5030/A Most Unusual Tea

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A Most Unusual Tea
Date of Scene: 05 February 2021
Location: Candle, Booke and Belle
Synopsis: Bruce Banner, Michael Hannigan, Stephen Strange and Mando walk into a bar... for tea. And virgin web. It's a long story. Mando's glasses get broken. Poor guy!
Cast of Characters: Nettie Crowe, Bruce Banner, Michael Hannigan, Stephen Strange, Mando

Nettie Crowe has posed:
    Candle, Booke and Belle is a New-Age and Tea Blending Shop that is newly opened on the East of Manhattan. There's a little sandwich board outside the store that advertises its daily blend -- today it is a Moroccan Green Tea blend -- and buy-two-get-one-half-off zen bowls.

    THe shop itself, upon opening the door, has the scent of an herby apothecary with an underlying smell of mugwort and burning dragon's blood resin on a censor.

    At the tea bar, enjoying a mug of likely her own wares, a gray-haired young woman is leaning over, reading a trashy romance novel, her lips pursed as she listens for the bells on the door to announce a new visitor!

Bruce Banner has posed:
Walking to the door, Banner pauses long enough to look back over his shoulder. It's not paranoia if there's always someone behind you after all. He nods at nothing really and turns to the main room again and gets away from the street. He inhales slowly, nothing like the scene of a tea house after all. After that he moves furthru in, trying to get a feel for the place and where things are.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
If there's one thing Mike has learned is not to bother questioning why he ends up somewhere. He just tends to end up in places. But being that he hasn't been here before and he was getting a tad thirsty. The sandwich board advertising the special was sufficient reason to get this curious rav-musician to pop on in.

Now, he didn't see Bruce go in to the shop when he decided to come in. But when he steps through the door to see him turning his head away from in. The rocker gives a slight smile to the similarly sized scientist. "Hey Bruce." He greets. Tone friendly but more as a courteousy to let the man know he's behind him now.

Stephen Strange has posed:
    Stephen stands up briskly in his sanctum and turns around, moving a scarred hand up and around a mason jar that he quickly pulls down to look into carefully. Twisting it this way and that, before he puts it on the table before him and then starts looking around the room and the shelves of jars and containers, making a quick list of what's not where it should be, and worse of all, what's not stocked within the sanctum. A huff escapes the sorcerer supreme and he rolls his head back to look upwards and grits his teeth before rubbing the heels of his hands agaisnt his eyes in frustration and allowing a silent scream from his mouth before he drops his hands, takes a breath and resets.

    No note pad, no phone to take notes, Stephen still wearing his sorcerer's clothes, a dark blue gi with wrapped bandages around his ankles and wrists and a pair of thick boots on his feet, Stephen summons the cloak as he steps to the doorway from his lab, and with the door swinging open, Stephen steps out of his lab and directly into the tea shop.

    His chin lifts and looks around the room, and spies a few people who had already stepped in, so he closes the door, making sure the sanctum is sealed away, and the wizard, gets in line like everyone else.

Mando has posed:
Mando was given a list...a scroll on receipt paper by the looks of it as it unravels while he walks in last.  And of course, he will be in line last.  He stops to roll up the receipt but then someone is trying to get out.

"Excuse me," Mando says softly and smiles apologetically as he fumbles to the side.

Nettie Crowe has posed:
    The place feels decidedly calm. As the door opens and Bruce walks in, a very cheery British voice chirps "Good afternoon sir -- gentlemen!" -- and the gray-haired woman gives a bright smile. "Welcome to Candle, Book and Belle! What can we get started for you? Spot of tea and a cranberry scone? Or are you looking for something to brew at home?" she inquires, sizing up both the scientist and the kid. Well. They're probably both kids.

    And then Stephen walks in. Not only is he dressed the part, but something seems to just very lightly push back against him, just the briefest of moments before the gray-haired girl pauses, looks Stephen up and down, and purses her lips. "He/llo/." she mumbles a moment, her head canting slightly bird-like, but then she gives a warm smile to the assembly of gentlemen, looking over to Mando as he pops in last. Curiouser and curiouser.

    "Well, I think I only have three cranberry scones, someone may have to settle for chocolate."

Bruce Banner has posed:
Glancing back towards the sound of the voice, Banner offers a nod,"Michael. It is good to see you again." He looks back towards the front again, wincing slightly at the arrival of Doctor Strange. Attention back towards the proprietor of the place,"A cup for the house special to start. I will probably want some to take home as well. Something to soothe."

