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Shine: Mickey Rogers
Date of Scene: 08 February 2021
Location: Gotham City - Municipal Courtroom
Synopsis: Commissioner Gordon, SHIELD agent Angelo Tampambulos interrogate Michael
Cast of Characters: Phoebe Beacon, Jim Gordon, Achilles, Laura Kinney, Bart Allen, Conner Kent

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    The problem with Gotham City is that their police always have so much to do. And sometimes their interrogation rooms don't get the chance to be at their best --

    -- or some rich asshole decides he's going to pull weight and force a nicer, calmer surrounding while he awaits his lawyer.

    Which is exactly what Michael "Mickey" Rodgers did. The owner of the Gotham Gate with his pale blonde hair seeming a little on the limp side, his expensive suit a stone gray for the occasion with a red tie and pocket square, his jowls tight in barely-concealed anger as he stomps around the courtroom complaining that this was all ridiculous and that they had no idea what they were doing...

    Who 'they' were is up for consideration, though. He had posted bail, but been on house arrest and couldn't so much as hit the restroom without Gordon's team knowing about it.

    The nice thing about this particular courtroom is that there is an upper gallery, very handy for someone who might want to watch the combat below. Or ask their own questions.

Jim Gordon has posed:
Jim Gordon enjoys watching the scumbag pace. Like a satisfied keeper visiting the exhibits at the zoo, seeing that the creature is groomed, fed and perfectly contained. Whatever freedom Mick thought he might have was entirely theoretical. Gordon knew it and he made quite certain that Mickey knew it, too.

Law enforcement tended to in the back row on the prosecutor's side, Jim keeping close to the aisle and leaving the rest of the bench for his fellow badges of various stripes. He was itching for nicotine a little and chewed a piece of gum to occupy himself. "Settle down, Rodgers. No point in givin' yourself a stroke before you even get to prison."

Achilles has posed:
    Well, for Angelo... coffee. By the gods, it makes sense looking back, how much of a dick he was back in ancient Greece. He hadn't discovered coffee yet. But once he did, yowzers! Either way, he enters the viewing area with a steaming cup of black Joe in each hand.
    Keeping his movements small and trying not to draw attention, he makes his way to Gordon. "Coffee?" he asks as he holds out the steaming cup. Hey, if it's not the drink, it IS something to do with the hands....

Laura Kinney has posed:
Working with the Outsiders has meant a lot more public exposure on missions than X-23 is used to. Her former life as a cloned and weaponized assassin generally meant killing all witnesses and the target, then leaving. But Tim has certain rules about killing and, in this case at least, Laura needs Mickey alive long enough to answer some questions.

All this means a little more preparation for missions. A public courthouse with a viewing gallery means for easy infiltration but with the involvement of Gotham PD and SHIELD she can't be too careful. Which is why today she's disguised. A red wig and slight heels to make her seem taller. Plus a not especially pricey suit that'll let her pass as a paralegal or college law student.

Her enhanced senses mean no matter where she is in the room she'll be able to overhear any important conversations.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen had recently heard one of his team mates was being stalked by ninjas, and Impulse figured he should get a ninja suit to sneak around in maybe he could infiltrate the Ninjas if they come back. He has donned that costume tonight, and he makes his way to the courtroom, sneaking at super speed on tiptoes, but getting there he sees there is no place for the speed Ninja to hide and still see it, and some other people there. So back to the base he goes and considers his white suit with the red lightning bolts, but no that might be to noticeable. So he is off to the store, and then back tot he courtroom. Bart comes walking in with a suit from JC Penny, with the tag sticking out of the sleeve a bit. The suit is maybe a size but he walks like he is supposed to be here, thats what your supposed to do. If someone is paying attention they may notice he is still wearing his tennis shoes, but in the balcony who is going to see his feet.

Conner Kent has posed:
Not being the most sneaky of the bunch, Conner has opted for an easier way to eavesdrop Mickey's interrogation. Which is just waiting outside the courtroom. Outside the window, that is. He has no clever disguise to enter the precinct.

In fact, he is pretty sure Laura and Bert don't have clever disguises either. But whatever. At least Laura is sneaky.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    The blond man pauses his pacing, and just glowers at Jim Gordon as he gives a huff, and then begins to fiddle around with items at the front of the courtroom.

