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Horses Need Exercise In Winter Too
Date of Scene: 07 February 2021
Location: Horse Stables
Synopsis: Kevin and Kitty take the horses out for a winter ride, and run into Piotr out for his own walk.
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Kevin Sydney, Piotr Rasputin

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde is wearing her winter riding gear, which consists of riding pants with long johns under them for warmth. Her jacket is currently removed as she's been at work mucking the stables and putting down fresh hay for the horses. Enough exercise to keep her warm. The stable has a heater though they don't keep it as warm as people usually prefer.

She sets aside the long-handled tool she was using and goes over, patting one of the horses on the nose and getting a sugar cube out of a pocket. The horse takes it from her open palm while she gives his nose a rub. "I know, the kids don't ride you in the winter as much as the rest of the year," she tells the horse. "Well, will take all of you for a ride, though only one of you gets a saddle," she says.

She leaves that horse, a chestnut mare, suitably named Chestnut, and then heads down to the next horse, a black stallion. "No Rogue to join me today, sorry," she says, petting the other horse. "Though I'll bug her about riding later."

Kevin Sydney has posed:
The sound of hooves cutting up sod and stamping down dirt comes from outside the stable, though oddly all the horses are already accounted for. Another moment passes and then a majestic centaur appears with flowing locks of brown, a burly chest and a pelt of curly chest hair. The lower half is a chestnut brown. It raises a large fist in salute to Kitty. "Always the innocent are the first victims, so it has been for ages past, so it is now." His voice booms. There is a stoic pause and pose and then finally the centaur chuckles. "Alright, so I might have been watching too much Harry Potter lately."

The centaur winks and then effectively dissolves, twisting around in a mass of textures and colors until the familiar humanoid shape of Kevin Sydney emerges. He produces a pocket mirror to give him a look over and pats his baby face cheeks. "Maybe I should add a couple of years.. Hmm." The mirror is stowed. "Anyway. Hey there, Kitty. How goes the herd?" He gestures to the horses.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty hears the hoofbeats and gets a curious look. Like always she'd checked on all the horses, making sure none had gotten out and run off, or looking in the fenced in areas for the horses outside if they weren't there. But all had been accounted for.

Kitty moves over towards the door about the time that the centaur comes in. Her eyes go REALLY wide for a moment, before she lets out a soft laugh at hearing the dialogue, and soon deducing who it is just before Morph turns back to his human body. "Hey Kevin," she greets. "I'd give you a hug but I've been mucking the stables. I /think/ I'm clean but I won't make you take the chance I'm wrong," she says with a wave. "Horses seem good. I was about to take them for a little ride slash run as a group," she tells him.

Kitty glances at the horses. "It would be cool if shapechanging into a horse let you talk to them," she comments. "Not like that would make any sense though. Looking Asian wouldn't mean you could speak Japanese."

Kevin Sydney has posed:
"Oh geez. For sure, I really wish it worked that way. Sometimes I think it helps me better understand them... but in terms of talking, yea. It would be really convenient for figuring out a few things, like flying.. Though Mister Worthington is at good resource for winged flight." He offers Kitty a big shrug, "And yea, exactly why I've been focusing so much on language studies. Though I will admit, being able to shapeshift the tongue and throat just a little bit does help with accents."

He raises a finger, "Fun fact." He slowly morphs into a version of the 'Bounty Man' from the paper towel commercials. "Looking like a lumberjack doesn't help you cut down trees better either." He saunters to one of the horses in a trope of manly plaid and pats the animal on its flank. "Well if you want help running them, I'm not busy at the moment."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty lets out a grin. She's always enjoyed Kevin's ability to shapeshift. And he has such good humor with it. "Do you gain extra strength from a heavily muscled body?" she asks him. "I know you could carry someone as that centaur but how much of that is strength versus just, bones supporting the weight instead of muscles lifting?" she asks.

