5034/You know my names

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You know my names
Date of Scene: 05 February 2021
Location: Lois's Fire Escape
Synopsis: Kara Zor-El shares her secret identity with Lois Lane, who takes the surprise shift in perception better than most.
Cast of Characters: Lois Lane, Kara Danvers

Lois Lane has posed:
The best part of Lois' small, messy apartment was the fact that she had a sturdy enough fire escape to smoke on when it wasn't overly cold. She's even snuck a little space heater out there, next to her mostly dead succulent, and the heavy, all-weather round outdoor pillow that she's normally perched on while she smokes and drinks. She's got a tumbler of whiskey next to her and a cigarette hanging out of the corner of her mouth as she idly flips through some pages on her tablet. Still working until she drinks herself into stupidity for the night.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Supergirl lowers down in front of the fire escape. A gust of wind kicks up her cape and her hair briefly and she smiles to Lois. "Miss Lane," she says in way of making herself known. Her hands are crossed over her chest. She's not judging, after all she and her cousin were dating and they were all about to go to space together.

    Her eyes focus for a moment as she glances past Lois in to her apartment to make sure no one else is in there and able to listen. "I felt we should talk, given we're about to go in to space together," she broaches and motions to the fire escape, "Might I come in?"

    Bold blue eyes look to Lois - there's a confidence about Kara Zor-El, a name not many people on Earth even know, that is kept well hidden as Kara Danvers. She is still wearing her pants version of her Supergirl clothing. Unscuffed, though her smile is one of kindness and a touch of joy - perceptibly also nervousness.

Lois Lane has posed:
The woman jumps just a bit as someone dares swoop down right next to her that isn't Superman. Of course, Lois recognizes the woman who calls herself Supergirl, especially after this week, but she wasn't expecting such a visit. Much less so quickly. "Uh...yeah, of...Of course... You mind if I finish?" She asks with a nod to her cigarette. "Want a drink?" She offers her tumbler in the woman's direction and scoots over a bit more on the stairs, so there is room for both of them to sit on the old, rusty fire escape.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara shakes her head, "Not at all." She rests a hand on the rail and 'hops' over it, resting her feet on the metal with a clunk. She then rests both hands on the rail and stares out over the edge. "I don't drink, but thank you for offering." There's a slightly amused smile on her lips as she remembers Janet van Dyne trying to encourage her to start drinking too. Two for two amazing women she knows that have offered.

    "We're going to be on a relatively small ship filled with strange people and I know you.. not just from reputation, that sooner or later you're going to piece together everything about me. I'm not as savvy as Power Girl when it comes to secret identities. Since you know my cousins, I thought perhaps I could share more about myself with you too," she says somewhat casually.

Lois Lane has posed:
"More for me." Lois mutters with a slightly wider, slightly tipsy grin. She raises the tumbler in Kara's direction and knocks back a good sip after that silent, respectful toast. She then tucks herself back against the far rail, so there is plenty of room but also so she can get a long view of the woman across from her. She's studying curiously, her head slightly tilted.

"If... if you want to. Just like Kal-El and I told Terry when he decided to come out, we... we don't want to push anyone into revealing themselves. I know I'm the most...nosy of reporters, but whatever you decide to tell me...I'm not gonna spill to the world. I'm not *that* much of a bitch. And I do love your cousin..."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara turns her head with a nod to Lois and says, "I believe you. It's also a secret that could put peoples lives in danger. But you have Kal-El too." She turns her back to the world and leans against the railing. "It's not easy being a refugee here on Earth. Stranger still to suddenly living with these powers. I've only been on this planet for.." she pauses, Supergirl has been public for a year and a bit, "three and a bit years."

    She motions to the night sky, "The sun is different, the blues and greens and reds are different, the food is different, the social cues are different." She looks down at the floor a moment and says, "I'm stalling sorry."

    She offers her hand to Lois, "Hi I'm Kara Zor-El. You've seen me on the news plenty, but you kind of know me better as Kara Danvers." She raises an eyebrow as she says that. She doesn't really have the mannerisms of Kara Danvers and Kara Danvers is also a brunette and ... of course she wears glasses. Kal taught her how to blend in on this world after all.

