5036/A Conversation over Drinks

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A Conversation over Drinks
Date of Scene: 05 February 2021
Location: Lily Anne's Lounge - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Tessa, Blake Riviere

Tessa has posed:
It's still early for the Hellfire Club, which means it's before noon, and Lily Anne's Lounge is a quiet place. No live singers at the moment, 1920's period jazz filters into the lounge through the speaker system while a couple of servers wait on the small number of customers.

Dressed for the setting, a black-haired woman sits at a table near the stage. Tessa is wearing an emerald green flapper-style dress that bares her arms, the angular hemline falling to mid-thigh with additional fringe trailing to her calves. There's even a matching headband keeping her hair more or less in place. A glass of absinthe sits on the table before her, and she scrolls through news feeds on a small electronic tablet.

Blake Riviere has posed:
A touch of nostalgia, both recent to the club and for the decade gone, that was what had brought Blake back to the lounge. Her last outing here had been entertaining and the immitation was about as close to returning to the real thing as Blake was going to manage.

Wrappes in a black dress that matched her hair with a neckline and slit up the hem that might seem somewhat modest by todays standards but scandalous for the twenties, Blake's form none the less was more than enough to make it work as she moves through the door, inhaling the scent she moves towards the bar, a sweep of her eyes spotting the form of Tessa at the stage given the lesser crowd and earning a little nod.

Tessa has posed:
Tessa's blue-eyed gaze flickers with the movement at the door, glancing upward towards the new arrival. Her fingers continue their scrolling as she looks over the black dress. And the exotic woman wearing it. Eye contact is made and the nod is returned. And as Blake turns towards the bar, Tessa gives a small gesture towards the chair opposite her at the table. An invitation, perhaps.

Blake Riviere has posed:
The offer of company was accepted soon after her own drink was secured, a beverage more for show and a habbit of blendinf in rather than any real value. Blake could eat and drink 'normal' food, but it really was only for the pleasure of it.

Taking the offered place across the table, the glass in her hand is idly turned at the stem as she tilts her head, a glance given to the tablet. "Looking at anything particularly interesting, or merely seeking distraction?" she asks, accented tones carried in her words.

Tessa has posed:
Tessa's gaze flickers down to the screen occasionally even as Blake approaches, but then she puts the tablet down. Hands raise, fingers lacing together as her attention turns fully to her table companion. "Just catching up on the daily news." she replies. The news article that she is currently reading is from a Japanese business feed. "I'm Tessa." she offers, without adding a hand to the greeting.