5045/A Meeting Above the Clouds

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A Meeting Above the Clouds
Date of Scene: 06 February 2021
Location: The skies above Metropolis
Synopsis: Maxima runs into Power Girl in the skies above Metropolis. A conversation is had and an offer is made. No cities or planets were destroyed in the making of this episode.
Cast of Characters: Maxima, Karen Starr

Maxima has posed:
It has been a day since the eldritch horror loosed from the depths rose up to attack the island of Oahu and only to face destruction at the hands of a small group of powerful heroes and the herculean efforts of the seamen of the US Navy stationed at Pearl Harbor. With her city reclaimed, the unleashed creature monstrosity dealt with, and a potential means to restore the city acquired, Maxima has been preparing to depart Earth once more.

However a few loose ends remain and while Scott Lang still rests aboard her spaceship in orbit, Maxima has returned to Earth for a few last thankyous and goodbyes to the handful of new friends who helped her along the way. So it is that she has just finished reentry and is flying through the skies above Metropolis in the direction of Titans Tower at a relatively relaxed pace.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Not too long ago, Power Girl and the other Kryptonians finished the last practical gathering to plan for their... Ill advised, but theoretically essential and plausibly- if not likely- fruitful trip to what was once the planet Krypton. At this meeting, two options for travel were proposed, as Krypton's solar system orbits the great red star of Rao, when they actually arrive it is possible their powers may fail them.

    Only Kal and Karen are at all very experienced in post-light travel, anyways, so it makes sense to get a ride.

    One option was the Guardians of the Galaxy, who have begun making occasional stops on Earth to- nightmarishly, hysterically, or entrepreneurially depending on how you look at it- trade star tours for money.

    The other that they know of, is burning her way through Metropolis skies, and seeing as that happens to be Power Girl's city- and Karen volunteered to do the asking- she's hedging their bets. This is why as Maxima comes speeding- languidly, admittedly- through the sky, she is suddenly cut off by the blonde form of Power Girl, calling her to halt by stopping in her path like this is some form of anime.

    "Hold on there! I have a couple of questions for you!" she calls, hoping that this will seem less abrupt than it needs to be.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima brings herself to a stop, floating there in the sky. She does not seem too surprised by the sudden approach but then it is extraordinarily difficult to surprise a telepath and empath of Maxima's caliber.

Power Girl earns a curious look, as she wonders what this is about. There's plenty of options, firing a warship class particle beam cannon towards the planet, abducting Scott Lang for his size changing technology, and that's just recently. She doesn't always do so well with being subjected to 'laws' and 'authority' but hey she did help out that time Mongul decided to invade.

"Yes? What is it you wish to know?" She seems to be in a good mood, likely the result of having recovered the city of her people taken by Brainiac, her long mission to this planet, finally near complete.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Power Girl is pretty lucky that Maxima's in a good mood, because she's in need of a favor and has little idea what Maxima would ever want in terms of repaying that- but she's rich, as far as she's aware, both monetarily and through that in assets that she could make or trade even to, well, Maxima.

    Similarly, one or both of them may be lucky that Karen has not yet heard of anything other than the giant space laser. Scott going missing hasn't reached her- and it would certainly require questions, and while it may not be likely, those questions still have the possibility to lead to punching... And that's probably not good for anyone.

    "It's not a matter of learning anything. A few of my associates and I are taking a trip. We're venturing... Well out into space, and could really use some assistance. Not -quite- taxi service, but it'd be something like that. We have a couple of places we need to go, and it's best we don't go without any self-contained transport."

Maxima has posed:
A few thoughts go through Maxima's mind as she considers Power Girl's request. She's not laughing, that's a good sign. If anything her curiosity grows a bit, intrigued perhaps, though she does register some mild distaste at the 'taxi service' descriptor.

"Where is it that you want to go and how many and who would be accompanying you?" She's asking questions, and so seems to at least be entertaining the possibility. One thing that still carries currency even with Space Princesses who have everything, interesting new experiences.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Power Girl exhales softly. Her hand comes up to scratch lightly at the back of her head. She even takes a good bit of time just... Considering how she was going to word this particular request. It is, after all, /quite/ the ask.

    "Well, two places- so far. That we know of. The first is going to be Oa, if you're familiar. Then, after that- we'll be headed to a specific solar system." she clears her throat, then, taking in a breath and getting ready to continue- which, apparently, requires some degree of bracing.

    "Specifically, the Kryptonian system."

