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Date of Scene: 08 February 2021
Location: The deserted countryside of upstate New York. Late Afternoon to Evening.
Synopsis: Carrie ratted out where Rocket is to some space bunny AND got some alien currency out of the deal. Score!
Cast of Characters: Blackjack O'Hare, Carrie Kelley

Blackjack O'Hare has posed:
    Ages ago the glaciers had carved this little valley in particular out of the surrounding hillsides, creating a particularly lowset hanging valley. In the summer it'd be something of a swamp of course, but this time of the year it was a mass of ice occasionally flecked with cat tails and blown snow. The winding road above (Fish pot road) was at the best of times a degrading mess that was barely paved, and now the blowing snows had come along with the ice and made the trek up to this particular nowhere all the more difficult.

    Not that it isn't worth the trek to the right person of course, the woods here are deep and ancient. Stilled and silent in the icy grip of grey winter. The wind seems all the louder, howling at the softest breeze and seemingly so far removed from the noise and hustle of the city to the south that it may as well be another world entirely.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
It was a good idea. Really. It was. Justin wanted to have a romantic getaway for a weekend, so they went up to the Catskills to a farm that John Denver once owned. Apparently, the weekend did not go well judging by the frosty atmosphere in the car as the pair drive back from the cabin. It doesn't help that GPS in the Catskills is...spotty at best, and they've been reduced to using a paper map to figure out where they are. On top of that: Fish Pot Road is NOT a road you want to take a SmartCar down. The pair are creeping along.

"Look, I'm sorry. I just don't think that works quite as well as they show in the movies...body heat is a thing." Carrie says to Justin, who is trying to navigate by dashboard light. He hrmphs quietly and then slows the car down for a tight, steep curve.

Blackjack O'Hare has posed:
    It's announced with an odd bit of extra static electricity, which only grows stronger until the EM field grows powerful enough to interfere with the sort've unshielded electronics you'd find in a phone, gps or civilian car. Then comes the dull humm, the sort've basso rumble you feel in the pit of your chest long before you can even hear it. Overhead it glides, a shape so black against the night's sky that it's difficult to discern the exact shape or even size of the thing.

    It drops down over the ridgeline, slowly turning and revealing at least some hint of it's scale. Nearly three hundred foot long and maybe two hundred foot wide, maybe? It's nearly perfectly black hull is less triangular than it is like a squashed arrowhead, or perhaps the tip of a spear. There it hovers motionless for a moment, before with a swirl of the snow below it the hull plating parts. Dull red light pours from the landing leg bays, as the dogtoothed panels slide back to allow the ship's spindly legs to unfurl and delicately touch the ground. From there the ship settles, the hum of the engines drawing quieter and quieter until it all falls into perfect silence oncemore.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"What the fu-?" Justin asks, before the car loses power steering, and skids on the ice on the road, and then slides RIGHT off the road. "Aaaah!" Carrie squeals as the car slides down the embankment, and then comes to a stop about seventy yards from where the spaceship landed. Justin looks like he's seen a ghost. "Yo...you...you're seeing that, right?" He akss, looking a bit frantically at Carrie. Carrie for her part looks /fascinated/. She frowns a little bit at Justin's question, and then says, "I do..."

Justin has pulled out his phone to try and record it -- not realizing that the ship that landed just shorted out his phone -- "Damn..my phone is...hey! Don't go out there!" He yells as Carrie takes off her seatbelt and then climbs out of the car. She turns back and gives Justin a /look/. "Stay here. Shut up." She closes the door quietly, and then starts to sneak through the snow. She's not silent. Snow is loud, especially in the country, but she is at least trained enough in stealthy movement not to give whatever is in that ship a clear silhouette to shoot at, if it decides to.

Blackjack O'Hare has posed:
    Hunched down in the snow, the ship merely ticks and groans like a hot engine on a cold day. From it's belly a single small port opens, bathing the snow beneath it in a brief glow of soft red. Theres a flicker of movement, before a figure drops to the ground. None other than the Galaxy's most feared mercenary has landed on Earth, all four foot of him.

