5039/Cloak and Dagger: The Hunt Continues

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Cloak and Dagger: The Hunt Continues
Date of Scene: 05 February 2021
Location: Bushwick <Mutant Town>
Synopsis: Cloak and Dagger make headway into the kidnappings around New York and run into another Spider-Person! Also, Slips! Talks of a teamup is solidifying.
Cast of Characters: Raven Darkholme, Tandy Bowen, Tyrone Johnson, Gwen Stacy, Slips

Raven Darkholme has posed:
Mutant Town at this hour is every bit as busy as every other part of New York City, with the notable exception that obvious mutants are far more prevelant. Not everyone who lives here is a mutant, however.. and not all mutants are made the same.

Like every other part of New York City, there are people just getting by: Going to work, going to school, or panhandling on the street.

Like every other part of New York City, there are street gangs.

In the early afternoon, the dirty streets and busted lights aren't as easy to see. In the early afternoon, if you overlook the fact that that guy over there has two extra sets of eyes on his forehead, or that girl over there is covered entirely in fur, it's just a place in the city.

An old man rattles a can, hidden beneath layers of clothes with a ratty old beanie pulled down over dingy white hair and a scraggly beard. "Help a brother out, huh?" He croons to passers by. Proving that even the minorities of Bushwick can look down their noses at someone even lower than them.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
The sound of squealing tires can be heard down the street, roaring with the full throttle of a V8 engine block. The souped up Mustang howls like a wolf in heat in desperation as it cuts a hard corner, skidding along the all performance tires. People scatter to the side to get out of the way, sounds of surprise and fear filling their voice. Out from the passenger door, a man can be seen with a hand canon, searching the rooftops. "Come on man, faster, faster!"

Jesus and Julio are twin brothers, known around these parts to the local gang known as Loco Pollos. Crazy Chickens. If it wasn't for their dominant iron grip on the cocaine pipeline, they would not be taken as seriously. They have contacts that run deep through South America and some of the purist product on the east coast.

From above, a swirl of shadow can be seen, followed by a glimmer of light that sparkles from within. A trio of blades is flung from the billowing black and blue striped capes from mid-air, striking the back tires and causing the Mustang to pinwheel left and right until it slams into a light pole. As Dagger erupts from the folds of the dark dimension, she lands in a three point stance behind the car, rising upwards slowly as she pulls forward another blade of light in her hand. "There is no escape from justice. You will face my light!" So dramatic is this young woman in a pure white leotard with a sword cut out through the front. Her blonde hair is wild behind her and there is /rage/ in her blue eyes.

Tyrone Johnson has posed:
Sometimes Cloak and Dagger favor subtly. Other times, they're about as obvious as an oncoming freighter done up in flashing neon lights. Today is clearly the latter.

As Dagger drops in behind the car, the cloaked figure disappears once more only to reappear atop the hood of the crashed car. "...and she ain't the one you should be afraid of - as much." The deep bass growl of Cloak says as he looks to the men inside. Maybe they're still partly conscious. That was a doozy of a crash.

"Now step out calmly, and this'll go much easier for you." And if they're not awake? All the easier. "Or not. Don't matter to me which you pick. This all ends the same way."

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Gwen has returned to New York a small while back, from Metropolis, and one of the things she has noticed is the rising tensions in Bushwick. Not that she was here patrolling as Ghost Spider but instead she had accompanied one of her university friends back home from school. The agreement was that she then left on a uber but ..., she preferred to walk. Take a look at what *really* is going on out here..

The roaring sound of the car fleeing from something, or someone, isn't even what catches her attention at first, but more the voice she hears all full of rage that comes right after. She looks up, catching just a glimpse of the figure clad in white before she rushes to an alleyway.. And damn it this not being like Metropolis with a phone booth in every corner! So she ducks behind a dumpster, getting out of her clothes, underneath the tight fitting suit of the Ghost Spider.

She gets the mask on, hood up and then jumps into pursuit, backpack over her shoulders with the rest of her clothes.


A web latches to the side of a building and she goes airborne, catching up with the car at speed. She is usd to high-speed pursuits through New York afterall!

And has she mentioned how she enjoys the taller buildings?

Slips has posed:
Slips is, well Arya is just here, minding her own business, having a bit of coffee under a heater on the sidewalk.  Dressed in casual dark streetwear for the weather.  Upon seeing she might be creamed off the sidewalk, Arya sighs and simply moves further up the street, planning to get behind it calmly instead of being chased down.  Yeah that's not a to-go cup, but clearly a part of the establishment she was in.  A quick scan confirms, "The heroes have come out to play."