Kitty goes to get a saddle. "Great, the horses will enjoy the run, but like having a rider too," she says. She motions to one of the other saddles. Kitty stops at Chestnut to rub her nose. "I know girl, you're expecting me to saddle you up, but let me ride one of the others who hasn't had a rider in awhile," she tells her favorite. She gives the horse a sugar cube to literally sugarcoat that news before going over to a painted horse named Palette. "Your turn," she tells the horse as she puts the saddle blanket on him and then begins saddling him up.

Kevin Sydney has posed:
"It does actually. I can get pretty buff when I put my mind to it. Like.. car tossing buff! I've got a 'super hero' body I like to toss on when I need to do that. I'm sure it sounds kind of cheesy, but... it's good to have a familiar body when you need to fight. The coordination doesn't come for free. Got to practice in the new 'suit' as it were." He comments as he grabs a saddle blanket and tosses it over one of the other horses. The saddle comes next, the 'Bounty Man' becoming a young man gradually over time as Morph's body resituates itself.

"It's been making me consider what I should look like when I 'grow up'. It's a... difficult decision. Heck, difficult process. It's hard to look original without looking weird. My 'normal' appearance really comes from my best attempt to mix mom and dad together. I know all us teenagers have to 'find ourselves', but I don't think this is what the experts meant." He rolls his eyes, as he tightens a buckle.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"No that makes perfect sense actually. I mean, we build up muscle memory and if things are different, I imagine it would really radically affect what you can do, and how well," Kitty replies.

She begins tightening the saddle straps. "So you don't have a 'normal' appearance that you revert to? It's all chosen?" she asks in a tone that expresses her curiosity, scientific and otherwise. "Yes, that's a pretty unique issue. And I can imagine how tough it would be. I mean, the rest of us obsess over a shirt, or how we wear our hair or any number of little things. To expand the choices like that... yes that would definitely be taking it to a different level," she says.

Kitty smiles over to Morph. "Well if it helps, when I see you, in whatever form, I just see you as this guy with a huge heart and a great sense of humor who makes me smile. And that comes through no matter what you look like at the moment. So, don't let it ever become a worry for you. We'll still see you as who you are."

Kevin Sydney has posed:
"Yea, there really isn't a... default setting anymore?" Kevin considers, "Not sure if we ever talked about it, but I've pretty much been at this since I was born. I guess the default was 'Baby Kevin'. I've gained mass as I've gotten older, had more of myself to control. For as long as I can remember, I've been looking around at others and trying to 'meet expectations'." Kevin offers Kitty a huge grin.

"Gosh Kitty. You are going to make me cry... and I'm not kidding. That's honestly what I want people to see me as. Life... well life kinda sucks, and I just want people to get in a few laughs every now and then. Guess 'super empathy' is one of your powers too, eh? Guess that makes you awesome councilor." The grin subsides to a half-smirk, and he begins to lead the horse. "Despite the complexities of being me, I know I've got it good. Being a shapeshifter comes with a lot of privilege. I can literally avoid every type of bigotry on the planet... and as a result, I feel like I've got to give something back, even if its just a laugh."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde smiles over at Kevin at the compliment, it clearly meaning a lot to her to hear him say that about her. "Well, you succeed at it then. And it's refreshing to hear someone who looks out for others like that. So many people are just caught up in their world, too much to care about others," she says with a sigh.

Kitty get the bridle set and then says, "ok, good to go," as she pats the painted horse. She leads him out of the stall, and then goes over to the other horses, opening up their doors to let them out so they can trot along in a group with them. "I'm glad to see you happy too. So many of us have troubles out there. I've always felt fortunate that I 'blend in'. I really feel for what people like Kurt and Henry and others go through," she says with a sigh and a shake of her head.

Kevin Sydney has posed:
Kevin leads his horse along behind Kitty. "Yea, I've been thinking that I may settle on something that... looks less then human as a normal appearance as a tribute to people like Kurt. You know... an act of solidarity."