    Theres a momentary grunt as he hits the snowpack, followed by a sigh. He rises to his incredibly impressive height for a moment, lifting a gloved hand to tap at the side of his helmet. "Yes yes I know that Lore, but I'm not picking up a signal out here either. I'm going remote to see if I can get something on the ridgeline over there, keep the engines cold and stay passive. We don't need to go picking any fights, yeah alright...just be patient this is supposed to be some sort of backwater according to the guidebook."

Carrie Kelley has posed:
She is in a snowy field. There is an alien ship that has knocked out communications, but...she's a Batperson, and so is SOMEWHAT good at keeping out of sight if need be. Unfortunately, she's kind of out in the open. The girl lets out a quiet curse, and then works on trying to get out of the line of sight of whatever that thing is that just came down out of the ship. But, again, snow. Is crunchy. She is not able to move very quickly.

She DOES pull out a small device from her hoodie -- a batarang -- and slowly turns it over in her palm, as if preparing to throw it should the need arise, crouching down a bit instinctively as she does.

Blackjack O'Hare has posed:
    Another tap of that chromite helmet, and those occurs alight. A dull red glow, the likes of which have haunted many a dream no doubt. He glances one way and then that gaze sweeps over towards Carrie, and it stops. He freezes as still as a statue for long moments, before slowly letting a hand drop down beside that holstered blaster. Still it's his chin he lifts for now, and his free hand in what he hopes is a friendly wave.
    "Ahoy earthling, can you understand me? Are you sapient, and not an idiot by any chance? Terribly sorry to invade and all, but I'm looking for a friend of mine you see?"

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"If you take your hand away from that laser gun, you'll find a much warmer reception." Carrie calls, still crouching, unsure of just what the smaller being might have in mind. She studies him for a few seconds and then stands up, until she hears the car door slam behind her and Justin yell, "HEY! Martian! You leave my girlfriend alone!" It is probably a /very/ brave gesture in his mind, but Carrie just groans under her breath, and turns on the man, walking towards him and saying in a very dangerous voice, "Get. Back. In. The. Car. And. STAY. THERE."

This sudden burst of aggression sends Justin back into the car, where he locks the doors. Carrie turns back towards the alien and calls, "Sorry....he's an idiot. I, am not...I mean...outside of my dating choices...."

Blackjack O'Hare has posed:
    "Nono I get it, I'm sure he's very pretty by Earthly standards."And well he lifts his hand, instead resting his forearms atop those holsters in a decidedly more casual slouch. "We can step aboard my ship and talk if you'd care to, I'm not sure what passes for cold on this planet but it seems a bit chilly for casual conversation to me."Punctuated with a little shrug. "And rest assured I'm an honorable Hare, and abducting humans seems like it's a pretty direct route to meeting some of your world's more dangerous defenders yeah?"

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley discreetly slides her hand back into her hoodie to warm them up. And, get rid of the batarang she just about threw at the being. "Yeah...yeah..that works." She turns around and makes a 'stay' motion at Justin, and then she starts to jog through the snow towards the spaceship. "I don't think even Batman has a Bat rocket...but he could probably build one eventually....maybe get Blue Beetle to do something useful..." she says as she gets closer, "You could abduct me and you'd probably be fine. Don't think anyone would notice." she adds.

Blackjack O'Hare has posed:
    "Now this might feel a touch odd the first time, but just relax and it'll be over pretty quick."Offering a dismissive little wave as he's struck by a pale red light, and silently levitated up into the ship through that porthole he bailed out of earlier. A few moments later, that beam spills down after Carrie. Weightlessly lifting, and well it's really more or less like zero G. Well Zero G except you're falling upwards, slowly.

    "Now you'll have to forgive the state of affairs, I'm afraid I don't entertain many guests these days."The compartment is, well the sides slope down to terminate in a narrow wedge following with the exterior profile of the ship. It's a big compartment though, big enough to house crates of supplies and what can be easily classified as a "Hover pickup truck" judging by the landing skids and the empty bed. Floor and ceiling painted in brilliant full color relief. The one on the floor is obscured by cargo, but the ceiling at least is easy enough to make out.

    An enormous stylized skeletal Hare holds a blaster in one hand, though it's head faces the leafy branch in the other. "Incidentally I am Commander Blackjack O'Hare, of the Black Bunny brigade. Allow me to welcome you aboard the R-M-V Gambler's lore, do you drink tea?"Already he stands beside an opened hatch, before politely motioning onward. "After you of course, the mess hall is just this way."