    "You seem so confident that I'm going to be going to jail, Commissioner. Do you have some sort of inside information I don't?" he questions, patting himself down a moment, and gives a small snort. "... or are you in the business of /incriminating/ innocent men? Is this about the crack I made at Wayne's expense? Because, you know, it's true -- someone coulda shaken out the couch cushions to see if Phoebe was there, like I told Grayson." Mickey gives a smirk, then collapses in the prosecution's chair, and turns around to face Jim and Angelo. "Who's your tall friend? I recognize him from the scene of that attack on /my/ building. Was that other man arrested? I wand HIM prosecuted and thrown in prison!" the man laughs, as if it's all one big game, though his eyes hold no mirth.

    "After all, no reason to hold me. Phoebe was found and is presumably still with her extremely-legal parents -- decided by the court, /might I add/." he states.

Jim Gordon has posed:
Jim Gordon flicks his tongue against his teeth, taking the coffee from Angelo and taking a sip, "Thank you, agent," he says, then turns his attention directly on Mickey. Jim was a legendary interregator, but his methods didn't much resemble the hot lights and yelling of television stereotype. He looked relaxed, in control and calm, almost indifferent to the man in front of him. Which would only make Mickey matter. This, of course, was the entire point.

"Don't worry about my friend here. He's just an interested observer. You've got lots of those now, Mickey. You've drawn an awful lot of attention. You think it's unjust? Then enlighten me. Tell me your side of the story, beginning to end. Don't leave out any of those pesky details you might skip over. I have serious doubts that your hands are clean, but I'm willing to be surprised," he says, taking another sip.

"Needs more sugar, but I'm not supposed to have it. But Barbara isn't here to chide me about it," he says, setting the cup aside. "I don't work for Wayne and I don't care what you say about him. He's a big boy, I"m sure he's heard worse. As for Phoebe, presumably is a large word that I'm surprised is even in your vocabulary. And just because she's been recovered, to the degree she has been, doesn't mean that we can just forget everything that came before. A reckoning is owed, Rodgers. And I intend to get it."

Achilles has posed:
    "I thought black coffee was like.. a part of the policeman's code." offers Angelo in that barely there hint of an English accent. Angelo sips his own and shrugs. He acts like he didn't even hear Mickey's comment about him, or anything else the man said. Or more to the point, he behaves as if nothing said was even remotely of interest to him.
    With one exception however. He turns to regard Gordon, and lifts a brow, "I can't say I've ever heard a human bleat like a goat so much in my life. Let me know when he actually starts saying anything worth listening to?" he asks Jim before stepping away a few feet, to semi-avoid that figurative spotlight on the Commissioner.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura fixes Mickey with a glare from up on the balcony. Studying the man and getting a sense of the microexpressions he makes in response to each question. And sniffing the air for any signs of fear or nerves. She taps at her phone, in part for cover, and in part as she's using it for discreet team communications. <Do we have a plan for questioning him if the authorities don't ask anything relevant?>

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen will pull out his phone, and looks down at it, and types "Well, I could drop him off the side of a building and race him down questioning him. Tell him will catch him if he answers, should not take more than a couple drops." Yea Bart's not happy his friend has had these issues and is gone. Someone might want to check on what type of movies he has been watching lately. He tries to sit still watching it all. He practices his mantra in his head, <Watch the snail, Feel the snail.. be the snail>

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner is listening to the conversation inside, back against the wall, about ten inches from the window. It is not easy with all the noise of the streets below, but he does have some ability to filter and tune in.

He is also fidgeting with his smartphone, since he is quite sure Laura will be either recording or memorizing the chat. His presence is superfluous, really. At least while there are cops inside the courtroom. And then Laura actually asks for plans. Now he is going to have to -work-.

Oh well. He types on the phone. <Maybe. This might be a dead end. He might be just an idiot that was swindled by the Johnsons. But someone else has been trying to catch Phoebe and they were okay with shooting people, and the monetary reward this guy had on her was ridiculous. I want to ask him about it.>

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "... wait, how come /I/ wasn't brought a coffee? What, he gets special treatment because he's a 'big man' in the cops?" Mickey asks, incredulous that Angelo wouldn't get HIM a coffee. He gives a soft snif of indifference, and then turns his gaze back to Gordon.

