5065/A Light Workout

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A Light Workout
Date of Scene: 07 February 2021
Location: Danger Room
Synopsis: Rachel finds Kitty in the Danger Room doing an extreme eco-training programming. They have a lot to catch up on.
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Rachel Summers

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The Danger Room is currently in use, though the doors aren't locked so could be opened. Or one could go up to the control room that has the view window that looks down on the room, showing what's going on even when it's hid from the view of those inside by the simulation underway.

At the moment, the interior is not the normal white walled floors and walls it is when off, but is instead a mountain in winter. Heavy snow is falling and cold winds are blowing it so it comes down sideways.

Through that snowfall, Kitty Pryde is running. Or at least the rendition of running that results when you're trying to run through snow up to your knees. Anyone who knows Kitty knows she could just phase and run across the top of the snow. Or through it. But she's not. She's struggling through it like a normal person. Up ahead in the distance, a distinctly Japanese pagoda can just be made out through the hazy white snowfall, often disappearing, only to reappear briefly when the snow has enough of a lull it can be seen.

Kitty falls forward onto hands and knees, the snow all the way up to her torso when she's down like that. "Still not as bad as the first time," she says, panting hard, and her hair literally frozen in place as if it was wet and then froze. She struggles back to her feet and continues moving, though her body is screaming at her with every step.

Rachel Summers has posed:
It's been - well, long enough, one Rachel Summers idly thinks, her steps moving through the mansion with a single purpose in mind. Find Kitty Pryde and - see how the girl is doing. How long has Rachel been avoiding everyone at the mansion? Well, avoiding probably isn't the right word, just doing her own thing up until now. From August to a brief return in November, and then gone again until a few weeks ago, the red-head left to find herself, discover who Rachel Ann Summers really was, or is. And even now, she just frankly doesn't know.

Rather than inquire within about Kitty's current whereabouts, Rachel has idly scanned through one mind after another, before coming across one that is familiar. Making her way to the control room, Rachel has been there a few minutes, long enough to watch Kitty practice... Push herself? Well, be Kitty that much is for certain.

As Kitty falls foward onto her hands and knees, the cold ice and snow sloshing over her, Rachel idly enters through the unlocked doorway.

Through the howling winds and dark snow, a light red glow of telekinetic power emanates outwards, a bubble that floats towards Kitty. As the red glow glides across the snowbank, the red-head within it can be seen, one hand gesturing outwards to idly stop the snow from falling on top of Kitty, half encasing the girl in it, the other hand reaching downward.

"And here I only just watched Frozen, do I sing Let It Go, or do you?" The question is asked with a wry grin.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Lockheed was up in the control room. Not running things. Just curled up on the ledge of the viewing window, watching what's going on down below too. When Rachel comes in he lifts his head to look over at her, finally resting again when she heads down to join Kitty inside the room.

Kitty looks up, spotting something coming but it takes her a few moments to realize what, in part just because of the level of exertion she's put into this enviro-training course. "Rachel," she says, her breath making a visible mist as it comes out. Her hair isn't just frozen some sweat now it can be seen up close. It looks like it was thoroughly soaked at the time it froze, still in its ponytail.

"You can... sing me... to the finish line..." Kitty says as she keeps struggling forward. "Almost... done." The cold has to be getting to her somewhat, even if the exertion of her exercise combats it. Kitty keeps struggling forward, the pagoda steadily visible now as they near. Finally Kitty reaches the steps of it, staggering forward across the porch. She opens the paper-like screen door. Shivering from the cold doesn't stop Kitty from removing her shoes before letting herself the rest of the way in, leaving the door open for Rachel to slide closed.

Inside is a dojo. There's a katana on a stand on one side. A fire has the place very warm inside, as if to combat the cold without. "God. Well. More cheerful with Logan's sour mug at the end of it," Kitty says, falling to her knees.

Rachel Summers has posed:
With the same grin still on her features, Rachel inclines her head, "You really don't want me to sing, Kiddo." Rachel takes a slight step back, the bubble around her remaining around her, so as to not allow the snow to hit, Rachel at least. She keeps a good distance back, allowing Kitty the time and patience to finish the task she's set out for herself. Once Kitty steps inside, leaving the door open, Rachel lowers the telekinetic shielding, and through respect for Kitty (and the Dojo) she removes her own boots, setting them to one side before entering into the warmth of the fire.