Michael Hannigan has posed:
"And same here, Bruce. I hope today is finding you well." Getting a glimpse of movement paired with Banner's wince, Mike's head turns, looking over to the sorceror. Giving a smile to the man he lifts up a small wave of greeting alongside it. Seems he has a knack for running into doctors.

His attention shifts back over to Nettie as she greets them, mentioning scones along with tea. Reminsicent of his more avian and canine forms, the head tilts in consideration. That does sound like a good thing to have with the drink. But the mention of there not being enough makes him stick with his original intent. "I also would like a cup of the special." He adds in, touching his throat absentmindedly.

Stephen Strange has posed:
    Stephen looks to Bruce Banner and gives a soft, subtle almost knowing nod before he looks to Mike and nods as well. Stephen stays behind the two as they were here before he was. "I- I'm not here for tea." Stephen says with a lift of his eyebrow and a lowering of his chin. He's here for more ... exotic wares, as should be dictated by his wardrobe.

Mando has posed:
"Oh I am not here for me.  I am here for...my boss?"  Even if Mando's stomach grumbles loudly as if right on queue.  He grins with faux grace as if nothing ever happened.  "Thank you though.  I'm sure they're delicious," he tacks on somewhat awkwardly.  He finally gets the little scroll worked out and rolled up, though now he is searching through it.  He pushes his glasses up with a finger.

Nettie Crowe has posed:
    "Ah let me get these two started and I'll be with you at the Apothecary bar. There's a few items over there that are self-serve with the prices and a pen for marking the code and how much by ounce. I'll be right with you."

    Nettie turns back to Michael and Bruce. "Two Moroccan Mint Green," Nettie begins, turning to start to gather components for the tea, setting a mixture in a ball on a chain with little stars in it, a mesh screen containing the loose tea components. The loose, dried green tea leaves and the familiar sight of mint leaves, along with some other shredded herb.

    Boiling water is poured from a steam kettle carefully into a pot to brew, and something's put into a little toaster oven on her side.

    "If you've got a shopping list, sir, I'd be happy to help once I've finished at the apothecary and the tea bar~!" she chirps pleasantly.

    Bruce and Michael are both motioned to the various, whismical stools that line the tea bar, some checked, some spotted like a toadstool, others with vintage upholstry fabric. Some have backs, some have footrests.

    "Have yourselves a seat," she states as she wipes off her hands, "while I help the gentleman with the herbs."

Bruce Banner has posed:
"A little better than last you saw me." Banner agrees with Michael. The meet of gazes with Doctor Strange and Bruce returns the nod offered to him. Some things are just not easy to get used to. The sudden appearance of the good Doctor would be one of them. He moves towareds the indicated seat that Nettie points out and considers the other who is here to get things briefly,"Thank you." he manages to Nettie before sitting.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike gives Nettie a nod. "Thank you." He turns, following after Bruce over towards the bar area. "Mind if I sit next to you?" He asks. There is a sufficient amount of space to sit anywhere but, kind of nice to get one of the potential seats next to him occupied by someone he knows at least. He has no idea to the popularity of the place.

But then again, the scientist might want all the space he can get. A curious glance is given Strange's way, wondering what it is he's getting here. And consequently also wondering what for.

Spells. Dur.

Yes but what KIND?

Stephen Strange has posed:
Hetephen nods once and gets out of line, as he's not here for tea, not now, not ever. He instead marches over towards the open, almost comical apothecary, and he grabs a few small baggies to begin to fill it with leaves and dirts and roots as he needs. Looking up after a moment. "I need virgin webs and fertilized red mantis eggs..." Stephen says, looking up and looking around the area, wondering if he's going to have to place a special order or go out on a quest himself to get the ingredients he'd need.

Mando has posed:
"Thank you," Mando lifts his gaze from the list that he's wrangling to be prepared, hopefully, in time to not waste the woman's time.  With his eyes up, he gives the others who may or likely won't notice him a dip of the head, a single nod to each as if out of compulsory politeness...Oddly though it also seems like he must be-there's a sense that he must be looking at some other person.

At Strange's words, Mando's head snaps up and his glasses take a tumble to the ground.  He reacts immediately, trying to catch them before they drop but they just end up under his foot when he steps forward.  Crunch...scroll drops again.

"Sorry," Mando says as quietly as possible if Nettie should look his way.  Quietly, Mando tries to unobtrusively clean up while everyone else is being taken care of.