Maxima has posed:
Maxima listens, it is a fascinating study in the range of facial expressions that she can make as she does so. Oa for example results in a slight narrowing of her eyes. This is likely not too surprising. The Almeracians are an expansionist civilization of conquering warriors, not terribly unlike Krypton in the ancient past of the Kryptonian Hegemony, whereas the Oans are basically space cops that frown heavily upon the violent acquisition of new worlds and expansion of borders. In short they are not the best of friends even on a good day. Though there are diplomatic protocols that could perhaps be leaned on.

"Oa and Almerac.." She begins, pausing as she chooses the right words, "Are not the best of friends. I could take you there under a banner of truce but they will not be happy to see me." The mention of the Kryptonian system, however, sparks a very different reaction and actually a slight smile. "Krypton, however, I read much about the history of the ancient Kryptonian Hegemony during my schooling, I would not mind seeing the ruins of Krypton with my own eyes. It really is a terrible tragedy what happened."

Karen Starr has posed:
    Power Girl doesn't seem to mind Maxima's expression-shifting. To be perfectly frank, she'd expected that it wouldn't be an easy statement. Truth be told, she knows full well that Oa's probably the less dangerous place to be of the two: But she also knows that she's going there with /three/ Kryptonians to, however peacefully, demand answers on what was happening in the area when Krypton exploded.

    No matter how much they don't like the Almeracians, two adult, fully powered Kryptonians accompanying two not-so-nascent ones is not a force anyone feels in control bargaining with- and as far as Karen's concerned, the Oan Guardians do /love/ to be in control.

    "Well, that's the catch. There are four of us going. Superman, Supergirl, myself, and one other. We're going to be, peacefully, discussing the events of Krypton's death with them, because we're interested in some possible events they might have record of." She states, offering a shrug. "I don't think they'll care about you being there once we start asking questions. You might even be able to just sit back and enjoy the show before we go to Krypton."

Maxima has posed:
Maxima nods slowly in consideration as her other questions are answered, "Supergirl?" That name seems to perk Maxima's interest further. Her involvement isn't exactly a surprise, but confirmation is confirmation. "Supergirl has been of great help and a stalwart ally to me in recovering the city of my people the villain Brainiac had abducted." Her expression clouds momentarily when she mentions Brainiac, it is clear she would still like nothing more than to tear 'it' apart.

"I owe Supergirl a debt of gratitude." Her expression shifting once again to that of a proud Almeracian Warrior as she continues. "If she wishes passage for you all to Oa and Krypton, I will make it happen." If there is one thing the warriors of the Almeracian Empire are known for aside from conquest, it is their strict sense of honor.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen's hands find her hips, and she nods a few times. It seems this universe's Kara- her erstwhile, as legitimate as one can be, frankly, sister- has been making friends unintentionally or otherwise. "Well." she states, offering a smile. "That's good, then. Brainiac has always been difficult. I did my best to keep the ship afloat while people got out with what cities they could, but there were... Some major problems doing even /that./"

    Offering a sigh of frustration at the idea of Brainiac is pretty common for Kal's family, and Power Girl is no different. "Well, we're not sure that we'll need it yet, but we'll be in touch. I know your ship's in orbit, but I think we'll find it there if we don't find a different solution."

    And if Maxima will even /let/ them go a different way, now. Entertaining the notion of using another transport might impune the sense of honor... Which is always a problem.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima listens and gives another smaller nod, perhaps not the reaction she was expecting to her offer, that mixture of honor and pride can be a fickle thing. "I was actually just on my way to say a few goodbyes before departing this world. The mission that brought me here has been completed. If you plan to look into ...other means, I suggest you do so quickly. Debt of gratitude or not, I will not wait for long." It is unlikely the crown princess has ever had to wait for much in her life and she does not seem thrilled that what she at least views as clearly the best offer is not being seen as such. It is likely out of consideration for that same debt of gratitude though that the offer still exists.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Taking a moment to think, Karen offers a soft shrug. "Well, listen. I have no idea how quickly we're going to be ready, but it's going to be pretty soon. We're basically all packed up, so we're just securing transportation. I'm going to tell the others you've offered to take us where we're looking to go and... I guess that'll be it. Unless they're married to a different idea for transportation, we'll be in touch soon."

    With that, she'll float out of Maxima's trajectory. "Thanks for considering the offer at all, much less actually agreeing to it. I don't think it can be expressed just how much this means to us."

Maxima has posed:
Expressions of gratitude do seem to go a fair way towards mollifying Maxima's sense of pride, "Alright. I still have a few preparations to make to make before departure. I will await your message. If I have not heard anything by the time my remaining business is finished and I am ready to depart, I will let you know first. But, I am happy to help. Warriors of Almerac always repay their debts even unspoken ones."

With Karen floating out of her path once more, Maxima gives her one final nod before resuming her flight path towards St. Martin's island.