Tandy Bowen has posed:
As the two men scramble to get out of the car once they hear Cloak's threatening voice above, Julio, the passenger makes it to the street first. "Fuck you, shadowman!" He fires off a number of rounds at the caped man, the gun cracking loudly like thunder as it echos through the street. Pedestrians duck for cover with panic in their voices. Though while most of them may be mutants, they do not have the training as most caped crusaders do. Being green, or having extra eyes is not effective against hot lead.

Jesus pulls his own gun, pointing it towards Dagger, who takes a light blade to the chest with a loud scream of pain. As he hits the streets and drops his weapon, his entire body convulses as if he was tased multiple times. "Your trail of pain ends here. You have made this city sick." Another blade forms in her hand as she starts towards the man who is gasping for air as his body twitches.

Tyrone Johnson has posed:
What is good against hot lead? Intangibility. Cloak couldn't look less impressed as the bullets whiz through where a body should be and just... disappear. Instead of impacting flesh, they meet shadow and vanish. More empty threats lost to the dark.

"Your choice." He says as a predatory grin curls across his face. He's gone in a rush of displaced air and mist and reappears right in the direction Julio is running. Stretching out an arm like a matador with his red flag, Cloak sweeps up Julio in the expanse of blue-black fabric. Just like Julio's bullets, the man disappears in the same way. He should just tumble out the back, but there's nothing. Not even the impression of him hitting against the fabric. He's just gone.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Ghost Spider's danger sense starts screaming loudly as lead begins to fly. A stray shot could be deadly to those unlucky enough to be in the way! The sound of her landing on the wall right next to where Arya is having her coffee is heard.

"Better get down!" she says from her position on the wall, glued to it like a spider, turned upside down, one arm extending and she latching a dumpster with a web, pulling it over to be in front of both her and Arya for a moment as the bullets wheeze by. Would any have hit any of them? Eh, maybe not, but she wouldn't want to let it go to chance..

Her masked face nods in Arya's direction, "Save me some of that!" coffee most likely, then she jumps over the dumpster to see one of the men being glomped by Tyrone. Well..., that's not something one sees every day...

"Sounds like an indigestion coming up.." She quips, yet it seems as if she expects the man to come out from there... Eventually.

Slips has posed:
"What a lovely day to admire all these abilities hard at work," Arya says idly to herself as a bullet...suddenly nails into the side of the dumpster before a few others rata-tat-tat loudly.  No, they probably wouldn't have hit her, but still.

"I think that was going to mess up my haircut.  Thanks," the woman says with a charming grin, though Gwen is already gone.  "I'll buy you as much as you can drink in fifteen minutes," she raises her voice as Gwen zips away.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
With both enemy combatants down, Dagger continues heading for the man on the ground who is paralyzed by more than fear. The light that stuns him is tearing away at his hopes. It's like looking into the Lord's light and finding yourself unworthy. She slams a foot on to his chest, leaning forward as she brings her hot glowing blade up towards his face. He can feel the sizzle of power rippling off of her.

"I know that you can speak. I gave you that luxury. You will tell me where the girls are at. You will tell me, /now/, or I will tear your throat out before throwing you into Cloak so that he can have you as a meal. We know that you've been contracted by The Bazaar. We have heard the whispers from the streets, the pain you have caused, the children you have hooked on your dirty drugs. NOW TALK. WHERE ARE THE GIRLS AT?"

The man's eyes leak with tears as his lips give a tremble. "P-P-Please. Please.. they're at the docks. Pier twenty! They're leaving tonight for the island!"

The blade of light in her hand glows hotter as she takes in an emotional sucking of hair through her teeth. Tandy looks like she may start crying herself. She glances towards Cloak, then spies Gwen and Slips out of the corner of her eye. Capes. Heroes. A Spider-Girl?

"Cloak. He's yours."

The man on the ground starts to blubber, screaming for mercy. The type of mercy he did not show any of those children he took from their homes.

Tyrone Johnson has posed:
There's no signs of Julio, poorly digested or otherwise.

Cloak moves across the short distance with the impression of long steps, though there is no sound of footfall on the concrete. "You're smarter than your friend. This'll be over fast. You're lucky. We may drop you at the police station after." May. That really sounded like an empty kind of promise. Or maybe it's just because there's as much warmth in Cloak's voice as one may find at the heart of a glacier.

As he approaches, the folds of the cloak expand, billowing out at his sides like unfolded wings. In the shadows of the hood, the dark man's eyes are savage and hungry. It'd seem Jesus may be following in the footsteps of Julio.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Gwen isn't exactly the most knowledgeable where it comes to other powered people. Are they heroes, villains.. Maybe a little in-between..? At least the one in white does appear to be young, a bit like her. She listens to the man talking about missing girls, a pier... That has her frown under her mask. Yet she also can't let this guy just ..., get eaten. She has no idea if they will pop back out! . o O (How big is that guy's stomach?!)