Lois Lane has posed:
That revelation gets a good blink from Lois. She had something else on the tip of her tongue, about to reassure the woman it was okay, she didn't have to do it, and three years isn't that long a time, but it all falls away when Lois realizes she KNOWS this young woman. Or thought she did, at least. "...Kara?" She breathes out quietly, eyes narrowing at the woman in front of her who is certainly not a brunette. "You... Danvers is... Brunette. And... I get the glasses, think. Kal-El does it too, but...you don't even move like her. Really?" Lois has entirely forgotten about her cigarette now, in the shock of this reveleation.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    There's a touch of amusement and perhaps pride that it's such a surprise to Lois. Somewhere in her mind she assumed Lois had already half figured it out, especially from that awkward dinner they had a whole while ago. She nods her head though and reaches behind her ear and touches a hidden piece of DEO technology and her hair turns brunette.

    "There's a little bit of truth about me in both Supergirl and Kara Danvers. But they are both identities I wear for the planet. Really I'm Kara Zor-El." She holds out her arms in a wide slightly dorky shrug. "I'm actually a science geek.. the journalist intern in training, and super hero are the latest additions to my life. My life really took some serious zig zag turns when I was sent to this planet."

    She taps the hidden control again and her hair becomes its golden blonde once more. "You'd have figured it out sooner rather than later. Especially when I'm not wearing my armor," she motions over her blues and reds, "So.. uh.. yeah. Hey boss," she adds with a cheeky wink.

Lois Lane has posed:
"...*Sent*... to this planet? So you agreed to come here and weren't...Abandoned, like Kal-El was?" Lois almost calls him Clark, but she's been doing her best to use his real name when she's around him and alone, or around people who know. It's a small show of respect to who he truly is, and her accepting that, but an important one. Lois then remembers to finally kill her cigarette into the little clay ashtray on her balcony, giving a slightly paranoid look to the alley below before she nods to the window.

"Come on, we'll go inside and I'll make you...*something* to drink, even if it's just milk. But... if we're having this talk, we don't need the drunks in the alleyway or anyone else to get curious." She then climbs back into her place like some sort of monkey, so used to doing the little swing around the ledge that it's second nature now, even if she's a little drunk.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    "Well..." she says with a slight contortion of her face, "...that's a complicated story. And painful memories. I wasn't exactly on board with being sent here." Her lips tighten just a touch and then she glances to the apartment. "Oooh milk!," she replies and slips in to the apartment behind her.

    "One of the reasons Kal suggested I get in to journalism, besides him having successfully done so, is because it helps me to study humanity and the other species that live on this planet. Surprise surprise, alien civilisation and cultures are alien to me. It took me a good year and a half to learn contractions in speech in English. I'm still struggling with a lot of the other languages..."

    "I understand that journalistic drive in you and perhaps some it'd be good to set the record straight and educate more of Earth about my home. If you could be patient with me, I would be happy to give you the exclusive," she says hoping that might help Lois accept the cost of keeping all this to herself. "and I also mean about the trip to Krypton too."

Lois Lane has posed:
Lois mentally pleads to the universe that the milk in her house is not spoiled -- she doesn't exactly keep a lot of fresh food around. She leans over, pulling open the fridge that is full of take out containers, some probably growing science experiments by now, and a whole bunch of beer. She does pull out the milk carton and gives it a little sniff. Fortunately, for Clark really, it's still good. She lets out a breath of relief and pours Kara a glass before picking up a beer herself. "Cheers." She clinks glass to bottle, "That's a good earth habit to learn." And a little wink is given to Kara.

"...Uh... wait. What? Exclusive? Like... you coming out to...to the whole world? Space travel and aliens existing? Are you sure you...want to do that? Is it safe for them to really know? It'll put you in a lot more danger, you know..." Lois looks both selfishly excited and more than a bit worried.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara accepts the glass and clinks it back, "...cheers." She nods her head and tastes. It.. passes. She furrows her brow and then holds up a hand in a stop motion, "Oh no.. no no. I meant my story about how I got here, what Krypton was like. Not.. not who I am. I understand some heroes like to tell the world who they are. But I am keeping that secret to keep people safe."

    "It's one thing to know there are some who hate me for who I am, but another to be reminded that Kal has a long list of enemies who are already getting good at fighting us. Not to mention that people do pick fights with me just to test themselves," she says with a sad sigh.

    "But. Aliens, space travel, Oa, Krypton. The Kryptonian language and history and culture. I want to share these things with the world, but I know that to do that I'll first need to answer questions about who _I_ am. As far as most of the world knows I simply turned up one day two years ago and am somehow related to Superman -- because, you know," she motions to the family crest on her chest.

    She smiles, "It'd be nice to set the record straight. In a controlled manner," she says. "Besides which, you're kind of the expert on Kryptonians. You've written so many articles about my cousin.."

