5060/Afterlife: Shangri-La by any other name

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Afterlife: Shangri-La by any other name
Date of Scene: 06 February 2021
Location: Afterlife
Synopsis: Bobbi admits there's aspects of Afterlife she actually likes, if only it weren't for the brewing anti-human sentiments underlying the fabric of their society. Hey, look at that, dinner time!
Cast of Characters: Bobbi Morse, Matthew Murdock, Daisy Johnson

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    The excellent weather of Afterlife seems to have continued with blue skies and gentle winds that feel refreshing after all that city living for all three agents. Bobbi found a quiet rock that had been soaking the sun up most of the day to sit on cross legged. The view from it is breath taking, like most of the views in Afterlife. A little out of the village itself but everywhere feels secluded in this place.

    Her eyes are closed and she is imagining, indulging, for the moment the idea that may be she could have superpowers. Every time she and Lance had discussed it they'd always imagined how much fun it would be to have super strength, or to fly, or to have x-ray vision. She figures Lance just wants to perve on people with that one. How do the Kryptonians do it? -- some questions are best left unanswered.

    And so it is that Bobbi is, quite literally, meditating. It's not a terribly common sight to behold but she has trained in numerous martial arts over the years. This is one of her alternate ways of relieving stress - she just rarely does it in front of anybody. Hence finding a quiet place away from everyone.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Even unable to see their picturesque surroundings the feel of the place has much the same on Matt as it does people with sight. It's calming, relaxing him in a way the constant stimuli of New York never could. Even though for the lifelong New Yorker it's also a bit unsettling like coming out of a concert into a quiet space, the lack of noise is palatable. He's thinking about that and what he's discovered about this place as he walks the grounds of Afterlife, a walk that changes course when he senses Bobbi on her rock. "Am I interrupting?" he asks once he's close enough not to be shouting.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi opens her eyes and smiles. "Matt," she says in way of greeting. Her head turns to look at the man and says, "You know if we had Nightwing here we'd have the band back together." There's a shake of her head though as she says, "You're not interrupting. Just meditating on the idea that the people here seem to think I'm one of them and that I have a superpower now. Albeit by all accounts a very invisible one. I was humouring the idea. Don't tell Daisy."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"I thought of that," Matt says with a smile. "We should try to look him up again when we get back," he says settling on a nearby rock. He's going without his can now that he's told Mark and Lash he had abilities. It was rather freeing. "Your secret is safe with me," he says. "What do they say you can do?"

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "Titans Tower right? they're not huge fans of SHIELD," she says and smirks a moment, "Not that you are either... but you hang out with me, so what's that say about me?" She doesn't answer immediately and asks, "Do you think they think you're Inhuman now that you've told them you have.. uhm.. 'powers' I guess? They call them gifts here. Nice word, though some of the people here certainly consider it a curse."

    She lets out a long breath and says, "That's a bit hard to say. Something to do with genetic manipulation. In living things. Like people or viruses etc. Stuff that I do with tools is apparently something I should be able to do with my mind. I'm not so sure I buy in to this idea. I don't feel anything and I can't even imagine where to start.. so I thought I'd clear my mind and see if anything came to me."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Yeah, or Gotham. Don't suppose you could flash your badge to the GCPD and they'd let you use that big spotlight I heard they have for summoning his boss?" he jokes. "It means I trust you," Matt says. "Mostly because Daisy does, given your profession and your condition, reading your heartrate isn't a good indicator," he says with a shrug.

"And no, they seem to draw a line between the people who get their powers from rocks and the ones who get it from getting chemicals in their eyes.

He nods about Bobbi's 'gift'. "Good place to start. That's how I learned, clearing my mind and listening to my senses Daisy too. If you quiet your mind maybe you can hear whatever it is inside you that let's you do what you do. I mean if you're able to change things it only follows you can sense those things as well."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy has been out and about, training her recovered abilities with her mother and by herself, getting that new 'muscle' rolling. It's not been easy but she is discovering that there's indeed a lot more to her powers than she initially thought. And being able to fully work without those techno gloves? Heaven sent.