Nettie Crowe has posed:
    "Virgin webs I have -- how much are you looking to purchase?" the gray-haired young woman -- she at least looks like she might be in her late teens -- replies as she comes over to Stephen, and pulls a ring of keys from her side. "Fertilized red mantis eggs, though... mmm... haven't had much request for them -- pretty sure I have some in the freezer. Keeps 'em fresh." she states, rubbing the back of her head a moment as she regards Stephen with mixed curiousity and mirth, getting a closer look at what he's wearing.

    "Eastern mysticism? Which branch?" she asks conversationally as she pulls out an earthernware jar, and zeroes the scale to put a babyfood jar on it to hold the web without crushing it. just as there's a crunch of broken glasses!

    Where's Hermione Grainger when you need her?

"... oh dear..."

Bruce Banner has posed:
"Have a seat." Banner replies when Michael inquires. Maybe he appreciates the idea of someone familar at least to one side. His attention moves around the room once more and then he settles into the seat a little more,"I'll never understand the mystical side of things." he admits,"Not that I haven't seen things to make me believe it is out there, just that I won't ever understand it is all."

Michael Hannigan has posed:
As Mike hears some of the items being described, the musician's brow raises before he turns back. Well. That is probably why the tea bar is here and the apothecary is over THERE. Cross contamination is no joke. Just ask Dr. Henry Jekyll.

Seeing the nod from Mando, the performer returns a nod and smile to him for his efforts. But the smile dies away as the man ends up dropping his glasses and breaking them. He grimaces.

Damn. Glasses can be expensive.

Having gained permission, Mike takes a seat to the side of Banner closest to the door. Pale eyes look over to Bruce to his comment regarding not understanding mysticism. He shrugs, "There's a lot I don't understand either. There's a lot of...variance to it. Although, I kind of put off learning about it."

Stephen Strange has posed:
    "I need all that you have. Rapidly." The wizard notes with a frown, and with a motion of his hand, a large bundle of golden coins falls from his palm down onto he counter next to the register. "Start a tab." Stephen remarks with a casual but faint smile.

    The wizard gives a moments pause and notes, "Put their drinks on my bill too." Stephen says with a motion towards Mike and Bruce, with little notice to Mando at the moment. No offence, but the sorcerer is hard at work.

Mando has posed:
Mando just sighs softly to himself and manages to get the list rolled up again before starting in on expediting the glasses cleanup, shoving it into a napkin like he wants to proverbially shove something under the rug.  He listens to Strange's exchange, but tries to keep his eyes on his task.

Nettie Crowe has posed:
    It only takes one eighth a teaspoon of fertilized red mantis eggs in your djarling to REALLY ruin a mood. The gold is marked with casual curiosity, and her head tilts back a moment before she calls back to the door "Corvax? Be a good lad and grab me the paper bag marked 'Do Not Open' from the cold storage on a wing, dear."

    And she simply hands over the earthernware jar to Strange.

    "Return the jar when you need a refill, yeah? Corvax will be out in a moment with the last item. Nettie, by the by." she introduces herself simply, and she draws back over to the man sweeping up the glasses. "If you leave them on the counter, I'll see what I can do. I have a repair kit in the back." she comments kindly to Mando. "Take a seat, I'll tend to your list in a moment."

    Meanwhile, she goes to pour the tea for Mike and Banner. Banner gets a happy, relaxing, mild green mug with a Tree of Life on it, and Mike gets a red-and-brown mug, dappled with grayish dots through the red. Both are steaming hot and have that earthy, citrusy green tea smell with the mint tone lightly nipping at the nose.

    They also each get have a cranberry scone, warmed up, and a little butter crock is set between them.

    As Nettie goes about the tea, there's a flapping of wings and then a crow appears, flying through a transom with a paper bag in its beak.

    The bag is marked 'Do Not Open' and feels cold to the touch as it's dropped on the scale in front of Stephen.

Bruce Banner has posed:
There is something to be said about his life, Banner is edgy. The breaking does get his attention of course, but once he sees what has happened he eases a little. Maybe he should look into decaf. His attention moves towards Nettie as she moves throughout the place and thanking her softly when she pours the tea.

"I think my mind is just wired the wrong way for that." he admits. He pauses and considers Doctor Strange and shrugs,"Of course, there are those of us that can walk on both sides of that line. I just don't think I'll ever be one of them."

Stephen Strange has posed:
    "Thank you much." Stephen says, tucking the bags into the interior lapel of his top and then noding once again to Bruce as he hears his name and shrugs it off with a smirk before turning back towards the door and stepping through it again, but not out of it. Seems like he just walked out of the shop as though it were a simple room apart of his sanctum. And the door closes behind him rather quickly, to prevent others from slipping into the magical home of the sorcerer supreme. More exploration later seems needed though.