Lois Lane has posed:
"I mean... yes, but that's Superman. I tried to keep it...just to Superman and not his entire...Species. I really don't want to put any of you at more risk than you already are." Lois admits, so rarely scared to publish a story, but that speaks to just how much she genuinely loves Clark. Her heart couldn't take him being in more danger, much less his family.

She exhales slowly and sinks back into the couch seat, grabbing for her weed vape pen as she goes. Two vices in hand and this conversation seems far more teneable to have. "...If Kal-El... approves of telling the world Krypton's story, then I will. I want you both to talk about it. To really weigh the risks. I'm not going to tell Perry we're going to space anyway so he's just gonna be real pissed half his news room is taking a week off at the same time. Winter blues, we'll call it."

Kara Danvers has posed:
    She grins a touch at 'winter blues' and nods her head, "It'll be bad timing - I'll say I have to cram for my exams. Meanwhile you and Clark are off too.." She sips the milk and continues, "Of course. It's no doubt we can talk about when we're on the Milano. That's the name of the Guardian's spaceship. Odd name, I will have to ask their captain Rocket about it when we get the chance."

    "This is going to be an emotionally challenging journey for me. I'm glad my sister will be there to help. Kal was thankfully spared the memories of losing his home," she says and her expression turns sad for a moment. It's one thing to lose your home, but your whole planet and society.. "and Superboy too, has no real knowledge of his heritage. For better or worse, Krypton and Earth are united now."

Lois Lane has posed:
"...What's the...likely hood of parts of Kal-El's actual family or childhood being in tact when we go there? Is... he going to be able to get anything back he lost?" Lois asks softly, some vain hope behind her voice for the man she clearly loves. "And...how are you all related? Are you actually cousins or just... say that because you are some of the only ones left? Hell, I don't even know if Kryptonian biology works like that, you might all form out of bean pods or something. But..." Lois breathes out a second, the weed calming her racing mind and everything helping her focus just a bit more.

"...whatever is there, and whatever you both decide, I'll... support this. I'll help. You know I will. If we want the whole world to know... to preserve what culture Earth can of your people, we will. WHatever is important to you, we'll make it happen. I promise." That seems more important to Lois than all the little detail questions now.

Kara Danvers has posed:
    There's another slightly pained expression on her face. "If I'm being completely honest with myself, I must expect what my sister suggested, that alls we will find is floating rock in a dead solar system." She shudders a touch and says, "in which case there will be little of nothing left behind."

    "But.. recently I met another version of myself from another timeline and in her timeline, her parents survived - as did where she grew up, Argo City. So if there's even the smallest of chances that could have happened here in our timeline too... well I must know."

    Her eyes light up a touch and she drinks some more milk achieving peak milk moustache status in the process, "Oh yes he's really my cousin. His father Jor-El and my father Zor-El are brothers. Both scientists in the Thinkers Guild."

    She smiles whimsically at the memory of them both and says, "Always getting in trouble with the high council too. House of El, we have a reputation. We don't accept the status quo when there are pressing issues that need addressing. I suppose that's why my father and mother fell in love. Alura In-Ze, my mother, she is just as stubborn."

Lois Lane has posed:
The commentary about the House of El gets a genuine chuckle from Lois, eyes a little skeptically wide even as that slight dialation of her pupils comes with the weed as it kicks in. She is definitely more relaxed than she was when Kara first flew up and the scent of some strange, musky herb lingers in the clouded fog of her vape now. There's other flavors mixed in, something citrus as well, but weed is weed.

"I can't believe you're telling me that Kansas comes from a family of trouble makers, goodie two shoes Kansas, but...I suppose that's why we get along. I'm not completely corrupting him after all." Lois winks to the woman. "But... We're going to have a long week, I still have two articles to wrap before bed, and you probably don't care to watch me work and get high until I fall asleep. We'll...catch up more on this trip, hm?"

Kara Danvers has posed:
    Kara finishes off the milk and wipes away the line over her lip. She nods her head and smiles, "An.. interesting combination of smells to be sure." She lifts a finger, "Trouble makers, sure, but our society was quite different to yours. Our family would prefer to call it 'doing the right thing'..."

    She sighs and stands up. "I have a whole bunch of university course work to do too. Oh gosh and all that stuff Perry asked me to read. Best hits of his career as a way of learning to emulate his success or something." She smirks and lifts her chin just a little higher. "And if I'm perfectly honest, I need to fly around the world a few times and make sure people are... doing okay."

    She walks over to the window and looks back to Lois, "Good luck. See you again soon Miss Lane." And then she is gone. Up up and away no doubt.