5072/Another You: Interrogating a Hulk

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Another You: Interrogating a Hulk
Date of Scene: 07 February 2021
Location: Security: Triskelion
Synopsis: Carol and Melinda interrogate DoppleJen to find out who was really behind the destruction of Times Square. They find out some interesting tidbits of information.
Cast of Characters: Jennifer Walters, Melinda May, Carol Danvers

Jennifer Walters has posed:
It's been a week or so since the incident in Times Square, and the Jennifer Walters that has come from an alternative dimension has been stowed away in one of the most secure cells in the Triskelion. Even then, they have thick, Hulk level restraints on her, and have been keeping her sedated so they could do a physical examination of her and the device that's been implanted in her neck.

Physically, Jennifer is mostly healthy. A bit undernourished, but otherwise fine, which isn't unusually for somebody with The Hulk's regeneration. The device that's been implanted in her neck is more interesting though. A good majority of it has been melted away, thanks to Johnny Storm, so it's purpose can't really be determined. From reports, however, during her rampage, they would occasionally hear a ticking sound, and the smell of ozone, like a taser had gone off, and She-Hulk would react in pain. So it stands to reason that this device was a way to induce Jennifer's transformation, and to keep her on the rampage.

Melinda May has posed:
When May asked Danvers to join her for an interrogation, it was for a very specific purpose. Beyond whatever investigative smarts the other woman brings to the table, she also brings an impressive suite of superpowers that could come in really handy if the doppleganger of the She-Hulk decided to hulk out on them. Sometimes, it takes an Avenger to deal with an Avenger. Or... DoppleAvenger. Whatever the case may be.

To that end, May shared whate information she had with Danvers before they entered the interrogation room. Now, she stands near the table where Walters has been sat, in a room designed to contain some of the most powerful beings known on Earth. (Or so the designers hope, at least.)

"How are you feeling, Ms. Walters?" she asks, hands light on her hips. She's got a polite agent face on, rather than a stoic glower. She'll start with the soft ball and see where it goes. She really doesn't want to start off the interrogation by giving the woman reason to react badly. "Do you want a cup of water? I'm sorry we can't make you any more comfortable than this. We would, if we could."

Probably. It's actually hard to say, given most agents who have faced down their dopplegangers have discovered them to be twisted, evil creatures in serious need of an attitude adjustment. But, May's playing nice.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Well honestly the worst possible situation for a Doppleganger from that hellhole of a dimension would be a Hulk. Honestly Carol has been glad there hasn't been a Bruce doppleganger situation as well yet. One crazy Hulk is probably enough with this Jennifer situation. I mean it brings the crazy gamma radiation powered weapons of mass destruction up to at least two now around these parts if you count Abomination..... so hopefully they don't end up with a third at this rate.

Carol happily agreed to be there for the interogation. She knows it isn't solely because she is an engineer, SHIELD has better ones, or for that matter her interogation or intel skills because yeah SHIELD has better peoiple for that as well.

Before going in with May though the blond agent would have remarked looking at her tablet. "I really want to know who was likely using the device Mr. Storm melted to goad a Hulk and if it was on autopilot or if we have a real sadistic sort who can use a Hulk as a weapon on the lose here now too Agent May." which is certainly said outside the room with Walters though.

Carol isn't in her Captain Marvel uniform, or at least it's appearance is currently shifted to a SHIELD uniform, pretty typical issue. She lets May take point on the questioning now, and leans against the wall acting like she is just reading the files and there to observe.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
"I..." Jennifer hesitates, "I can't feel my fingers or toes." Her eyes are downcast, like she's ashamed to be here. She holds up hands which have been shackled together with manacles nearly a foot thick. "I don't think I could drink water if I even wanted to."

She looks up, her eyes wide with worry. "Please," she says, pleadingly. "You have to kill me while you can." She looks desperately between the two women, "It's only a matter of time before I can't hold her back and she comes out!"

Melinda May has posed:
May would like an answer to the same question as Danvers. Finding out who's controlling this version of She-Hulk is certainly high on SHIELD's priorties. Because, yes. Having yet another gamma-powered sentient weapon of mass destruction on the loose is NOT a way to make Director Fury happy. The senior agent wears her nanomesh tac suit, since it can handle a hit or two -- albeit more in a ballistic sense than a blunt force trama sense. But, hey. She's comfortable in it.