    "I know plenty of big words, Gordon. I also know that I want my lawyer." he scowls a moment. "And what 'came before', Commissioner? Are you talking about the reward I offered to her parents if they came forward? My /generousity/ by providing them with legal counsel? Or maybe it's that I put them up in a hotel suite for their comfort? After all, Commissioner, they were homesteaders, it's not as if they /make/ a lot of /money/." he states dryly, then steeples his fingers a moment. "They had nothing to offer for the return of their doughter. Why shouldn't I help them out? After all..." he draws his fingers up a moment, rubbing his hands as if to warm them.

    "Were you aware that Phoebe herself once ran a blog? Gotham Hope, it was called. Decrying attempts to remove the homeless, drumming up support for healthcare and mental well-being and being -- oh, how'd she put it?" he trails off a moment, as if in thought

    "'Good Stewards of our City'." he gives a vile grin.

    "After her mother was nearly killed, my heart just /broke/ for her. And people suspect me of being some slimeball."

Jim Gordon has posed:
Jim Gordon nods, 'Yes, your 'generosity'. Not exactly something for which you're known, yet suddenly, you're putting all kinds of resources into this couple. I suppose I'm just not the trusting soul I used to be, Rodgers, but this sudden bout of charity strikes me as a bit unlikely. Now, you want your lawyer, you'll get your lawyer. You're under no obligation to answer me anything, that's your legal right. You've been made aware of your rights, of course, I made sure you had them read to you."

"I agree with all of the sentiments m entioned in the Gotham Hope blog. Which doesn't mean that I can instantly make them come true."

He sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose, "I just know there's something going on here that I can't quite see, something that's being hidden or disguised, either to protect Phoebe or to threaten her and I can't tell which or why. So I"m investigating, to the best of my ability and the limits of my resources and mostly what I get in response is, to put it bluntly, a lot of bullshit."

Achilles has posed:
    Tilting his head to the left, Angelo sighs. "Man, this guy just doesn't know when to shut up. He has the right to remain silent, but apparently lacks the ability."
    He steps forward once more and activates the 3D holo function on his far too expensive Starkphone. What? Blame Tony! Above it hovers an image of two faces. A man and a woman. "These are the Johnsons. You know, the ones who -actually- live at the address listed for those fakes you propose to be Phoebe's parents?" He flips his hand and changes the image to show the woman who is purported to be the biological mother. "Genetically, -this- woman is not her mother. More likely a first cousin. The man is not remotely related to our missing girl. Now.. would you like to rewind and start over with any statements?" he asks before handing the phone to Gordon and saying softly to him. "Sorry for springing that. Bio research division just sent that to me as he was speaking. If you would care to view the full report sir."

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura scowls disapprovingly down at Mickey some more. It's one of the few emotions she's actually pretty good at expressing.

Another phone message for her teammates gets tapped out. <The cooking flesh smell, the empty newspaper office building, the sewer access tunnel and the weird message in the safe all... don't make sense to me. How do they relate to Phoebe? It's too much of a coincidence for those to be random events that happened during his involvement in the case.>

There's a pause after her message, then she adds <Dropping him seems viable, does he have a history of heart problems?>

It shouldn't take Bart long to check if they don't already have the info...

Conner Kent has posed:
<Who is the second guy? How is he has a 'bio research division'> types Conner from his perch by the window. <Heh. Nice one. Maybe now the cops will look into the report from the Gotham Hospital and get to the guy that falsified the first testing. There might be a link to Mickey there.> And to be honest, they should have checked with whoever signed the genetic testing report. But hey, where are the crack detectives in the Outsiders? Not here!

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen was just about to go get the records he had found about the Johnsons and have it appear on the detective's table, but seems someone else checked into it as well. The young man hmms, and stands and walks towards the door, once in the hall making sure none see him he is off. Seems Bart has an idea perhaps.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "... what?" Mickey seems incredulous. HIs eyes go wide, and he stands, nearly knocking over the prosecution table in the process. He seems genuinely surprised. Might not smell that way to Laura. He smells a bit like a drunk tank and drycleaning.

    "That... that's impossible. We DNA tested them. I got it done at Gotham General. They had Phoebe's DNA on file from when she got adopted. Your... your team must have messed up something! Have them run their tests again!" he bellows, suddenly getting very red in the face. "Have them find new DNA and run them /AGAIN/! I have NOT been taken by some grifter!" he growls.

Jim Gordon has posed:
Jim Gordon tsks and shakes his head, "Seems like SHIELD would seem to differ with you on that, Mickey. Of course, it's possible you weren't taken in and were, in fact, in on it all along. Which is part of what we're here trying to find out. How did you get in contact with the Johnsons? Did they come to you directly or through an intermediary? We already know Phoebe was set up with fake identification - takes someone with a bit of criminal knowledge to get that done," he says.

