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Beauty and the Beast
Date of Scene: 06 February 2021
Location: Clinic <Mutant Town>
Synopsis: Tandy desperately needs help and Beast is there to provide it, in more ways than one.
Cast of Characters: Tandy Bowen, Henry McCoy

Tandy Bowen has posed:
The doors to the clinic is shoved open as Tandy makes her way inside. The young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes is shining like a star as she buzzes with a mixture of rage and concern. In her arms is a young girl with pink skin and scales with a serious head injury. The blood has stained her brillaint white leotard, which will take some time to get out, if she doesn't just end up creating a new costume.

"Hey! I need help!"

As she heads for the desk, she glances down at the girl in her arms, feeding her a bit of light to keep her concious. "This girl almost got kidnapped! Someone, help me!"

Henry McCoy has posed:
Sharp ears are always listening for trouble - it's a practiced habit that Henry has. As Tandy calls out, he's in the back cleaning an exam room. His nostrils flare, scenting as he heads in the direction of the shouting. The aroma of blood is noted, the Beast making his way with a little more alacrity. "In here, please." He offers, as he pushes open the door to the exam rooms.

His eyes go over both - looking for the injuries. They both could be hurt for all he knows! "Kidnapped? What happened?" He asks, moving to help carry the clearly injured teen. "It'll be all right - you're in good hands." He grins to the scaled young lady.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
As she moves for the door, Tandy gives a sharp pause at the sight of the large, blue furred creature. Her eyes widen for a moment, then swallows it down as she steps forward. "My partner and I are ... we're working an angle on girls being trafficked and we tracked the lead down into Mutant Town. It's a long story, but I was able to get her out of there."

As she steps forward, she hands the girl over to him carefully. As her arms fall back, he can see her shoulder is bleeding from some type of wound, and it looks painful. To be able to hold the child with this injury is a testament to her stubborness. The young girl stares up at Henry for a moment, letting out a low, pained noise in her throat. But, she isn't scared of him. He's one of them after all.

Henry McCoy has posed:
For such a big man, he's surprisingly delicate when the situation warrants. He nods to the girl in his arms. "Just stay away for a little bit, yes? No dozing off on me, understood?" His demeanor is calm, soothing in fact. The injured girl is set on one of the exam tables, very carefully. Henry looks over to the other woman, nodding. "Have a seat - we'll look at that shoulder as well."

He moves over to collect up some instruments, bandages, suture supplies. "What hit the both of you?" He asks, carefully brushing any obstructing hair from the young girl's head wound. "Anything feeling weird? Different in balance? Hearing off?"

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"I'm fine. She took a billy club to the back of the head and then thrown in the trunk of a car." Tandy says as she takes a seat and settles in. She reaches up to slide her hand over her shoulder, giving it a firm squeeze. "I got shot. Just wasn't quick enough. Think it went in and out cleanly though."

As she gives her shoulder a squeeze, her fingers glow brightly as she lets out a soft sigh. "I can stop the bleeding for a bit, but it won't last long. My powers are designed to cleanse." She leans herself back against the wall behind her, taking in a soft sigh as she closes her eyes.

"I'm Dagger. She said her name is Olivia."

The pink skinned girl looks to be about eleven as her eyes give a few flutters here and there. "Want my mommy." She whimpers.

Henry McCoy has posed:
His brow arches, still fussing with the young girl. "That does not meet the standard definition of fine, Dagger." He offers over, chuckling a bit. "Miss Olivia, we'll probably need to do a few stitches. I'll use a bit of anesthetic spray, to make sure the hurting stops and you mend up good as new." His bedside manner is spot on, never seeming worried or rushed.

"If you can give me the number for your mother, we can call her right now - we'll have one of the staff do so." A smile.

"As for Miss Dagger, we'll take a look at her in a quick moment." A glance over to the woman - eyeing the gunshot. "Thank you for protecting and rescuing Olivia, here."

Tandy Bowen has posed:
As Olivia mumbles the phone number out between tears, Tandy glances over to one of the staffers who scribbles it down, then rushes out to contact her parents. Let's just hope they are the understanding type. "I'm fine, really." The woman says with a bit of a stubborn tone in her voice.

"It was no problem. It's what Cloak and I do. We protect the streets to the best of our ability. He's probably worried sick over me though. He was dealing with the thugs who did this to her while I made a run for it with her. I can only imagine the type of horrors he is putting them through."

There is not a shred of empathy in her voice in regards to those who tried to kidnap her. Whatever Cloak deals them, they will deserve every second of it. His dark dimension is unforgiven and plays no favorites.

"So.. what's your name?"

Henry McCoy has posed:
A bit of spray, and Henry makes quick work with the sutures. Her injury is cleaned and dressed, the man smiling once she's all set. "OK, you can rest." He says, after checking the girl's pupil dilation and responses, certain she doesn't have a concussion.