She is wandering down a pathway, eyes closed and feeling her surroundings, letting herself guide by what she feels on what's around her so as to guide her. There's always the danger she may go against a tree but so far so good!

Yet soon enough she is getting close to the other two, sensing a difference. People. Familiar sounds too. She opens her eyes and smiles warmly. "Hey, beautiful place isn't it?" she clearly very happy to being out here in the settlement.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    "I mean, I could. Would Batman kick my butt? probably. The man behind that mask is a mystery of tricks and abilities. Just look at the number of criminals with super human abilities he's taken down... Gotham is one messed up place," she says with a sly little smile, an edge to her voice too. The very idea of turning on the bat signal just to meet up with Nightwing for some fun in dark alleys amuses her. Lance would not approve.

    "Well, you live an odd life and I can't say I entirely approve of you taking the law in to your own hands.. I get it. Our country is messed up. Really, SHIELD tries to stay out of domestic issues, but all too often those domestic issues became world threatening," she says and turns her head as she hears Daisy.

    "I wouldn't say no to a regular vacation here. Especially if I can bring Lance. Though the locals don't seem too keen on non-Inhumans coming here. At all," she says knowing full well what kinds of actions those sentiments often lead to.

    "I keep thinking that there must be some little voice in my head that I'm ignoring, but whatever it is - if it even exists - it's not like that. It's possible I have too many built in ideas about how biochemistry works and whatever natural instinct this power is meant to give me is lost in the milleau," she admits.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"I don't know, come up with an excuse better than 'I'm messing with your protoge and I'm sure he'd give you a pass. But yeah, Batman does have a habit of punching above his weight class."

"Odd is definitely one way to describe it," he says with an easy smile. "And I'm not fully comfortable with all my choices either, but at the end of the day I help people and I do want to thank you again for not revealing my secret, I can deal with the personal consequences of my choices but I show up on the front page of Bugel revealed as Daredevil then the DA crawls all over my old cases and has some pretty good grounds to call how things went into question."

His own head turns as he hears Daisy, and he gives the woman a smile making room for her to join him on his rock. "It's not bad here, a little quiet for my taste, but nice," he says. "And who's Lance?" he asks about who Bobbi wanted to bring.

There's a nod about the voice, "Could see your training getting in the way of hearing things, but down the line I expect it will help with what you're able to do."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy looks away a moment when Bobbi speaks about non-Inhumans not being welcome. It was very true, and it was not something she enjoyed either. But she only nods, clearly conflict visible on her expression. Instead she focus on the other matter at hand.. "Why are you wanting to mess around with Batman?" clearly she came in at the middle of something! But her smile slowly returns, "He is my drunk uncle." she explains easily to Matt before simply chuckling. "Or well, if we consider Bobbi being my fun aunt." she winking at the other woman.

She walks to settle down near them. "He was also one of the agents that helped liberate Jiaying from Whitehall." as for more she will let Bobbi explain if she wants!

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi raises an eyebrow and then grins, "Lance is my on again off again on again off again boyfriend. We've known each other for years and always find reasons to break up and reasons to get back together again. Though, things seem different this time." She is pensive for a moment and then smirks, "And we're in no way considering messing with the Batman."

    She looks conspiratorially over to Matt for a moment and says, or perhaps reminds Daisy, "Matt, Nightwing and I teamed up briefly. We were talking about getting the band back together. Any way, Daisy, how goes it learning to use the force? Are you a Jedi master yet? ..or have you gone full Sith?"

Matthew Murdock has posed:
There's an amused smirk for Daisy's description of Lance and then a nod for Bobbi's. "Hope it works out this time," he offers earnestly, before nodding. "Indeed neither Agent Morse or myself are considering messing with the Batman," Matt says in lawyer voice.

