5074/Dude Where's My Planet

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Dude Where's My Planet
Date of Scene: 08 February 2021
Location: Maxima's Imperial Flagship, Earth Orbit
Synopsis: Scott wakes up and is presented with an offer he can't refuse.
Cast of Characters: Maxima, Scott Lang

Maxima has posed:
It was quite the trying ordeal for Scott Lang, being suddenly called out to Hawaii to fight some sort of massive eldritch horror from the depths of the ocean or possibly beyond reality itself. It was a tough battle but in the end... wait how did it end? The last thing Scott remembers is plunging into the sea and some vision of bright light and Maxima ...and another Maxima?

When consciousness returns he is on a comfortable enough 'bed' more a padded metal table amidst a full automated medical bay as various alien machines continue going through the process of treating the various injuries that he sustained during the fight. It is remarkable really, severe burns simply vanishing beneath the light of a strange beam. He is notably been left in only what passes for an alien hospital gown, who knows where his suit has wound up.

Scott Lang has posed:
Scott awakens blearily, his body healed but his head pounding, unconsciousness after a psychic assault by a Lovecraftian beast and half remembered alien abduction not bringing the most pleasant of dreamstates. "Wha, where, ugh, hello? Hello?" he calls out rather weakly as he sits up, needing a moment to brace himself after as his blood pressure readjusts. How long had he been out? Where was he? Who took his clothes? These and dozens more questions race through his mind but a look around the spartan medical chamber isn't answering most of them.

The memories of Maxima's abduction are as melded with the frightful dreams so much he barely recalls it. Sliding off the table onto his bare feet, he winces a moment at the cold metal floors before sneaking towards the door which slides aside noiselessly as he approaches. Making like a very bad spy he moves to the side of the doorframe after a second or two of standing wide open and then peeks around into an empty corridor.

"Alright, nobody watching me. Woke up after being unconscious in an empty room in a strange place. Either there's been a zombie apocalypse or...they don't think I'm a threat and worth watching right now. Super good options," he softly surmises to himself before he moves into the hallway, padding down barefoot to a random doorway and again standing to the side of it. He listens for any sounds within pressing his ear to the door as he leans over. This one doesn't seem to open automatically, perhaps med rooms needed swifter in and outs. So he begins blindly pressing buttons on a pad next to it, the alien lettering giving him little clue what he's doing until it suddenly springs open in front of him.

Maxima has posed:
"You shouldn't be up and about yet." Comes a familiar voice from behind him, but when did she? It's a bit of a silly question with Maxima given how fast she can move when she wants to.

The door in front of Scott slides open to reveal ...another Maxima? Does she have a twin? The second Maxima looks to the first, "He is not done being treated yet, return him to the Medical Bay." She says likely for Scott's benefit as the two Maximas can almost certainly communicate telepathically.

"This way Scott Lang." The first Maxima tells him, turning to lead the way back to the chamber he came from.

Scott Lang has posed:
"I...wait...what...no," the last stammered word from Scott practically a whimper. He hesitates only a moment though staring at the Maxima in the room before reluctantly turning and following the one that had popped up behind him. His head turns this way and that trying to take in what little layout he can of where they're at, but any writing there might be wasn't legible to him and could be designating anything from the way to the cockpit to the nearest restroom for all he knew.

As they re-enter the medical chamber he stops at the door and finally settles into a dull stubborn glare. "What's going on Space Princess? I'm sure an Earth hospital could have patched me up just fine. I have health insurance. Don't think this means I owe you one and I'll...actually you've already stolen my suit I suppose," his mouth running at the same speed as his line of thinking.

Maxima has posed:
The amazon space princess turns around to face Scott just inside the door. "You were drowning." Maxima informs him. "I saved your life." Wait is this one of those life debt things? Does she think she owns him now?! "Your power is necessary, so I accelerated your recovery. One of your primitive Earth hospitals would take weeks to perform the same treatments. Consider yourself fortunate."

She turns and walks back towards the table that Scott woke up on, the implication that he should return to it is clear. "I have recovered my city, so I will soon be returning to the Almeracian Empire, however I need your size-altering abilities in order to actually restore the city to its proper size, so you will be accompanying me."

Scott Lang has posed:
"My helmet would have let me breathe just fine for a while but, thanks I suppose," probably the nicest interaction he's had with the all-powerful redhead since first meeting her. Which doesn't make him any less wary, nor does he show any signs of moving to the table.

"I feel fine though I don't need more treat...I'm sorry what? Accompanying you where? What city? No no no, I don't know what you're pulling here, if this is some scheme to get me to teach you how it works or something but I'm not going anywhere. What did you go and read up on that Brainiac attack and think you could trick me with some sob story? You're really stretching Princess," he insists, steadfastly crossing his arms, his hospital gown lightly wafting around his calves with his heroic posturing.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima's eyes begin to glow for a moment, like she was considering firing those laser-like optical force beams at Scott for his impudence, but the glow fades after a moment. "We are going to the Almeracian Empire. Before he came to Earth Brainiac made the foolish mistake of thinking itself up to the task of attacking the Almeracian core system. He managed to steal only a minor city from the third world before fleeing for his life. My entire mission on Earth has been to recover that city and restore my stolen people. Your powers of size manipulation is the last thing I require to accomplish this mission. You will of course be rewarded handsomely for your service to the Empire." They don't seem to be big on choices where she comes from.

Scott Lang has posed:
It takes Scott but a moment to realize he may have pushed things a bit too far. Blame the just waking up and psychic assault and being generally VERY uncomfortable with his situation in general making him a wee bit cranky. But he couldn't murder the person across from him with but a thought either. Hell he couldn't even try to escape her very well without his suit.