"Cheerful, I do not buy." Rachel offers, "Sour though, I do."

Drawing towards the fire, Rachel's hands idly lift upwards, taking in the flames before turning towards Kitty. "Just a general practice, or is there something pushing you?" The question is given with a raised left brow, before Rachel idly reaches into the leather jacket, pulling out a small box. "By the way, I found this in a hobby shop out west. Thought of you." There's a slight shrug of Rachel's shoulders as she hands Kitty the box.

Inside the box are polyhedral twenty sided dice, one red, the other blue. Instead of a 20 on both, the red one has an orange Phoenix symbol, the blue one has a black dragon.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty rises to her feet, though swaying just slightly with her fatigue. "Yeah, I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt," she says with a chuckle of Logan. She peels off the sweatshirt she was earing, having beneath it a spandex workout top. The sweatshirt is set aside off the mat. Even though it's a hardlight recreation, Kitty is treating the room as if it were real.

She moves over to Rachel as the other girl shows her the box. "Yeah, is there where you were?" Kitty asks of Rachel's having been gone. She looks at the contents and gives a touched, "Oh. Wow. I love those, Rachel." Kitty grins to her and if Rachel allows, gives her a quick, warm hug. Her face may be younger than that of 40-plus year old Kate Pryde, but the hugs are the same.

"Going to have to grab Doug and get you into a role playing game with us," she says, not saying that she images Rachel hasn't had that experience before. Though maybe. Kitty doesn't know what their free time was like, or if they got any, in the South Bronx Internment Center.

Kitty touches Rachel's shoulder fondly. "I love it, thank you," she says, before moving over to the katana. She picks it up from the stand, leaving the blade in its sheath, and moves to kneel there. She holds the katana up overhead then. Nothing else, just holding it above her.

Rachel Summers has posed:
Return the hug, Rachel does, offering the warmth of friendship that comes from years of knowing someone - but yet, not. It just gets weird, not that Rachel minds in the least. A quiet laugh echoes forth from the red-head at the mention of gaming - specifically role playing. "Not sure what that is, but I am always willing to try something new."

Patting the hand on her shoulder, Rachel inclines her head. "You're welcome, I'm glad you like them."

Taking a step to one side while Kitty raises the katana upwards, kneeling with it above her head, Rachel remains quiet for some time, allowing Kitty silence - at least for all of three point nine seconds.

"I went across the States, up to Alaska, came back for a brief bit, then over the holidays I went through Europe, stopping for the New Year on Muir Island." Rachel's gaze draws towards the flames of the fire then, her green gems focusing there. "It was good to get away, good to be back too. How have you been? At least, when you can answer." Rachel keeps her gaze on the flickering flames - at least for the moment.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"I imagine the chance to see everything was probably a hard call to resist," Kitty says. "It is for me too. My time in Europe was fantastic. Got to see so much of it," she says. "I was with a superhero team we started there, Excalibur, while I went to school," she explains.

Kitty continues to hold the katana overhead as they talk. It's kind of boring, and someone who has trained like that might wonder at first. Though the longer she holds it, the more clear it would become. Holding it for a few seconds, no big deal. Holding it for minute after minute after minute is far harder. Especially since it is overhead but out front of her, where her muscles have to support the weight of the sword and her arms.

Kitty says, "Glad that you're back though. Missed getting to see you." She draws in slow, deep breaths, and lets them out between sentences. "And as for this... well, when I think of the training that really made me, this is what I think of. Sometimes when I get focused on other things in life, it's good to come back here to it. Or a version of it anyway."

Kitty looks to Rachel, there's a bit of a gleam in her eye. "There have been some other things taking my focus. Good things," she says. Though Kitty is only 19 instead of 40, that gleam in her eye is the same one Kate Pryde would get when it came time to gossip about something good.

Rachel Summers has posed:
Rachel does begin to understand the depths of what Kitty is doing. It is an exercise that Rachel can imagine must be exhausting - especially after the rush through the snow that Kitty did just minutes prior.

Shrugging off her jacket, Rachel places it upon the ground, there she settles onto the folds of the jacket itself. Drawing her legs underneath her, sitting in a yoga style pose, Rachel quietly listens to Kitty speak, catching the glint to the girl's eyes. It brings another smile to Rachel's features. Here, right now, and with Kitty, Rachel lets her defenses lower, her emotions to idly come forth, and the softness of a smile to grace her features.