So she extends one arm forward in a quick gesture, shooting another web to try and get the man off by a foot to pull him out, not that it won't be scary too, getting wrapped up in literal spider webs like a plump little morsel to be eaten. But in this case, "The man should be held to be taken by the police. We should be better than him." voice muffled under that mask but no less determined. Unless someone intercedes she will just leave him to hang on a lamp post like a nice little mummy. A little opening for the mouth though!

"What was he talking about though? What is this Bazaar?" She questions, masked face turning from Tandy to Tyrone and then back to Tandy..

Slips has posed:
The average everyday citizen here...sure, one that just watches from beside a dumpster (now) as scum gets decimated in front of her.  She doesn't shut her eyes when all the holy level lite bright stuff is happening, nodding instead in admiration.  But she does grit her teeth at it and wince at the loud, general noise around her.

Everything is just fine, until the mention of some girls, children getting hooked.  Arya's eyes narrow, banishing all semblance of levity.  She walks straight up to the lamp post, calm, calculated, and unceremoniously pegs him in the face, or where his face should be by his shape.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
As she was heading back towards the car to search it, Dagger pauses at the sight of Ghost Spider suddenly saving the man from a trip into his own personal hell filled with nightmares. Her eyes narrow a bit and clears her throat. "This doesn't concern you, Spider-Girl. While you may think that the law will actually distribute any type of real justice, they will simply turn him loose when a dirty cop on their payroll turns another blind eye. Cloak and Dagger are not heroes, and this is not a man, but a monster." She points at the hanging man who is letting out terrified noises, now trapped in web.

Slamming her elbow into the back window of the Mustang, glass shatters to the ground and she reaches in to unlock the door. Handcuffed to the backseat is a young girl, gagged and with wide eyes. She is terrified and trembling. Biting her lip, she forms a blade and slices through the restraints, then helps pull her out, feeding the girl a bit of light to calm her.

"These two are part of the Loco Pollos. Coke runners and now kidnappers for profit. They and the Trinity of Blood have partnered together to capture young girls and deliver them to an island near Havana, where they will be sold to auction, raped and held prisoner to men of wealth who can afford the price tag."

Giving a glance towards Cloak, then back to the others, she trembles with emotion as her hands squeeze together. "And Cloak and Dagger is going to shut them down. You two with Spider-Man? We know him. He's.. a friend." She says it as if testing out the word. Friends.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
Spider-Girl. She was called that many times in the past! So the poke goes ignored, she making her way closer but pausing briefly when Arya comes out to punch the lights out of the guy. She quirks a brow under the mask. "Thought you were guarding that coffee with your life.." She murmurs. It's something she needs sometimes, dealing with this kind of darkness by quipping her way through it. Helps with her sanity..

Still, when the girl is revealed to having been held in the backseat Gwen tenses up, closing her hands into fists and then letting out a slow breathing. "I know Spider-man well." she confirms back to Tandy. It's one of those things. Spiders stick together. "I am Ghost Spider. Is he aware of these kidnappings?" She asks, carefully making her way past the broken glass with graceful steps, taking a peek inside the interior of the car and then back to the others, "I can help." she then offers with a slow nod.

Slips has posed:
Arya's eyes are darkened slightly, though metaphorically, and the bash of the car window instantly gets her attention.  Her eyes never leave the frightened girl as she is lead out, but the woman does seem to make an effort not to let the girl see it.  It's not her that causes that darkness.

"Spider-Man?" Arya scoffs after hearing Tandy's explanation and mission.  "No.  I say this is just the world swallowing him whole after getting hungry for some trash.  And if you guys are the world?  Then I can go get another cup of coffee.  I'm just a citizen."

Gwen's murmur gets a smirk from Arya, "He deserved it.  He took out my spot."  Then she flips back to her more serious tone, "I would also like to help."

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"Ghost Spider?" Tandy tries the name out on her lips, giving another glance to Cloak. She knows how he is when it comes to 'hero team ups'. Her lips press together in thought, then quietly clears her throat. "We would like the help, of course. Though we will not make any promises that we will be gentle. These monsters do not deserve peace."

Reaching out to squeeze the scared girl by the hand, her fingers glow as she offers some of her light, then reaches up to brush her tears away. "We don't have a phone on us. Can someone contact the authorities? We are .. homeless .. so to speak. If you see Spider-Man, let him know what Pier we will be at. The boats always come at night and that is when we plan to strike."

"Who're you?" She asks Slips. Did she miss an introduction?

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"It's not about being gentle, it's about bringing these people down." Gwen says. About the no-killing part she could certainly deal with that later, "It doesn't mean we have to turn into *them* to do it though." killers!