"So.. enough about me. You've got your dad back, yea? What's that been like? I bet he has some rad adventures to share in the likes of 'Honey, I shrunk the kids'. Guy must really be a survivor to get through all of that. Bet you are proud of him." He nods thoughtfully, a cowboy hat slowly sprouting on top of his head as what were sneakers inch up his legs to become matching boots.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty breaks out in a smile at the mention of her dad. "I am proud of him. I'd accepted he was gone. I actually... ah... I had hacked Genosha's security services awhile back. Had been recording their camera feeds for a few months. And... I found dad on it, in a plaza when the attack happened. There was a flash and the feed cut out. And I just figured, you know. But I guess that was them being shrunk," she says. "I'd though, when we found out about Brainiac maybe he could have survived. But he wasn't in the ones recovered, so, second time I had to accept he was gone. So it was so unexpected," she says, smiling widely.

Kitty leads the horses to the exit and then climbs on the painted horse. "He's kind of... a little different. I think the experience changed him. He's like... it's hard to say. Harder? I've seen him be kind of mean to some people when we went into the city. He could be severe, like any dad. But this kind of different," she says with a small frown. "I'm hoping now he's out that he'll be able to work through it."

Kevin Sydney has posed:
Kevin mounts up and at some point adopted a duster over his jeans. He has the entire cowboy ensemble minus the spurs, because he doesn't like the idea of poking a horse. "Well, we all handle trauma differently. My dad hasn't really been the same since Mom passed. That's life, I guess. We have to accept it changes parts of people, but not all of them. At least, that's how I'm trying to handle it."

Kevin rides along beside her, humming 'Happy Trails' as he adopts yet another trope in his endless silliness. "I couldn't imagine going through what he did and not coming out the other side of it a little bit differently. Hope you get the chance to help him work through it. Though I bet he's trying not to burden you with it." He's likely talking just as much as about his own situation as Kitty's. "Weird how the roles reverse as we get older."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty reaches over to rest her hand on Kevin's arm in a sympathetic touch as he mentions losing his mother. It's kept brief, the two of them on horses. The other horses trot along behind the pair in a group. Apparently they are used enough to getting exercise like this they don't need bridles on to lead them by.

The horses trot through the snow, the riders keeping them to a slower speed to not risk them hurting a leg on something under the snow. Just a nice slow trot, something that gets their blood going and gets them a little exercise.

"Yeah, trying to help him through it. He's blown up at me a few times. Over nothing really. I figure, you know, it must have been scary, literally bottled up for that long. And at the end they stopped getting new food or water so they though they were going to run out," she says, sighing. "Well anyway, I'm just glad he's here. We'll figure it out in time," she says.

Kitty looks over to Morph. "Oh you missed the talent show the other day. That was so great. Beast dressed up like Rocky Horror for his song. It was just... amazing. A lot of the acts were, honestly."

Kevin Sydney has posed:
Kevin smiles toward her at the sympathetic touch and nods. "Yea, I'm sure you will figure it out. What's important is that you've got the gift of time to work with." He flicks the brim of his cowboy hat and scans the snow covered landscape.

"Ah yea, I kind of missed it on purpose to be honest. It didn't seem fair. Though I probably should have volunteered to be a judge." He folds his arms behind his head, thighs hugging the saddle. "I mean... when it comes to talent, I'm an absolute professional. And well, I hog the limelight quite a bit anyway! Others needed their chance to shine." He laughs, "Okay, I hope someone recorded that. I mean seriously, I need to see that with my own eyes. I didn't tank Doctor McCoy for a Rocky Horror kind of beast." He muses.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Well someone has to check the grounds now and again, but really sometimes the cold weather just reminds Piotr of home. The Russian strongman is walking the grounds, a winter jacket pulled around him but a smile on his features as he walks along the paths. He didn't expect to run into anyone but when he sees them ahead he makes sure to have his path lead him in their general direction.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde spots a figure up ahead, and guides the painted horse she's riding over that way. Kevin is on a horse as well, bedecked as a cowboy. The rest of the horses from the stable are trotting along behind them without saddles or bridles, the entire group moving at a slow trot to avoid getting hurt by anything under the snow.

"Yes, will have to put the video up," Kitty agrees about Hank's performance. "And you should have. Yes, I just served as one of the judges. Filled in for Emma when she had to leave," Kitty says.

