'em pay. "I'm afraid I can't drink too much, BPD, you know? I've been doing all right without my meds. You have whatever you want if course be happy." He gives Saeko's hand a light squeeze. "You're better than medication for me. Hard to be down around you. You always make me laugh."

Yes, so far. She hasn't seen you at your worst, remember? Screaming at Nadia? Cursing? She'll love that.

At his table the little man slams his phone down and snaps his fingers at a server.

Saeko has posed:
"I understand," Saeko speaks, her smile faultering just a little as she considers. "If you are uncomfortable, please tell me...otherwise, I would simply enjoy you keeping me company."

Taking the offered squeeze, Saeko smiles and leans in, giving a moment of comforting contact before she straightens up to take her drink as it arrives."

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym shakes his head. "I'm not uncomfortable, do as you like. Enjoy. One drink is fine. I'd do the same were I on monitor duty or driving. I..."

Your attention cattle and kine! I am Harvey Rupert Elder, better known as THE MOLE MAN! I have ceased my failed experiment at contacting you miserable cretins for companionship! I was... STOOD up by a... floozy! This Tinder application is worthless! I have been mocked enough for one night! I will take my revenge on the surface world shortly! Thank you for your kind attention! You will all die. Good evening!"

Saeko has posed:
And she hadn't even made it to the bottom of her drink!

The sudden outburst from behind them has the blonde-fox looking over her shoulder, a raise of her brow and a tilt of her head.

Okay, a crazy person. Perhaps she'd picked the wrong establishment after all.

"Did...that man threaten to kill us?"

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym looks at the little man for a moment and then murmuring a quick apology to Saeko, takes her drink and knocks it back. "Dr. Harvey Elder better know as the Mole Man. Yes he did. Maybe we can defuse this, rather than bruise my knuckles. Excuse me! Mole Man!! Hey, hi! Very good rant!! Listen no one has to die. You deserve more respect for sure... oft times fe of the Avengers and Fantastic Four, first super-fore of the modern era. Let's hear it for him, folks!"


"So we gonna die or what?" one person asks.

Mole Man glares at Hank. "I know that voice... Ant... Giant... Yellow... I'm sorry has-been. What are you known as these days?"

Hank grits his teeth and keeps smiling. "Ahhh Hank will do... I'm just here with someone special. Why don't you... calm down and join us?"

Saeko has posed:
The currently blonde Saeko actually smiles, blinking a little at Hank's approach. Not straight to violence but an attempt to redirect, to disarm and sooth. The Kitsune could certainly respect that!

Turning in her seat, the fox woman tilts her head, sweeping her gaze over the 'Not so good' doctor and then leaning forward lightly. "You don't -really- want to spoil the evening with violence, do you?"

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym takes a step back as the Mole Man extends his staff to better hold him off. He walks closer to Saeko and takes a deep sniff of her. He turns a withering stare back at Hank. "I really hate you right now... and it has nothing to do with you derailing my big scheme. Hello my dear... My name is Harvey. How would you like to be Empress of the Land Within the Earth! Hahahahahaha!" A little spit flies.

Hank rolls his eyes but remains silent for the moment merely mouthing "Sorry. So sorry."

Saeko has posed:
Alright, divine and caring or not, that was uncomfortable as hell. Saeko actually extends a hand, gently wiping her face and reaching for a napkin to finish the cleaning up.

"Where I come from, manners are quite important." Her foot lifts, planting against his chest and gently pushing him back in a move that might have actually been seen as flirtatious..., if it wasn't for the sudden flash of blue light as Saeko's tails and whisker marks revealed themselves, her fangs bared and her eyes blazing.

"You should be running little man...Foxes eat moles."

Hank Pym has posed:
The Mole Man stumbles back until Hank stops his fall. Then the little villain shrinks until he's smaller than his namesake. Hank grabs him and stuffs him in a sample jar.

the tiny figure rants and bangs on the jar with his staff.

Hank sneers at him and says, "Not bad for a has-been, eh?"

He pockets the jar and get's out his phone. "Hey SHIELD... it's Pym... I have Mole Man captured and ready for transport. You want to send a car over? I have my locater turned on. No, really! OK, thank you. Hurry up. I'm on a date."

He goes back to his seat and claps softly for Saeko. Ten he gives her a disinfectant wipe from another pocket.

"So sorry. That was amazing! I had no idea... I mean with me you're so... Do the others see you... tails?"

Saeko has posed:
"Oh yes," Saeko speaks as she weightlessly floats off the chair to stand, the air of terror and menace immediately fading away as she turns to the likely startled patrons before bringing her hands to her lips and closing her eyes. The gesture, not unlike blowing a kiss without both hands that followed was coupled with a shimmer in the air and the likely scared crowd seemed to go vague, eyes glazed and focus shifting until the seemed utterly unbothered by the kitsune in their midst. "Annnnd...now they don't. They'll forget we were ever hear, have a lovely evening and let their mind fill in the blanks."

A shrug, she takes the wipe and actually bends to clean her shoe as the tails and ears fade away, only to stand and place her hand to her lips hesitantly. "You don't find that evil of me, do you?"

Hank Pym has posed:
Hank Pym takes Saeko by the hand (the one without the wipe. "I... might. Still processing and haven't gotten past awesome and intimidating. No. You were basically assaulted and you put him in his place and let me capture him without much harm. I honestly found you laughing at the noble who drowned a little troubling, but... I chalk it up to being glad to have escaped him, knowing he did it to himself and the glee of transforming the first time. I had something similar happen to me. An enemy tried to shoot me in the back and a teammate shot at his weapon trying to disarm and it exploded and... I was glad. He tried to kill me so many times. I could have laughed from relief. I don't think you're evil. No. I think you're incredible. But could we leave and maybe go back to my place and watch a movie?"