Mando has posed:
"Oh no it's no bother.  Please, don't trouble yourself," Mando says as if he couldn't possibly bother the young woman to be put out by his clumsiness.  Once Stephen leaves, the hispanic man steps up to shuffle his modernly archaic handwritten scroll.  He somehow seems to be shorter than he really is, not that anyone would guess.  He has to find the marked teas among other items as if someone just rattled it all off.  Squinting down at the list, he says, "Do you have any nettlebottom tea or applegrass or rotamun-min...are these real?  These aren't even real.  I'm sorry.  I don't want to waste your time.  Excuse me."  Blushing, he hurries out of the shop.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
The flutter of black wings draws the musician's attention over to the fellow corvid. Ravens are not too far from the smaller crows. He glances down before looking over to Nettie setting the scones and tea out. "Thank you."

As Strange's cape flutters on out and Mike gets a brief glimpse of the Sanctum to the other side of the doorway.

"Not everyone needs to be." Mike muses, "You have enough on your plate as is I think."

An appreciative glance is given to the red and brown mug as he lets the heat of the mug warm his hands. "I'm an entertainer with sleep and mood issues so, I probably am more on that other side of the line than I care to admit."

Nettie Crowe has posed:
    The pouch of gold coins gets tucked away, and Nettie goes about as if nothing was amiss. "If you're sure, sir -- and..." she pauses, watching the poor man leave "... Nettlebottom is a real one, Applegrass on the otherhand?" she ventures, and she wrings her hands for a brief moment -- the crow returning back from whence it came.

    After a moment, she turns back to Bruce and Michael.

    "Everyone's got their talents, lad. I'm sure you have a good part of you that's got a mind like no other for the science of things without needing to know everything about the other side of things." Nettie gives a smile to Bruce. "If I were to wager a guess, in any case. I missed out on most sciency-things studying tea blending at a school in India." she comments breezily with a shrug, and then pulls out her own mug, casually dropping herself into the conversation.

    "Entertainer? Musician? Commedian?"

Bruce Banner has posed:
"Enough on the plate for certain." Banner agrees Michael and picks up the cup carefully. He takes a shallow sip savoring the flavor for a long moment. His attention moves to Nettie and he smiles, nodding to her approvingly,"Very good tea." he tells her,"As for the science. I guess there are those that would say you are right and others that would say otherwise. Science is always in motion and sometimes it bites you on the ass." Lucky for Nettie she probably doesn't know what science has done to the good doctor.

Michael Hannigan has posed:
Mike looks to Nettie, "Musician mainly. Some acting. Occasional game show appearance. Guess some could argue unintentional comedy." He lifts up his mug, determining if it is cool enough to drink based from the wall of heat that hits his face. He takes a quiet sip, eyes closing as the mint in the tea provides a bit of cool to contrast the heat of the water. "Very good tea." He restates Banner's assessment in agreement.

Nettie Crowe has posed:
    "Thanks, glad my years in India paid off for something." Nettie gives a smile to Bruce and to Mike. If she knows what happened to Bruce, she doesn't seem to let on. It's not like his face was plastered to television screens in a worldwide manhunt, right?

    The gray-haired woman leans against the little counter in the back of the bar area

    "And what kind of sciencey-thing do you do?" she inquires back to Bruce, her gray eyebrows rising up.

Bruce Banner has posed:
"Nuclear physics and nuclear engineering." he replies to the question about his studies,"Biology too." he adds. It's not a brag, humble brag, or anything like that. It just is what it is. He takes a drink of his tea and forces a little bit of a smile,"A few other things, but those are the high spots."

Michael Hannigan has posed:
"And some very high spots indeed." Mike comments, giving a slight chuckle. "Not only is your plate full, it's the size of a hubcap."

The cup lifts up once more as he takes another sip. The time outside of the kettle helping to bring the liquid to a more and more drinkable temperature with each passing second.

Nettie Crowe has posed:
    "I see. Somewhat beyond my frame of reference. I'm afraid I've never been schooled much in the sciences, fascinating as they are. I've seen that... man? Person? Armor, flies about every so often on the news. Fascinating, but I just can't wrap my head around it. Mind you, I trust the experts." she smiles. "Oh, manners -- I'm Nettie, welcome to the Candle, Booke and Belle, I'm the owner." she gives as charming smile as she can manage to the remaining customers, "You've popped in on grand opening week. I don't usually have so many people in at once."