He picks his words a bit more carefully this time. "I don't, I can't just go flying across the galaxy with you. I have responsibilities here and umm...if I'm being perfectly honest I'm not sure I know how to, umm, what kind of reward are we talking about anyway?" Scott's hands doing a fair bit of twirling as he speaks, his eyes lighting up at the end and taking a step forward at long last. She'd offered him a fortune for the secret to Pym Particles, surely restoring a city would be worth more.

Maxima has posed:
"In the Almeracian Empire there is more wealth than this planet can dream of." Maxima tells him. After he past experiences with Scott she doesn't have to read his mind to know what he wants and if he won't give her the secrets of Pym Particles she will just have to compensate him appropriately to aid her with that power himself.

"How much gold do you require? That seems to be one of the resources prized on your planet, diamonds perhaps?" She asks as if matters of costs are but trivial details for her that she wouldn't even normally handle herself. "We could even upgrade the material of your suit to something... a bit sturdier. Right now the matter replicator is replacing the sections damaged while you were inside of that creature."

Scott Lang has posed:
     A better suit? Wealth beyond imagining? Scott can't hide the way he's practically bouncing at the thought on his toes given the lack of shoes. He had little doubt she meant it too, material goods seem to have little meaning to her given he'd seen her simply turn rock into gold. He knew Hank Pym, he'd simply give a call, offer a 50/50 split, easy peasy. So his greed tells him at least. But there's still at least SOME caution to the Ant-Man as he questions, "Umm, just so we're clear, restoring a city is no easy task. If we get out to the Almeracian Empire and I say, CAN'T fix it myself, no hard feelings right? I mean, I'll try my best and all that but, Brainiac was something of a galactic genius you understand," at least doing his best to give himself some leeway should things go south, a nervous little smile etched on his face as he finishes.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima studies Scott intently, "I am under the impression that cities which were taken from Earth were restored, do you doubt your ability to do so again?" It would seem that since Scott is the only person she has encountered with such abilities she has somehow assumed the restoration fell to him, he is part of one of those strange hero planetary defense teams that Supergirl told her about after all. "You will have whatever resources you require to perform the restoration. I will see my people restored."

Scott Lang has posed:
     "Of course, of course! I mean, it's just, I had a team and all...I'm sure we can work it out! I'll just need a quick confer with my colleagues on some details once we're out, say uh, how long is this trip? Preferably in Earth time?" Scott requests as he finally deigns to move forward and even hops back up on the table as it seemed to be the only seating available in the room, a sense of wooziness coming back to his as yet not quite fully healed head, his gown rustling faintly. At least he seemed to have no shame about that, gods only knows he'd worn worse in public.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima stops and considers, "The trip itself will take perhaps one of your Earth weeks once we are underway. We may have a slight detour to make though, some Kryptonians have asked me to help them reach the ruins of their homeworld. It is just an estimate but you may be gone for a month."

She turns as Scott hops back on to one of the medical beds. "Now lay back and let the machines finish doing its work. It should not be too much longer before you are recovered. In the meantime, I still have a few individuals to visit and inform of my departure."

Scott Lang has posed:
     "My daughter," Scott says simply, the most serious tone he's had in his voice the whole time they've been talking. His usual fear of Maxima seems at least temporarily gone, her asking for help humanizing her in a way that her flying around and shooting laser eyes had not. Maybe that's why he spoke a bit more demanding now. "I'll need to speak with at least my daughter before we leave, let her know what is happening. And, I suppose my ex, let her know as well...maybe a few others." Wouldn't do to try and reach Hank and have him on vacation. The thought of what he was trying to pull still made his stomach lurch a bit but he pushed it back down. He was doing Hank a favor he told himself, the man wasn't suited for the rigors of space. It takes a few moments before he's left blinking as a new thought occurs to him while he lays back. "Wait, Superman is coming with us?"

Maxima has posed:
Maxima makes a momentary face as Scott continues to refuse to lay back and finish healing, "Use of a communications device can be arranged. Computer."

<<Yes, your Imperial Highness?>> Comes a slightly robotic feminine voice.

"Once Scott Lang has finished recovering, assist him in contacting those he wishes to speak to. Also do not let him just go wandering this time."

<<Understood, Princess Maxima.>>

She regards Scott again and nods, "It is not settled yet, but he is among the group that may be seeking passage." That 'may' continues to vex her, how could any other option be superior to her generous offer?! But these tooth gnashing thoughts are hidden behind a pleasant enough veneer. For the moment at least.

Scott Lang has posed:
     Scott lays back, doing his best to pretend he's just at the doctor's office for a routine check-up, the surroundings doing more to make him nervous than Maxima's presence. "There see, that wasn't so bad was it? Maybe get my suit back when we're done? Or something less breezy? And hey we can catch some dinner together. Would it be dinner time? Breakfast? No that has implications. You know lunch, lunch is nice and casual, we can grab some lunch together, get to know each other. Maybe I can go break some of your things too. Like you did my obstacle course. My roof. The street outside my house...no hey it's fine, you go, you're busy, we can talk about it later over sandwiches," Scott insists making actual shooing motions at her.

Maxima has posed:
Maxima gives Scott a look like she still isn't quite sure what to make of him. In the Almeracian Empire someone of his power would barely be more than a pet or at best part of one of the lower castes and yet he has this impudence like he laughs in the face of death. "Finish recovering and food will be arranged." She informs him before turning to stride out of the medical bay, the door wooshing shut behind her.