"I'm not sure I can do much to fix that," she says, with regard to Jennifer's fingers and toes. "But, if you cooperate, we may be able to find some way to help you. You're not the first person we've met with a hulk inside." Her expression remains polite, businesslike. May doesn't do sympathetic well. But she's definitely not being antagonistic.

"Do you remember how you got to Times Square? Where you came from?" Oh, she'll get to that question about the device. She'll just get to it in sequence -- once she's figured out what context the woman's working with in her own mind.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol will push off the wall and start to walk around the edge of the room studying Jennifer closer now that she is awake. This is after all the first time she has had a chance to be in the same room with the DoppleSheHulk after all.

It is really remarkable generally how close these people from alternative dimensions look like their counterparts. Thing is she knows Jennifer from this world, fellow Avenger and all, and it is uncanny even if she is more emaciated.

"Not the first Hulk we've had to restrain either. Let us worry about your alter ego and try to cooporate with our questions so we can try to help you."

Carol sounds a bit more sympathetic. Though the reason she was moving around was to get a better view of the back of DoppleJEn's neck. lifting her arm she taps the sleeve and out of sight starts scanning Walters with the Kree technology she has access to still.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
There isn't anything visible from the outside, thanks to She-Hulks amazing regeneration capabilities. The scans show that it was an advanced bit of tech, whatever it was. It's not something you could just pull out, however. There are filiments of nanowires that permeate through her spinal column and up into the back of her skull. Whoever did this was masterful in their craft. The fact that it's been mostly melted might explain why she can't feel her fingers and toes.

She winces at May's question. "I was thrown through," she answers, eyes going back down to stare at the floor. His followers just grabbed me from my cell and just shoved me through. Then the pain happened and.... I can't remember. Destruction. A voice. More pain. And then I woke up here."

Melinda May has posed:
May glances to Danvers as she moves, but quickly turns her attention back to Walters. She leaves the SWORD agent to do her alien scanning thing, confident she'll be able to see the results of it, later... if there's anything worth showing.

"'His followers'," she echoes, moving to pull out the chair opposite Walters. "Who is he? Is he the one that implanted that device in your spine?" See? She's getting there.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol may be a bit of a loose canon, but she does always file her reports. She is pretty good about that. Also hasn't ever really held back intel, at least to the appropriate clearances.

She keeps quietly scanning. Eventually she may shake Mr. Storm though for how well he torched the device. Also the surgery would be pretty intense to help Ms. Walters with this invasive tech, so good scans are important.

She glances up at May from behind Jennifer, and tunes the scan more to Jennifer's vitals now. Heartbeat. Etc. Gamma radiation.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
"'Him.'" Jennifer repeats. "Yes. Sorry. He calls himself the Maestro." Her tone is hushed, as if saying his very name would summon the monster. "He's the one, yes. I wouldn't cooperate so he put it in me to make sure that I'd do what he said."

She looks around her, studying the walls. "How long... how long has it been since I came to this place? If I go too long without checking in, the device will activate automatically."

Jennifer's pulse is elevated, and the gamma output is more than what this universe's She-Hulk puts out. Her pupils are dilated and it seems that she's on the verge of having a panic attack. Which, in this case would probably be a disastrous thing.

Melinda May has posed:
"Easy," May says, reading the signs of rising panic in Walters' face, never mind whatever readings Danvers may be receiving. "Easy. The device is inactive. In fact, we're pretty sure it can't do anything to you at all, any more." Not unless it didn't need most of its guts to work. In which case... what the hell, Maestro? "Take a deep breath, Ms. Walters. Just breathe and relax. You're actually safe, here. Trust me."

She keeps her voice level, her tone calm. She's had practice talking Inhumans through dealing with their powers. Why not a hulk, too?

Melinda May, Monster Whisperer. (Not.)

"Who is the Maestro?" she asks only once she thinks the woman is calm enough to handle it. "Do you know what he wants here?"

Carol Danvers has posed:
"Agent May is right. The device is inactive and can't be used against you now Ms. Walters." in a very reassuring tone. I mean the blond agent has a tablet and must have some intel on it right.

Hell for all Carol knows there may be a timer failsafe on the thing, so she is still monitoring. Regardless she doesn't want to have to fight She-Hulk in the middle of the Triskelion even if she is ... fairly sure... things could be handled. Probably by removing the fight as fast as possible from the site.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer nods at Melinda, looking rather relieved to hear that her device is no longer functional. She closes her eyes and takes a couple of deep breaths. In through the nose. Out through the mouth. In through the nose. Out through the mouth. "Okay. Thank you," she says. "I'm still dangerous, though. She's still knocking around in my head and it's only a matter of time before I can't control her anymore and she gets out."