"First and foremost, we have to consider that the girl is somehow in just as much danger now as she was then and we still don't even know why."

Achilles has posed:
    "At least the girl's mother seems to be recovering from her injuries." says Angelo. "And by mother, I mean the woman who loved her, raised her, taught her right from wrong. Being a parent is more than biology. But you were either fooled, or trying to fool everyone. If you were in on it, it was a sloppy slapdash job for sure."
    But he shrugs and looks to Gordon, "Do we have any knowledge of any of these people? Like for instance, any cell phone numbers that any of them might have? Say for a burner phone that might link back to Tweedle-Dummy here?" he asks with a gesture towards Mickey. "Who has GOT to know that if he offers us any info that helps locate her safely... it will go well in reducing any sentence."

Laura Kinney has posed:
<SHIELD Agent. Stopped into the press conference where Phoebe was abducted by chance. Seems to have taken a personal interest.> Laura explains. Adding a photograph of Angelo to the group chat for Conners benefit. <Anger seems sincere. More so than his claims of innocence anyway.>

Of course Conner probably heard Jim say who Angelo works for just now. But it never hurts to be 100% clear.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen comes back, and this time comes to a stop in the restroom, so he can walk back into the courtroom looking like nothing out of the ordinary has happened. He is frowning and moves back to his seat <Rodgers seem just a guy used and dropped, no record on the cousin or the guy. I am so tempted to just run out there and check on her.>

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner heard. And it is interesting SHIELD is getting involved now. Maybe they know something about Phoebe. <I think we should come clear to Gordon or that SHIELD agent. But I guess we need to ask Nightwing or Robin first. They know these people better.>

But it has been a few days since Phoebe vanished and Conner is getting impatient. The longer it goes, the colder the trail. <The police would already know about Wonder Girl, anyway.>

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "Recovering from her --" Mickey blinks a moment, and then stands, agob, at Angelo.

    "ANd how would you know that?! Not even my scoops know that!" he states, and he advances towards Angelo and Gordon. "What kind of sick, twisted game are you two playing? Are you accusing me of trying to orchestrate some... social studies teacher's murder for some black brat?! Orchestrating some kidnapping plot? And for *what*? So I can lose out on money trying to sell a paper or two? Do you know how much I made in ar-oh-eye on this? Millions. Exclusives sold. Baby Phoebe Doe finds her home! I /own the rights to the story/!" he bellows.

Jim Gordon has posed:
Jim Gordon frowns beneath his mustache, "Take it easy, Rodgers. I haven't accused you of anything. I'm saying that everything going on is murky and suspicious. I'm saying that, rather than clearing things up, your involvement has made everything more complicated and, in fact, the girl you claim you were trying to help is -still- missing, albeit with a different set of kidnappers this time. If that's what they are. I'm tired of fumbling around in the dark because people want to take the law into their own hands and play detective in their spare time. There's only one detective in this room, pal, and you're looking at him. So give me the straight dope already before this gets any worse. You really care about Phoebe? Then forget your wounded pride and your personal grudges and HELP me."

Achilles has posed:
    "Well, some levels of things -are- classified. You know. Above your pay grade." suggests Angelo. But he shrugs, "As for what we are proving about you? That's simple. That you are a racist opportunist who would sell his own mother to make money. And.. you are giving yourself a motive. Millions made from this. You're digging your grave deeper and deeper as we speak you realize. I'd listen to the man. Gordon is -far- more forgiving than I am." he adds, being the polite bad cop, while Gordon is the gruff good cop? Less bad cop? Who knows?!

Laura Kinney has posed:
<Don't we have access to the Gotham PD computer network?> Laura muses. No point co-operating with the police if they can just view all the information anyway. <You know. If you dropped him and 'failed' to catch him I don't think anyone would lose any sleep.>

She sniffs the air some more. Trying to gauge if Mickey is telling the truth or just trying to make a plausible case for ignorance.