She's lifted, moved over to a bed for now - comfortable. "Let me know if you get cold." A grin.

Then his eyes turn to Dagger, motioning for her to get on the exam table. "Doctor Henry McCoy, at your service. Or Hank, if you prefer." He offers with a grin. "Cloak and Dagger? I think I've heard a bit about your team." He says, quietly. "Up on the table, please. I need to check that wound." There's no real room for argument, in his tone.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"Yeah, we're hearing that a lot more lately. Our entire purpose is staying under the radar, but now we're attracting too much attention." Tandy rises upwards and heads to the table, sliding on the top of it and keeping her legs from dangling over.

"Thank you for helping us, Doc. I guess I can let you patch me up. It'd make Cloak feel better. He gets angry and overprotective when he knows I'm hurt." She lets out a slow breath, holding herself still as she glances back at him a bit more fully.

"Were you born like this?"

Henry McCoy has posed:
Again, he retrieves more tools - sutures and cleaning supplies, along with bandages. "Good deeds are noticed, Dagger. It's part and parcel of being... heroic." The man offers. "Regardless of your intent." The big man chuckles just a bit. "Just keep on the right side of things and people will support you."

The wound is cleaned, carefully - concerned with comfort as much as cleaning any potential infection materials.

"Cloak seems like a good friend to have, if he worries over you." Henry chats, as he cleans up the injury. "I was born... similar to this. Though, no fur or animalistic features." The Beast explains. "I'm a mutant - I am guessing by your questions, you are not?"

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"I'm not a hero and I'm not a mutant. I was turned into this by the same type of people that we hunt. Cloak and I were runaways on the street, kidnapped and brought to an island. They injected experimental heroin into us, into a dozen other kids. They all died except for us. Cloak turned into a living being of darkness and I turned into light. Without my light, he will turn into a monster, without him to take my light, I will burn up and explode. We're bound together for life."

Tandy holds still as he cleans her wound, wincing a bit at times at the pain. Now that the adrenaline is bleeding off, the painful ebb has took it's place. "Though I suppose we could pass as mutants. We are after all .. mutated .. "

Her lips press together in thought as she narrows her eyes, then lets out a sigh. "You were not born with fur? You grew it later then? That musta sucked. When was that?"

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast listens, clearing up the wound. "Altered. There are many others who have been... changed in various methods such as yourself. The duality of yourself and Cloak are fairly unique, I'd say." He explains. "And your actions in protecting the helpless and abused is heroic." A slight shrug. "Labels are made from our actions, intent or not."

"Sounds like quite a pair then. Did you know each other before the incident?" He wonders, moving over to get the anesthetic spray. It is applied liberaly, to make sure the pain will be dulled when the sutures are started.

"No fur... a bit of an odd physiology, larger hands and feet - more pronounced musculature. As for the fur..." A wry grin. "I took a serum I had invented, that would unlock mutations in people, to avoid it falling into the wrong hands. The results... were the fur and features." He pauses. "I was experimented on recently, by a very immoral scientist, which caused further mutation."

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"No, we didn't know each other. I got off the bus and my purse was stolen. He tackled the thief. I bought him dinner as a thank you. We were kidnapped the moment we stepped outside. We knew each other less than an hour." Tandy says as she gives a shake of her head. "It's been a couple years now since the incident. We're good friends now, but it took awhile. It's been a rough journey for us."

As she listens to his story, she nods her head. "I see. You turned yourself into this by accident. There's no way of going back?" She asks as her head tilts to one side, looking over his features now a bit more intently. "Got a picture of what you looked like before?"

Henry McCoy has posed:
A slight chuckle. "I do." He pauses what he is doing, fishing out a wallet. A photo is produced, of Hank in his college prime. Handsome, built as he is now, sans fur or beastial features. He begins working on the stitches, careful as he works.

"I knew it would have an affect on me - though I was never sure what it would do to a mutant, as opposed to a latent mutant." He explains. "And... no way back that I am aware of." A shrug. "So I live as I do, and make the best of the world I am a part of."

Tandy Bowen has posed:
As she studies the picture, Tandy tilts her head to one side. She looks up at him, then back to the picture again. "Huh. You were really hot. Kinda guy I would have been dating in school back in my suburbs in Ohio. My mother is an actress and a model. We lived really well at the time, so I was surrounded by good looking people like you."

She gives a small shake of her head, glancing back up at him. "But I still see you though. Same eyes. Same posture. The fur is distracting at first, but once you get over the initial shock, I don't see much differences."

Henry McCoy has posed:
He chuckles, making quick work of the sutures - covering with a bandage after. "You're flattering." He says, with a grin - his posture definitely one of a bit of awkward embarrasment. "You're quite an attractive woman, Dagger." He assures, clearing his throat. So smooth!

