5050/Party Planning with Hellfire

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Party Planning with Hellfire
Date of Scene: 06 February 2021
Location: Shaw's Residence - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: Shaw and Viola plan a Mardi Gras party at the Hellfire Club
Cast of Characters: Sebastian Shaw, Viola Fiore

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Shaw is sitting at the table in his apartment, just finishing the last of his dinner when the call comes from downstairs, "Ms. Viola Fiore, says she's here to see you?" He walks over to the intercom and replies, "Yes, send her up, thank you." And then he walks back to the table to quickly clear it. He is in the kitchen when the elevator doors open. Not washing up, but seemingly preparing something. When he walks out a moment later, he is holding a bottle of wine in each hand. One red, one white. Both expensive.

"It is a pleasure to see you again, Ms. Fiore," he says to the girl, adding, "I apologize for not giving you much attention last night at Carmine's party. I thought we would have more time to mingle, but well, the unfortunate business with Louisa."

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore walks in, wearing a skirt and blouse that are quite office appropriate. Her heels click softly on the floor as she walks in.

"Mr. Shaw, thank you for your time. And I was planning to find you but, yes, very tragic events." she says, looking down and shaking her head, visibly upset still about what happened at the charitable birthday party turned murder scene. "Well, at least there were not more people hurt. I was worried there might be a bit of a stampede when it happened," she says. Though she seems happy to move on from the subject and get to discussing the event planning.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Sebastian Shaw puts one of the bottles down and then reaches out to touch her shoulder, a surprisingly comforting move from the head of the Hellfire Club, "I do not know what exactly you saw, but..it was a tragic event. Louisa was a wonderful woman, and she will be missed." He lets his hand linger for a few moments, before he gently motions her inside to the table, "Would you like a drink? I had also hoped to speak with your Uncle but, alas, he had to -- understandably -- leave the vicinity as well. Next time you see him, could you tell him I'd like to speak with him soon about...an investment opportunity?"

He moves to uncork one of the bottles, and pour it for himself at the very least, and Viola if she agrees, and says, "But, that is not the reason I called you here -- as happy as I am to see you still in one piece -- rather, I wanted to have you help me plan an event for the Hellfire Club. Something that will restablish that we are back and fully in business."

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola nods at the offer of the drink. After thinking about Lousia Falcone's murder, or assassination, the strong beverage would serve her well. "Yes sir. I'm definitely looking forward to the opportunity to show you what I can do," she tells him. "And though I know I haven't had a chance to see it all, frankly your spaces here that I have seen are just... too good to believe. From an event planner's view," she tells him.

She moves over closer to join him at the table, taking a seat at it and turning towards him, attentive on the Hellfire Club's director.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"How's that?" Shaw asks as he sets the glasses down. One in front of her, one in front of him. He went with the white. "I always love to hear my club complimented. It makes me feel like I'm actually doing something right here," he adds with a wink.

The man leans back in his chair and looks at Viola before he says, "I am thinking a Mardi Gras party. Something to celebrate the beginning of the end of winter. And...be a touch risque at the same time. Those sorts of parties always attract the clientele."

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola gives a quick nod of her head. "A wonderful theme. So much that can be done with it. There are Mardi Gras statues that can be played off for decorations. The menu has so many possibilities. Colorful drinks that are a play off king cake, plus hurricanes and other N'awlins drinks," she says, intentionally pronouncing the city's name like the natives do. Even if she isn't from there, she's been to enough Mardi Gras celebrations to do them that honor.

The young woman asks after the number of guests. "Also what sort of budget do you wish to set aside for it?" she asks as she's making notes on a tablet that she pulls out of her purse.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"Our membership is in the thousands, but I should expect...five, six hundred? Tops? And...is five million too much or too little? I have no sense for budgeting a party. Ten million is easily still within range if need be, it is a celebration of the return of...well...Me. It should be an event that drives continued membership, and maybe nets a bit on the side with VIP treatments." He PROBABLY wanted to say King, but, demured just this once. Shaw takes a long sip of his drink, as he ponders budgetary requirements.

After a few moments he says, "I think, ultimately, the public facing areas of the club should be open to the public, and the main party itself should be held in the Dungeon. Change its decor and feel for one night, turn the world upside down as you do at Mardi Gras."

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola takes down notes, giving small nods, active listening to let Sebastian Shaw know that she got each thing. "Once I see all of the spaces I can give you a better idea on how far that budget will go," she tells him, making more notes. "But I think even if over it, probably not too much," she says.

It was a staggering thing, dealing with such amounts for parties, when she first joined Gloria, the high society party planner that Viola worked with part time while she was in college. It doesn't even occur to her to be amazed by the figures now. Well, not very often at least.

"I'm envisioning building up the hallways themselves, love that they are so tall, into being a rendition of Bourbon Street with the apartment balconies to either side. Have people elevated, tossing beads to guests as they arrived, and of course more of that within the Dungeon," she says. "We may not have the space to have an actual parade, but the corners would hold some float-like display," she says, mind already working.

For the moment she's focusing on her tablet as she captures the ideas. Not having forgotten Shaw exactly, but it gives him a moment to watch her working, almost unobserved.