He nods about Daisy's 'jedi training' "How is it going?"

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"It takes a special kind of man to be able to handle Bobbi." Daisy says with a *very* serious expression on. (It's not very serious). She finally sits down near the gang, legs crossed under her. "And you two are definitely wanting to mess up with Batman, or Nightwing, yes. I remember Team Stick." she grinning faintly. "When are you upgrading to swords?" clearly the next step!

"I am now one with the force. And I am no sith." She says, this time a bit more seriously (for real), "But well, I have been improving. It feels.., different. I do not know if I am back to having the same kind of strength with my powers that I used to, I haven't tried to unleash but .., more importantly.., I have been able to do most things without the gloves on. And without getting as tired or in pain as before."

It brings a deep smile to her lips, she clearly believing the idea of coming here was the best. "And Jiaying.., well.., it's a work in progress. I feel we understand each other in many ways. Perhaps not as much in others but.., that's how it's supposed to be, right?"

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi smirks and says, "Do you want to know the truth about Lance and I, Daisy? Lance does not 'handle me'.. in fact, that's usually when things start going badly for us. Mutual respect and love are what bring us together. The moment either of us start trying to impose our will on the other it all goes bad. You think I'm stubborn? you have yet to see Lance truly fired up."

    She grins though, at memories of Lance in unstoppable spy mode. Fond memories. She's pretty sure he scares himself when he gets like that. "Do or do not, there is no try?," she says playfully to Daisy.

    Bobbi asks, "So.. you're not breaking all your bones every time you do something? it must be like unlearning everything you've learned over the last several years. That's going to take you as many years to get as good with the new approach as with the old approach. Don't get too frustrated with yourself, that's not easy. I remember how much trouble I had swapping from IBM PC keyboard to Stark Keyboard at one point." Yep, totally equivalent.

    "Parents are difficult. Even mine. Turns out they're human beings with their own issues and opinions too," she says with a grin. "You two are having dinner with her tonight right? I might see if Mark is up for dinner instead. He's an interesting guy. I can see us becoming friends in the long term. He's also a good way to get insight in to this place."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"I can't speak for the others but I'm happy with sticks, besides, one of the other Defenders has that as her schtick, wouldn't want to seem derivative."

"Good way to handle things," he says of Bobbi and Lance. "Daisy and I do things pretty much the same way," he says turning in Daisy's direction.

"Feel a little bad about that original training, I helped Daisy when she first got her powers but I guess I'm not the best teacher for that sort of thing," he admits. "And it's true about parents, they're people like the rest of us, even if it's hard to admit." There's a nod for Bobbi's idea, "Yeah, we're seeing Jaiying tonight, but Mark seems like a good guy, I talked to him earlier, level with him and he seems to open up, certainly more than Lash anyhow."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"I am not breaking every bone, no. But I have yet to factor in doing so when .., emotional." It was quite the change on what Daisy was able to accomplish when she got fired up, or certain emotions came up to the fore. Could be dangerous too. But why would she eeeeever get upset here in Afterlife? It's not as if anything could go wrong, right? "It takes a very similar amount of stubborness to really find balance, yes." a grin playing at her lips and she reaching over to give Matt's hand a squeeze after his words, "And we do indeed."

The talk about the original training brings a bit of color to her cheeks. What? It's cold! "You know I couldn't had got through that phase of my life if you weren't there to lead me through it. It was as important as what I am doing now. If not more." she says, those memories coming to the fore. Though the talk about dinner brings her back.

"Yes, I wonder what we will be eating though. Maybe Jiaying will cook, it would be interesting." mom cooked meals? She never had one!

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi looks slightly confused, "One of the Defenders uses a sword?..." She tries to remember what she knows about that group. The big guy, the short strong lady, Matt, the guy with the glowing fist. She shakes her head, "Not sure who that one is. Swords are fine, I've enjoyed them in the past. I use the sticks because it lets me control my opponent, their weapon, and I can usually take them down in a non-lethal way. Failing that, my sticks also stun..."