"I loved Europe." Rachel offers, her expression thoughtful for a time. "Excalibur, like the sword in the stone? The Arthurian Legends?" A flicker of a memory floats about Rachel's thoughts, a fondness coming to light from an older Kate, then it's gone, as Rachel shakes her head, one hand running splayed through the short locks of red there.

"Good things?" Rachel inquires then, her head canting to one side, eyebrows raised upwards. "So, you going to keep me in suspense?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty nods her head at the question about the sword. "Yes... and, well remind me to tell you that whole story actually," she says, chuckling at just how appropriate the name is and that Rachel grasped it. "Computer," Kitty says, because of course she and Doug reprogrammed the Danger Room to respond to that designation. "Increase the katana's weight. Triple it please."

It's obvious the moment it happens, Kitty's strain increasing. "Don't have time to hold it up for a solid day," she says to Rachel, her voice more strained by the increased effort.

But she still has a lighter tone as Rachel prods her for details. "So, New Years Eve was kind of... great," Kitty says. Grinning a bit even as she exerts herself to keep the sword overhead. "Well, not at first. I was finishing my contract at Fisk Enterprises. Went into the office to turn on the new infrastructure I'd headed up the design and installation of. Anyway, that's not important. Blizzard, by the time I was done, I was stuck in the city," she says.

Kitty's smile grows a little gentler as she's clearly remembering. "Well, Warren... Angel right? He had told me a week or two before to hit him up when I was in the city for lunch, and a tour of his penthouse. So I called him up. Figured he, of all people, would be out partying. With like, three supermodels and two starlets. But he was home by himself. So I went over and he made me dinner. Took me for a flight in the snow over the city. We ate by the fire and... well, then it was New Years. No one else about to share a New Year's kiss with..." she says, trailing off and grinning at the redhead.

Rachel Summers has posed:
"An entire day!?" Rachel's mouth idly drops open at that, "That's a terribly long time to hold a sword up in the air at that angle." With a grimace, Rachel's nose wrinkles upwards, watching with increased appreciation of Kitty as she takes the weight and keeps it upwards. "Not sure I could do that." At least, without her telekinesis working, but Rachel soon draws silent, letting Kitty start and finish her story.

Most of the explanation concerning the infrastructure - design - installation, that all goes over Rachel's head. Technology is still something new for her, and while she can understand the basics, the exact idea around what Kitty is saying is beyond Rachel's current understanding. She simply inclines her head, listening with interest as Kitty goes on.

A glint of delight sparks into Rachel's gaze then as Kitty explains the New Year with Warren Worthington. Angel. "Why Kitty Pryde." Rachel states with a teasing tone. "You didn't even blush when you said that."

"I'm happy for you, Kitty. You deserve someone who is going to make you happy. Though, if Angel does do anything to hurt you, he will have me to contend with." While there is a grin to Rachel's features, there is an intensity to her eyes.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty's frozen hair is melting under the room's fire-fueled warmth. The water is trickling down her neck but she doesn't let it disturb her focus. "The first day, I barely made it here. Crawled the last mile. And I couldn't hold the sword up for more than part of a minute," she says. "Some of that, the sword, was fitness. But not most of it. Not for a day. That isn't about muscles. The mountain honed my body. But the sword honed my will," Kitty says.

She draws a slow, deep breath, like she were meditating, eyes closed. Before they open to focus back on Rachel. She smiles at Rachel's comments about her being happy. "We've been together since. And he asked me to move in with him a little bit ago, even. He does Rachel. He makes me really happy," she says with a bright smile. "I've always thought he was a wonderful person. And, well. Yes. Happy," she says with that grin. "I think you're in a line of people who would hurt him. And he knows that too. I don't think he would though. I know he has a playboy reputation. And, well deserved. But I think he wants this, what we have, as much as I."

Rachel Summers has posed:
"The strength of will to do what needs to be done. I can understand that." Rachel quietly states, her hands now planted on her knees, watching Kitty keep the katana up, even through the drip of water that is going down her neck. It had to be uncomfortable - check that, Rachel /knew/ it to be uncomfortable. As much as Rachel might want to just lift that water off Kitty's neck, the red-head doesn't - respecting Kitty's decision to do this without help, or hindrance.