At the question of Maestro's identity she looks rather sad. "Bruce. My cousin, Bruce Banner turned himself into this monster and started calling himself The Maestro. He, then, wanted to create others like him." She looks at her feet as they scuff the floor. "I was his first. He turned me into this. He considered me a failure, but there are others that he considers a success. Blonsky. Sterns. Jones. You have to watch out for them. They're more dangerous than I am. They're in control."

Melinda May has posed:
May blinks mildly as Walters names Banner as the Maestro. Yet, somehow, it tracks -- if one first presupposes that most people on the other side of all those portals are twisted versions of their counterparts here. Her thoughts drift briefly to her own doppleganger, running around out there with the ability to twist other people's emotions and shrug off ICER rounds like they were water. Yeah. Twisted is a good word for it.

"Did you see any of those others end up on this side of the portal?" she asks Walters, now. "You're the first of your kind we've seen from there. But we've met our own fair share before now. We have the means to keep you under control. I just need you to tell me everything you remember about where you were before you came through to Times Square and what the Maestro expects you to accomplish here." Especially if he sent his most destructive, uncontrollable asset through first.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Danvers works on her tablet at all of that. "Also we will see what we can do to help you keep your alter ego suppressed." encouraging words.

Though part of Carol is thinking Space Prison. A Science Cell might be a good idea.

Maybe the Vault. It has had some luck holding ridiculously overpowered Villains in the past.

"Honestly Blonksy and Sterns doesn't really surprise me, but Jones being a willing participant..." she shakes her head a bit, pulling up files on her tablet. "The threat over there really did do a number on the people if Bruce as this Maestro and Jones are the enemy in this."

Also if they all decide to come here, talk about danger for everyone involved.

They need a way to turn off the portals or block them.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
Jennifer shakes her head, "I don't know anything," she admits. "He keeps me locked up until he needs me. He would then just take me out to wherever he needed the most destruction done and turned on the device." She looks up pleadingly at Melinda, "You have to believe me. He doesn't tell me anything in case he can't retrieve me."

She closes her eyes and starts breathing exercises again. "I can... I can feel her wanting to come out. She doesn't like being imprisoned like this. You have to do something soon or else you're all in great danger!"

Melinda May has posed:
May doesn't disagree with Carol. She raises her brows briefly, head canting slightly as she expresses that sentiment to her wordlessly. Any world where Banner is that far out of control can't be a good place to grow up. "I've read as much a many reports as I could get on that world," she comments, not worrying if Walters hears her. "It's... pretty bleak." Perhaps that will show some form of empathy.

Regardless, there were the reports after the whole Supergirl operation, after all. And, once she realized where the dopplegangers were coming from, May made sure to pull all the details she could find. Regardless, it sounds to her like there may not be a lot more Walters can tell them during this particular session.

"Okay, Ms Walters," she says, as the woman expresses her fear that the SheHulk is going to come out to play. "I'm going to let you take a bit of a rest now, while Agent Danvers and I follow up on a couple of things you've said. You just try to stay calm and this will all get sorted out before you know it."

At least, she hopes so.

As it is, they're probably going to need another dose or two of that sedative to keep her under control. It's a shame, really, no one's come up with a longer term suppression or control agent for the poor woman to use.

Presupposing, of course, that everything Walters is telling them is the truth, and not just some story meant to put them at ease. Yeah. May's just paranoid enough that she's not taking any of this nearly as much at face value as it seems. But, she plays the game well. And she figures Carol's scans may work as something of a polygraph.

So it's enough for now.

Carol Danvers has posed:
The scans should be pretty useful for medical and also probably a bit like a polygraph.

The Jennifer Walters from that world has definitely given them a lot to discuss and think about as well.

It may be good to share everything with Bruce and get his take on it too. He may have ideas on how to help this Walters if she isn't lying about being a tool. At least help keep the alter ego suppressed if nothing else.

"Take a break Ms. Walters this was very helpful. You're safe for now." though honestly Carol is the one to air hypo the next sedative dose in case it goes wrong. Medical was really worried about letting Ms. Walters even come to enough to talk so she volunteered in case things went sideways.

Once out of the room with May. "I should probably talk to Banner about this. We should also look into the Hulk detecting technology DoD was working on to deal with Banner... lots to do if we have the risk of an insane Hulk, Abomination, Leader, and whatever he did to Rick Jones thinking about invading..."

Lots of work to do indeed.