    "You tried talking to their muscle Lash? That guy disturbs me. He has that HYDRA 'i want to hurt you' feel about him," she says with a shudder. She's been undercover in HYDRA enough to know how to exude that presence herself. "Tonight you might like to think about how Jiaying intends to keep in contact with us, given we live in the city and do shpy shtuff all the time. She could just tell us where we are, we're good at keeping secrets."

    She smiles at this and says to Matt, "And don't mention it. Secret Identities are an integrate component of spy work. When it comes to vigilantes and superheroes, our protocols are strict. I never write your name down, instead my name is logged against your vigilante name in a database via a generated code that is stored physically in a vault in SHIELD. Even Fury would have to go look it up only to find my name and then need to come talk to me and even then I'm not obliged to tell even the director of SHIELD who you are unless I deem it absolutely necessary.... that was a lot of words."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt accepts the squeeze of his hand with a smile. "I think you could have made it without my help but I was glad to give it to you anyhow." Well if Bobbi ever wondered where Daisy ran off to after she got her powers she had her answer now.

"Seems likely," he says about dinner. "Or just what they have from the kitchen brought over to where we're going to eat."

"Yeah, she's new," he says about the Defender with the sword not giving away names just now. "Good idea about keeping in touch though, would be nice if they trusted us with the location but we'll see, that's their biggest secret. And yeah, he does have that goon vibe but he also cared a lot about a sick kid, so, there's more than just murder in his heart."

He nods his thanks to Bobbi then. "I appreciate it, even if it's all part of the job, it means a lot to me."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"I saw Lash when we were coming here. And I agree, he looks the typical goon type.. But with claws and ..., well..., all the rest." Which made for quite the intimidating presence. But Daisy is cool with that. Inhumans! They are supposed to be different, "I have met a few of them." the Defenders. "They are a cool bunch, and they work well together, which is always a plus."

A pause and then she just asks Bobbi.. To make sure, "Did you just say .., shpy shtuff?" she is amused, yes.

But then she has to agree with Matt, "Don't think they would give us the location, unless they can be sure it won't be shared. And even so.." yes, she highly doubts it.

"We both appreciate it. Because of reasons you already know it's important for Matt to keep his secret identity."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi smirks, "Yes I said shpy shtuff," she says glad to have amused at least one of them. She untucks her legs and lets them dangle down the side of the large rock. "I get it, I have ..." she pauses and furrows her brows as she thinks, "seven active identities I need to keep in cycle."

    She sighs, "Thankfully I've shed the most dangerous ones. The big HYDRA one is well and truly busted now. I am most certainly up there on their enemies list. They don't take betrayal well that lot. Very emotional bunch. If I'm being honest, that one was starting to fray at the edges ever since I stopped doing undercover full time. People were noticing I was wearing a SHIELD logo on my arm more than just 'i'm using them' - which was the excuse I used to use."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt's brows rise above his shades. "Seven? How do you manage? Keeping up two these last four years has been kicking my ass," he says with an amused smile on his face. "And none of mine are a member of a terrorist organization."

He glances over at Daisy. "At least when you switch names they stay switched," he jokes. "Unless you've got a couple more you haven't told me about."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy offers a sagely nod when Bobbi speaks about her various personas. She knew of a few, even if not all. No spy ever reveals all their identities! "Seven personas for her seven husbands.." she tries to sound serious but fails. And she also tries to dodge any oncoming retaliation from her 'aunt', smiling faintly. "Good that you took the Hydra one down though, along with that Toshiro fellow."

Gaze then goes to Matt and she squints her gaze all mysteriously. "A spy never reveals all her secrets, Matt. Not that any *other* name I could have would ever beat Skye but ..., you know." a shrug. Replica got close. Too bad it was SHOT DOWN.