The question about calling the authorities is met with an affirmative nod from Ghost Spider. She was really thankful about Spidey's advancements on their suits that allows her to do just that and reach out to the police, in this case calling out an alert on Bushwick. Kidnappers.

"They should be here soon-ish.." It was mutant town, it was never a quick response. "I will send him the info. Pier twenty right?"

The question made to Slips also makes Ghostie look towards her, head canting to the side. "Certainly more than just a citizen. And I will still accept that coffee."

Tyrone Johnson has posed:
Well, there goes his target. Cloak turns to look towards the new hero with a scowl on his face. "What is it with you spiders and interfering?" He grouches noisily with his shoulders hiking like he had hackles to raise.

As Tandy makes her agreement to accept help, the man's eyes narrow but he doesn't counter her. "If you want to deal with these ones, then here." He stretches out his arm and from the shadows falls the man he'd taken earlier. He falls to the ground, curled up and shaking as if he was freezing cold. Outside of a few noises that sound awfully like stifled, muted attempts at screaming, he doesn't move nor say anything intelligent.

"That pier." He replies to Gwen before turning his eyes towards Slips with a sharp, questioning look echoing the query of Tandy.

Slips has posed:
"Arya Joshi.  I know someone who can help.  I was meeting her here but I guess she got wrapped up in something.  Her name's Kiyoko.  She's good at this kind of stuff."  Arya reaches for her purse, her eyes widen slightly, and then she jogs back to get it.  There certainly any discernible super speed or anything going on here.

When Arya returns, she pulls out a little memo pad and a pen.  Then she scribbles down a number.  After tearing it out, she looks to the others with her eyebrows arched slightly at the intensity of the convo.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"It was people like them, that turned us into this. We were young, innocent kids who were dragged to an island of our own, filled with drugs and left to die. We watched several kids around us fall prey to them, crying for help, pleading, just to be tossed into the water like trash." Tandy's voice has an edge to it. Sharp like a razor.

"If you wish to help, we will see you there. We always strike from the shadows and we do not look back. If you see Spider-Man." She pauses in thought. "Tell him he is welcome to come as well."

She watches Arya head off to grab her belongings, then gives another glance towards Cloak as she makes her way to im, stepping closer so that the folds of his cape wrap around her. She feeds some of her light to him once the body is released.

Gwen Stacy has posed:
"And they will be caught and brought to justice." Ghost Spider assures Dagger with a brief nod of her head, folding her arms together and that masked face looking away for a bit. She didn't really have that experience with being mad at the world, she was more about feeling guilty at her own faults. But she had learned what was right and wrong. "You can count on us for it."

Her gaze then goes to Cloak, and the man he spits out. All trembling and incoherent.. Mental note, not get swallowed by that.. He makes sure the man won't go anywhere by zipping him up like a nice little gift for the police when they arrive, joining his 'friend' up on that post. "I am guessing you were never told how nosy spiders can be, Cloak. Well, now you know." bit of a smile in her voice. "Think of it as saving you from getting an indigestion." see? She is helping!

With Arya moving out and then returning with a paper she approaches to take a look at it so she can save the number on her spider-comm system. Handy things! "This will be dangerous. Are you certain about being part of this?" she perhaps still not sure if she is just a concerned citizen or not!

Tyrone Johnson has posed:
"They made their choice." Cloak says towards Gwen without hesitation, as if her insistence fell on deaf ears. One shadowed hand reaches down to point at the fallen men, though there is a brief second where Tandy's light seems to illuminate it and make the shadow resemble flesh. "They may not be dead when we're done with them, but I assure you they'll not be making these mistakes again. But if there's even one risk their judgement will lapse, then I *will* leave them in darkness. You do what you gotta do. Leave me to do mine."

And that said, he looks briefly back to Tandy before turning back to the other two. "Don't like it? Get to 'em before I do. I don't care what you do with them or how or with who, just make sure they don't do it again." He's a simple man, really.

Slips has posed:
"I'm better with other things.  But this is the number for my friend."  The paper has the name Kiyoko written on it.  Kiyoko is, actually a new alias.  Slips will have to figure that out later, but for now, Arya nods, "She knows her way around dangerous situations."  She offers the number out but doesn't seem to have any commentary to add as the others discuss their terms.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
Letting out a small 'tsk' to Cloak, Tandy reaches out for his hand to give it a squeeze as she fuses him with some of her light. "We'll leave you two to decide who you want to bring to support us. For now, we have to go and prepare for tonight."

As she steps in closer, her body starts to become enveloped by the shadows. She casts a glance over to the other two heroes and offers up a smile, then motions to the scared woman that was rescued. "Take care of her for us, please. Make sure she gets help."

Thank you by the way.." For what? Perhaps some friendly conversation? With that, she steps into Cloak and disappears. "Let's go." Her muffled voice is heard.