Quietly, Rachel remains silent for a time, at least until Kitty speaks again and the smile is once again there. "True, I do imagine there is quite a line, I suppose we would have to draw straws, or take a number." The teasing tone is still there, even as Rachel quietly ponders her next words.

"Even moving in with him. Why Miss Pryde, this is serious." Rachel lets out a soft chortle, "It's important to hold onto your happiness, Kiddo. Hold on and live life to its fullest." A thoughtful expression creeps into Rachel's face then, as she lifts one hand upwards, once again running splayed through the short locks of red. "I'm working with Jamie Madrox for a bit. He's got his own investigation firm, he helped me understand what American Football was, and as payback I agreed to help him with his detective agency."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty's smile is something. It's the kind of smile that can give people hope, when they see someone feeling like that. "It has been a bit whirlwind," Kitty admits with a soft, private smile. "My emotions were already there waiting for him. He was around in December and... well. I sort of felt things when I saw him, when he'd hug me hello. Chemistry I guess. I've known him since I was thirteen, and, this was something new. But built on top of all that trust that he'd earned over a half dozen years."

Kitty clears her throat and grins. "We won't rush it beyond this I don't think. Don't worry. But yeah. I'm really happy, Rach. As happy as I've been in a long time."

She smiles then and says, "Yeah? Jamie's a really great guy. Guys? Well, you know what I mean. He's a real man of the world but without turning into... ah, well like Logan," she says, chuckling. Because Logan jokes really never get old. "So are you just working with him? Or...?" Kitty says, an eyebrow going up in a way that makes clear Kitty wonders if it's JUST working with him.

Rachel Summers has posed:
"I hope the best for you, both." Rachel offers, the warmth there - in her tone, in the softness about her eyes and smile. "Sometimes it is okay to not keep your feet on the ground, but be ah, lifted, into the air, too. I'd give you a hug, but you're a little pre-occupied." Again, the quiet chortle comes forth from Rachel, her green eyes sparkling with happiness - for her friend, and for the situation. Not to mention, but, this kind of gossip is rare for Rachel to enjoy with anyone else. She lets in so few.

Finally, Kitty's question about Madrox has Rachel's eyebrows shooting upwards, a shocked expression creeping into her face. Considering Rachel's being so open, the expression is there for any to see. Her mouth slightly agape, eyes wide and then swiftly as it begins, Rachel clamps it shut again.

"Nothing so romantic." Rachel offers, "Just working with the fellow.. fellows?" A soft 'hnm', echoes from Rachel. "I don't let many people in close, especially those I only just met." Which is the honest to goodness truth, and to be honest, Rachel hadn't even considered Jamie anything more THAN a working associate, the thought of something ...more? Hadn't even crossed her mind, but now that Kitty brings it up. Rachel's thoughts begin to dwell, just a little, on the prospect. "He isn't too bad to look at." She offers, hands now splayed and running through her hair, "But, I'm just not one to let anyone in." She repeats, maybe for her own thoughts more than trying to convince Kitty otherwise.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty grins over to Rachel despite the exertion it is taking. It does show in her expression, lips pressed more tightly together, eyes tighter at the strain of holding up the sword. "Yes, when it comes to being swept away and lifted into the air, not much better than him for it," Kitty says. "You know, when I was younger, I had these... thoughts about what it would be like to be wrapped in his wings. Actually I think every girl at the school has dwelled on that at one time or another. And... it's even better than I'd imagined."

She looks back ahead, refocusing. But glancing at Rachel to read her expressions as she talks about Jamie. "Well, he's a guy who has been through a lot. And came out better for it," Kitty says. She could add that he'd probably understand Rachel better than some, for it. Or speak to what kind of character it must take for someone to do that. But she doesn't, trusting her friend is already working all of that out of Kitty's statement.

Nor does she try to talk Rachel into letting people in. "Glad that he's made your life better." Ok, but she WILL hint at it apparently! "And everyone here needs to learn about football. I mean, not really, half the country doesn't care about sports. But the other half? They care about football. And it's fun, watching a game and having a team to cheer for. I'm a Bears fan, that's Chicago's team. Well I'm a fan of basically every one of Chicago's teams at that."