Conner Kent has posed:
<Pretty sure Nightwing has access,> types Conner. Probably Tim has them hacked too, but that is not legal access. <No defenestrations,> he adds. Then he realizes Laura might have been sarcastic in text. First time. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

There is a pause in typing. <SHIELD guy might be able to help with a nation-wide search of the Johnsons. But if we tell him about Phoebe's powers, we might be killing any chance P. has of return to a normal life.>

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen frowns at the man's words, and makes plans for what he plans to do as soon as they leave here. He looks over to them, and adds in the text "If only," He will stand up, and move to the back of the balcony starting to pace, still at normal speeds for now, as he tries to think what they missed.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Mickey Rodgers is absolutely telling the truth. He owns the movie rights. It'll probably be some sappy Lifetime-style movie that will end of Phoebe looking in wonder at the 'Welcome to Montana' sign that plays over some soft rock hopeful song about sunshine on her face, away from the grimey city.

    If only that were the case...

    Mickey seems to calm down, though not by choice.

    "I want my goddamn lawyer. And I want a restraining order from /you two/." he snarls, and then turns stalking back to the front of the room and kicking one of the dividers, only for it to kick back a bit and make him howl in pain, hopping on one foot.

    Graceful, he is not.

Jim Gordon has posed:
Jim Gordon sighs. Truth be told, should've stopped the whole thing the first time he asked. But Gordon was more interested in finding Phoebe than getting a cheap conviction on whatever fraudulent bullshit he thought Mickey might be behind, "Good luck with the restraining order. Your lawyer will probably tell you how likely that is," he says.

He borrows Angelo's phone for a moment, just taking a closer look at the data, "Appears increasingly likely that somebody outside tampered with those DNA results. Seems like we need to get some answers from Gotham General."

Achilles has posed:
    "Well. I'll be outside. You enjoy your time with Loser McButtface here." Angelo says before he shrugs and turns to head towards the exit after politely retrieving his phone. He figures that getting a breath of air that doesn't include that guy's stench can only be a good thing. Right? More importantly, he is not stuck in with everyone else... maybe a wee bit more approachable. But he steps outside and lifts his phone, dials a number and then asks, "How is Ms. Beacon? I know I ask like every few hours, but I am worried."

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura Kinney was alas being very serious. No sarcasm here.

<Legality of access isn't relevant. Providing we have the information we need. We're not a court of law after all. Speaking of which. We could raid his lawyers office for the files and Conner can 'overhear' whatever he says to the lawyer when they arrive?>

<Nothing has explained the weird events around that press conference with the weird scent attack. I wonder if that was some kind of publicity stunt intended to bring greater media attention?>

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen sees the shield agent heading out, and thinks about it a moment, and then heads out as well. He does the kick change from suit to ninja to normal Impulse. He will come down to where the agent was heading out, and comes up to him with a file of information and holds it out to Angelo "My friends saved her once, we don't take well to people hurting people we saved. I got this information." He offers the folder, which has pretty much the same info on thee genetics, but also info about where Phoebe may have really been born, a copy of some paperwork from Montana.

Conner Kent has posed:
Conner is trying to contact Tim. But no luck. He sighs, reading what Laura is writing. When did -he- become the guy that wants to do things lawfully? It is weird!

<You are right. There are too many moving parts in this mess> he types. <If Rodgers did this all for the money, then he was never going to pay that ridiculous reward he was offering. Phoebe's story is not that interesting no matter how good he is at milking it. Joker's next killing spree will make Gothamites forget about her. Hell, the newspapers are all six page-long articles about the riot in Washington and the blue mutant killing.>

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    THe voice on the other end of the line replies to Angelo:
    "Ordinarily I would not report on a patient's wellbeing, Mr. Tampambulos, but I will confirm that she is on the mend. We can begin primary grafting in a week or so if this track continues. We can try bringing her out of medical coma once she's recovered enough. I'm convinced someone was messing with her IV's in Gotham General -- they were slowly overdosing her with saline and giving her mislabeled medications; she has bacterial pnumonia on top of all of her other issues -- which I will add, we are resolving as reasonably as possible. Do pass on my well wishes."

    Mickey seems to taken to a sullen silencee.

    Angelo was definitely telling the truth, Jimmy.

    And, for the Outsiders, there is a soft 'ping', an alert through their communications.

    Phoebe's beacon got close enough to a cell tower in Minnesota to ping.

Jim Gordon has posed:
Jim Gordon frowns and shakes his head, "Cut him loose. Somebody get me a squad car and get me down to the god damn hospital. We're gonna shake that place down until some doctor's teeth rattle, but I"m getting some answers!" he says, storming out in a huff and pushing open the doors, "And somebody get me a new god damn lighter!"