Carrie Kelley has posed:
She's a gymnist, and has recently taken up aerialism as a way to...express herself at college. The lack of gravity is disorienting for a moment, but, she seems to enjoy it. She gracefully flips over, and kicks lightly off from the wall, gliding in the direction that O'Hare indicates, "I'll try some space tea, should be pretty cool." She is CLEARLY not worried about Justin. Hopefully he is calling Triple A. Instead he's likely trying to remember the number for 911.

"Artificial gravity on a planet, this is awesome!" she says, before she asks, "So, who are you looking for? Can't say I've seen any bunny men like you, Mr. O'Hare..." before she remembers her manners and says, "Carrie Kelley. Uh..no title. Or anything like that." Nope. None.

Blackjack O'Hare has posed:
    "No I'd expect not, we're not from around here obviously."The passage ways are covered with some sort of fancy grey blue hardwoods, with contrasting grey white on the walls and ceiling. The mess hall is no less finely furnished, with actual wooden furniture no less. The walls and ceiling showing exterior views, including the stranded Smart car most helpfully. "An old associate of mine was supposedly hanging around here, runs with a group calling themselves the "Guardians of the Galaxy" I believe?"

    Pausing to pull out a chair, before slipping off to fetch a pair of simple white coffee mugs. The navy blue tea smells, spicy and a little fruity but hardly as unfamiliar as one might expect. "His name is Rocket, does any of this ring any bells for you?"As he delicately sets the mugs down, before seating himself. "I'm told he bears a resemblance to a terrestrial animal native to this planet, as I understand do I."

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie takes the tea and has a sip of it, politely, as she settles onto a seat in the Mess Hall. She looks down at the blue drink, surprised, "This is GOOD. Where do you get this?" Like, she's gonna find it at Trader Joe's or something. She takes another, longer sip, and then realizes she's being asked a question about a being called 'Rocket' with the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and she blinks rapidly before she sets down the drink and says, "YES! Oh my god, yes. I know who you are talking about. I mean..I thought it was a hoax when I got sent it by one of my friends a few weeks ago but..." She pulls out her cellphone and -- by some Wayne Corp. magic -- it turns on. She types in 'Crazy Space Raccoon Video' to YouTube, and then opens the first link that pops up.

What plays for O'Hare is a few minute long ad for the 'Guardians of the Galaxy Travel Agency' whose 'best pilot' is a raccoon looking creature calling itself 'Rocket'. Carrie, for her part, finds it extremely amusing, and giggles at the bit where he comments about seeing Uranus. She might be a bit of a nerd.

Blackjack O'Hare has posed:
    Blackjack for his part watches mutely, before giving a little nod "Outstanding, I had feared he'd finally rubbed the wrong person the wrong way if you follow me."He hmms softly, sipping after his tea. "This is great favor you've performed for me, a stranger from very far away. So I owe you one, and Hares pay their debts when called upon."He produces a octogonal slip of plastic, before sliding it across the table. One side emblazoned with the logo from the cargo bay's ceiling, only theres alien text running around the boarder. The reverse shares a similar pose, only the skeleton is now looking to the rifle.

    "It's Tounce, which is where all the best tea in the Galaxy comes from. I'd offer you a small supply, but then we get into issues of potentially introducing an invasive species."Almost sheepish now, as he sips after his own mug for a moment. "It's worth a visit in the spring if the opportunity presents itself, street festivals and live music everywhere. Cute little baked goods, excellent tea, art shows. Not everyone's thing, but it's refreshingly relaxed I find."

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"Well, hopefully it doesn't turn me into a mutant. Though, perhaps for Jared's sake he had best hope it acts like an aphrodisiac if he thinks he's ever getting any..." She mutters, before she blinks, and says, "I, gotta run. Jared probably called the cops. And if they get here you're probably gonna have some questions to answer unless you can like, cloak or something..." She picks up the piece of plastic and sticks it in her wallet, and then heads back towards the exit, "I'll look you up the next time I'm near an interstellar communicator." So, never? Either way, she's heading out, quicklike before the POLICE figure out that Justin isn't actually drunk or high. "Nice meeting you Commander! Tell that Rocket guy I want a free space ride somewhere nice!"