"But no, I haven't yet needed to do infiltration that required fashioning a completely different persona, besides the usual fake ID for a mission or two."

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi smiles to Matt and says, "Professional spy. It's quite literally part of my job. Also, both your identities are high interaction. Lawyer has work he needs to turn up.. other guy has meetings he has to keep. My identities are designed to be private, difficult to contact. My most public persona is because of Nadia van Dyne-Pym as a founder of her GIRL. Some people know me as Mockingbird. People who matter know me as Agent of SHIELD. My life is a mishmash. It helps that Lance understands."

    "D'aww Daisy is growing up so fast. Before you know it she'll have an evil overlord wrapped around her little finger too," she says with a grin. "Seriously though, we have to continue your spy education. Having super powers is making you lazy," she waggles a finger. Her eyes turn back toward the path to the village and she says, "Which is why your dinner tonight with your mum is going to be difficult. Awkward conversations are required. Have them."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt's eyes roll behind his shades. "Fine," he tells Daisy before adding "Does Bobbi know about the name they stuck you with at the orphanage?" he asks amused before he turns and nods to Bobbi. "Makes sense," he says about her identities vs his own. "Good your boyfriend understands," he says, even though a frown follows about Daisy wrapping evil overlords around her finger. He hadn't considered that side of the spy game until now. "Hopefully it won't be too bad, I have a feeling most of the awkward will be aimed at me," he says moving on happily to talking about that.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Not sure about that Bobbi." Wrapping evil overlords on her little finger! "First time I brought out the pink dress I got shot." one of her first missions too! Blame it on the pink dress she used.. Does she sense Matt's reluctance about the talk? Or what she may have to do? At least she does reach over to squeeze his hand, resting there relaxedly on the rock... At least until there's mention of her *other* name.

Sympathy right out the window!

"Bobbi doesn't know and we will keep that way." she tells Matt with a shake of her head. Mary Sue Poots is dead to the world. Dead!

Her focus goes to Bobbi after, "Yea, I know it will be difficult." she sighs. "Hard to be objective where it comes to her but .., I will try." at least she is aware of not exactly being focused on the mission! That's a start. No answer about starting to get lazy though. Just a lift of her brow!

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi slips off of the rock and grins, a hand is quick, a hand is devious, tickling Daisy's side. "Ve have vays of makink you talk," she playfully threatens. "Oh, I'm sure there'll be plenty of awkward going in all directions if little miss Finally I've Met My Mum actually does her job."

    She takes in another deep breath and peers out over the beautiful landscape. "But let's try not to burn too many bridges on our way. I do kinda like this place." She gives a wave to Matt and says, "See you after dinner I suppose." She starts wandering back down the winding path that lead her here.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt takes the hand and gives it a squeeze, appreciating the gesture, even if he did utterly betray her in the next breath. Laughing as Bobbi applies some 'enhanced interrogation techniques of the ticklish sort'. "All on you Daisy, you know she won't break me," he teases leaving it to her to tell Bobbi or not. "And we'll do our best," he says about not burning bridges. "But if anyone's likely to cause an issue it's not us." He doesn't quite out and say it's Jaiying but that's definitely implied.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Hey, keep your hands to yourself..!" Daisy exclaims, being the squirmy ticklish that she is, muttering at Bobbi and sliding away. The talk of burning bridges has her frown a touch. "Yea, I am not really ready, or willing, to burn a bridge with my mother now that I have found her. You know how long I have been looking for her.." because of course she still is full on blind about her mother.

Matt's comment has her nod though, even if hesitantly. "Jiaying is a difficult person to handle though, I give you that. But as you say, we will do our best." eyes watching Bobbi start to wander off.

"Don't get lost, and if you go have dinner with Mark I want you back in your bunk by eleven." A bit of levity to take her mind off the dinner they would have soon with her mother. She looks at Matt, "Lets go get ready too.."