"Clearly, you have your mothers modelling looks." Henry grins. Yes, he's got the same postures and build - for the most part. "So, do you live in Mutant Town? Patrol? Do you still reach out to your family?"

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"Heh." Tandy says in regards to her features. "I've been told that a few times, that I'm a spitting image of my mother. Except sober." She gives him a quick smile as she holds still during his work upon her shoulder. "I was on track to becoming a prominent ballerina until I got all in my feelings and ran away from home because I was tired of being ignored by a single famous mom and her million boyfriends."

Pity Party for 1.

"I don't live here, no. Cloak and I are still homeless. We just mostly .. um.. break into hotels and steal their utilities .. but we live in a church. Abandoned church. Since Cloak no longer can eat because he's turned into a living shadow, I just pack enough snacks away to keep myself from starving."

Henry McCoy has posed:
A slight pause. "Well... if you ever need help, let me know?" He suggests. "With lodgings or what have you. Food, utilities - all that I am willing to help with." The man smiles, finishing up with her shoulder. "I am going to give you a sling. I doubt you'll use it, but... I need you to understand it will be better if you use it when you can, understand?"

"No one should be hungry. Or hurting." The man offers, nodding to the woman. "Especially when doing good work."

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"I may use it." Tandy says with a small scoff under her breath. "I just need to be ready to go in a few days. There are more girls out there that need to be saved, more of these thugs to track down and Cloak can't do it on his own."

At the offer of help, she shrugs her good shoulder upwards. "I don't know. We're not really good with .. help. I.. " She lets out a soft sigh, staring at her hands as she wrings them together. "I just feel that the moment we start letting people in, anyone in .. is when we will find the most disappointment."

Henry McCoy has posed:
The man steps back, regarding her. "Good to hear about the sling. Trust me, I understand the mentality - but if you don't mend, you won't be able to help out the people you need to." Henry explains. "And I am sure that Cloak will understand that, as well." A wry grin. "As much as it pains him to, and you."

He watches her body posture, her defensiveness - easily read. As people on the run together, it's hard to let others in. "I can understand that, Dagger. Eventually, you have to find allies and friend in the massive world we live in. That will never diminish what the two of you have as a bond."

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"You don't know Cloak. He's impatient and stubborn. This is our mission and he takes it serious. Revenge and ferocity is always on his mind. He only knows how to attack and not defend." Tandy says as she gives a shake of her head slightly. "We are starting to make some friends out there, even if some of them do not approve of our methods."

As her head tilts upwards to him once more, she settles her eyes into his, them gives him a smile. "Thank you for helping me and Olivia out. Do you work here often? Maybe I can stop by again."

Henry McCoy has posed:
The Beast chuckles. "I know of some people who have a similar mindset, Dagger. I promise." A smile. "Just don't close yourselves off from people all together. Yes, there are bad ones out there - but the majority are good." Optimist!

"Of couse, I'm always glad to help people who need tending too. I'm not technically a medical doctor by certification, but I've got plenty of practice in genetics, biology, and generally patching up and operating on my friends in need." He shrugs, winking. "I'm here as often as not, but I can give you my card if you need anything?"

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"Sure, I can take your card, maybe we can hang out sometime. I don't have a phone, but you can find me at the Holy Ghost Church in Hell's Kitchen. It's not a great area though. Cloak also hates visitors, just as a head's up." Tandy slides off the table and gives a look at herself and the blood covered white leotard.

With a sigh, she shakes her head and looks back up at him, then shifts her jaw to one side. ".. Would it be too much to ask for a ride? Um.. I don't have pockets and Cloak is a teleporter. So .. he is usually my ride. I can't get a bus ticket or a cab."

Henry McCoy has posed:
He retrieves a card for her, handing it over. "I'm familiar with Hell's Kitchen - I've been there before." A wry grin. "I'll be sure to give as much warning as I can, then." A nod to her as he looks over - Olivia's mother has come to collect the girl, so thankful at the reunion.

"Sure, I can give you a lift. Did you need anything else from here? Anything we needed to stop and pickup?" He suggests.

Tandy Bowen has posed:
"I don't have money to buy anything I need anyways. It's fine. I'll get by." Tandy says as she starts out, looking to avoid the mother and Olivia. She doesn't want or need the confrontation, even if it's a positive one. She hikes the shoulder of her leotard over her wound to cover herself once more, snagging one of Hank's lab jackets as she goes to wrap herself up in it. She may as well hide the boob window as well. Mother's don't need to see that.

"If you want to come by tomorrow night, maybe we can do dinner. There's a hotdog stand that is really good a few blocks from the church and sometimes he hooks me up with free food at the last hour when it gets slow and he doesn't want to stick around for the night types to crawl out of the shadows."