Achilles has posed:
    "Huh." says Angelo. "Well thank you. I am never going to ask you to divulge information you should not. I am only concerned for her well being. I will keep in touch. Thank you doctor." he says before hanging up and walking to his car. Sure, it's not a black and white, but it's handy. He looks backt o Bart and smiles, "Okay then. Care for a lift then?" he asks. "And thanks." he adds as he opens the file while waiting for Jim, and skims over it.
    When Jim comes out, he gestures to it and says, "We should get to the hospital. Looks like the adopted mother was being sabotaged there." He doesn't know Jim wants to go there for another reason.

Laura Kinney has posed:
Alas Laura was never the 'do things lawfully girl'. Cloned assassins just don't have that luxury or skillset. She is at least keeping the criminal activity to non-lethal and discreet things though. So that's something.

<Looks like no lawyer coming and no police protection if we want to ask our own questions. Looks like we have a locater ping at last. We should make sure all of our locaters aren't cellphone tower dependent. Too unreliable.>

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen offers the man a card with an address, and says "I would but I got things to do." He nods to Gordon and actually salutes him in what seems a sincere gesture, and is off. He heads back towards the base, and is planning on getting the Impulse-Shaw. "Going to check the ping, either of you want to come with me or you two see what you can get off this guy?" He is already on his way back to the courthouse to see if anyone is going with him.

Conner Kent has posed:
<Bart, that signal,> since Bart is no longer in the courtyard, Conner tries to find him. Realistically he is the only one that could get to Montana and search the area. It would take too long for him.

<Did you hear the SHIELD agent, Laura? About Phoebe's mom being poisoned by the hospital staff?> Small wonder Phoebe's healing was not doing much with her mother's condition. And again, it feels they didn't investigate enough.

<If Rodgers is alone, maybe you can ask your questions. But don't hurt him, please> types Conner. <Tim set the rules and most of us are trying to be better than we were.>

Jim Gordon has posed:
Jim Gordon gestures after Bart as the Titan dashes way, turning to Angelo, "Who the hell was that?!?"

Achilles has posed:
    "I was gonna ask my people who it was. But for now, I'm gonna say... an informant." He slides into the driver's seat and hands the file to Jim. "Why don't you find out what info he had during the drive over?"

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    A squad car James will have, ready to attend to Gotham General, it's on its way but might be quicker to ride with Angelo.

    Mickey, having been cut free, happily blusters his way down, yells at no less than three court clerks on the way, bullies a page and attempts to have at one of the security guards but ends up getting laughed at because who doesn't know that Jim Gordon socked his ugly jowls last week? All the talk in the breakrooms over coffee and donuts.

    Also, that was the backup beacon. Phoebe had intended on taking the faster-running Scout with her, but you know what they say about best laid plans of mice and men...

Laura Kinney has posed:
Laura Kinney begins running through all the things she'll need for an interrogation. Cellphone jammer, sodium pentothal and a quiet place to ask her questions. Mickeys house will do providing no-one else is likely to be home.

<The old me would have killed him without a second thought.> She points out. Hurting someone is still an improvement! Not much of one but still. <I'll make sure we have every bit of info possible from him. And he'll suffer no long term injuries.> Not physically anyway. Mentally on the other hand...

Phoebe Beacon has posed:

    The doctors and nurses at the harried General hospital seem like they're too busy to deal with agents, and if there is one thing more frightening than a Gotham City vigilante, it's probably one of the overworked, underpaid, definitely undercaffinated nurses. Angelo and Gordon are directed to a young woman in the Medical System Analytics department, who is able to confirm for them that the DNA tests and the medical care was approved by a Paul Riddley -- an EMT turned ICU Practitioner -- who hadn't worked at the hospital for twelve years -- and she deactivates his access then -- but that's all she's able to do for records without a warrant -- but she's agreeable to work with the two. She's able to provide Gordon and Tampambulos with his last known address -- a place to start, anyway.

    Bart zooms off to investigate the Beacon's beacon... unfortunately the cell tower it pinged off is near a river.

The river had a variety of flotsam and jetsam strewn about on the ice. Phoebe's leather jacket that she got from Conner among them, with its beacon sewn into a pocket. Her bus pass, a couple ten dollar bills, broken zipties. Someone had even cut off a bunch of her braids, one or two are found floating nearby.

    But, thankfully, no Phoebe.

    Wherever she was, right at this moment, she was at least alive.