As they draw nearer and she makes out who the walking figure is, Kitty waves to Piotr. "Hey there, pardner," she says with an silly Texas accent. "What brings you round these parts, cowboy?" she asks him.

Kevin Sydney has posed:
Kevin's rendition of a western accent sounds perfectly like John Wayne. "Well, I reckin' he's a stray lookin' for trouble. I hope this ain't a stick up."

The young man offers a big playful grin, clearly joking before he looks back to Kitty. "Hopefully Noriko and Jubilee won't beat me up too much for missing the show." He stretches his arms over head and leans backwards in the saddle, puffing out a foggy breath. "I should get out on the horses more often... I forgot how calming this can be. Horses just have a nice demeanor about them, don't they?"

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Piotr Rasputin chuckles at the accent, "Just out for a walk..." he gestures to the horses, "The horses aren't the only things that need to stretch their legs now and again. So do I...and it was either this, or punch some things in the danger room...but this is much more peaceful." he muses.

A gesture to Kevin, "As he said. A calming walk." he adds with a smile. "How are you both, and the horses? All is well?" he wonders.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde smiles to both men. "They do. Rogue and I like to take them out a lot. She likes the black over there," Kitty says, motioning to the other horses that are following them. "But anyway, not as many people take them out in the winter, so I try to make sure to get them all some time this time of year," she says.

She smiles and looks around the snowy, peaceful grounds. "It is always nice and peaceful out here," she says. "Especially on the horses. Well, unless Juggernaut's attacking anyway," she says, lips curling into a wry grin.

"You could probably hop on one bareback if you wanted, Pete. Long as you don't get all metal on them." She flashes him a grin before looking to Kevin. "Oh they probably will. Jubilee was great in hosting it all. She did a really great job, even had a sponsor for it," she says with a chuckle.

Kevin Sydney has posed:
"A sponsor? Geez. She really does go all out doesn't she." Kevin muses and looks to Piotr. "Doing great. Nothing to complain about. I think the horses feel the same way."

There's a buzz in Kevin's duster pocket. The young lad reaches in and pulls out his smart phone. He hums, squinting, as he thumbs over the screen. "Hmmm... I've been challenged to online movie trivia. This shall not stand."

He dismounts and pats his horse before offering the reins to Piotr. "Let's tag out. I need to eviscerate my enemies on the field of random movie facts." His eyes narrow. "My supremacy must not be taken lightly." He does his best Austrian accent. "I shall hear the lamentation of my enemies."

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
"Oh, I think I'll stick to my feet." Piotr grins, "I've never been much of a horseback rider, and god forbid I cause a panic, horses can be beautiful, but powerful...well..by normal standards." the russian chuckles a bit with a shrug then as he stuffs his hands in his pockets.

"It's good of you to make sure to get them out Kitty, I wouldn't have considered it." he admits adding then, "Remind me to try and hit Juggernaut hard enough next time that he won't want to come back, yeah?" Then to Kevin, "Movie trivia?" he chuckle shaking his head.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty grins as Kevin gets the game request on his phone. "Yes, was just talking about the talent show," she tells Piotr. "It was really something. Hank did a Rocky Horror picture show song, in drag. Quentin did an original rap. Paige did blindfolded speed Rubik's cubes. Ruth did a song, and Bobby did a hilarious ice sculpture of people at the beach. Men holding up the judges, Jean and Rogue and I in bikinis. The ones around Rogue falling unconscious on the ground. And then us holding up woman in a bikini, but he left the head for the last moment and made it Logan," she says with a laugh.

Kitty takes the reins of Kevin's horse to lead it. "If you need help with any of them," Kitty says with a grin towards Kevin.

Kevin Sydney has posed:
"Wow, that sounds like it was one amazing time. Definitely send me that video, and yea, I'll totally to ping you if I get stumped. Must victory must be complete, even if I have to call in a lifeline." He offers them both a salute over his cowboy and begins walking back toward the mansion. "See y'all around. I'm mossyin' back to the corral for now to warm up a can of beans and show these cowpokes how it's done."

Kevin hands over the reins and starts a jog back across the snow. He might be just a little bit addicted to trivia.